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Barstool Sports Presents Bussin' With The Boys. Get on the bus with NFL players Will Compton & Taylor Lewan!
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Recorded: July 22nd 2024 | On this week's episode of Bussin' With The Boys, Will Compton and Taylor Lewan sit down with the incredible Oz Pearlman. Known for his mind-bending magic and mentalist feats, Oz takes The Boys on a wild ride into the world of illusion, statistics, and the power of the mind/memory. Oz shares his personal journey from paying his way through College at Michigan to then earning a job on Wall Street and finally becoming one of the most sought-after mentalists in the world. He then treats the entire bus to a full on production of some of his most mind-blowing tricks. Card tricks, guessing pin codes and predicting this year's Super Bowl Champs.. Oz can truly do it all. We hope you enjoy this epic conversation with Oz Pearlman, exclusively on Bussin' With The Boys! TIMESTAMP CHAPTERS 0:00 Intro 1:09 Taylor’s Bday 5:45 CFB25 16:35 Beer Olympics Is Out 32:42 House Of Dragon 38:31 JPs bachelor party 42:34 Reacting To ESPN’s Top 100 Athletes List 50:18 Interview Preview 53:22 Twisted Question OTW 1:06:41 Shoutout’s OTW 1:10:29 OZ PEARLMAN INTERVIEW STARTS 1:10:48 How To Pronounce His Name 1:11:32 Being On Wall Street 1:12:42 When Did He Know He Could Do Mentalism 1:15:42 Michigan To Engineering To Wall Street 1:17:00 Being On America’s Got Talent 1:21:38 What Is Wall Street Like? 1:26:52 Nervousness & And Upping The Ante 1:31:00 What Is The Pinnacle For Him? 1:32:40 Oz Teaches Us To Improve Our Memory 1:35:55 Let The Tricks Begin 1:39:59 Trick #2 1:46:31 Trick #3 1:53:20 Trick #4 1:56:53 Trick #5 2:03:18 MIND BLOWING Trick #6 2:12:45 His Stops This Year + Highlights From Last Year 2:17:10 Trick #7 2:22:48 Favorite Person He’s Performed ForYou can find every episode of this show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or YouTube. Prime Members can listen ad-free on Amazon Music. For more, visit
Recorded: July 15th 2024 | On this weeks episode the boys are joined by fellow boy and friend of the show, Minnesota Vikings tight end, TJ Hockenson. The guys start off the pod talking about the wild weekend that just happened including the assassination attempt towards former president Donald Trump. The guys give their thoughts on it all and throw out some conspiracy theories behind it all. Following that, the guys get into football. They talk about TJ's knee injury that he had at the end of last season the his road to recovery with that. They also touch on all of the different quarterbacks he has played with, any bitterness towards the Lions for trading him and what happened with the Vikings last season and the frustrations that went along with it. 0:00 Intro 3:22 Donald Trump Assassination Attempt 16:07 Conspiracy Theory Talk 22:20 TJ’s Knee Injury Recovery 38:10 When Will He Be Back? 42:20 TJ Got Married 45:58 Small Town To Big City Culture Shock 47:41 His Biggest Purchase + Hunting Talk 53:41 Giraffe Or Wolf? 58:10 Will Might Get A Hair Transplant 1:01:51 CFB25 1:05:46 Tier Talk - Best CFB25 Dynasties  1:23:08 All The QBs He’s Played With 1:32:21 Getting Traded From The Lions  1:42:56 Vikings Frustrations Last Season 1:53:02 Vikings Prediction For Next Season  1:59:50 Shoutout’s OTW 2:05:42 Twisted Question OTWYou can find every episode of this show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or YouTube. Prime Members can listen ad-free on Amazon Music. For more, visit
Recorded: June 24th 2024 | In this weeks intro, Will and the guys recap their 4th of July breaks, talk House of Dragon and answer some fan questions. Following the intro, the boys sit down with All-Pro and Pro Bowl left tackle, and one of the boys, Quenton Nelson. The guys get into what the offseason has looked like for Q, where he has been training and what he has done differently this year to make feel even more prepared. Quenton gets into the outlook for this years Colts team and some of the young guys they have one the team. We hit all of the segments with Q and the vibes are just through the roof. Come and join the vibes, enjoy fellas. TIMESTAMP CHAPTERS 0:00 Intro 2:00 Almost To 500,000 Subscribers 3:21 4th of July 12:26 Dave Portnoy Is Not A Man's Man 14:26 House Of Dragon 20:31 What's With The Zach Bryan Hate? 26:29 Sketch Allegations 29:38 Fan Questions 47:59 QUENTON NELSON INTERVIEW STARTS 48:06 Saying I Love You To Your Boys 49:50 Your Girl Moving In With You 54:47 Feeling Healthy Again 57:44 Training Differently This Offseason 59:08 Position Coach = Most Important Coach 1:01:51 Being The Vet On The Team 1:03:02 Anthony Richardson 1:05:31 Shaq Leonard 1:07:24 Will Beat Q 1:10:34 Is Pool Basketball Overrated? 1:12:51 If Not Notre Dame, Then Where? 1:14:06 Biggest Purchase 1:15:57 Q Thought Taylor Was A Douche 1:26:16 Twisted Question OTW 1:38:06 Shoutout's OTW 1:44:08 Tier Talk - Best Fruits 1:55:24 Not Making NFL Top 100You can find every episode of this show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or YouTube. Prime Members can listen ad-free on Amazon Music. For more, visit
