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Hosted by Melissa Lee and a roundtable of top traders, “Fast Money” breaks through the noise of the day, to deliver the actionable news that matters most to investors. Fast Money airs weeknights at 5p ET on CNBC. Visit for additional information.
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Some of this year’s red hot stocks have seemed to hit a wall. Nvidia, Chipotle, Netflix… all taking a leg lower in today’s session. Is the pullback temporary? Or could there be more downside ahead. Plus Gilead’s big boost. Shares jumping after the biotech company’s latest trial results. What the data could mean in the fight against HIV. Fast Money Disclaimer 
There’s a new biggest bull on Wall Street, as Evercore’s Julian Emanuel ups his year-end price target on the S&P by 25% to a whopping 6,000/ What’s going to drive those returns and how should you play the market? Plus Industrials have been struggling so far in 2024, but one top technician says these names are about to witness a turnaround. We go off the charts to get the details. Fast Money Disclaimer 
There’s a new biggest bull on Wall Street, as Evercore’s Julian Emanuel ups his year-end price target on the S&P by 25% to a whopping 6,000/ What’s going to drive those returns and how should you play the market? Plus Industrials have been struggling so far in 2024, but one top technician says these names are about to witness a turnaround. We go off the charts to get the details. Fast Money Disclaimer
Apple and Netflix both having strong weeks as the stocks trade near record highs. What’s next for the names and what could their rise mean for the rest of the markets? Plus long-struggling Gilead getting a boost today on early results of its experimental obesity pill. Can it effectively compete with the likes of Eli Lilly and Novo Nordisk? Fast Money Disclaimer
Tesla shareholders voting on CEO Elon Musk’s pay package. The billions that could come his way, and if the EV maker’s incorporation will stay in Delaware or head to the lone star state. Plus Media stocks in the red as the future of television and streaming continue to evolve. What the stock moves could be telling us about the media landscape. Fast Money Disclaimer
Another pause out of Powell, as the Federal Reserve leaves rates unchanged, noting some progress on inflation. What the central bank is forecasting for rate cuts this year. Plus The rate decision’s impact on financial stocks. Why one top bank analyst says it could be a boost for the group. Fast Money Disclaimer
Shares of Apple jumping to record highs just a day after falling flat on its new AI announcements. The turnaround for the tech titan, and what it means for the market. Plus The weight loss wars rage on… and we’re honing in on oral version of GLP-1’s. How one pharma stock is faring in the space, and how their results stack up against the competition. Fast Money Disclaimer
Apple upping the AI wars with their latest announcement: Apple Intelligence. How the new tech titan’s new push into AI will stack up, and how they’re incorporating ChatGPT. Plus European elections skewing to the right, all while investors here at home await a key Fed decision. How it all will impact markets. Fast Money Disclaimer
Rates surging after this morning’s stronger-than-expected jobs report. How the hot data is impacting the likelihood of a Fed rate cut. Plus Gamestop taking a big leg lower, as the company plans a big stock sale. What they could do with the money, and how Roaring Kitt’s livestream didn’t seem to help shares. Fast Money Disclaimer 
Veteran "Halftime" guest and investor Jim Lebenthal sat down with CNBC's Dominic Chu to discuss how the former nuclear engineer and U.S. Navy officer created a science-minded approach to fundamental analysis and value investing that has led to a decades-long career on Wall Street. Lebenthal goes into detail on how he uses different fundamental analytical tools, walking Pro subscribers through how he finds price-to-earnings growth ratios of stocks like Amazon and Nvidia. He also gives examples of how to incorporate tools from technical analysis to help augment his decision-making process, and fields stock-specific questions from Pro subscribers. CNBC Pro Talks features one-on-one interviews with Wall Street’s top investors, smartest traders and rising stars. CNBC’s Dominic Chu finds out what makes them tick, what makes them money, and how you can follow in their footsteps. CNBC Pro Talks is a monthly interview series that’s part of CNBC’s premium subscription service, CNBC Pro. To hear the full Pro Talk interview—including specific stock picks and investment strategies—listeners can subscribe to [].
Commodities rising across the board, as oil, metals, and agricultural prices all climb. But as those all head higher, rates continue to fall. What the moves could be saying about the market. Plus Eli Lilly’s Alzheimer’s treatment raising some eyebrows at the FDA. What regulators are flagging, and how it could impact the future of the drug. Fast Money Disclaimer
Fast Money 6/5/24

