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By Kids, For Kids Story Time

Author: AV Education

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Classic Children's fairy tales, presented as audio dramas, performed by kids, for kids. Including stories from Hans Christian Anderson, the Grimm Brothers, Greek myths, African folk tales and more.
96 Episodes
The First Moccasins

The First Moccasins


A Native American legend about a grumpy chief with very tender feet!
A kind farmer rescues a trapped tiger. In thanks, the tiger threatens to EAT HIM!!!! The poor farmer finds help from a crafty jackal.
Trạng Quỳnh

Trạng Quỳnh


Trạng Quỳnh is the cleverest person in Viet Nam. But his is put to the test when he is challenged by a GENIUS!
Wali Dad

Wali Dad


Poor Old Wali Dad is satisfied with his simple life collecting grass, until he is cursed with ever-growing wealth!
Lazy Jack

Lazy Jack


Lazy Jack is a bumbling idiot. He always gets it wrong! Warning - RIDICULOUS EPISODE!
Charlie discovers exactly why her mysterious tumble-down mansion is MAGICAL!



Clever young Thirteenth outsmarts a fierce Ogre again and again and again!
Brave Charlie comes to the rescue of a dragon in distress!
Dorothy and her friends meet the Good Witch. Will Dorothy remain in Oz forever? Or will she finally find her way home?
Charlie is a clever young girl who spends all her spare time reading about magic and monsters. Her family moves to a tumbledown house only to discover that magic and monsters are not only found in her books and imagination..........
The four friends meet some unfriendly "Hammerheads" - armless baddies who attack them! Also, in this episode we feature an excerpt of a podcast made by one of our listeners, 5 year old Sid! It's called, The Land of Dooples. You can listen to his full episode here: Well done Sid!
The four friends venture into a gloomy forest, with every kind of dangerous beast imaginable!
The four friends discover a strange land, and unintentionally leave a path of destruction behind them!
The four friends venture into the forest where they are attacked by an unusual foe.
My Hero is You

My Hero is You


In this episode, we are joined by heroic children from Mexico, Canada, South Africa, Kenya, Germany, Singapore and Australia to bring you an important story about the Coronovirus, called My Hero is You, written by Helen Patuck and developed by the Inter-Agency Standing Committee on Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Emergency Settings. They asked 1700 children, parents, teachers and caregivers from around the world to share with us how they are coping with the Covid19 Pandemic – and they used this information to develop this story. They advise you to listen to this story alongside a parent, teacher or caregiver, so you can discuss and understand it. Please share!
The four friends make a plan to return Dorothy to Kansas
Oz finally comes up with a plan to return Dorothy to Kansas
Three of the four friends finally receive their greatest wish from Oz
Finally, the four friends discover the true identity of the Great Oz
Dorothy and her friends make their way back to the Emerald City, and receive some welcome assistance from the Winged Monkeys.
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My children and I love listening to BKFK. The music is a nice touch and the narrators are funny.

Oct 2nd
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