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Small Business owner with a military background discuss the challenges of business ownership, transitions from active duty and taking your experience and training from the military into the civilian business world. Join your host Tim Proctor with GRP Studios as he talks with with other small business owners on a variety of topics.
110 Episodes
Episode 109 looked back at Season 3 of the Check Your Six podcast and the guests that have either been in the studio or have been out on location. It has been very different without my Air Force cop buddy Craig with me in the studio hosting the podcast with me, hopefully we can get him back in for some special guest host episodes in this next season. It was a pleasure having all of the people take time out of their day to some in and sit down for a bit to tell their story, I am honored that they took the time to do that and also look forward to what is next for this podcast. Thanks to everyone that has joined in and if there is ever anything that you would like to discuss, let me know and we will see what we can do!!
Brian Fitzpatrick stopped by the GRP Studios for Episode 108 of the Check Your Six podcast to talk about his business, The Discerning Detailer. Brian had moved to Central Florida from the Boston area and decided he had enough of the corporate life and after some research decided to open his mobile detailing business. He talked about why he chose this business, the things he continues to learn every day about his business and how best to promote and grow it. He also talked about the challenges of operating this type of business in Florida with the sun, the heat, sea salt, love bugs, tree debris and a variety of other things that can his job even more challenging.
For those of us that live in Central Florida, I4 is more often than not, a long and torturous travel. However, the i4 Web Services owned and operated by Ed Pisani is anything but a long and torturous journey. He stopped by the GRP Studios for Episode 107 of the Check Your Six podcast and shared a glimpse of what he does and how he operates. There is so much ground to cover in the web design/web development space that we did not get even close to covering all of the topics but I loved hearing how he works, his "why" in regards to clients, family, community and so much more. It really was an honor to sit and listen to him talk about he much he values those he works with and interacts with on a regular basis. We both agreed that our friendship with Sean Esler is something to be treasured and we are both honored to consider him a friend, even if he doesn't like the computer platforms I choose!!
Robin Nutter-Coleman, the owner of Luxury Pop Up Picnic Company stopped by the GRP Studios for 106th Episode of the Check Your Six podcast. Robins business is not really new and there are others do similar things but I had never really thought about how it would all work for her as an event planner. We talked about some of the challenges that she had in starting the business, including trying to explain exactly what it is that she does. Her desire to connect people and give everyone just a little bit of time to break away and enjoy a few moments of event that they don't have to think about. She also talked about some of the things she felt in some of her first meetings with other business owners in networking groups and how she does those meeting now. 
The Check Your Six podcast made a visit to Mayweather Boxing and Fitness to speak with Army Captain Jocelyn Thomas about operating and managing a fitness facility. We covered several issues, many of them directed at the differences between leading and directing in the military vs the same functions in the civilian world. While many have not served and may not understand why there is a difference, a different mindset, dedication, drive and other factors that determine how we as veterans are motivated. She talked about being a servant leader, leading by doing, the difference between authority and influence and how she approaches that in the civilian world. She also gave shout out to Bodies By Design University in Atlanta where she received her certification and her instructors Mr. Cory and Mr. Doug!!
The 104th Episode of the Check Your Six podcast brought Tony Smith into the GRP Studios to talk about his business Auto Lawn of Orlando. Robotic mowing is still fairly new to the states but evidently in other parts of the world they are pretty common, especially in Europe. Tony talked about his start in the industry, getting his business set up, some of the challenges in getting people to really look at this as an option for lawn maintenance as well as some other subject that involve robotic lawn services. Especially as we get older, this sound like a pretty good option to keeping a nice evenly cut manicured lawn with something that is among other things, an eco friendly solution. You can check out his website at for more details or to contact him about what he does.
The 103rd Episode of the Check Your Six podcast brought Maria Hewitt into the GRP Studios to talk about her business, financial coaching. We talked about the experiences that she had that led her to do what she is doing today, the difference between a financial planner and a financial coach. Finding a path to financial freedom, the misconception about budgets being restrictive, an update on the old envelope system for cash called Qube Money, you can get 3 months free with this link, some of the excuses that people use for not getting a financial coach and so much more. There we so many things that we did not get to about finances that I may have to bring her back and discuss more. Maria has such a passion for helping people find that path that will lead to being more financially secure without have to make a lot of money. Great conversation today about things that most of us are just not aware of!! You can check out what she does at and see if she can help get you in fis-a-cal shape!!