Recorded: June 24th 2024 | In this weeks episode, Will is rocking the solo intro. He gets into what it's been like diving into the Swiftie world, recaps some of the Beer Games, the boys trip out to Vegas for UFC 303 and answers some fan questions. Following the intro, the guys sit down with the creators of the show "The Real Bro's Of Simi Valley", Jimmy Tatro and Christian Pierce. The guys start off by talking about the Beer Games as Jimmy and Christian are competing in the games. Then they get into the their new movie that is coming out, "The Real Bro's Of Simi Valley - The Movie" which is out July 5th. Jimmy and Christian talk about their writing process, how they come up with some of their ideas and if they ever thought it would be this big. Then we hit all the segments with the boys that you will not want to miss. Jimmy and Christian are just another one of the boys and you can tell watching this episode. Enjoy Fellas. TIMESTAMP CHAPTERS :00 Intro 1:50 Embracing The Swifties 6:22 We Survived Beer Games 14:17 UFC Weekend 19:51 Will Is Taking Over Team USA Football 26:30 Fan Questions 32:37 4th Of July Hall OF Fame 35:43 Interview Preview 36:30 JIMMY TATRO CHRISTIAN PIERCE INTERVIEW STARTS 36:32 Jimmy And Christian Find Out About Beer Games 49:50 Being A Cool Neighbor 53:40 Real Bro’s Of Simi Valley Movie 1:02:11 Did Expect It To Be This Big + How It Got Here 1:10:50 The Beginning Of Christian And Jimmy’s Friendship 1:21:26 Favorite Cameo? 1:28:53 Twisted Question OTW 1:33:12 Tier Talk - Pre Game, Kickback, After Party, Late Night 1:48:48 Shoutout OTW 1:53:35 The Boy’s Tattoo’s 1:59:33 Excited For Beer Games?You can find every episode of this show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or YouTube. Prime Members can listen ad-free on Amazon Music. For more, visit
Recorded: June 19th 2024 | On this weeks episode the guys talk about the "Hawk Tuah" girl as it is all over everyones timeline, Will's is getting some gray hairs, welcome the Swifties and preview the Beer Games as it is happening as you are listening. Following the intro the guys had the boy Travis Kelce back on the bus as he was in town for Tight End U. Travis talks on what it was like winning back to back Super Bowls and whether or not he thinks the Chiefs can go for a 3-peat. He also gets into this past season and how even though he may not be getting the stats he and everyone is used to, he still has the same drive and determination to keep playing. Then Will and Taylor bring up the elephant in the room, what has it been like dating Taylor Swift? Travis talks about how it all started and what it's been like becoming maybe the most famous football player due to the Swiftie fans. Travis is another one of the boys that's always a good time to have on the bus. Enjoy. TIMESTAMP 0:00 Intro 1:43 Welcome Swifties 3:28 Beer Games Is In Progress 6:09 Will Is Getting Some Grey's 7:04 Hawk Tuah 12:43 Beer Games Predictions 20:28 Fan Question AKA JP's Question 24:09 Inside Out 2, Best Animated Movie Ever? 29:08 TRAVIS KELCE INTERVIEWS STARTS 30:52 Letting Your Boys Down 33:54 Can The Chiefs 3-peat? 37:08 Still Motivated? + Jason Kelce Retiring 41:29 Being The Villain This Season 46:31 Missing 1,000 Yards + Father Time Catching Up 55:35 Leaning On Your Parents 1:06:08 Playing For Coach Reid 1:08:55 49ers Super Bowl And Beating George Kittle 1:12:31 TEU 1:14:52 Relationship With Taylor Swift 1:19:03 Tier Talk - Best Taylor Swift Songs 1:25:37 Garage Beers 1:29:16 College Days 1:34:08 Parents Being Involved In His Sports Life 1:37:40 Twisted Question OTW 1:41:09 Shoutout OTW 1:48:30 Did Netflix Ask About "Receiver"?You can find every episode of this show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or YouTube. Prime Members can listen ad-free on Amazon Music. For more, visit
Recorded: June 14th 2024 | On this weeks episode we have of the main boys, 2024 Beer Olympics Champion and 5-time pro bowler, George Kittle. He sits down with the boys for the whole podcast so you may even hear him rip an ad for the boys. The guys immediately start the episode with some tier talk regarding Big 10 football stadiums. Following the tier talk, George talks about his experience with Netflix. He gets into how they approached him to be on the show “Receiver” which followed NFL Wide Receiver’s for the 2024 season. The guys then have some fun and jump around from topic to topic. They take a trip down memory lane with Pokemon, talk about last years beer olympics, and hit shoutout no free shoutout along with Twisted question. Whenever George is on the pod you know it’ll be a good, fun conversation talking about a variety of topics. Enjoy fellas. TIMESTAMP CHAPTERS :44 Caitlyn Clark Is A BEAST 4:16 Big Ten Tier Talk 26:58 George Is Out On Beer Games 30:43 Netflix's "Receiver" 39:49 People He's Met Through Netflix 46:23 Tight End U 55:01 Losing In The Super Bowl 1:03:19 Yu-Gi-Oh vs. Pokémon 1:13:55 Chandler McGregor Has Been Canceled 1:15:31 Last Years Beer Olympics 1:18:38 Kittle Fest 1:33:26 Shoutout OTW 1:50:21 Twisted Question OTW 1:58:11 Taylor’s Take On Brock Purdy 2:01:45 Best Concert You’ve Been To? 2:05:29 John Wick vs Jason Bourne 2:09:38 Did He Know The OT Rules?You can find every episode of this show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or YouTube. Prime Members can listen ad-free on Amazon Music. For more, visit
