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A weekly podcast about web design and development with a little zest from James Q Quick, Amy Dutton, Brad Garropy, and Bekah HW.
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In this episode, James and Amy are live from Post Con 24 with Sterling Chin from Postman's Labs team. Sterling shares insights on how Postman leverages AI to build tools that enhance developer productivity. He delves into the experimental nature of Postman Labs, the importance of rapid iteration, and how they determine which features make it into production. Sterling also discusses Postbot, an AI assistant designed to streamline the API development process.Show Notes00:00 Intro01:01 What is Postman Labs?01:51 Criteria for successful experiments03:31 Understanding customer workflows04:29 Tips and tricks for rapid iteration06:16 Internal feedback and dogfooding08:02 Working in Postman Labs10:00 Postman's Commitment to R&D12:02 AI Adoption at Postman16:47 Overview of Postbot18:11 Technical details of Postbot20:16 Postman Flows21:10 AI tools and agnosticism22:07 Postbot’s availability and pricing23:09 Scaling and Team Size26:07 Customer Feedback and Features29:03 Closing 
This episode covers the detailed process of taking Postman’s VS Code extension from a proof of concept to a fully-fledged product. Ruben Casas shares insights on the technical hurdles, team dynamics, and the iterative development process.Show Notes00:00 Introduction1:25 Background Story2:09 Starting the Extension3:27 Technical Challenges6:19 Synchronizing State9:20 VS Code Development Tools11:12 Developing with Electron13:05 Team Dynamics14:46 Onboarding and Quality Control17:37 Development Process19:28 Maintenance and Future Plans21:39 Feedback and Improvements23:01 User Experience25:14 PostCon 24 Highlights27:05 Closing 
In this episode, Amy, Brad, and Bekah welcome back Kent C. Dodds, who shares exciting updates about his latest project, Epic Kent discusses the philosophy behind his comprehensive web development course, the importance of understanding foundational technologies, and the motivation behind creating Epic Web Conf. He also dives into the benefits of building your own authentication systems and the decision-making process behind the Epic Stack. The conversation is filled with insights on balancing different technologies, creating cohesive learning experiences, and the future of web development education. SponsorsConvexConvex is the backend for founders. Convex is the backend application platform for product-obsessed founders Show Notes0:00 - Intro1:09 - Sponsor: Convex2:09 - Overview of EpicWeb.dev3:09 - Journey from PayPal to Epic Web8:14 - Teaching Approach and Workshop App10:47 - Building your own Authentication System16:59 - Decision-Making and Epic Stack21:35 - Launching Epic Web Conf27:26 - Consistency in Teaching and Conferences35:03 - Future Plans for EpicWeb.dev43:16 - Picks and PlugsKentPick: Brandon Sanderson’s books - Particularly the Mistborn series and his involvement in the Wheel of Time series.Plug: Epic Web Conf - An exciting web development conference happening in Park City, Utah.BekahPick: Primal Buffalo Chicken StickPlug: @opensauced on Twitter/XBradPick: Ray-Ban Wayfarer SunglassesPlug: @bradgarropy on Twitter/XAmyPick: The Artists Way by Julia CameronPlug: Two Week Build 
In this episode of Compressed FM, Amy, James, and Tobbe from the Redwood JS core team explore React server components. They discuss the implementation of React server components in Redwood, the benefits, challenges, and the future of web development with this new technology.Show Notes00:00:00 - Introduction 00:00:47 - Tobbe's Background and Role at Redwood JS 00:02:03 - Tobbe's Journey with Redwood JS 00:05:14 - Discussion on React Server Components (RSCs) 00:07:00 - Explanation of Different Rendering Methods 00:12:48 - Implementing React Server Components with Vite 00:15:22 - Technical Details of RSC Implementation 00:17:19 - Streaming and Suspense in React 00:18:28 - Future Developer Experience with Redwood and RSCs 00:19:51 - Explanation of Redwood Cells 00:22:01 - DX Considerations for RSCs in Redwood 00:24:23 - State of GraphQL in Redwood's Future 00:28:34 - GraphQL's Reputation and Challenges 00:31:17 - tRPC and TypeScript Safety with RSCs 00:34:14 - Advanced RSC Features in Redwood 00:36:31 - Server Actions and Their Role in Redwood 00:39:09 - Picks and PlugsTobbe's Pick: Tretorn Rubber BootsTobbe's Plug: RedwoodJSAmy's Pick - Aeropress GoAmy's Plug - Broken Comb NewsletterJames's Pick - On/Off PlugJames's Plug - James's Newsletter