Deborah and Charles Morris with Keller Advantage Realty stopped in to the GRP Studios for the 102nd episode of the Check Your Six podcast. We talked about some of the "advantages" of having a realty "team" like Charles and Deborah, client expectations of realtors and well as a conversation about abundance vs scarcity. Covered some of the mistakes that both home buyers and sellers sometimes make in the home transaction process and a view that most don't see with realtors and the "competition". They also talked about what they do to give back to the community that they serve.Also gave a shout out to "Doc" and Raniey Nave with B.A.T. Bikers Against Trafficking as well as my son Austin and his "Frightmares" podcast. 
The one hundred and first episode of the CY6 - Check Your Six podcast brought a couple of brothers in the faith into the GRP Studios to talk about 24Flix, the International Christian Film & Music Festival and a variety of other topics. Marty Jean-Louis, Chris Cuff and I have know each other for more than a decade that all started with the little My Christian Films production studio in Orlando. Marty and Chris talked about why they do what they do, some of the challenges they have in all of their projects as well the response that comes from the work they do. It was great getting to sit down with both of them  and catch up on what they are doing as well as looking forward to the 11th Annual International Christian Film & Music Festival in May.
Episode 100 of the Check Your Six podcast brought Dr. Richard Bocco in to the GRP Studios to talk about Seminole Integrative Medicine in Casselberry. It wasn't just about cracking some bones, we talked a lot about some of the misconceptions that people have about chiropractic services, some of the challenges that have in overcoming some of those misconceptions along with team building, holistic healing, and a variety of other topics. We talked about some of the things that we put in our bodies and then wonder why they are not healing or acting like we think. Masking the pain with pharmaceutic solutions instead of finding the source of the pain and treating the problem. A discussion on some of our favorite fast food, some of which have been sitting in his office for 5 YEARS uncovered and have not deteriorated or grown moldy, and the obvious inability for the host to get out the word strategy!!! 
Episode 99 of the Check Your Six podcast was a road trip to Body Street in Winter Park. I sat down with one of the owners, Steffen Brant and studio manager Dylan Ellis-Burtenshaw, to get the info on this one of a kind(for now) workout facility in Winter Park. Body Street is another member of the Seminole Chamber of Commerce and have had several members of the Chamber go through their program. Learned a lot from both of them why even though it is a "shocking" experience, it really is a great way to get a full body workout done once a week. Even though it almost sounds too good to be true, give them a try and it will make a difference. 
Been a while since we have been in the podcast facility at GRP Studios in Longwood, but Episode 98 of the Check Your Six podcast was fantastic. I had Nikki Coppola with the National Ovarial Cancer Coalition(NOCC) in the studio along with her very special guest, a breast cancer and ovarian cancer survivor Barbara Kramer.I learned a lot with these two women in the studio, first about the silence that comes with ovarian cancer and the other is the fighter mentality that both of these women possess. Nikki has a servants heart and a passion for helping others in creating hope and a better life for victims of all kinds of circumstances. Barbara was incredible just in the way that she described some of the things that she has gone through. Everyone knows about other cancers but it seems that ovarian cancer does not get the recognition and can be a tremendously challenging battle for women. Loved being able to talk with these two women and do what we can to bring attention to this terrible disease.
Episode 97 had a very special guest in the GRP Studios for the Check Your Six podcast with the new President/CEO of Camp Boggy Creek, Dr. Dan Jurman. Camp Boggy Creek has always been one of my favorite places and GRP Studios loves supporting the Camp through several of their fundraisers. Great conversation about where Dr. Jurman has been,  his background, his leadership style and what he sees as the future for the Camp. It was great getting to know him and how he works as well as learning about some of his passions, including being a fan of scary films, wasn't expecting that, as well as his plans for more books in addition to the couple that he has already authored. Looking forward to what the future holds for the Camp and the amount of children and families that will continue to be impacted by this fantastic place.
