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We’re the CIPD — the professional body for HR and people development. We are the voice of a worldwide community of more than 150,000 members committed to championing better work and working lives.
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There’s no time to lose in making our businesses environmentally sustainable, but among the myriad of responsibilities falling on the shoulders of people professionals, what role can you play as agents of change within the environment agenda? Join Nigel Cassidy and this month’s guests: Dr Jan Maskell, Business Psychologist; Gilda Neiman, Board Director at Chapter Zero in Brussels; and Susannah Haan, Senior Corporate Governance Advisor, as we explore how people professionals can better influence boards and senior leaders while also embedding sustainable checkpoints in your day-to-day processes.
The role of a people professional can often feel like an impossible task, being pulled from pillar to post in one of the most multi-faceted jobs in the organisation. Given the growing portfolio of responsibilities that people professionals need to manage, and the expectations around that, what does it take to thrive in this complex role? Join Nigel Cassidy and this month’s guests: Laura Callahan, Director at Willow HR; David Balls, Chief People Officer at Newcross Healthcare Solutions; and Peter Cheese, Chief Executive at CIPD, as we explore the skills, behaviours and competencies required to create the ‘unicorn’ people professional.
Learning professionals may not be asked to ‘show me the money’, but they will be expected to demonstrate value and return on investment. So, what can learning professionals do to best set themselves up for success? Could the answer lie in simply asking the right questions to properly diagnose an organisation’s real learning need? Join Nigel Cassidy and this month’s guests: Natalie Richer, Natalie Richer Consulting; Payal Gaglani-Bhatt, Chief People Officer at The Little Gurus; and Steve George, Interim Head of Learning and Development at CIPD, as we explore how learning professionals can ask the right questions to better understand and diagnose the real learning requirement for your organisation or client.
CIPD’s latest health and wellbeing at work report revealed that sickness absence is at a ten-year high and that wellbeing support for individuals at different life stages can be patchy. So, how can organisations offer sophisticated and nuanced wellbeing support without truly understanding the individual needs of their people? Join Nigel Cassidy and this month’s guests: Krystal Wilkinson, Associate Professor at Manchester Metropolitan University; Nick Pahl, CEO at Society of Occupational Medicine; and Rachel Suff, Senior Policy Advisor at CIPD, as we explore how your organisation can better understand and tailor individual support for the different wellbeing needs of your people.
How are you balancing new working freedoms with post-Covid realities? For many organisations, remote working was a boon that enabled their businesses to carry on through the pandemic. All the while their people uncovered and experienced the benefits that working remotely had to offer. But as we unwind from the pandemic, some organisations that had seemingly settled on a balanced hybrid approach are making headlines for scaling back offering flexible remote working. Join Nigel Cassidy and this month’s guests: Danielle Harmer, Chief People Officer at Aviva; Kevin Lyons, Senior HR Manager at Pearson; and Claire McCartney, Senior Policy Advisor at CIPD, as we explore how your organisation can take a more nuanced, deliberate approach to hybrid working.
Despite increased resources in most organisations, CIPD’s 2023 Learning at Work survey found that over half of L&D teams had intensified workloads over the last year. This has left L&D professionals battling with a lack of capacity, puzzling over business priorities and with a lack of insight about what is needed. So, what can learning professionals do about it? Join Nigel Cassidy and this month’s guests: Sonali Narendran, Talent and Learning Partner at Starbucks; Laura Overton, Founder at Learning Changemakers; and Andy Lancaster, Head of Learning at CIPD, as we explore a number of practical solutions to help you overcome capacity barriers and deliver impactful learning.
Is your cybersecurity training fit for purpose? There’s a common perception that cybersecurity is an issue for the IT function, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality is that modern cyber-criminals have mastered the psychological techniques of manipulating their target to perform a specific action, making the issue of cyber-security a far more human issue than you may think. So, how can people professionals get on top of the issue, better understand their people and then identify where the risks might lie? Join Nigel Cassidy and this month’s guests: Shelby Flora, Managing Director at Accenture; Tim Ward, CEO at ThinkCyber; and Tarquin Foliss OBE, Vice Chairman at SASIG as we unpack the human side and behavioural science of cybersecurity.
Have we over-expanded the remit of people managers? As the world and the workplace have become increasingly complex, management requirements and expectations are expanding exponentially. So, what steps can People Professionals take to support managers, to relieve the risk of being overwhelmed, and equip them with the competencies and behaviours to thrive? Join Nigel Cassidy and this month’s guests: Zofia Bajorek, Research Fellow at Institute of Employment Studies; Wayne Clarke, Founding Partner and Leadership and Management Expert at Global Growth Institute and Amanda Arrowsmith, People and Transformation Director at CIPD, as we discuss how people professionals can best support managers to tackle the demands of a new era of people management.
Do we need to start thinking differently, perhaps more creatively, to reengage your people with organisational learning? For many, a perception exists that traditional approaches to organisation training have become stale. It’s imperative for learning professionals to remain curious and open minded towards new techniques and methods, in order to get the best from their programmes. Join Nigel Cassidy and this month’s guests: Andy Hoang, Founder of Beyond Blocks, Rita Isaac, Learning Coordinator at CIPD and David Hayden, Learning Content Manager at CIPD as we discuss how L&D professionals can incorporate the element of surprise and tap into human emotions to help people learn more effectively.
While Artificial Intelligence (AI) itself is not new – many organisations, knowingly or not, already use forms of AI technology within their businesses – we are now at the cusp of a major change. So just as the internet of things changed the way we work, connect, shop, spend our leisure time – and in turn how businesses operate – the AI revolution is set to usher in massive change affecting job design, workforce planning and organisational development. But is your organisation ready? Join Nigel Cassidy and this month’s guests: Katie Obi, Chief People Officer at Beamery, Kendra Briken, Sociologist and Senior Lecturer at University of Strathclyde, and Francis Lake, Founder at Green Juniper Limited, as we discuss how you can rewire your organisation to seize the initiative and not get caught on the backfoot.
