DiscoverCEO Podcasts: CEO Chat Podcast + I AM CEO Podcast Powered by Blue 16 Media &
CEO Podcasts: CEO Chat Podcast + I AM CEO Podcast Powered by Blue 16 Media &
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CEO Podcasts: CEO Chat Podcast + I AM CEO Podcast Powered by Blue 16 Media &

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CEO Podcasts consists of CEO Chat (CC), I AM CEO (IAM) & CBNation.TV (TV) podcast episodes. Value packed episode including interviews & resources for CEOs, entrepreneurs, startups founders & business owners. The CEO Chat episodes are our long-form episodes w/ interviews and digital marketing resources. The I AM CEO episodes are laser focused (about 16 min.) w/ interviews & a discussion about what it means to be a CEO. Powered by Blue 16 Media & Hosted by Gresham W. Harkless Jr.
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Bryan Clayton is CEO and cofounder of GreenPal an online marketplace that connects homeowners with Local lawn care professionals. GreenPal has been called the “Uber for lawn care” by Entrepreneur magazine and has over 100,000 active users completing thousands of transactions per day. Before starting GreenPal Bryan Clayton founded Peachtree Inc. one of the largest landscaping companies in the state of Tennessee growing it to over $10 million a year in annual revenue before it was acquired by Lusa holdings in 2013. Bryan‘s interest and expertise are related to entrepreneurialism, small business growth, marketing and bootstrapping businesses from zero revenue to profitability and exit. Website:   LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram:
John is a resident of Boca Raton Florida. He is a seasoned financial planner, innovative and advocate for emergency preparedness planning. He is the founder of Emergency Info Plan, a company that helps you and your loved ones be prepared for emergencies using your smartphone to alert 911 and emergency contacts plus provide vital medical information to first responders at the scene. A tragic incident in his life inspired him to help others. His mission is to save lives and help families in Florida and throughout the United States be better prepared for emergency and life’s expected and unexpected transitions. Website:   Facebook: LinkedIn:
Gresham “Gresh” W. Harkless Jr. is the founder of CBNation and Blue 16 Media. CBNation is a Business to Business (B2B) Brand focused on increasing the business success rate through content including blogs, podcasts and videos. CBNation consists of blogs (, podcasts ( and videos ( The brand focuses on increasing the visibility of and providing resources for CEOs, entrepreneurs and business owners. Blue 16 Media is a digital marketing agency providing digital marketing services including web design & SEO to small to medium-sized businesses and organizations. Central to his marketing philosophy is that You Are a Media Company: Developing a Marketing Strategy to Connect with Your Target and Reach Your Goals. Gresham is a proud graduate of Howard University & Georgetown University. Check out these CEO Hacks:   Website:
Mark Boundy has grown businesses in a variety of industries for 25 years, amassing wide-ranging experience in sales, marketing, new product development, and product management. He helps his clients find, win, and keep more business—more profitably. He’s led firms to be value – and price–leaders in a wide variety of product and service industries. Mark wrote “Radical Value. Elevate Your Company – and Career – By Unleashing the Power Within Customer Centricity. Boundy Consulting, LLC. helps its clients find, win, and keep more business...more effectively and more profitably. Website:   Book on Amazon:
Katie Grimes is a Dating Coach, prepping single womxn to confidently date the right 1 by first, learning how to feel secure, trust yourself & spot red flags. Her unique background of growing up in alcoholic home and becoming Addicted to love makes it easier for her to teach you "why you attract certain people and how to heal your overthinking in your love life." Whether it's on Instagram at "kg.katiegrimes" or her podcast "Anything for Love" - Katie keeps it real as she guides you to make sense of the confusion you're experiencing so that you can LET LOVE IN with confidence and ease. Website:   Podcast: Instagram: Youtube:
Steve Haffner is a decision performance expert. After a 30 year corporate I.T. career as a systems developer, manager and executive, in 2011 he launched his own business as a magician, mentalist and speaker. Using research from the fields of psychology, neuroscience and behavioral economics, Steve helps professionals improve their decision-making by recognizing and overcoming their cognitive illusions - the primitive impulses, biases, and shortcuts that can undermine decision performance. Website:   Twitter: Linkedin: YouTube Facebook:
Helene Berkowitz is a Retail Tech executive and startup founder with a background in finance and international payment systems. She is passionate about technology with a human component. In 2017, Helene founded ReceetMe to create a digital retail experience focused on the customer experience. Website:   Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn:
Cody is a co-founder of Gold City Ventures. He is also the co-founder of the Financial Freedom Summit, owner of Fly to FI, and co-host of The FI Show. He left his corporate banking job at age 22 to pursue entrepreneurship full time and now teaches others how to do the same. Website:   Podcast: Blog: Financial Freedom Summit: Instagram: Twitter:
Melanie is the owner of her own digital marketing agency, Melanie Hardcastle Marketing + Events. She left her full-time job a year and a half ago to pursue entrepreneurship and has never looked back. Melanie works with clients to help them find their brand's voice, execute their marketing strategy and produce killer virtual events. If you want to grow your audience, reach the right people and scale your business, she's your woman. Website:   Instagram: Facebook: Clubhouse: @melhardcastle
With more than 25 years experience in nonprofit and corporate communications, Karen Bate, Founder and CEO of KB Concepts P.R., rebrands companies and nonprofits; positions organizations to achieve their objectives; garners key media placements; and harnesses digital marketing and social media tools to tell her clients’ stories and inspire others to support them. Great Ideas for Good Causes is not just her company tagline; it is the guiding philosophy of her work. Website: KB Concepts on social media Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn:   Awesome Women Entrepreneurs on social media Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn:  
