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Jim Estill is CEO of Danby Appliances which is a niche manufacturer of specialty appliances distributing over 2,000,000 appliances per year. Jim is a Canadian technology entrepreneur, executive, and philanthropist. He started his first computer distribution business from the trunk of his car while in university and grew that business to $2 Billion in sales. Jim has invested in, mentored, and advised over 150 technology companies including Blackberry. He joined their board before they went public and served for 13 years. Website:
Blue16 Media is a digital marketing agency with a goal to change lives using media and technology.   The equation that makes up the content of our site which is: Visibility + Resources x Connections = Success   Virtual Global Chamber - if you know the right person, you connect with the right person then things can really take off.   CBNation creates a better connection amongst people,  it’s like a hub, with profiles, opportunities, directories of different profiles - people you might want to connect with.   Website:
Blue16 Media is a digital marketing agency with a goal to change lives using media and technology.   CEO Definition: “What does being a CEO mean to you?”   The goal of the show is not to say you are right or wrong, but to spark the creativity, the essence, the reason an author decided to write a book, or the reason why somebody has a workforce of 5,000 people and the size they want to, it is the essence of the leadership a person provides.   After so many interviews, here are some of the definitions of being a CEO: Legacy, servant leadership, making money, making an impact. Like a parent, a chess, a lighthouse, or a vessel where you steer the course.   How a person thinks, is based on how they approached certain things and often we go through one of the most transformational things in our life and that is going to show the true leadership that is out there.   Website:
Blue16 Media is a digital marketing agency with a goal to change lives using media and technology.   CEO Nugget: These are the deeper resources. Business advise.   “If you can happen to a time machine, what will you tell to your younger business self?”   Do the thing that you were called to do. Make sure you are making an impact in the zone of genius, your gift, the thing you want to do to try to impact. Make sure what you’re doing is in alignment with the mission, vision, goals, and the human aspect of the business.   The journey takes time, someone you look up to has gone through failures, make a deeper research into their lives. Book: Outliers, the story to success, mentions the 10,000-hour rule, the time they put to be successful does not happen overnight. Build yourself. Your emotional well-being is one of the biggest things that determine your success. As well as your mind space and mindset. Don't compare your strategy to others, and grab them all. Just pick the top 3 ingredients which are audible to the success strategy you are trying to accomplish.   Website:
Melanie Aronson is the founder and CEO of Panion, a people-first community management platform helping organizations build more privacy, empathy and meaningful connection into online and offline communities. She has a bachelors in anthropology from Columbia University and a masters in documentary filmmaking from the School of Visuals Arts in NYC. She is also a Fulbright recipient. Melanie worked in sales for Apple for almost 3 years and for more than 10 years as a freelance filmmaker, photographer and designer. Melanie has lived an international life, residing in NYC, Spain, Italy, Sweden and now in Portugal.   Website: Twitter: melaniearonson and panionapp Instagram: Linkedin: melaniearonson
Christina Baucom is an attorney with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Headquartered in Alexandria, Va, the USPTO is the federal agency responsible for granting U.S. patents and registering trademarks. 

