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Author: Jeff Greenfield

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In each one-hour program, CEO EXCHANGE brings together two of the most interesting and innovative CEOs in the world for a lively discussion about themselves, their companies, and their passions in life. The host of CEO EXCHANGE is highly respected television journalist Jeff Greenfield of CNN, known as a conversational interviewer whose wit and insight bring out the best in his guests. Mr. Greenfield's professional background is not in business news, which means that he focuses on the human side of the CEO.
10 Episodes
On this episode of CEO EXCHANGE, taped at the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, we'll chat with two legendary entrepreneurs who have made their dreams come true. There are many great ideas, but very few turn into multibillion dollar companies. Each guest on this program had a strong the willpower and strategy to execute it. Robert L. Johnson, one of the leading entrepreneurs of his time, created Black Entertainment Television; became the first African-American majority owner of a major professional sports team; and founded his own firm to invest in hotels, real estate, banks, and media. Bill Marriott took over the small hotel and food business started by his parents and turned it into the highest grossing hospitality chain in the world. Two executives who have always thought outside the coming into the box in your living room.
On this episode of CEO EXCHANGE, taped at the Rutgers Business School in Newark, NJ, we'll examine whether the health care industry is in good shape with two CEOs who should know its condition. Advances in technology and medicine have extended lives and improved the odds for patients suffering from serious illnesses. But at what price? Who can afford the runaway costs of these medical miracles? Gerard Kleisterlee heads the huge Dutch conglomerate Royal Philips Electronics, best known for its TV sets and light bulbs, even though Medical Systems is its fastest growing division. Fred Hassan is CEO of Schering-Plough, one of the leading manufacturers of prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Two CEOs who will frankly discuss how much the health care system is ailing...and how it can be cured along with the patients that both companies serve.
On this episode of CEO EXCHANGE, taped at Lynch Auditorium in New York in conjunction with Fordham Graduate Business, we set the stage for a peek at the dazzling world of entertainment. Get a front-row seat as two industry legends showcase the opportunities and the challenges produced by all the new ways we have of watching television and movies...and listening to music. Bob Wright has played the leading role at NBC for the past 20 years and has recently added Universal Studios to his repertoire. Doug Morris has spent 40 years in the music business on his way to becoming a big hit at Universal Music Group, the world's largest recording company, with artists ranging from U2 and Sheryl Crow to LL Cool J and Kanye West. An entertaining performance by two CEOs...worth hearing and watching on a state-of-the-art device near you.
On this episode of CEO EXCHANGE, taped at the Howard University School of Business in Washington, DC, we'll get an insider's look at the changing face of Main Street USA. No matter how small, every town, every community, has a bank and a corner drug store. But these days, the local bank and drugstore are owned by huge companies that do a lot more than take deposits and dispense medicine. Ken Lewis has counted on an aggressive acquisition strategy for Bank of America, which has vaulted ahead of its competitors with the most extensive branch network in the United States. Tom Ryan also found acquisitions held the right formula to make CVS the nation's leader in filling prescriptions. Two CEOs running modern companies that could be on everyone's corner before too long.
On this episode of CEO EXCHANGE, taped at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, we'll meet two CEOs who have navigated their well-established companies boldly into the future. Ed Zander found his calling when he transformed Motorola from a troubled electronics firm into the hottest mobile phone maker around. Allstate's Ed Liddy insured the well-being of his company by revamping an antiquated agent system while using new technology to boost efficiency. Two CEOs who made sure their venerable brands will be around for years to come.
On this episode of CEO EXCHANGE, taped at the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas in Austin, a timely exploration of the oil and airline industries. We'll meet two executives who know the drill from the inside: Gary Kelly, Vice Chairman and CEO of Southwest Airlines, has kept his company flying high despite turbulence caused by rising oil prices and cutthroat competition. Bill Greehey, Chairman and recently retired CEO of Valero Energy, has barreled to the forefront of oil refining while making sure his workers aren't left out in the cold. Two CEOs...connected by the pipeline between energy and transportation that affects us all.
On this episode of CEO EXCHANGE, taped at UCLA Anderson School of Management in Los Angeles, we'll look at the latest trends in TOYS AND GAMES. Meet two CEOs who lead the way in figuring out what we will be playing with tomorrow. For Bob Eckert of Mattel, the challenge is to make sure the world's largest toymaker stays relevant and up-to-date. For Bobby Kotick of Activision, one of the top creators of videogames, the key is keeping up with rapid advances in technology. Traditional toys, new toys, videogames: Two CEOs...whose jobs are to capture your imagination.
On this episode of CEO EXCHANGE, taped at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, we'll explore the rapidly changing world of MULTIMEDIA IN THE DIGITAL AGE. Meet two CEOs who have arrived at this crossroads from two different directions: cable television and publishing. Brian Roberts heads Comcast Corporation, the #1 cable provider in the country, which is now expanding rapidly into video-on-demand, Internet and telephone services. Terry McGraw leads The McGraw-Hill Companies, which are now placing far less emphasis on traditional publishing media in favor of textbooks, educational testing products and global financial services. Two CEOs, both running businesses founded by their families, on the cutting edge of the communications revolution.
On this episode of CEO EXCHANGE, taped at Columbia Business School in New York, we'll get an insiders' glimpse into the high-stakes world of professional sports from two executives who know it best. David Stern, Commissioner of the National Basketball Association, has taken his sport to new heights while trying to keep viewers from heading for the exits. Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig has sought to level the field between big market and small market teams while playing defense about alleged steroid use by athletes. It's a world of big egos...and big money. The basketball and baseball commissioners...both seeking that winning formula for continued success.
On this episode of CEO EXCHANGE, taped at the University of Washington Business School in Seattle, we'll meet two CEOs of companies known for bonding with their customers and employees. Blake W. Nordstrom is carrying on the pioneering family tradition of providing exceptional customer service at a large retail store, where employees are considered part of the extended family. Jim Donald makes sure that Starbucks is a comfortable home-away-from-home for customers, and the company takes pride in treating employees as "partners." Two CEOs who realize that happy customers and happy employees keep the cash registers ringing.
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