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Author: You Look Nice Today

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A new journal of emotional hygiene. From the makers of You Look Nice Today.
3 Episodes
Ring Light Parade

Ring Light Parade


Opportunity: Beauty is a one-way street. Ring Light Parade - YouTube (
Project: a living wage for the Scotts we lost. 🩳 "Th3rd Stage at Scottfest" - YouTube (
What is HØL?

What is HØL?


Our work was done. We'd said all we needed to say. We apparated from this world, much like monks who retreat to a mountaintop hovel. Only for us, we apparated via Greyhound and hoveled in an abandoned Bauxite mine outside Eufaula, Alabama. Everything was going great. We each had our own little cavernlet in which to do our alonetime ablutions and adult irrigations, and every evening we gathered by the pile of old cigarettes to tell stories and scratch each others' bug bites. We chopped wood, and we carried water. We made forts. And, yes, somtimes, we cried. Then, one night, we heard a cricket. Coming from... somewhere? Its chirp drove us crazy through those long 'Bama nights. Merlin suggested we get a lizard to kill the cricket. The plan worked perfectly. But that night we noticed the lizard looking down at us from its perch, really giving us the stink eye. Like it thought it was better than us. So Adam bought us a snake to take care of the lizard. And, then, somehow, there was a filthy Persian cat to take care of the snake. And so forth. So, long story short: our cave is now occupied by a family of endangered Alabama Beach Mice (Peromyscus polionotus ammobates). And, we have returned to California. Also, we are out of money.
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Peter English

hell yesss! Keep'em coming 😁

Apr 22nd

Drew Robinson

It’s been 50 years and not much has changed.

Apr 5th
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