Throughout her education and career, Ms. Calloway has sought to merge her personal passion for the arts and professional pursuits in public service. She is a Board member of the Northern Virginia Fine Arts Association and was recently appointed to the City’s Commission for the Arts. She frequently speaks and/or volunteers in educating small business owners and creatives about their intellectual property. She is the digital content creator of focusing on local lifestyle and style inspiration.   Website: Instagram: sharpandsoundstyle Linkedin: christinacalloway
Dr. Destini Copp is a business and marketing coach who helps business owners scale their digital product revenue with automated sales funnels and reduce their reliance on services or freelance work. She is a college marketing professor turned online entrepreneur and a wanna-be, Serena Williams-like, tennis player. She is the host of The Course Creator’s MBA Podcast and the Creator of The OneClick MBA membership.   Website:   Book: LinkedIn: destinicopp Instagram: destinicopp Pinterest: destinicopp Facebook: destinicopp
Sylvia Scott is the founder and CEO of the Girls' C.E.O. Connection which she launched in 2009. Her passion is to help high school girls build bright and fulfilling self-sufficient futures. She wants to see independent thinking cultivated within a global community of young female entrepreneurs. Her goal for the Girls' C.E.O. Connection is to equip and motivate the girls with the skills and traits of accomplished women entrepreneurs. Sylvia's personal commitment is to expand opportunities for them within entrepreneurship. Sylvia is an Ambassador for WED/Women's® Entrepreneurship Day. From 2016 to 2020 she was an e-mentor for Afghan women entrepreneurs enrolled in the Institute for Economic Empowerment of Women's Peace Through Business® Program. She is also a business counselor with the Coachella Valley Women's Business Center.     Website: Realizing A Vision, Your Toolkit For Success. Words of Wisdom for Young Female Entrepreneurs: LinkedIn: sylviarjscott Facebook: SylviaRJScott Girls' CEO Connection: Facebook: GirlsCEOConnection Twitter: GirlsCEOConnect YouTube: Girls CEO Connection Pinterest: GirlsCEOConnect Instagram: girlsceoconnection
Brooke Brown is a female entrepreneur in the DMV area. She is the mid-atlantic battle of the bottle Champion (mixology competition). Her business Top Shelf Mixology, Mixology & Bar Consulting offers alcohol certification, mixology classes, bartending services and bar consulting.   Website:
Amie Thompson is an executive, investor, mentor, and leader and the current President & CEO of Creative Allies, a minority-certified marketing firm for entrepreneurs. Her company offers a wide range of marketing services to grow our client's brand. Creative Allies creates best practices from the lessons learned over its 10-year history to connect our clients with buyers, fans, and followers to enhance the brand story. Amie's passion is helping other business owners grow their businesses through great marketing.   Website:   Twitter: amie_ceo Instagram: amie_ceo
Eve Dawes is the founder of Dawes Custom Cosmetics, a natural, cruelty-free, usa-made line. A WBFF Pro, NASM certified trainer, and Mrs. Nevada United States 2017 she shares her knowledge on Glamour and Gains By Eve lifestyle blog and podcast. Covering the latest fashion, curated cruelty-free beauty, health tips and luxury travel through a glamorous lens. Eve Dawes interviews the world's leading founders, influencers and leaders to share their knowledge in realistic, actionable tips to help you live your best life and to reach your full potential. You may have seen her in Oxygen, Iron Man, Strong, Fit & Firm Magazine, Huffington Post,, and various commercials. Website: Instagram: & Facebook: &
Yonah is a powerhouse with property owners' tax savings. As Business Director at Madison SPECS, a national Cost Segregation leader, he has assisted clients in saving tens of millions of dollars on taxes through cost segregation. He has a background in teaching and a passion for real estate and helping others. Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Biggerpockets:
Noelle McKenzie is the CEO and co-founder of Leading Edge Personal Trainers. Her own experience in rising from being the underdog to a collegiate track and field Division 1 athlete has given her the wisdom to help people tap into their limitless potential through a mind and body approach to fitness. Noelle helps clients embody fitness as a lifestyle transcending all areas of their life and not a means to an end. In 10 years she along with the help of her husband and business partner have built a network of 60 + clients both locally in NYC and online who despite having overly demanding careers and schedules have been able to master the balancing act of adhering to a consistent health regimen. This, in turn, has reshaped how they view themselves, enabling them to step into their true power and become the best version of themselves. Website:   Instagram: Twitter: Facebook Group: Personal Facebook: LinkedIn:
Dr. Morissa Schwartz is the Founder and CEO of Dr. Rissy’s Writing & Marketing and GenZ Publishing, LLC. is a marketing and writing company ranked #1 in PR and top ten in Social Media and SEO for New York and New Jersey on Thumbtack. GenZ Publishing is a publishing company that has produced six Amazon bestsellers. Dr. Rissy has been featured on Forbes, MTV, and is a bestselling author herself. She speaks professionally about inspiring others through words and entrepreneurship and was named the “Voice of Generation Z” by Community Magazine. Website: Amazon: Morissa-Schwartz Instagram: morissa_schwartz Twitter: morissaschwartz Linkedin: hmorissaschwartz Tiktok: morissaschwartz Facebook: morissa.schwartz
Todd Randall, the eight-time CEO and business coach from rural Florida found that running a business can lead you to an early grave if you let it. He set out to build a business enterprise that worships freedom more than money and somehow ended up with both. This is the story of how a man set a crazy goal for himself, to learn to play polo and travel the world indulging that passion, and then worked persistently until he achieved it. Website: BeachviewCoaching Facebook: realbusinesscoaching Linkedin: todd-randall
Jon runs Squarely Digital, a digital marketing agency that specializes in content marketing and pay-per-click advertising. The company’s mission — and Jon’s passion — is to help small businesses navigate the complex and confusing world of digital marketing so they can attract the prospects, leads, clients, and customers they need. Jon founded Squarely Digital in 2013 after more than 20 years in journalism. Most of that time was spent at the Washington Post, where Jon worked on both the print edition and the website, in the sports department and newsroom-wide roles. Jon lives in Alexandria, Va., with his wife, Pam, daughters JJ and Ellie, and dogs Duncan and Nutella. Website: LinkedIn: jondenunzio Twitter: SquarelyDigital Facebook: SquarelyDigital
Joe DiChiara is an entrepreneur with a CPA license. He has worked with thousands of business owners over a 35-year career. Eager to help people succeed, it troubled him that most new businesses fail, and was determined to find out why. Success starts with Mindset and Intention, subjects they don’t teach in CPA school. Joe learned that this was the true culprit in business failure on top of an overly complex tax and compliance system making it nearly impossible to start a business and stay in business. His primary purpose has become teaching entrepreneurs the fundamental principles of success combined with the practical knowledge acquired as a CPA. New business owners start out with the odds stacked against them and the solution is education and guidance. Joe provides affordable business training and guidance through and a full range of accounting services at a fraction of what most CPA firms charge through You can book a free chat with Joe by visiting Website: Mastermind with Joe DiChiara: Media Page: Facebook Group: bedrockbusinessbuilders Facebook Profile: joeydcpa YouTube: BEDROCKBUSINESSBUILDERS LinkedIn: bedrock-business-builders?trk=public_profile_topcard-current-company Alignable: Instagram: Twitter:
Hari Kalymnios is a consultant, speaker and trainer on mindset, resilience, wellbeing and how to feel SUPERHUMAN. He helps leaders become better self-leaders by improving their energy and vitality levels so they can attain high performance. He's the founder of The Thought Gym, and author of the book The Thought Gym and Working Well. He's shared his philosophies on the TEDx stage and with clients ranging from large multinationals to billionaires. Website: The Thought Gym Book: Super Human Smoothie: Instagram: thethoughtgym YouTube: thethoughtgym Twitter: thethoughtgym Facebook: thethoughtgym Personal Site: Throwback Link:
Michela Quilici, CEO of MQ Consulting and Business Training Inc. Michela is an International business growth + marketing expert passionate about supporting coaches, consultants, and service professionals who struggle with sales, marketing, and systems – to gain more exposure, magnetize qualified buyers, and double revenues with much less effort. Over the past 17 years, she has coached and consulted hundreds of entrepreneurially-minded companies globally, from start-ups to $20+ million to take business owners and their businesses to the next level of excellence. Michela has been featured in USA Weekly, Canadian Living Magazine, and Profit Magazine. She is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council and is a contributing author in the bestselling book Conscious Business. Website: Facebook: MichelaQulici LinkedIn: michelaquilici Twitter: MichelaQuilici Thowback Link:
Jeff Harry combines positive psychology and plays to heal workplaces, help teams build psychological safety, and assist individuals in addressing their biggest challenges through embracing a play-oriented approach to work. Jeff was selected by BambooHR & Engagedly as one of the Top 100 HR Influencers and has been featured in the NY Times, Mashable, Upworthy, Shondaland, & Wired. Jeff has worked with Google, Microsoft, Southwest Airlines, Adobe, the NFL, Amazon, and Facebook, helping their staff to infuse more play into the day-to-day. Website: Youtube: jeffharryplays Instagram: jeffharryplays Linkedin: jeffharryplays Medium: @jeffharryplays Twitter: jeffharryplays Tiktok: @jeffharryplays Book: how-can-play-bring-your-team-back-together-in-this-uncertain-world ,  reshape-the-future-of-work-by-dismantling-toxic-masculinity
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