Alan Heymann, JD, PCC specializes in coaching through transitions — such as the transition from individual contributor to leader, the transition into a larger and more complex role, or the transition into a different career. He brings a warm, open and energetic presence to his coaching clients. To date, Alan has coached leaders who were born in 16 countries and work on 5 continents. An expert communicator and engaging speaker, Alan spent more than two decades in public, government and nonprofit communications -- leading teams from 2 to more than 100 people who use words and images to inspire positive change in society. Inspired by a career transformation he brought about with the support of an executive coach, Alan decided to become a coach himself. He founded Peaceful Direction in April 2019. Website:   LinkedIn: Alan Heymann Twitter: @alanheymann
Hania Issa is a professional makeup artist and small business owner in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area. Hania initially pursued her passion for art as a fashion designer, and transitioned to the makeup and skincare industry over 15 years ago. After working internationally and in Washington for dermatologists, beauty salons, and spas, Hania fulfilled a lifelong dream in 2020 by establishing her own business, Beauty By Hania, LLC. In addition to running her business, Hania is a wife and mother of two small children. Website:   Instagram: Facebook:  
Nicole is an attorney licensed in the State of California for almost 10 years.  Nicole has a settlement-minded family law practice. As a mediator, collaborative law, and consulting attorney assisting families through legal separation and divorce, paternity, and post-judgment modification proceedings, Nicole believes that alternatives to the traditional court divorce process are both beneficial to families and less costly. Nicole also works as a legal consultant, helping online freelancers and service providers build their online businesses legally with custom contracts and policies or legal templates that they can customize for their unique businesses. Website:   Law Firm: Online Business (legal templates):
Tom Madden is the quintessential “PR man.” Telling him to stop publicizing, inventing products like his Knife and Forklift™ that helps you to exercise while eating, and writing articles, blogs and books is like telling the government to stop spending money—pointless. His popular blog is called MaddenMischief. Madden’s rise in the world of media started at The Philadelphia Inquirer before he served as Vice President of NBC under then-CEO Fred Silverman. After departing NBC, Madden launched his own award-winning public relations firm, TransMedia Group, in 1981 that is now celebrating it's 40th year in business in 2021. The firm is now based in Boca Raton, Florida, and has offices worldwide. Website:   Facebook:
Lindsey Wander is the Founder and CEO of WorldWise Tutoring as well as the Founder and President of the nonprofit Educate. Radiate. Elevate. WorldWise Tutoring provides services to students of all ages and all abilities in all subjects. Educate. Radiate. Elevate. provide complimentary tutoring to low-income students of color. With both businesses, her mission is to provide quality instruction in academics, enrichment, and test prep that is deliberately intertwined with lessons in metacognition, executive functions, and interpersonal skills. Her 60+ highly educated and experienced tutors provide effective lessons to help their students grow into confident and independent lifelong learners who become competent and conscious leaders. They teach our students how to be agents of change in their own lives and the lives of those around them - so that they no longer “need” a tutor. ContentStudio discount link:    WorldWise Tutoring: Website: Facebook - business: Facebook - group: Instagram: LinkedIn - business: Twitter: YouTube: Pinterest: Blog: Student Handbook:  Educate. Radiate. Elevate.: Website: Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: Twitter: Blog:
Christina Orso is a Boston-based marketing expert who focuses on restaurant and food brands. As the former marketing director of a well-known restaurant group, blogger, and influencer, she decided to go out on her own to work with multiple brands on all things digital marketing. Christina helps her clients with a variety of marketing efforts, including social media, photography, influencer collaborations, email marketing, and much more. Website:   Instagram: Facebook:
Danielle Berman has dedicated her career to helping athletes understand their full potential. She believes that athletes should be supported as individuals with unique skills, passions and interests rather than a cog in the sports industry machine. That's why she founded Tackle What’s Next, where she serves as CEO, to provide athletes of all ages, sports and circumstance the opportunity to focus on creating impact and finding purpose in life after sports. Tackle What’s Next aims to provide athletes with a safe space to discuss the challenges and opportunities that come with transitioning out of sport, plus share important resources that can help. Website:   Podcast: Instagram: LinkedIn: 
Derrich Phillips is a bestselling author, combat veteran, husband, and proud father on a mission to help youth achieve their dreams and lead fulfilling lives. He’s dedicated to helping youth break the cycle of generational poverty and empowering people of all backgrounds to improve their lives and escape the poverty mindset. When not writing, Derrich enjoys traveling, competing in Ironman races, volunteering, and spending time with his loving family, and dog in Dallas, Texas. Website: Book on Amazon: Poverty Powerball: Turn Adversity Into Your Winning Ticket  
Alejandra ‘Alex’ Love, MBA, CPLP® is a Coach and Trainer who works with black and brown women entrepreneurs to grow their business with less stress. After, 10 years working as a Corporate Coach and trainer, that work just wasn’t cutting it - her true passion was in empowering women. Alex wanted to help women break the check to check cycle by transforming their talents and hobbies into real businesses they love! And Alex Love Consulting, was born; where she is able to use a blend of traditional business acumen, lessons learned as a business owner, and her passion for empowering others to support innovators, thinkers, and visionaries in making their dreams a reality. When asked what she does Alex simply says “I’m is in the business of helping women make a living, while living their best life!” Website:   Instagram: Facebook:
Founder of Innate Leaders, psychological coach, mindset consultant, writer, and thinker, Joe Britto has worked with a wide range of entrepreneurs and leadership teams across the non-profit, public and private sectors. His grounding in experiential learning, along with his studies in literary theory and psychological coaching, has allowed him to create a unique methodology that has successfully facilitated sustainable results for a range of organizations including Lockheed Martin, NASA, Coca-Cola, and intel. Joe’s passion for his work comes from a personal belief that when mindsets shift everything shifts. Website: Linkedin: Instagram: @innateleaders Twitter: @innateleaders Blog:
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