Recorded: May 13th 2024 | In this weeks intro, the boys have to address the latest on the Beer Games. There has been a lot of news and new updates surrounding everything Beer Games related, the guys felt the need to touch on some of those whispers. Following the intro the buys are joined by NFL Wide Receiver, Randall Cobb. The boys have been trying to get Randall on the podcast for a while now and were finally able to make it happen. The guys dive right into it and start talking about Randall’s career and all of the different places he has been able to play. Randall talks about how he felt when Green Bay didn’t want to resign him, playing for Houston and how bad it was, getting traded back to Green Bay and finally last season playing for the Jets. Being that Randall and Aaron Rodgers are super close, he is able to give us the inside scoop on why Aaron decided to leave Green Bay, how Aaron plays the game at such a high level and whether or not he could have made it back last season if the Jets made the playoffs. Randall touches on at the end of the podcast how the conversation really does feel like a locker room vibe and hopefully you guys can feel that as you’re listening. Happy Tuesday and enjoy. TIMESTAMP CHAPTERS 0:00 Intro 2:11 Beer Games Update 15:34 Caitlin Clark Not On Women's USA Team 17:50 Darren Waller Retired 20:09 Nashville Live Show 22:39 Basketball Thoughts 24:39 How Do You Approach Father’s Day? 29:22 Shoutout OTW 37:36 RANDALL COBB INTERVIEW STARTS 37:43 The Kids 45:30 "I Don't Want My Kids Playing Football"  47:01 NFL v NBA 49:19 What's The Hardest Position To Play?  51:25 Randall's Longevity + Is He Washed? 58:40 Packers To Jets 1:01:28 Traded From Houston Back To Packers 1:08:51 His Feelings On Different Organizations 1:13:06 Thoughts On Bill O'Brien 1:14:14 Bitter Leaving Green Bay? 1:18:05 Coach Matt LeFleur 1:25:23 Rodger’s Packers Break Up 1:28:45 Falcons Drafting Michael Penix 1:31:13 The Jets Last Year 1:39:28 How Real Was Aaron Rodgers Coming Back Last Year? 1:41:28 Aaron Rodgers And Devante Adams 1:45:31 Coaches Taking Care Of Their Players  1:50:35 Learning How To Practice For Yourself 1:56:06 Zach Wilson Drama 1:57:20 Tier Talk - Favorite Teammates 2:21:24 Dad Talk 2:28:35 Twisted Question OTW 2:33:51 Life After FootballYou can find every episode of this show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or YouTube. Prime Members can listen ad-free on Amazon Music. For more, visit
Recorded: May 23rd 2024 | On this weeks episode this boys are back after a little vacation. There is a new boy among us, Sherman Young, so we had to welcome him to the pod. Will was on vacation in "Italy" (30a) and wants to show off his tan and the boys answer some fan questions. Following the intro, we have a fan favorite join us on the bus again, Jelly Roll. Jelly has been absolutely crushing life and is on the bus to recap some of it with the boys. He has won a bunch of different awards, been on American Idol and The Voice, talked to congress about the drug problem that is going on in America along with a bunch of other topics. Jelly gets into his journey of trying to be a healthier version of himself and all of the trials and tribulations of that. He also talks about his dreams in giving back to the youth of Nashville as well as his dreams in playing the last show at Nissan Stadium. This podcast jumps around all over the place, but that's typically what happens when Jelly joins the boys. Bunch of laughs, some serious convos and just overall a good time. Enjoy fellas! 0:00 Intro 1:43 We Have A New Member 5:38 Jelly Preview 8:27 Will Got Tan In "Italy" 11:22 Shoutout OTW 26:44 The Boys Will Be On Surviving Barstool 30:05 TV show talk 37:44 Fan Questions 57:20 JELLY ROLL INTERVIEW STARTS 57:21 Jelly Was On People For Throwing Out Socks 59:10 Jelly At The Masters 1:03:48 Being Off Social Media 1:06:44 Does He Feel The High Expectations On Him? 1:09:03 Leaning On Friends When It Comes To Music 1:12:24 Jelly At Beer Olympics? 1:15:46 A HUGE Year For Jelly 1:16:41 Talking To Congress 1:23:27 The Joe Rogan Effect 1:26:55 Jelly Taking His Health Seriously 1:44:51 Nashville Live Show 1:45:49 The Voice Or American Idol? 1:48:44 Giving Back To The Juvenile Center 1:53:56 Jelly’s Dream Of Being The Last Show In Nissan Stadium 1:57:03 Transitioning Genres 2:00:02 Machine Gun Kelly Is Just Misunderstood ??????? 2:11:09 Andrew Shultz And Tony Hinchcliff And Comedy Talk ???? 2:25:44 MGK Tattoos ?????? 2:29:10 Productions In His Concerts 2:30:06 His New Music 2:31:52 CRAZY ACM After Party Story 2:39:18 Bunnie Will Always Clap Back ????? 2:43:39 Jelly's Daughter Got Caught Sneaking Out 2:47:52 His Plans For CMA Fest 2:50:27 When Is ERNEST Going To Blow Up 2:56:26 Twisted Question OTW 2:57:33 Tier Talk - Best Condiments 3:08:33 Bailey’s Sweet 16 PartyYou can find every episode of this show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or YouTube. Prime Members can listen ad-free on Amazon Music. For more, visit
