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Are you the person who has always had plans of launching a youtube channel?

but for one reason or another, it just never happens?

.. ever think to yourself, "I would absolutely crush my own podcast." but till this day, still nada?

Well lets discuss why these goals of yours have not yet happened, and what you need to do to start pushing things forward.

We'll discuss entrepreneurship, building your brand, parenting, relationships and marriage.

Put it this way, most topics are on the table, so click play, fly through these quick episodes,
and lets get thing ROLLIN' !
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In this episode, Chris discusses his reasons for why it is in yours, your brand's, or your company's best interest to consider creating a podcast show.  He outlines step by step reasons why audio is still an incomparable source of outreach in connecting with  a potential audience or customer.  The fact remains that audio content does not require one to stop what they're doing in order to browse a smartphone screen, an individual can conveniently listen to a podcast while driving, cooking, and even showering.  (When else is one's attention span as high?  After all, there's no where else to focus your attention other than the need to apply shampoo or body wash.)  Podcasting is a great way to build an intimate connection, to find common ground emotionally, and most importantly, influence those to self improve, and that life is a long term process.  Podcasting is an effective way of imparting what you have previously learned, and teach others the paths in which you have once traveled.   Chris also discusses how your personality is dearly missed in the broadcast industry because the uniqueness in each individual can not be found in all but one person, yourself. This episode is simple, and although there is work that is needed when it involves creating any amount of content, he does not dive in just yet into the back end labor involved in content creation. He does however, encourage the individual that the most important step is 1, and it involves "getting started".  Once you have a plan, and know what the podcast programming will be encompassed around, begin putting your plan into motion.  Decide on whether or not you will be purchasing a podcast hosting plan or exercising an "all inclusive" FREE route podcasting platform, such as Anchor.  The journey in which your podcast ventures into is unknown, as one typically does not know which direction their content will take or from which city or region the listener will come. Podcasting is a leap of faith not only in yourself, but in those who you are intending to help.  Will they discover your podcast show?  After all, there are thousands of episodes on several platforms, so how can you be sure if your show will be discovered.  The truth is, one person is all you need. If you can change one persons live for the better, and coach someone into continuing to approach closer to their aspirations, or even discover them because of listening to your show, then you have completed the mission.  Listeners will increase if and when you make it your show's goal to put the listener first.  So what are some tips for your podcast's success. As previously mentioned, when you make it your business to prioritize the listener's needs Get to the point as soon as possible, remember, time is valuable and it is a privilege for an individual to give you even 5 minutes of their time.  Be compassionate,  empathetic. Listen to the hearts of those in which you intend to service.  Provide insightful, resourceful information if at all possible. Remember, the goal ultimately is to make people better, that they improve everyday by listening to you, even if by laughter or entertainment.   Chris emphasizes the comparisons between broadcast journalism and podcasting, and how it should not be taken for granted that a college degree is no longer imperative when factoring in the requirements of having your own radio show.  In the end, podcasting is the dream of your own talk show, and is readily available to those who wish to reach out and grasp it! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message:
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