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CNET First Look (video)


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Get the first look at the hottest products from our expert CNET editors. They'll dive in deep and cover all of the hot features, as well as the flaws, of the latest tech gadgets across every product category.
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Motorola's newest midrange phone is going after the skateboarders, skydivers and backflippers of the world.
The gaming laptop's small second screen makes a big impression.
Combining easy streaming with cutting-edge mini-LED and QLED tech, the new models take aim at Samsung and Vizio.
We just got our hands on the new Apple Card. See what it looks and feels like when you take it out of the packaging, how to set it up with your iPhone, and how the titanium card physically compares to other credit cards.
At $350, the Galaxy A50 has an in-screen fingerprint reader, three rear cameras and a long-lasting battery. Does it have what it takes to beat the favorite Moto G7?
With a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and Windows 10, Samsung hopes to succeed where others have faltered.
Samsung's most powerful phones come in two sizes for the first time.
LTE, ECG, and a new vibrating touch bezel. We break down what you need to know.
This fancy faucet works with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple's Siri for voice-controlled water, making even your sink smart.
A new keyboard, a faster processor, a better camera and more.
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But, I feel like I'm the only person in the world that watches it.

Aug 30th

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Why are some podcast on the iPhone iTunes app if we can't even see them!!! Apple, you got some fixing to do:/

Aug 30th


iTunes User this is why you must come to the android side...🤣🤣

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