If pay transparency is good for workplace fairness, why isn’t everyone doing it? The calls for pay transparency as a means to remedy existing inequalities and close gender and racial pay gaps are loud and many. But the reality of implementing it is not without complications. Join Nigel Cassidy and this month’s guests: Karen Jackson, HR Director at Reed, Gemma Bullivant, HR Consultant at Gemma Bullivant HR & Coaching, and Charles Cotton, Senior Policy Advisor – Performance and Reward at CIPD, as we discuss how you can find the right level of transparency for your organisation.
Have we become too comfortable and over-reliant on digital learning? CIPD research suggests we are losing sight of the richness of varied learning experiences and their role in effective learning transfer. So do learning professionals need to think afresh about designing content that can meet the changing expectations and needs of both the organisation and learner? Join Nigel Cassidy and this month’s guests: coaching and professional development specialist, Jilly Julian, and David Hayden, Learning Content Manager at the CIPD, as we question whether we are sacrificing purpose for convenience when it comes to organisational learning.
Is cultural intelligence (CQ) the ‘secret sauce’ to make your equality, diversity and inclusion initiatives bear fruit? In an increasingly global environment, working effectively with others across different boundaries is critical for a competitive advantage. It requires people who are sensitive to different cultures and perspectives, and can adapt their behaviour to built trust and collaborate effectively. Join Nigel Cassidy and this month’s guests: Ritika Wadhwa, Chief Operating Officer at Cultural Intelligence Centre and Rob Neil, Director at Krystal Alliance, as we explore the benefits of seeking and improving your personal CQ, and the tangible commercial impact it can have for your organisation.
Do you know what’s really concerning your people as we enter a new year? As months of crippling industrial action continue, the growing struggle to make ends meet, a new period of recession in the UK and an increasingly tired and burnt-out workforce, what can people professionals – and organisations more broadly – do to support people through the challenges ahead? Join Nigel Cassidy and this month’s guests: Nebel Crowhurst, Chief People Officer at Reward Gateway; Emma Jacobs, Features Journalist at the Financial Times; and CIPD Membership Director, David D’Souza, – as we explore the real issues keeping your employees up at night.
It’s said that affording a little breathing space to reflect on workplace learning can vastly improve its effectiveness and likelihood of achieving behavioural change. But what’s the evidence for this? Join Nigel Cassidy and this month’s guests: Julie Drybrough, Founder and Chief Executive at Fuchsia Blue; Learning and Development Consultant, Fiona McBride; and Sue Murkin, Learning Delivery and Associate Lead at CIPD – as we explore why offering time to reflect can lead to more effective, transferable learning experiences and improve work performance.
Please be advised that parts of this podcast cover issues that may be emotionally sensitive. Statistics on men’s health are concerning: men account for three-quarters of premature deaths from heart disease, are twice as likely to die from drug or alcohol abuse and three times more likely to die from suicide. In part, due to unhelpful ideas about what masculinity is, and societal expectations for them to ‘man up’ and ‘keep it together’, men often face health challenges alone. So when it comes to supporting the wellbeing of your people, how can organisations target working-age men more effectively? Join Nigel Cassidy and this month’s guests: Elliott Rae, founder of Music. Football. Fatherhood; Helen Lake, director of men’s health services at Peppy; and Steve George, learning content lead at the CIPD – as we ask how organisations can better engage and support male colleagues when it comes to health and wellbeing.
Offering a four-day week could give organisations a competitive edge, as employees seek a better work-life balance. But does it really have the potential to become the norm across a wide range of sectors and businesses? Our experts debate the pros and cons of working fewer days for the same pay.
Theories encouraging employee learning have evolved considerably over the past decade, most notably in the shift from venue-based learning (while still vitally important) to learning in the flow of work. But what value can ‘adjacent learning’ – off-the-job learning that takes place outside the workplace setting – bring to learning experiences? Join Nigel Cassidy and this month’s guests – Carole Bower, Head of Learning at Best At Digital and Steve George, Learning Content Lead at CIPD – as we explore how organisations can tap into benefits of adjacent learning experiences.
Trust is critical for functional relationships and not least when it comes to the case of organisational leaders and their people. With scandals and examples of failed leadership making daily headlines, it is little wonder that trust in organisations may already be at an all-time low. Throw in cases of actual leadership mistakes – does the situation then become unsalvageable? Or can you repair broken trust? Join Nigel Cassidy, and this month’s guests – Veronica Hope Hailey, Emeritus Professor at the University of Bath and Richard Nolan, Chief People Officer at Epos Now – as they debate the impact of external influences on state trust in today’s organisations and how senior leaders can begin repairing and regaining trust from their people. You can hear more from Veronica Hope Hailey on the subject of trust and leadership in a post pandemic world at CIPD Scotland Annual Conference, 14 September, Edinburgh (Session A3).
People professionals have stepped up through recent crises to support their organisations and their people. Yet, the perceived value of the profession remains under constant challenge. While some applaud these efforts to take the profession beyond form-filling and compliance, others say HR have exceeded their remit with their public agenda crusades. Join Nigel Cassidy, and this month’s guests – Cat Navarro, Talent Advisor and Consultant; Dr Washika Haak-Saheem, Associate Professor at Henley Business School; David D’Souza, Director of Membership at CIPD – as they debate the real purpose of HR in today’s organisations and fundamentally how people teams can be used to create the impact you need in your organisation.
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