Recorded: May 16th 2024 | On this week’s episode the guys recap their trip to Charlotte and hanging out Dale Jr.. Taylor also calls Will out on officially becoming a grumpy old man. Following the intro, the guys are joined by GM of the Tennessee Titans, Ran Carthon. It’s been a long time coming for getting Ran on the bus and the boys let him hear it. The first thing the guys get into is Ran cutting Taylor and how that whole process went. Which then leads into Ran talking about what it’s like cutting guys and if there have been any sketchy situations that have come from it. The guys then get into what the draft war room is like along with Ran’s thought process during this year’s draft. Ran pulls back the curtain a little bit to show you guys what it’s like being a GM and their thought process during the draft, hiring a new coach and making roster moves. Titan fans should be excited cause it looks like they are in good hands with Ran And Coach Callahan at the helm. Enjoy fellas. TIMESTAMP CHAPTERS 0:00 Intro 1:14 ERNTRO 4:05 Dale Jr. Download X The Boys 11:20 Will Is Becoming The Grumpy Guy 20:25 Tipping Is Getting Out Of Hand 24:13 Antonio Brown Is Bankrupt 32:32 Titans Talk 37:40 Shoutout OTW 49:16 RAN CARTHON INTERVIEW STARTS 50:51 What It Was Like Cutting Taylor 54:29 What It's Like Cutting Players 1:08:46 The Front Office Side Of Football 1:18:07 What The War Room Is Like On Draft Day 1:38:56 Developing Into A GM 1:40:15 Firing Mike Vrabel 1:42:26 Finding A New Head Coach 1:49:57 Signing New Guys To The Titans 1:56:20 Tier Talk 2:01:08 Best Thing He Has Learned Being In The Front Office 2:04:18 Playing For His Dad In The NFL 2:08:16 Twisted QOTW 2:09:11 Pain Train Video 2:11:50 Can Will Get A Workout?You can find every episode of this show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or YouTube. Prime Members can listen ad-free on Amazon Music. For more, visit
Recorded: May 16th 2024 | On this weeks episode, the boys have seen the comments, they have heard the outcry, and they have felt the disappointment. In this weeks intro, we bend the knee. Following the intro, Will and Taylor are joined by new Head Coach of the Tennessee Titans, Brian Callahan. The guys immediately get into what all went into the process of hiring his dad, Bill Callahan, as the Titans offensive line coach. It was a long debated topic between he and his father. Then the guys get into Coach Callahan's coaching journey, touching on all the spots he's been too, the most influential spots he's been at, and what his big break was. Coach then talks about what it was like becoming the head coach for the Titans. We all know that he is taking over from Vrabel and he touches on the things he wants to keep the same but also the different things that he and his staff will be implementing. The Titans seem to have found another great coach and Callahan gives something for all Titans to look forward to as he gives his expectations for the season as well. After this interview, you can't help but think that the Titans are in great hands, enjoy fellas. TIMESTAMP CHAPTERS 0:00 ERNTRO 2:04 Preview 13:30 Missing 2 Bears 18:15 COACH BRIAN CALLAHAN INTERVIEW STARTS 18:55 Working With His Dad 28:36 Coaching Journey 34:54 Coaching Manning, Stafford And Burrow 47:20 The Draft War Room 53:24 Comparing Will Levis 56:11 Implementing Culture 1:06:43 Rookie Shows 1:09:42 Taking Over The Titans 1:16:22 Joe Burrow Injury 1:25:24 Derrick Henry Negotiation 1:26:49 Tier Talk 1:33:09 Hilarious Dad Stories 1:44:55 Expectations For JC Latham And Treylon Burks 1:54:20 Twisted QOTW 1:59:05 This NFL SeasonYou can find every episode of this show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or YouTube. Prime Members can listen ad-free on Amazon Music. For more, visit
Recorded: May 9th 2024 | In our final interview from our trip to Atlanta, the boys sit down with Head Coach Raheem Morris. Coach gets into what it's like building a staff when becoming a head coach and the different coaches he called to come with him. The boys ask him how he got his start in coaching and what he has taken from each stop he has had along the way, including being a part of the 2013 Redskins staff. Coach Morris was the interim head coach for Atlanta 4 years ago but didn't get the head job because they decided to hire Arthur Smith instead. Coach talks about how he feels about being back in the building after they decided not to go with him in the first place. The guys end the pod by talking about the decision to draft Michael Penix Jr. and the conversation that was had between Coach Morris and Kirk Cousins. All in all you can tell that Coach Morris is just another one of the boys and will feel good about the Falcons going into the season. Enjoy. TIMESTAMP CHAPTERS 0:00 What It's Like Building A Roster 1:48 First Coach He Called To Join His Staff 5:58 The Falcons Fit 6:50 2013 Washington Coaching Staff 12:32 How He Got Into Coaching 14:56 Coming Back To Atlanta To Be The Head Coach 19:58 His History With Arthur Blank 24:33 Being A Players Head Coach 27:36 Most Influential Coach On Him 29:33 Drafting Michael Penix Jr. 36:43 Year 10? 41:27 NFL v NBA Debate 43:43 What Would You Do For A Super Bowl?You can find every episode of this show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or YouTube. Prime Members can listen ad-free on Amazon Music. For more, visit
