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The Business of Aesthetics (BOA) podcast show continues to inspire and help our community of aesthetic doctors grow their practices. We bring outstanding leaders in Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, and Aesthetics together to not just achieve more but experience fulfillment in their practice.
163 Episodes
In this podcast, we delve into the intricate world of aesthetics, offering insights and strategies to navigate change, elevate leadership skills, and drive innovation. Our podcast provides a platform for industry leaders and experts to share invaluable knowledge, guiding listeners through the complexities of evolving patient care, clinical advancements, and the ever-changing landscape of the aesthetic business sphere.
Delve into the world of aesthetics with industry enthusiasts Naren Arulrajah, Ryan Davies, Ang Klippel, and Dr. Hardik Soni, who are dedicated to authenticity and patient satisfaction. With a passion for corrective skincare and a focus on genuine results, these professionals have mastered the art of showcasing true transformations through before and after pictures. Their commitment to patient care extends beyond the treatment room, engaging them with personalized skin tips and an emphasis on building a trustworthy brand.  
The podcast dives into the world of marketing methods and their impact on aesthetic businesses. It meticulously examines various strategies, shedding light on their challenges and costs and pinpointing the scenarios where each method shines brightest.
Step into the future of aesthetics with an insightful podcast led by Dr. Jonathan Kaplan, a trailblazer in weight management solutions. This episode is a goldmine of knowledge, debunking myths and illuminating the transformative impact of weight management medications. Discover the untapped potential for aesthetic professionals as these medications seamlessly integrate into practices, driving patient satisfaction and fostering long-term loyalty.
Welcome to The Business of Aesthetics Podcast, where host Jeffy Richmond interviews Dr. Lauren Umstattd, a renowned plastic surgeon from Leawood, Kansas. Umstattd's journey began during her residency in Otolaryngology, where her passion for plastic surgery took hold. With a focus on head and neck anatomy, she dedicated herself to mastering the art of aesthetics.  
Welcome to the Business of Aesthetics Podcast, where we venture into the dynamic world of aesthetics, offering essential insights for professionals on their journey to success. In this episode, our seasoned host, Dana Zeitler, leads a captivating conversation with the distinguished guest, Dani Sher. Together, they explore a wide array of topics relevant to aesthetics professionals and anyone aspiring to achieve personal and professional growth.
Introducing the Business of Aesthetics Podcast, where we delve into aesthetics, patient care, and practice growth strategies. In this insightful episode, we have the privilege of hosting Dr. Emilio Justo, a renowned expert in aesthetics and blepharoplasty surgery. Dr. Justo's journey is nothing short of inspiring, and his wealth of knowledge in the aesthetics industry makes this a must-listen for aesthetic professionals.
In this episode of the Business of Aesthetics podcast, host Dana Zeitler sits down with Dr. Michael Kelly. He shares his journey in aesthetics and business, offering valuable insights for the venture aesthetics community.
In a dynamic conversation between Sarah Shikhman and Jeffrey Richmond, the podcast revolves around the multifaceted intricacies of managing a medical aesthetics practice. Sarah Shikhman, a legal expert, and Jeffrey Richmond, a business professional, engage in a discussion that delves into critical aspects of this industry. The exchange highlights the nuances of training reimbursement agreements, the significance of informed consent forms, and various regulatory and labor-related challenges that practitioners in the medical aesthetics field encounter.
Welcome to a transformative conversation that unravels the essence of success in the aesthetics industry. In this episode, Michael, a seasoned expert with 25 years of wisdom, and the podcast host engage in a thought-provoking exploration of the delicate balance between practice growth and the steadfast commitment to delivering high-quality services.  
Welcome to the Business of Aesthetics podcast series, where we delve into the dynamic world of dermatology and aesthetics. In this episode, we have the pleasure of hosting Dr. Sergio Gaitan, a board-certified dermatologist and the owner of Certified Cosmetic Skin Care in Miami, Florida. Dr. Gaitan is a specialist in Botox, dermal fillers, micro-needling, and lasers, with a passion for helping his patients achieve clear, beautiful skin.
Unlock the secrets of psycho dermatology and discover the mind-body-skin connection with renowned dermatologist Dr. Keira Barr. This episode of the Business of Aesthetics podcast delves into the holistic approach to skincare and aesthetics, gaining insights into the importance of addressing mental and emotional aspects alongside physical treatments. Dr. Barr discusses how stress, self-esteem, and personal well-being intertwine skin health and patient satisfaction. Gain practical tips for fostering deeper connections with patients, assessing their motivations, and guiding them toward more mindful, balanced, and healthier lives. Explore the role of sleep, nutrition, and self-care in skin wellness and learn how practitioners can prioritize self-care to combat burnout and excel in patient care. Join the conversation at the intersection of aesthetics, psychology, and holistic well-being for a transformative perspective on skincare and patient relationships.  
In this insightful podcast, industry experts delve into the critical aspects of digital marketing strategies for aesthetic practices, focusing on Google reviews and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The discussion emphasizes the profound impact of Google reviews on a practice's online visibility and reputation. The experts underscore the significance of a comprehensive digital marketing approach by highlighting the key factors that Google considers in ranking businesses, such as reviewing quality and quantity
Are you ready to embark on a captivating journey into aesthetics and regenerative medicine? Join us for an exciting podcast episode featuring Dr. Anne Trussell, a highly respected physician and Say Bella Med Spa owner in Little Rock, Arkansas. With over two decades of experience in internal medicine and aesthetics, Dr. Trussell's insights are a treasure trove for anyone interested in the intersection of healthcare and beauty.
In this captivating podcast episode, the show's guest, Michael, embarks on a thought-provoking exploration of decision-making dynamics within aesthetics. The discussion revolved around the delicate equilibrium between swift and informed decision-making. 
Discover the secrets to thriving in the aesthetic industry with an insightful episode of the Business of Aesthetics podcast. In this riveting conversation, Dr. Katherine Dee, a seasoned practitioner with nine years of experience, shares her invaluable insights into building a successful aesthetic practice. With candid anecdotes and expert advice, she delves into key strategies for making wise business decisions while maintaining medical integrity.
In this insightful podcast episode, Dr. Dana Zeitler, a seasoned aesthetics expert, shares invaluable insights on patient communication, practice expansion, and effective social media utilization. With a focus on cultivating patient relationships, Dr. Zeitler underscores the importance of attentive listening and personalized treatments. Her genuine and honest approach has resulted in enduring patient connections that transcend transactional interactions.
Dive into dermatology practice with the wisdom of seasoned dermatologists Dr. Ronald B. Prussick and Dr. Jennifer Haley. In a revealing conversation, they unveil key insights that pave the way for success in the field.
Tune in to the latest episode of the Business of Aesthetics podcast for an insightful discussion on the indispensable role of marketing in the world of aesthetic practices. Whether you're running a med spa, dermatology clinic, or plastic surgery practice, attracting new patients is key to success. Join us as we delve into patient acquisition with a seasoned expert with over 17 years of experience, having worked with countless practices.
Welcome to an insightful journey into the world of medical spa management, where we have the pleasure of delving into the expertise of Skya Jones. Skya is a distinguished figure in the industry. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in running successful med spas, making her a sought-after authority for those striving to excel in this competitive field.Throughout the podcast conversation, Sky shares invaluable insights on optimizing various aspects of a med spa business to drive growth and success. She emphasizes the importance of retaining customers and securing their next appointments before they leave the establishment, particularly due to the nature of their services, which often entail lengthy intervals between visits.
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