In this episode, James Quick and Amy Dutton chat with James Cowling, co-founder of Convex, about designing infrastructure for product engineers. James explains the innovative features of Convex, including its JavaScript-based queries and real-time data subscriptions, and compares it to Firebase. They also discuss the challenges of edge computing, the importance of user state, and the role of AI in modern development.Show Notes[00:00:00] - Introduction to the Episode[00:01:00] - James Cowling’s Background and Convex OverviewConvex[00:01:52] - Deep Dive into Convex[00:05:29] - User State and Application Development[00:07:05] - Challenges of Edge Computing[00:09:53] - Automatic Caching and Real-Time Updates[00:13:22] - AI and Backend Integration[00:17:01] - Leveraging AI in Applications[00:21:11] - Convex’s Infrastructure and Technology[00:25:28] - Comparisons with Other Platforms[00:30:03] - Server Rendering and Data Storage[00:33:19] - Physical Challenges in Data Centers[00:37:04] - Cost Efficiency and Cloud Platforms[00:40:56] - Final Thoughts on Infrastructure[00:43:30] - Picks and Plugs Introduction[00:44:11] - James Cowling’s Picks and Plugs[00:45:41] - Amy Dutton’s Picks and Plugs[00:48:28] - James Quick’s Picks and Plugs
In this episode, hosts Amy and Brad discuss the the things they're afraid of missing out on within the dev ecosystem. Then, they discuss how they're using AI to enhance their own productivity with Custom GPTs.SponsorsPostmanPostman is an API platform for building and using APIs. Postman simplifies each step of the API lifecycle and streamlines collaboration so you can create better APIs—faster.Show Notes00:00 Intro00:38 Sponsor: Postman1:07 Developer FOMOChantastic interviews Theo: Theo's Unexpected Advice about YouTubeThe Hard Parts of Building an Application, Made Easy with SupabaseMichael Chan's Talk on Storybook: Tame the Component MultiverseReact Server Components Now in RedwoodJSEpisode 173: From Blog Post to VC Funding: The Story of Unkey22:39 AI Tools and Enhancing WorkflowsAnthropropic's Prompt GuideOpenAI Prompt GuideCloudflare Playground for AI Workers31:51 Slow ProductivityEpisode 68: Developer Productivity, Featuring Brad GarropySlow Productivity by Cal NewportCal Newports Podcast: Deep QuestionsBrad's 2024 Goals47:09 Picks and PlugsAmyPick:Feel Good Productivity by Ali AbdaalDeep Dive: Ali Abdaal Interviews Cal NewportDeep Questions: Cal Newport Interviews Ali AbdaalDeep Dive: Ali Abdaal Interviews Jodi Cook, author of Ten Year CareerPlug: Two Week BuildBradPick: Apple TVPlug: Brad Garropy on YouTube54:11 Wrap-Up
James Perkins, co-founder of Unkey, talks about turning a potential blog post into a full-fledged business that simplifies API management for developers. Throughout the episode, he explains the core features of Unkey, the importance of VC funding, and the realities of startup life, including balancing workloads and managing a globally distributed team.SponsorPostmanPostman is an API platform for building and using APIs. Postman simplifies each step of the API lifecycle and streamlines collaboration so you can create better APIs—faster.Attend their Upcoming Conference - April 30 - May 1, 2024 in San Francisco. Amy and James will be there in person.Show Notes0:00 Intro0:47 Sponsor: Postman1:41 Background and Overview of Unkey3:20 Unkey's Features3:34 Origin Story of Unkey10:10 VC Interaction and Scaling Up16:38 Unkey's Core Features and Technical SetupMintlify for Documentation39:19 Challenges and Rewards of Startup Life45:34 Future Plans and Scaling48:16 Picks and PlugsJames Perkins' Picks and Plugs:RISE Calendar (tool for managing time zones and flexible scheduling)Unkey (API management platform)Brad's Picks and Plugs:Pupford treats for puppy trainingBrad Garropy on YouTubeAmy's Picks and Plugs:Batteries for Mac AppAmy's YouTube Channel
Tracy Lee joins the to discuss the integration of AI in development, the evolution of documentation practices, and her role in leading community projects and tech innovations.SponsorPostmanPostman is an API platform for building and using APIs. Postman simplifies each step of the API lifecycle and streamlines collaboration so you can create better APIs—faster.Attend their Upcoming Conference - April 30 - May 1, 2024 in San Francisco. Amy and James will be there in person.Show Notes00:00:00 - Introduction and Overview00:00:38 - Sponsor: PostmanPostCon - April 30 - May 1, 202400:01:59 - Guest Introduction: Tracy Lee00:06:02 - Tracy Discusses Upcoming Talks at CityJS and CascadiaJS00:10:51 - Challenges with Documentation in DevelopmentMaterial Design (v3)Divio’s Documentation System00:17:08 - The Value of Asking Questions and Community SupportEpisode 169 with Cory Miller, Not Knowing EverythingCode Stackr on