Recorded: May 9th 2024 | We jave another bonus episode for the boys. While the guys were down in Atlanta they had to the opportunity to sit down with stud running back, Bijan Robinson. Everyone knows how electric Bijan is as a player and he talks gets into what his rookie season was like and how he adjusted to the NFL game. There was a lot of controversy during the middle of the season as to why Bijan wasn't getting as many touches and not being utilized in the right. Will and Taylor asked Bijan how he felt about his playing time and if felt like he was being used in the best way possible. After this interview, you will find it hard to not like Bijan as he just comes as such a good dude. Enjoy fellas TIMESTAMP CHAPTERS 0:00 Michigan RBs vs Texas RBs 3:33 Recruiting Journey 6:26 The Negative Side Of NIL 8:55 The Relationships With Coaches 10:36 His Rookie Year 13:36 Biggest Difference In The NFL vs College 16:04 John Wick Or Jason Bourne 17:02 When Did He Know He Belonged In The League 18:27 Arthur Smith And Bijan’s Workload 23:06 Expectations For Year 2 25:26 Reaction To Signing Kirk Cousins 27:36 Bijan Mustard 31:52 His Love For Video Games 35:18 The Atlanta Offensive Line 36:09 Tier Talk 47:56 Dealing With AdversityYou can find every episode of this show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or YouTube. Prime Members can listen ad-free on Amazon Music. For more, visit
Recorded: May 9th 2024 | In this week’s episode the boys are celebrating some good news as the Compton Family s adding a new member. Will is having another daughter and has a lot to unpack given how much he wanted a boy. He gets into how he isn’t disappointed that it’s a girl, he’s more disappointed in the fact that he would like to try for a boy a third time and never saw himself with three kids. All in all, he’s super stoked to have another girl. Following the intro, the guys drove down to Atlanta and sat dow with the boy, Kirk Cousins. We had Kirk on a couple years ago at the Super Bowl, but now he is on a new team. Will and Taylor talk to him about what the process was like getting signed by Atlanta and why he wanted to come here. The guys also ask Kirk how his recovery process is coming along after tearing his achilles in the middle of the season last year. Finally, Kirk talks about his feelings towards Michael Penix Jr. and what it’s been like having him in the building. Overall, Kirk is one of the best guys you will ever meet, he’s so genuine and is just a regular dude. You guys will for sure enjoy this pod. 0:00 Intro 9:56 The Compton Family Is Getting Bigger 22:08 Twisted QOTW 23:45 Gender Reveal 29:46 Nebraska Getting A Night Game 33:19 Shoutouts Of The Week 44:25 KIRK COUSINS INTERVIEW STARTS 44:31 Having A Vice 50:42 Kirk’s Routine 57:39 Netflix’s Quarterback Series 1:00:45 Raising Gritty Boys 1:04:04 Spending Habits 1:10:37 Choosing The ATL Falcons 1:15:40 Guaranteed Contracts 1:18:40 Tearing His Achilles 1:24:43 Love For Legos 1:27:59 Falcons Drafting Penix 1:37:43 Future of Kirk Cousins SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Chevy: Head to to check out all the Chevy truck grit and build your own Silverado. Twisted Tea: Grab a refreshing Twisted Tea today at DraftKings: Download the DK Horse app NOW. New customers get a ONE HUNDRED PERCENT deposit bonus up to TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS when they opt in with code BUS! Only on the DK Horse app. Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER. 18+ (21+ in certain states) to open/access an account and resident of state where DK Horse is available. Eligibility restrictions apply. Void where prohibited. Must be at least 18+ years or older (21+ where applicable). Valid 1 per new customer. Min. $25 deposit. Potential bonus amount equal to 100% of deposit after opt-in, up to $250. Deposit must be played-thru twice (2x) and bonus is released in $25 increments (e.g., $250 deposited, $50 wagered, $25 bonus will be released). Wagers must settle within 7 days (exactly 168 hours) following opt-in to be eligible. Excludes Show wagers. Once the play through requirement is met, bonus issued as withdrawable cash. Ends 5/26/24 at 11:59 PM ET. See terms at Sponsored by DK. America's #1 ranked Horse betting app based on Sensor Tower's proprietary data models, the DK Horse Racing & Betting App had the highest average rank among Online Horse Racing & Betting Apps in the