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Business for Designers and Developers

Author: Morgan Spencer

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Are you a freelancer, side hustler, or small business owner? Do you specialize in the design or web development industries? Do you struggle when it comes to handling the business side of things for your company? You aren’t alone! Designers and developers are not trained to think in a business mindset. This podcast is here to help educate you on how to optimize your business. Episodes include business ideas, tips and tricks, interviews with professionals in the field, industry news, and more that will help take your business to the next level.
16 Episodes
Podcasting can be a fun and rewarding process... with the right framework. Here's how I create each podcast episode!
A freelancer needs a workspace that fosters an environment of productivity and creativity. Learn how to make yours.
Is your podcast hosting provider limiting your podcast's potential? Find out if you should upgrade to a new host.
Picking a name for your freelance business can be tough. Learn how to choose between using your name or a company name.
Waking up at 5 a.m. can greatly improve productivity and add precious hours back in your day, but only if done correctly.
Podcasting is one of the most popular modern media forms. Learn effective ways to get to your ideal clients and build a deeper connection.
Forms are a fast and efficient way to gather information from clients. Here's the three most important forms to use throughout your projects.
Ever wonder how you can utilize the holiday season to gain more clients for the coming year? In this episode I'll go over how you can capitalize on your current connections to gain some new work in 2020.
In this episode I'll go over what services and tools you can use to create a dropshipping business to supplement your income.
I go through the top 10 tools, services and software that I use to run my design business, Spencer Creative Co. Leave me a message on other tools you use!
Today I stress the importance of setting up a website for your freelance business.
I give you four quick tips on how to make your freelance business appear to be bigger to the outside world. These four tactics are relatively cheap, simple and actionable methods to seem like a larger business. Most of the tips should be done by any business anyway!
This episode continues the discussion of leveraging WordPress Multisite to grow your web design business. Utilizing these quick tips and methods can help you grow your business and create recurring income.
In this episode I run through my method of earning new web design clients by providing value up front to the potential client. I utilize WordPress Multisite to accomplish this unique process. This method can be used for almost any field, not just developers, and revolves around providing value to your client before they are even your client.
I present a business idea that has the potential to provide massive earnings for designers and developers for years to come.
In the very first episode of the Business for Designers and Developers Podcast, I introduce myself and the purpose of the podcast.
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