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In an industry such as Aesthetics, where it's pivotal to establish yourself as a trustworthy provider, positive reviews and referrals can make a huge difference. If these strategies are done right, you can build a loyal patient base and thrive in no time. In this week's episode, Dr. Renee Burke talks about how she started her solo practice and used these strategies to build her practice. Dr. Burke further discusses the invasive and non-invasive sides of her business, what devices she uses & more!
Changing careers to pursue one's dreams and passion looks daunting. However, you can avoid difficult hurdles along the way if you carefully plan a growth strategy where you can manage staff, patients, treatments, finances, and marketing. In this week's edition, we invited one of the true pioneers in the aesthetic industry to our show, Dr. Carol Clinton, to share how she started and grew her business & successfully strategized her exit strategy.
The aesthetics market is a people-driven sector. Thus, medspa owners need to pay close attention to how they conduct both their consumers and their staff. In this episode, Jeff invites Sara Shikhman, a corporate attorney, to discuss regulations concerning employment, non-competition agreements, MSOs, commissions, payment structures and other topics.
In this week’s edition, Jeff invites Dr. Olga Bachilo to give some unique perspectives on a variety of operational aspects of running an aesthetic practice. Dr. Bachilo explains how she began her aesthetic practice and successfully built a patient base by doing things differently and why such approaches perform better in the current aesthetic market. She also goes into detail about how and what she does when she acquires new technology. 
Many aesthetic business owners think having an appealing website does the trick. But it's hardly the case. Websites can easily be a waste of money for a number of reasons. This week Jeff and Naren Arulrajah discuss 4 common website mistakes and offer advice on how to avoid them. Tune in now to learn more! 
In this week’s edition, Jeff, Naren and Ryan join us to discuss how to convert more calls into new patients, In this incredibly competitive aesthetic market. Knowing how to convert more calls into new patients naturally represents a valuable front-office skill to increase practice profitability. Tune in now to discover more!
This week's podcast is between Jeffrey Richmond and Kevin Meyers from Monarch Laser Services on buying aesthetic products. They discuss the things that should be taken into account when buying products, as well as negotiation and return on investment. In addition, Kevin Meyers emphasizes questions one should ask themself before purchasing a product. Listen to this episode for a transparent look at how to make decisions and what to consider when buying products for your practice.
In this week’s podcast, Dr. Leslie Carter talks about how she started her business after training and expanded her practice over the years. Listen to this episode and discover more about staff and management strategies, how she treated patients differently than other dermatologists and the lessons she learned.
To thrive as a business owner in today's information-driven world, you must be conscious of every single aspect that influences patients' decision-making. This week, Naren and Jeff join us to talk about how people buy aesthetic services and what businesses can do to drive sales & more!  
The Business of Aesthetics Podcast is celebrating our 100th episode this week with this special podcast! Our hosts Jeff Richmond and Naren Arulrajah look back at some of the most memorable highlights from our last 99 episodes. 
In this week's edition, Jeff Joins Scott Carson, Dale Koop and Dr. Rishi Gandhi to discuss everything there is to know about buying, selling and trading-in pre-owned aesthetic equipment such as recertification fees, training, servicing, FDA regulations, recession strategy and more! 
In this week's edition, Dr. Anureet Bajaj joins Jeff to discuss her journey as a plastic surgeon and provides insight on how she turned her private practice into the thriving business that it is today.
In this podcast episode, Jeff and Dr. Jordan Frey speak about the typical financial errors that practitioners make and offer helpful advice on how to avoid and overcome them. 
In this week's edition, Jeff invites Dr. James Collyer to share his journey from being a graduate to owning a practice in a thriving neighbourhood in Seattle, as well as some of his management philosophies and more.
Managing people is one of the most challenging things for a business owner. In this week’s edition, Jeff invites Naren Arulrajah to share some of the management principles that helped him build EKWA into the thriving business that it is today. 
In this episode, Dr. Keith Neaman discusses how he established goals, managed employees, and handled other operational procedures as he built his practice from a start-up to a lucrative aesthetic business. 
In this week’s edition, Naren Arulrajah and Jeff discuss the opportunities Google organic marketing presents for aesthetic practitioners, elaborate on how to leverage existing customers and use MVP events as a marketing tool. 
In this episode, Dr. Gideon Kwok discusses his journey into the aesthetics industry and offers his perspective on potential uses for various procedures, including technology, techniques and personalized patient approaches.
In this episode, Dr. Courtney shares his experience as a plastic surgeon, how he established his current practice and offers insight on different procedures, marketing strategies, and client relations.
This week we got Dr. Kiya Movassaghi to share insights from his expertise, which he developed through his decades of experience in the industry. He also shares about his new book, Shaping the Breast.
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