Stuart Peisner dropped by GRP Studios for Episode 96 of the Check Your Six Podcast to talk about working in the residential mortgage industry. A graduate of both UF and UCF I suppose that make him a Gatorknight or a Knightgator but either way, we had some conversation about what he does, some of the issues and challenges he has working in this industry and how much he loves what he does. Talked a bit about the 2008-2009 housing market compared to today's issues, how they are different, what is similar if anything and some of the changes that had been made to help insure that the 2008 circumstances do not repeat themselves. It took a while for us to get him on the program, seemed like something always came up that conflicted with our schedules but finally we were able to get him in and get this done. Yes, Stuart is a member of the Seminole Chamber, in fact he is currently an Ambassador the the Chamber so it is another business that we have been able to highlight!!
Episode 95 of the Check Your Six Podcast brought Jason Arthur into the GRP Studios to talk about business coaching. Jason grew up working in the family owned business and had first hand experience how a business operates, especially contracting. Jason has used his education, his experience to help create and develop a plan to help those businesses in the contracting industry to grow and be more profitable. Lots of conversation about things like the differences in similar construction trades even within the same state, the benefits of belonging to a local Chamber, if it is one that actually helps business and is not just a social club, some of the questions that he asks  in working with business owners. Of course, his recommendations about belonging to the Chamber had nothing to do with his wife Rebekah being the Executine Vice President of the Seminole Chamber, that was a total coincidence!! 
Episode 94 of the Check Your Six podcast was all about wrasslin' with Daniel Max Shaw, the President of New American Pro Wrestling, Inc. Besides being a certified health insurance agent, Daniel has sent nearly 11 years working with and for various wrestling federation as a ring announcer and interviewer. We did discuss his health insurance business but most of the conversation revolved around the state of wrestling, how he is involved, some of the experiences he has had and what he sees as the future of the industry. Received a lot of information about how the system works, how the wrestlers can advance, where they can learn the trade and other details about the business. No one was body slammed or hit with a folding chair so it all worked out pretty good!!
Episode 93 of the Check Your Six Podcast brought Kate Olson into the GRP Studios and no, it wasn't that Kate Olson, it was the other 3rd cousin, twice removed on her mothers side!! Actually it was just Kate Elizabeth Olson, the owner of Your CBD Store in Longwood FL. Kate was in the studio to talk about starting and running a CBD Store and some of the challenges that she faces that might be somewhat different from other businesses like what they can actually say and not say at Your CBD Store. Compliance is a big issues in what she can tell customers that come into the store looking at what they can provide for a variety of aliments. The "stigma" of what the business is and the hesitation of some to even come into the store because they think they are entering a hookah lounge, smoke or vape shop. Interesting discussion about things that I was not aware of but now I know!!
Season 3 kicks off with our 92nd Episode of the Check Your Six Podcast and our special guest Christine Foltz with Believe Holistic Wellness. Christine checked in via phone for this episode from Chambersburg Pennsylvania, where her and her family reside and where her business is located that combines Integrative Reflexology and essentials oils in a way that benefits your health and wellness. A two time cancer survivor, Christine has become a Certified Integrative Reflexologist and has continued her work as a doTerra Wellness Advocate to combine both of these into one fantastic business. Her knowledge of doTerra products is fantastic and she has been able to combine that with her practice of integrative reflexology to provide a very unique experience in helping you create a much better wellness balance for your body!! If you are ever in Chambersburg Penn, you need to make an appointment and stop in to see her.
Tee Rogers with Dignity Memorial stopped by GRP Studios for the 91st Episode of the Check Your Six Podcast. Tee and I talked about something that most of us really don't want to discuss and that is the arrangements for our bodies once we have died. Most of us won't admit it but we all have an end date, death has a 100% success rate(except for 3, which is another discussion) so at some point plans need to be made. Tee helped explain some of the misconceptions that people have when they come to meet her as well as some of the veteran benefits that are available and how small business might be able to use this as a potential benefit. 
Episode 90 of the Check Your Six, CY6 podcast had Jaysee Soto drop by GRP Studios for his podcast session and talk about his business, Altamonte Family Hearing. Yet another member of the Seminole Chamber and the current South Seminole Council Chair, that talked about starting his business just after cover shut everything down, his business plan, the challenges in his industry as well as new technology and helping me understand more of his business. This is obviously not your grandmothers hearing aids that we all remembered, some of you may actually remember the cones you used to hold up to your ears to hear, but it has come a long way baby!! He also talked about his choice to branch out on his own and how he ended up in the location he is currently using, One Senior Place on Douglas Ave in Altamonte Springs, which just seems to be the perfect spot!
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