YouTube (videos specifically on GitHub CoPilot alternatives)This VS Code AI Coding Assistant Is A Game Changer!I Cannot Believe How Good This VS Code AI Coding Assistant Is!Prompt Engineering GuidesOpenAIAnthropicImage Prompt EngineeringDallEGoogle Doc with Examples00:24:05 - Balancing Professional and Personal LifeTemplate for Annual Planning Spreadsheet00:26:41 - Picks and PlugsJames:Pick: KitchenAid mixerPlug: Learn Build Teach Community and Deals for Devs projectTracy:Pick: ToniesPlug: This.Dot and their engineering leadership resourcesThis Dot Labs is HiringAmy:Pick: Kidamento cameraPlug: Two Week BuildBekah:Pick: Coconut cashew crisps from AldiPlug: Virtual Coffee resources on open source00:31:15 - Closing
In Episode 182, hosts James and Amy delve into the intricacies of React Server Components (RSCs) and the challenges of building multi-step forms. They discuss the latest developments in RSCs, including the implementation in RedwoodJS, and share insights on managing state and validations in multi-step forms. Throughout, the hosts offer practical advice and technical deep dives, making complex topics accessible and engaging.SponsorsPostmanPostman is an API platform for building and using APIs. Postman simplifies each step of the API lifecycle and streamlines collaboration so you can create better APIs—faster.Attend their upcoming conference, April 30 - May 1, 2024 in San Francisco. Amy and James will be there in person.Show Notes00:00:00 Intro00:00:40 Sponsored by Postman00:02:07 React Server Components00:03:12 Deep dive into RSC and Redwood JS implementation details00:04:23 Explanation of React Server Components ecosystem and challengesTheo's YouTube Video: The Truth About React Server Components Ben Holmes and Dan Abramov Stream: Dan Abramov explores React Server Components with us!Episode 71: Secret Things, Env Vars, How to Handle API Keys Correctly00:36:03 Transition to multi-step forms and their complexities00:37:05 Strategies for handling form state and validation00:45:28 Detailed considerations for different form steps and data handling00:55:49 Picks and PlugsAmy's Pick: Full House on Hulu and HBO Max, Fuller House on NetflixAmy's Plug: Two Week BuildJames's Pick: Baking Sheet, Mat, and Cooling Rack SetJames's Plug: Learn, Build, Teach DiscordThe Happiness Lab Podcast: Episode - Where Everybody Knows Your Name
In this episode of Compressed FM, hosts Amy Dutton and Brad Garropy are joined by Brooks Lybrand from Shopify to explore the latest in Remix and the future of React. They discuss the integration of server components, the challenges of package management, and strategies for effective software updates. The conversation also delves into the potential of React Server Components (RSC) and the role of SPA (Single Page Application) mode in web development.SponsorsPostmanPostman is an API platform for building and using APIs. Postman simplifies each step of the API lifecycle and streamlines collaboration so you can create better APIs—faster.Attend their upcoming conference, April 30 - May 1, 2024 in San Francisco. Amy and James will be there in person.Show Notes00:00:00 Introduction and Overview00:00:44 Sponsored by PostmanPostman Conference April 30 - May 1, 2024 in San Francisco00:01:14 Discussion on ESM and Development Trends00:02:25 Challenges in Package and Library Development00:03:07 Redwood JS Developments and Insights00:04:05 Release Strategies and Development PracticesRelease Tools for Redwood00:06:02 Detailed Discussion on Development Tools and Methods00:21:08 Future of Development Tools and Techniques00:25:53 Q&A on Technical Aspects and Team Dynamics00:35:48 Discussion on Single Fetch and Data Fetching Strategies00:37:17 Frameworks and Developer ChoicesBlog Post comparing Next.js App, Next.js Pages, Remix, and RedwoodJS Router00:43:46 The Future of React and Remix with RSC00:48:09 Wrap-up and Picks and Plugs SegmentBrook's Pick: Apple's Air Pods ProBrook's Plug: React RouterBrad's Pick: New Puppy (Blog Post)Brad's Plug: Brad's YouTube ChannelAmy's Pick: Deep Questions Podcast with Cal NewportAmy's Plug: Amy's YouTube Channel00:50:25 Closing
Cory joins all the co hosts to share about his personal projects and how he prioritizes what new tech to learn about. Show Notes00:00 Welcome Cory and Framework Jumping23:29 Music Talk and Non Screen Hobbies32:58 Coreys Podcast38:08 Picks and Plugs
