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We talk about friction and momentum in the customer journey + differences in CRO practice on different continents.
Eliza and I have a casual talk about how she got into CRO, how she is blending that with other disciplines and how she works towards understanding site visitors.
I got two of the main form optimization experts around a table and asked them everything you need in order to improve your on-site forms.
Live recorded at CH2021: How do you optimize for CLTV, hwre do you even begin and will you ever reach confidence in the metric at all...?
Live recorded at CH2021: We discuss some CRO automations and if you should build a centralized or decentralized CRO team
Live recorded at CH2021: Which is better, what should you prioritize and what are some common mistakes?
Live recorded at CH2021: Session with Maaike & Robin (VVAA) about deploying chatbots and building retention campaigns.
CRO and SEO are dead

CRO and SEO are dead


Live recorded at CH2021: Gerk and Simon state that CRO and SEO are dead. Long live CRO and SEO?
Guido and Oscar discuss how localization can have a huge impact on conversion rates and how it's not only about strictly translating text.
Ricardo founded and sold his CRO agency and we see this type of consolidation happening in more markets. Let's talk about that!
Take a listen to CRO Expert Rich Page as he shares the secrets he uses to draw an incredible amount of insights from visitor and customer surveys.
We learn from Alexander Ivaniuk about Linkedins values of experimentation, the experimentation culture and how they manage to experiment at a massive scale.
Learn how to make use of the higher speed of data to facilitate a change of focus from reactive reporting to complex live activation across channels, together with Steen Rasmussen.
Together with Eden Bidani we explore the common mistakes CRO people make when it comes to copy and how copywriting is different for the web.
In this episode we learn how to get companies into a CRO mindset so they are willing to buy CRO services/products and how to utilize user research in this fast changing environment.
Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all the CRO things you could be working on? Why not just limit everything you do to a single page... Would that even work?
Today we learn why and how to use SMS and other forms of text messages to humanize the conversations you have with your webshop customers.
We learn how about the problems with (frequentist) statistical significance and how we can tell a (more) complete and clear story with data on expected losses.
From UX designer Alex Muñoz we learn how working at a very data driven company changed his work and processes for the better.
We will learn how Microsoft enables employees to keep the experimentation flywheel turning faster and faster to support and motivate continued funding.
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