US App stores 3/29/23-12/31/23. Sport Clips: Sport Clips. It’s a Game Changer. Duke Cannon: Use code TIER1 on for 15% off your first order Cann: Head to (that’s DRINK-C-A-N-N dot COM) and use code BOYS20 for 20% off your order of Cann and a free Roadie 6pk sampler. Cann is not for use or purchase by persons under the age of 21. Cann products contain less than 0.3% Delta-9-THC that is derived from hemp, do not claim to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, and have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. Lucy: Get LUCY shipped straight to your door. Visit LUCY.CO/BUSSIN and use promo code BUSSIN to get 20% off your first order. Subscribe for another 15% off & shipping’s always free! Lucy products are only for adults of legal age, and every order is age-verified. Warning, this product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.You can find every episode of this show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or YouTube. Prime Members can listen ad-free on Amazon Music. For more, visit
Recorded: May 8th 2024 | In this bonus pod episode, the guys sit down the other half of Florida Georgia Line, Brian Kelley. Brian had listened to and seen some clips of our episode with his ex-bandmate Tyler Hubbard and wanted to come on the pod to clear some things up. He felt that some of the information that was said wasn't completely true. Kelley wanted to tell his truth and give more context to the story. After listening to this episode, it paints the full picture of the entire Florida Georgia Line story. 0:00 Why Brian Came On 5:53 Brian's Side Of The Story 14:57 What Success Would Have Looked Like? 18:09 Performing For Biden 25:34 Cancelling Concerts During COVID 28:10 What He Could Have Done Differently 32:57 Tyler Going Solo 35:15 Who Broke Up With Who? 39:48 FGL Reunion? 48:20 Talking About New Album 1:00:19 Lake Or Beach Guy 1:05:36 Life After Music Chevy: Head to to check out all the Chevy truck grit and build your own Silverado.You can find every episode of this show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or YouTube. Prime Members can listen ad-free on Amazon Music. For more, visit
Recorded: March 4th 2024 | In this weeks episode the boys are here to talk about everything that happened over the weekend. The guys get into the Drake vs Kendrick Lamar rap beef and talk about who’s side they are on, the meaning behind some of the lyrics and who is winning. The guys also talk about the roast of Tom Brady that was on Netflix from Sunday. They recap some of the funnier jokes, who crushed it and the random people that were there enjoying it all. Following the intro the guys were joined by long time friend but first time guest and one of the main members of Florida Georgia Line, Tyler Hubbard. The boys and Tyler get into what it was like blowing up so quickly with FGL along with the ins and outs of the music business. As we all know, FGL is no longer so the majority of the time the guys are talking about what happened between him and Brian Kelly. Tyler talks about how he didn’t want them to break up and how it legitimately felt like a marriage. The boys end the pod talking about Tyler’s solo career and the challenges that not being a part of a group has brought. Tyler has been on an absolute roller coaster ride throughout his a career and he takes us through every twist and turn. Big hugs, tiny kisses. TIMESTAMP CHAPTERS 0:00 Intro 3:48 Drake v Kendrick Beef pt. 1 7:16 Hubbard preview 9:22 Drake v Kendrick Beef pt. 2 13:04 Barstool Rap Battle 22:05 The Boys Have Been Challenged 25:32 Tom Brady Gets Roasted 34:37 Quarterback Now Receiver, What About The Hogs? 49:4 JJ Watt return? 42:09 Super Bowl Predictions... In May 48:58 The Boys Hairline’s 55:35 OBJ Ia A Dolphin 59:24 Shoutout "The Boys" 1:07:00 Twisted Question - You have 24hrs 1:14:22 Most Athletic On The Bus? 1:21:38 Dad's Being Up On The Scoreboard 1:31:00 TYLER HUBBARD INTERVIEW STARTS 1:31:23 Nicotine Of Choice 1:34:03 Still Getting Nervous 1:35:41 Dealing With The Fame 1:43:41 The Moment They Made It And Their Big Break 1:48:40 The Pinnacle 1:51:44 The Ups And Downs 1:53:50 Why Florida Georgia Line Broke Up? 2:01:43 The Trials And Tribulations Of Going Solo 2:09:15 Telling People About The Break Up 2:13:30 FGL Reunion 2:15:07 First Solo Album 2:17:15 The Behind The Scenes Of The Music Business 2:19:53 Pressure From The Label 2:24:02 Rebranding As A Solo Act 2:32:43 Writing Songs With These Guys 2:37:47 Collaborations Theme Song: Some Of Adams Blues by Quaker City Night HawksYou can find every episode of this show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or YouTube. Prime Members can listen ad-free on Amazon Music. For more, visit
