DiscoverCEO Podcasts: CEO Chat Podcast + I AM CEO Podcast Powered by Blue 16 Media &
CEO Podcasts: CEO Chat Podcast + I AM CEO Podcast Powered by Blue 16 Media &
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CEO Podcasts: CEO Chat Podcast + I AM CEO Podcast Powered by Blue 16 Media &

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CEO Podcasts consists of CEO Chat (CC), I AM CEO (IAM) & CBNation.TV (TV) podcast episodes. Value packed episode including interviews & resources for CEOs, entrepreneurs, startups founders & business owners. The CEO Chat episodes are our long-form episodes w/ interviews and digital marketing resources. The I AM CEO episodes are laser focused (about 16 min.) w/ interviews & a discussion about what it means to be a CEO. Powered by Blue 16 Media & Hosted by Gresham W. Harkless Jr.
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Maria is the Founder of Undefined Creative, a media production agency with a focus on motion graphics. She has built the company's reputation with clients like A+E Networks, NHL, NBC Universal and United Nations on good old-fashioned customer service and consistent execution on brand, on time and on budget. Despite her Creative Director title, she stubbornly remains a hands-on creative in both design and production, doing what she truly loves on a daily basis. As a serious pay-it-forward give-backer, Maria is dedicated to volunteering and pro-bono work as a mentor, she helps other creatives, especially young women, develop careers that accurately express their personalities and goals.A near-native New Yorker, Maria lives in Brooklyn with her husband and a few plants, but escapes often –with 60+ countries under her belt and counting. Website:
Jessica is a straight forward woman who gets stuff done and who is tired of the woo woo diet culture. She decided in order to change her life and understand what food works for her body she had to study it herself. With Sage Root Nutrition, she hopes to be the voice for those in the middle, not your bodybuilder die hard and not your couch potato, but the woman that just wants to understand what food works for her and enjoy indulgences here and there. We all have an end point so it's time to sit up and live your life not based on anyone else but what works for the soul in your body. Sage Root Nutrition gives you the concrete steps to bring out the true woman you want to be.Website: @JnrriderTwitter: @JessicaRider2
Dylan is the youngest ever advisor to the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide, which is sold in book stores around the world. Since age 11, he has been collecting, buying, selling, and attending shows around the country. Comics are Dylan’s life, and his day always has an aspect of comic books in it; Whether it is making up more comic boxes, or pursuing the next collection, comic books will always have a special place in Dylan’s heart. Most recently he has cracked the code with his team on running a business with efficiency in college.Website:
Ellis is the founder of and an experienced real estate investor. He manages a private network of investors that focus on acquiring multifamily commercial real estate assets. He began syndicating real estate projects in 2018 with the goal of helping his friends and colleagues build wealth and create passive cashflow outside of Wall Street. Ellis is also the director of a local Christian non-profit focused on spiritual formation and leadership development for college students in San Diego, CA.Website:
Author of a trilogy of books on confidence: Lead a Life of Confidence, Stand Out From The Crowd...without having point and laugh, One With The Universe. Dale has been introduced as "The happiest man I know." The impetus for his books on confidence came from the fact that with 18 months over a half dozen people told him "I want your life." Since then many more have echoed that sentiment.Website: Twitter: @DaleFurtwenglerLinkedIn: 
Adam is a 4th year medical student interested in Emergency Medicine. When he is not studying or seeing patients, he is usually traveling somewhere with his camera. In an effort to motivate and inspire healthcare workers and students alike, he developed The Med Life, a hub for showcasing the lives of medical providers. His content ranges from study tips to travel hacks and much more showing that being in healthcare does not have to define your life outside the hospital or classroom.Website:
Laura has nearly thirty years of experience managing front- and back-office operations and serving as a trusted assistant and advisor to executives. She works with solopreneurs and small businesses developing and implementing their office administration/management, digital marketing, and business operations strategies. Collaboration and true partnership are key for Laura in building her relationships with her clients.Website:
Erica N. Reed is a Psychotherapist and Corporate Trainer and her focus is on Leading From Within to Create Success in All Areas of Life. As a psychotherapist, Erica works with her clients to develop healthy mindsets and behaviors, resulting in higher levels of confidence, loving relationships and an overall feeling of personal fulfillment. Since the workplace has a huge impact on our overall mental health, Erica also provides corporate training to teach organizations how to focus on the human side of the business. Her training and keynote presentations focus on optimizing the personal and professional strengths of employees, resulting in high performing and collaborative teams. Taking her clinical and training expertise to the classroom, Erica is an Adjunct Professor at Bowie State University and Catholic University of America.Website: Offer - - Group - 
Jason helps developers and designers discover their niche, plan out and market themselves to build recurring revenue. So that they can live the life that they want and ultimately reach the goals of why they started their own business in the first place.He has run his own web development business since 2010 helping established online businesses, increase sales through optimization, conversion, and behavioral strategy. He does this through on-site personalization, email, and marketing campaigns to learn more about the potential and existing customers to decrease the time to first purchase and increase repeat purchases.Website:
Dr. Michelle Deering is the founder and CEO of Curative Connections, a premier consulting company that offers mother-daughter relationship consultation, sport psychology services, and keynote speaking services. A graduate of Brown University, Dr. Deering is a North Carolina & New Jersey state-licensed clinical psychologist and national board-certified sport psychologist.Her best-selling book— What Mothers Never Tell Their Daughters: 5 Keys To Building Trust, Restoring Connection, & Strengthening Relationships— helps mothers and daughters connect intentionally and improve relationally with each other.When she’s not working with clients, guest blogging for Parent Magazine, or being a featured guest on podcasts & radio shows, Michelle enjoys spending time with her husband and twin daughters, playing her Ludwig drum kit, and taking boxing lessons.Website: www.CurativeConnections.comFacebook: @CurativeConnectionsYouTube: (Mothering Motivation Monday™)Instagram: @LightblbMomentsLink to Members only offer: (Hardcover/Paperback/E-book formats): all local bookstores worldwide.AUDIOBOOK Links:
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