James and Adrian content creation, from starting YouTube channels to building communities. Adrian highlights the secrets he’s learned in building a private community and some of the bleeding edge technology that he’s excited about.Show Notes[00:00:00] Introduction[00:01:20] Content creation and community building.[00:05:09] Image generation in AI.[00:08:09] AI models evolving in design.[00:12:13] Low-code, no-code tools.[00:16:03] Website building efficiency with Wix.Wix[00:20:32] Discord community interactions.Merge Web Dev[00:21:34] AI creating a teams of AIs.[00:26:18] AI converting photos into 3D.YouTube video on Gaussian Splatting[00:29:20] Creating 3D Models from Photos.Luma AI[00:32:26] AI art and no code.Codex CommunityAdrian Twarog YouTube Channel
Ivan joins James and Bekah to tell his journey to Daytona and where they’re hoping to go as they grow.Show Notes00:00 Welcome Ivan03:30 Tying Development to Personal Interests08:05 Finding the Product Gap12:19 Acquisition, Money, Starting From Scratch17:31 Daytona20:22 What’s Under the Hood22:41 Primary Users29:09 The Team30:31 Engineering 35:46 Trying Daytona 41:31 Picks and Plugs
Knut joins the podcast for a second time to give us the inside scoop on recent Sanity updates and what makes Sanity the above and beyond CMS.Show Notes00:00 Welcome Knut and Intro 02:49 What is Sanity? 05:07 Building Studio from Spite12:26 New Features19:47 Tec Perspective on Sanity 24:21 Customer Satisfaction29:59 AI in Sanity 34:17 Presentation Mode39:09 Looking to 202444:15 Picks and Plugs
We have a great episode where all 4 cohosts look back on 2023 and look forward to whats coming in 2024.Show Notes00:00 Intro and Welcome00:53 Meet Ups and Conferences03:27 What is Virtual Coffee04:22 Bekah at OpenSauced09:52 Job Search17:44 2023 Reflections33:22 Migrating ro Remix47:49 2024 Looking Forward
Cecil joins the podcast to talk about overcoming barriers and how to help people understand the roll of developer relations.Show Notes00:00 Welcome and Intro03:42 Cicil’s Origin Story18:07 Talking Early in Your Career22:48 Layoffs28:37 Evolution of Dev Rel39:47 Picks and Plugs
Sam joins Brad and Amy to discuss server components, loadting states and getting into UI development.Show Notes00:00 Introduction01:15 Reusable Components07:49 Server Components31:06 Loading States45:46 Getting into UI50:32 Picks and Plugs
We have ALL the guests on today as Ryan and Jem join Brad, Amy, and James for a crossover episode. They discuss the tech theyre looking forward to in 2024 as well as AI topics and the impact that conferences have on a developers journey.Show Notes00:00 Introduction 00:26 Let’s Kick Off01:14 Tech Coming in 202415:40 Jevons Paradox and AI24:13 AI Pen26:07 Custom GPT30:01 Browsers34:18 Pass Keys38:32 Conference Meet Ups51:58 Picks and Plugs
Evyatar joins Compressed to talk of his love for open source, most importantly his project Vest.Show Notes00:00 Introduction 01:40 Work vs Open Source Balance04:35 Struggles of Being a Maintainer05:24 Community Involvement07:34 Need in Form Validation to Vest11:24 Core Features of Vest13:22 Formulation Libraries17:14 Connection 19:52 Usage*21:29 Full Time Open Source26:28 Emoji Picker30:54 New Projects32:29 Picks and Plugs
James and Amy take audience questions and discuss their favorite hot topics talking about frameworks, AI, and jobs.Sponsor###Contenful Contentful is the leading composable content platform that allows developers to build intelligent experiences to drive brand engagement. It gives content creators the tools they need to create, manage, and publish content seamlessly across every channel. Managing content has never been so easy or flexible.Check out ContentfulHashnodeCreating a developer blog is crucial in creating an online presence for yourself. It’s proof of work for your future employer. Hashnode makes it easy to start a blog in seconds on your custom domain for free. It’s fully optimized for developers and supports writing in Markdown, rich embeds, publishing from GitHub repository, syntax highlighting, and edge caching with Next.js blogs deployed on Vercel. On top of these, Hashnode is free from paywall, ads, and sign-up prompts.Hashnode is a community of developers, engineers, and people in tech. Your article gets instant readership from their growing community.Check out Hashnode, and join the is where developers grow together. It provides a community-based feed of the best developer news, helping you stay up-to-date. aggregates hundreds of sources every few minutes and creates a personal feed for you according to your interests, whether it’s web dev, data science, or Elixir. Anything you might be interested in, it has the content for you.Check out daily.devShow Notes00:00 Introduction01:33 Use Cases for AI07:48 Choosing Frameworks10:22 Next and Remix26:31 Money Talk for Frameworks34:45 Knowing Multiple Frameworks39:19 Landing a Job46:46 Leaving Coding51:49 Picks and Plugs
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