Recorded: April 24th 2024 | In this weeks episode, the guys are back to recap the NFL Draft and who were the big winners and the massive losers coming out of it all. The guys have some wild takes coming out of it on who won and lost. Taylor then gets into his viral moment with his daughter that happened at the Preds game. Like father like daughter. Following the intro the guys finish up their spring tour by sitting down with new Alabama head football coach, Kalen DeBoer. He obviously has taken over for maybe the greatest coach of all time in Nick Saban and has massive shoes to fill. Will and Taylor dive into what the process was like with interviewing and getting the job. DeBoer said he essentially had 24 hours to make a decision and that was coming off losing the national championship. DeBoer then gets into what to expect from the Tide this season. He is trying to implement his own culture while trying to keep the old traditions that have made Bama, Bama. He gets into his first message that he gave the team and how he met with each of the leaders to talk about what they wanted to see this year. Overall, after listening to this conversation, it's easy to see that the tradition of Alabama football is in good hands. Enjoy fellas. TIMESTAMP CHAPTERS 0:00 Intro 3:25 Shoutout Our Sponsors 8:36 NFL Draft Recap 42:45 Nebraska Spring Game 46:44 Taylor At Preds 54:01 Dad Moments 1:05:27 What Stat? 1:11:46 Shoutout Core Memories 1:22:12 KALEN DEBOER INTERVIEW STARTS 1:22:13 Origin Story Of The Dad Hat 1:24:16 Did He Want A Son? 1:25:42 Coach Was A Bit Of A Baller Himself 1:27:02 His Transition Going From Playing To Coaching 1:27:43 Learning Throughout His Stops 1:28:11 Getting The Call From Bama 1:33:01 Massive Shoes To Fill 1:36:16 His Relationship With QB1 1:37:45 His First Time With Team 1:39:11 The Phone Call 1:39:57 New Alabama Offense 1:41:40 Recruiting Tangibles 1:42:58 New And Old Traditions 1:47:17 Tucked In Shirts 1:50:52 Who He's Looking Forward To Coaching Against 1:52:21 His Mentor's 1:54:04 His OC 1:56:22 Do You Keep Your Coaching Depth Chart Open 1:57:50 Post Game Rituals?You can find every episode of this show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or YouTube. Prime Members can listen ad-free on Amazon Music. For more, visit
Recorded: April 23rd 2024 | On this weeks edition of our 2024 Spring Tour interviews, Will and Taylor sit down with Alabama Quarterback Jalen and Milroe and offensive tackle Tyler Booker. Jalen Milroe gets into his journey to Alabama and that he almost ended up at Texas until a special phone call happened that immediately changed his mind. He also gives us what his mindset was like after he had gotten benched and what switched mentally for him to think that he won't be losing that job again. Tyler Booker might be one of the best well-spoken and put together dudes in college football right now. He talks about how he ended up and IMG in high school and all of the sacrifices that he and his family had to make in order for his dream to come true. Book also gets into the different things he has learned in becoming more of leader for the team as well. Both guys give their thoughts on how they felt when Saban left and you can tell how much he has impacted both of them. Jalen and Tyler were great dudes and we had a lot of fun with them. Tap in and enjoy. Roll Tide TIMESTAMP CHAPTERS 0:00 Intro 1:20 JALEN MILROE INTERVIEW STARTS 1:21 Texas Football 2:32 Why Alabama over Texas 5:15 Recommitting from Texas to Alabama 7:04 First couple years and learning from Bryce Young 9:30 How did he deal with being on the bench and did he think about transferring 10:43 Getting benched 12:43 The new offense under DeBoer 15:15 qualities that make a good leader 16:18 getting used to the new regime 17:49 Favorite memories of Coach Saban 20:41 Worst ass chewing he has seen Saban give 24:17 The last play of the season 28:35 Expectations for this year 29:54 Top 3 favorite QBs in the league 30:21 Swaggiest dude on the team 30:41Smelliest dude in the locker room 31:18 TBook on Jalen 32:18 Most memorable moment in college for everyone 33:11 4th & 31 38:47TYLER BOOKER INTERVIEW STARTS 39:17 Taylor has to live through the new Michigan team 39:59 Playing Bishop Sycamore 41:27 TBook and JP go way back 42:08 Life at IMG 44:06 How He Ended Up At Alabama 46:59 Upperclassman Responsibilities 49:38 His Thoughts When Saban Retired 51:26 His foundation and his family 52:30 All The Changes With DeBoer 55:55 TBook talking to the media 56:50 Favorite post game meal/ritual 58:16 NIL with he offensive lineman 58:33 What Sets Bama’s Culture Apart 59:04 What Bama NFL Player Does He Want To Play With 59:48 What qualities make a good leader 1:01:57 One Last QuestionYou can find every episode of this show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or YouTube. Prime Members can listen ad-free on Amazon Music. For more, visit
