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Author: Guido X Jansen

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Award winning podcast with real life stories about Conversion and Customer Experience Optimization. Discover new trends, tactics, tools, people and businesses doing remarkable work in the world of Conversion Rate Optimization.
Past guests include Lukas Vermeer (, Els Aerts (AGConsut), Roger Dooley (Brainfluence), Casandra Campbell (Shopify), Andre Morys (konversionsKRAFT), Dave Powell (TomTom), Bart Schutz (Online Dialogue), Stephen Pavlovich (, Weiwei Liu-Schröder (Google) Brian Cugelman, Tim Ash and Craig Sullivan.
I’m a cognitive psychologist and consultant myself so we dig deep into human behavior and CRO: business and technical challenges, growth stories, UX research, e-commerce, content & more. All to keep you up-to-date and full of inspiration for your own optimizations!
80 Episodes
We learn why the whole concept of getting customers "hooked" is ludicrous and why there are way less behavioral principles than you might think. Shownotes:
We learn how EEG data can give you behavioral insights and why it's important to humanize your data. Shownotes:
We learn how B2B companies can run experiments too, even when you don't have heaps of traffic at your disposal. Shownotes:
Let's demystify how we think and why we act with the authority in evolutionary psychology and digital marketing: Tim Ash. Shownotes:
Learn how you can responsibly peek at your data mid-experiment (gasp!) and why we think machines won't be replacing CRO's any time soon.
We learn the trends and new insights from our own optimization industry from CXLs yearly worldwide survey.
Exploring the earning potential for different kinds of CRO work. From agency CRO specialists to those that work clients-side to freelance CROs. I quite enjoyed answering this question because I've been in all three positions: I've worked at agencies, then moved to client side and then finally took the plunge into freelancing. I've come to find out that there are trade-offs for each. Your personality-type will be largely responsible for determining which scenario is best for you. For example: If you're the kind of person that wants something safe while working on a side-hustle then maybe working at an agency or company is best. Don't overthink it, try each scenario if you get the chance, as that's the best way of determining what's best for you. Once you do find what's best for you, it's smooth(er?) sailing from there. The 2019 State of Conversion Optimization Report by CXL: Want to receive the 2020 survey results? Our podcast partner and CXL teamed up to get the CRO industry report of 2020 updated again. How are we as a CRO industry are moving forward and in what aspects. Join this annual survey so we can all shortly enjoy the results:
We learn how you can experiment on a SaaS product and learn how Shopify structures their optimization workflows.
In this episode we learn about the impact of copy on conversion and what things to take into account when running copy experiments. Shownotes:
Today I talk with Jonny Longden from Journey Further about embedding experimentation into Agile product development
We learn how Kaspersky approaches and combines CRO for B2B and B2C and how a movie critic might make you a great CRO! Shownotes: Podcast Partners:,,, and
Together with the author we’ll explore what makes this a very practical book suited for all digital marketeers and how it's different from the books and content you already know from Cialdini, BJ Fogg and Kahneman. Shownotes:
Today we learn how to approach optimization for a consumer-to-consumer marketplace and Emily is able to share some recent experiment results with us. Shownotes: Podcast Partners:,,, and
We are going to learn how TomTom was able to quickly switch gears when the pandemic hit and lot of people all over the world suddenly stopped driving. Shownotes: Podcast Partners:,,, and
This week we learn about the main pitfalls agencies encounter when working on CRO projects and how to prevent them. Shownotes: Podcast Partners:,,, and
We know you can improve the digital customer experience, but how do you improve yourself? Abi & Craig show to keep learning & developing as a CRO professional Podcast Partners:,,, and
Learn about how you can still continue running online experiments without relying on browsers to accept cookies (since they do so less and less). Podcast Partners:,,, and
Learn the 6 soft skills you need to have or develop as a CRO specialist: listen, communicate, organize, be flexible and curious and have integrity. Podcast Partners:,,, and
Learn how you can (and why you should!) be using experimentation to manage risk and how to create a risk profile for your own or your clients business. Podcast Partners:,,, and
Learn what makes server-side testing different from client-side testing, if can you use both simultaneously and what the common mistakes are you need to avoid. Podcast Partners:,,, and
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