Fast Money 6/5/24


Listen to our traders take you behind the to play the volatility...pops and drops and the movers you missed. Fast Money Disclaimer
The traders lay out the one chart telling the real market story. How the levels and price action in these areas could detail where stocks head next. Plus One telehealth company launching a weight loss drug tracker, as the surge in popularity causes shortages. How they’re tipping the scales in the obesity drug wars. Fast Money Disclaimer
Barrels, builders, and the big semi trade. Three areas of the market with major moves today. How you should play oil, homebuilders, and the chip stocks. Plus India and Mexico markets heading in very different directions as election results impact stocks. What the divergence means for your money.  Fast Money Disclaimer
May trading in the books, and after a tame inflation read this morning, investors are honing in on June trading. How to position, and where your money can get the best bang for its buck. Plus A crude reality for oil, as the commodity notches its worst month of the year. And with the latest OPEC meeting kicking off Sunday, will energy be able to turn things around? Fast Money Disclaimer
Stocks tumbling as investors eye tomorrow’s key inflation read. But will the PCE data show the Fed’s finally getting on top of inflation. Plus… Foot Locker kicking higher after earnings. How the sneaker company is implementing their turnaround plan… and if this name can keep running. Fast Money Disclaimer
Rates continue their climb higher, and besides a powerhouse move in Nvidia, stocks have been feeling the pain. Will the rising rate environment continue to be a headwind for companies? Plus… Retailers rising after results. Dicks Sporting Goods, Chewy, and Abercrombie & Fitch all soaring after reporting. But will those same rising rates put pressure on the consumer? Why a former retail exec says the shopper can handle it. Fast Money Disclaimer
Is there more trouble brewing in the office real estate space? The shocking stat that could mean big problems for lenders, and why the government may need to get involved. Plus Insmed’s incredible day. The pharma stock surging as new drug trial results blow past expectations. What it could mean for the future of the company. Fast Money Disclaimer
The Nasdaq closed at a record, as did a slew of stocks across sectors. But should you buy into these names now? Plus, Burger King following McDonald’s lead in offering a $5 menu, but will it be enough to draw in customers and drive up sales? Fast Money Disclaimer
Shares of Nvidia surging after earnings and its 10-for-1 stock split announcement, but after another big jump, is the stock still a buy? If the chip giant’s rally can keep running. Plus More headwinds for Boeing. The company announcing it expects to burn cash this year, and that deliveries won’t be getting any better. The latest Boeing bruise, and if this stock can turn things around. Fast Money Disclaimer
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its rigged !!!!

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Just a waste of time listening to this show.

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You corporate p'sos don't care how many people die.

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Need an alternative to this corporate bias show.

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Squawk Pod is another right wing idiocy pos driven show.

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Am done with this stupid corporate show. Every night you're putting Warren down. So you really think it's ok to be a billionaire and support all the laws that make it possible for so few to have so much of the Nation's wealth and the rest of us getting poorer. Fuck you! That's not capitalism its crony capitalism.

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Stop beating up on Warren! You think the stock market will go up forever when the middle class is completely gone?

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it's a nice discussion guys, and it would even better when you speak one at a time, not fighting for a mic LOL.

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I hear lots of people trying to explain moves.. ups.. lows.. all mostly couch quarterbacks.. BUT.. I propose that historic trends may not have the gravity it had before.. I'm not sure it accounts for this new generation of online traders.. People care less about holding years, months, even weeks.. there is likely a surge of PRN (Profit Right Now'ers as I call them) I'd say it's why even after a company like Amazon or Google announces good quarters, there is a nice rise preceding, but then sell offs after it hits a peak.. People made some dollars and moved on. With trading fees declining. even free trading like Robinhood.. apps on phones. I say it's this new trend that will totally upset old trends.. the effects will increase and can be tracked proportionally with the increase of subscribers to trade companies like Robinhood as well as increases in apps that are used to trade stocks. Matt Erickson Fairbanks, AK.

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Econ talk

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Too much goddamn Bitcoin. Make a new Bitcoin show and go back to stocks.

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United flight attendedant didn't know a barking dog was in the bag?

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