Recorded: April 18th 2024 | In this weeks episodes the man, the myth, the legend, Taylor Lewan is all the way back with the boys. Taylor recaps his time is Mexico and issues an apology to all the fans for not being with us this past month. Following the intro, Will sat down with head coach of the Oregon football team, Dan Lanning. The guys get into how Lanning got to the position he is at now, taking lower paying jobs because he knew that in doing so, it would help him long term. He talks about his different stops along the way, the coaches he has learned from, and why he decided on passing on the Alabama job. Coach Lanning is a fan of the pod and you can tell he gets the vibes of the boys. Enjoy fellas. 0:00 Intro 0:49 Taylor is back 17:12 Shane Gillis Hit Up The Boys 34:11 Chandler Going Away BBQ 34:42 Oregon Recap 50:02 Potential Fall Tour Spots 52:52 Kirk Cousins, Bad Guy? 55:13 Hair Talk 1:01:56 Shoutout Apps 1:30:35 Inches or Pounds? 1:36:36 Lanning Preview 1:41:54 DAN LANNING INTERVIEW STARTS 1:41:22 Driving 13 hours On A Whim 1:44:42 Paying His Dues 1:45:53 Is It Everything He Thought It Would Be? 1:47:01 Getting Your Priorities Straight 1:49:18 Being Under Coach Norvell 1:49:57 One Job That Changed It All 1:52:36 Biggest Ass Chewing He Has Received 1:55:19 Learning Each Step Of The Way 1:56:58 Interview Process For Becoming A Head Coach 1:58:58 Alabama Opening 2:01:29 Reading Books As A Team 2:02:34 Surprises In Being A Head Coach? 2:05:08 Coach Lanning's Version Of The Beer Olympics 2:08:43 Teaching Someone To Think The Way You Think 2:10:03 Bo Nix, The Babysitter? 2:10:30 Crazy Recruiting Stories 2:13:22 What Coach Would He Want To Play For? 2:14:56 What Actor Would Play Him? 2:16:39 "They're Fighting For Clicks, We're Fighting For Wins"You can find every episode of this show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or YouTube. Prime Members can listen ad-free on Amazon Music. For more, visit
In this episode from our 2024 Bussin' Spring Tour Will sits down with Oregon standouts, Tez Johnson and quarterback Dillon Gabriel. Tez talks about what drew him to the Nix family and how impactful of a role they played in his life. We also learn that Tez didn't even need to take visit to Oregon to commit to Dan Lanning and his staff. Lastly, Tez gets into the benefits of NIL and how he is the DRIPPIEST player in all of college football. Next, Dillon Gabriel joins the pod and dives into everything from asking Marcus Mariota to wear #8 to decommitting from Army, ending up at UCF, almost going to UCLA, transferring to Oklahoma, and then settling in at Oregon. Towards the end of the pod, Dillon becomes the interviewer and picks Will's brain about how to take care of your body, prioritize your time between relationships and football, and what it is like transitioning out of the NFL. These two are absolute studs who will tear it up in the 2024 college football season. 0:00 Intro 2:12 TEZ JOHNSON INTERVIEW STARTS 2:52 How the Nix family changed his life 7:18 Friendship with Bo Nix 11:15 How he ended up at Troy 15:00 Entering the transfer portal 19:00 Committing to Oregon w/o visiting 23:00 Tez has the MOST swag in college football 27:00 Comparing Dillon Gabriel to Bo Nix 31:00 Favorite NIL purchase 32:15 Favorite part about playing for Dan Lanning 35:32 DILLON GABRIEL INTERVIEW STARTS 36:09 Asking Marcus Mariota for permission to wear number 8 37:18 Dillon's INSANE recruiting journey 41:08 Dealing w/ injury AND going to the transfer portal 44:30 How Dillon ended up at Oregon 49:20 Lessons learned from the Transfer Portal 53:40 Favorite part about playing for Dan Lanning 55:00 Tez Johnson doesn't understand DRIP 57:00 Dillon's favorite NIL purchase 1:02:32 Dillon asks Will for life advice 1:11:30 Handling the pressures of money and friends 1:23:00 Dillon's idea to reshape college footballYou can find every episode of this show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or YouTube. Prime Members can listen ad-free on Amazon Music. For more, visit
Recorded: March 27, 2024 | In this episode of our 2024 Spring Tour we sit down with two of the BIGGEST names on Florida State's roster, quarterback DJ Uiagalelei and defensive end Patrick Payton. Delanie and DJ are from the same area in California and immediate hit it off. DJ talks about what it was like transferring from Clemson, his conversation with Dabo, life before and after NIL, and his expectations for the season. Patrick hops on the pod right after DJ and we get a look into exactly how he gained his notoriety so fast. Let's just say you have to be a different breed to do what Patrick did in his first game. Florida State is in good hands with these two leaders going into the 2024 season. 0:00 DJ Uiagalelei interview starts 1:20 Journey from Clemson to Florida State 2:10 Playin pre-NIL and post NIL/Transfer portal 3:00 Why he chose FSU 6:00 Nervous to tell Dabo he was trasnferring 9:00 The bad side of NIL 15:00 Playing against Deion Sanders ---- 18:46 PATRICK PAYTON INTERVIEW STARTS 19:00 Playing at Miami Northwestern 20:00 Being named 2022 ACC Defensive Freshman Of The Year 21:00 Mistake of entering the transfer portal 22:30 Not telling coach he was going into the game his freshman year 24:30 Reaction to missing the College Football Playoff 26:30 Georgia game was a fluke 31:00 Smelliest guy in the locker roomYou can find every episode of this show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or YouTube. Prime Members can listen ad-free on Amazon Music. For more, visit
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