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Offering c-store retailers, suppliers and distributors news and product info to stay abreast of industry trends.
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CStore Decisions Executive Editor Erin Del Conte speaks with Sal Hassan, president and CEO of H&S Energy, and his son Amir Hassan, operations coordinator for H&S Energy. The family-owned company is expanding its network of company-owned Power Market convenience stores and ExtraMile locations, while launching a wholesale distribution branch, proprietary delivery service, loyalty program and developing its first cashierless store. Listen as we talk about running a family business, and H&S Energy's growth plans.
CStore Decisions Associate Editor Isabelle Gustafson catches up with Central Washington University (CWU) Executive Chef Joe Ritchie about the campus' new Fresh Bar Concept, which offers healthy food options using fresh produce grown right on campus, as well as some more traditional comfort food staples. At the start of the fall semester, the campus dining program is also launching mobile ordering and working to keep dining options fresh, safe and convenient for students and staff.
Viral "Joe" Patel immigrated to the United States at the age of 10 along with his immediate family. By his teenage years, he was working in his grandfather's convenience store. Now, he and his brother — along with other family members — operate a small chain begun with the purchase and renovation of one store, growing with the new build of another and acquisitions of a handful more. This family-owned business never misses a chance to maximize its resources — doing many of its own renovations, embracing energy efficiency and pursuing new revenue via multi-function financial kiosks. Join C-Store Decisions Senior Editor Thomas Mulloy in a chat with Patel about Speed Mart's journey.
What is Blockchain?

What is Blockchain?


CStore Decisions’ Executive Editor Erin Del Conte speaks with Jeremie Myhren, chief information officer for Rockford, Ill.-based Road Ranger convenience stores, and the chairman of the Young Executives Organization (YEO) about blockchain. Blockchain was invented in 2008 in response to the financial crisis. But what exactly is it, how does it work and what do convenience store retailers need to know? Myhren gives a basic overview of blockchain for those who aren’t familiar with the concept, and then shares how it’s being used today in retail — including at companies like Walmart and Starbucks. He also talks about how it’s relevant to convenience store chains specifically, and why it’s important for c-store retailers to pay attention to blockchain now. Myhren also gives a preview of some of the deep-dive blockchain information he’ll be sharing in his upcoming National Advisory Group (NAG) virtual session presentation on Sept. 9, at 2 p.m., and how c-store retailers can sign up (for FREE!) to be included in that presentation. Listen in to learn more!
CStore Decisions Associate Editor Isabelle Gustafson speaks with North Carolina-based Cruizers Director of Foodservice Chris Postlewaite, who joined the 26-store chain in May. Postlewaite shares his plans for improving upon and expanding Cruizers' foodservice program, with a focus on pizza and fried chicken.
CStore Decisions magazine is recognizing Charge Up convenience stores as a Chain to Watch in the year ahead. CStore Decisions Executive Editor Erin Del Conte speaks with young executive entrepreneur Irfan Tejani, the president and CEO of Tejani Holdings Inc., the parent company of Charge Up, about his path in growing Charge Up from one to 40 locations in just 10 years, as well his growth plans for the future and his advice for other young executives.
As the Hemp-CBD marketplace evolves amidst an inconsistent regulatory framework, brick-and-mortar retailers are faced with questions about product quality, choosing reputable suppliers and complying with federal, state and local guidelines. Selling CBD host and CStore Decisions Senior Editor Thomas Mulloy welcomes Daniel McGee, chief legal officer with Solari Hemp, and Chris Howard, vice president, general counsel and chief compliance officer with Forth CBD, to help make sense of it all.
AiFi NanoStore

AiFi NanoStore


CStore Decisions' Executive Editor Erin Del Conte speaks with Steve Gu, CEO and co-founder of AiFi, to learn more about NanoStore and the future of autonomous checkout.



CStore Decisions Editor John Lofstock talks with Suzy Silliman, the Senior Vice President, Data Strategy and Sales for National Retail Solutions (NRS) about the impact independent urban convenience stores are having on mainstream retail trends.
Michelle Arthur, loss prevention and tobacco buyer for Montana's Town Pump convenience store chain, joins C-Store Oracle and CStore Decisions Senior Editor Thomas Mulloy to discuss tobacco-free nicotine on demand products, merchandising and sales trends.
CStore Decisions’ Executive Editor Erin Del Conte speaks with Tanner Krause, president of Des Moines, Iowa-based Kum & Go, which operates more than 400 convenience stores in 11 states. Following the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police and the resulting outcry and protests across the country, a lot of businesses are asking questions, including “how do we become part of the change that is needed — not just for this moment but long-term?” Krause shares how Kum & Go is working to be part of the change, especially by listening to the voices of people of color and educating themselves and their team, and how convenience stores can lead right now in their communities and to be part of the push for a more inclusive world.
CStore Decisions’ Executive Editor Erin Del Conte speaks with Evan Shiue, vice president of finance and strategy for Standard Cognition. Standard Cognition was one of the first tech startups in the autonomous checkout space. It operates a 1,100-square-foot cashier-less convenience store called Standard Store in the heart of San Francisco. That store is open to customers and fully equipped with Standard Cognition’s autonomous checkout solution. Evan is speaking about Standard Store, autonomous checkout technology and trends ahead for autonomous checkout in 2020.
Weigels Podcast

Weigels Podcast


CStore Decisions Editor John Lofstock speaks with Mary Brookshire, who worked on the frontlines at Weigel's convenience stores for 41 years. Mary retired on May 1 and shared some of her most memorable experiences from the past four decades.
Mt. Pleasant, S.C.-based, Refuel has grown from a five-store chain to a fleet of 84 convenience stores across three states in a little over one year. Mark Jordan, founder of Refuel, and Travis Smith, chief administrative officer and general counsel of Refuel, talk with CStore Decisions' Executive Editor Erin Del Conte about its latest Double Quick acquisition and other initiatives.
CStore Decisions' Executive Editor Erin Del Conte speaks with John Matthews, founder and president of Gray Cat Enterprises Inc., about what convenience store retailers can do now to prepare to best position themselves to thrive when the COVID-19 pandemic is over.



Greg Ehrlich, President of Beck Suppliers, talks with CStore Decisions Editor John Lofstock about the company's FriendShip convenience store chain and the current state of convenience retailing.
Dailys PodcastMP3

Dailys PodcastMP3


CStore Decisions Editor John Lofstock speaks with John Rodriguez, the Chief Operating Officer for First Coast Energy/Daily's Convenience Stores about its donation of 2,000 care packages to those in need during the COVID-19 crises.
Shortly after the Humetrics/CStore Decisions annual HR Benchmarking Survey concluded, COVID-19 arrived creating a very different retail landscape. Mel Kleiman, founder of Humetrics, speaks with Erin Del Conte, executive editor of CStore Decisions, about the annual HR survey, tried-and-true human resources best practices and what c-store retailers can do from an HR standpoint to be successful despite COVID-19.
Doug Galli, vice president and general manager for Reid Stores/ Crosby's, and the board chairman of the National Advisory Group (NAG) sat down with CStore Decisions to share how COVID-19 is challenging the c-store business and how his chain is responding.
CStore Decisions speaks with Frank White, founder of White Knight Marketing, about how convenience stores are approaching artificial intelligence and robotics, and what retailers need to consider before embarking on these new initiatives.
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