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Author: Dan "Nitro" Clark

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Hosted by Dan “Nitro” Clark, former American Gladiator, NFL player, bestselling author, speaker, entrepreneur, and heart attack survivor. “Calm the Beast” will give you all the tools you need to help you bust through your fears, doubts, and anxiety so you can unleash your best self.

Tune in for an inspirational guest, a story, or a quick motivational episode with some of the most brilliant minds in health, fitness, entrepreneurship, psychology, entertainment and spirituality.

You’ll love Dan’s easy-going, conversational interview style as he digs in with guests to give you tools, ideas, and inspiration to take action in your life to become the best version of yourself and live a life of meaning, purpose, and fulfillment.
13 Episodes
Hunter McIntyre – Hunter is a 6x Obstacle Course Racing World Champion, a 3x Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Ranch Champion, and a 2x Tough Mudder X Champion, a Crossfit Games Competitor, and one of Sport’s Illustrated Top 50 fittest Athletes.  In this episode, the journey from troubled teen to pro athlete, difference between obstacle course racing and Crossfit, training routines and much more.   IN THIS EPISODE   Hunter recounts his path from troubled teen to a professional athlete.  As a kid with severe ADD he was medicated with Ritalin, Adderall, Dexedrine to control his his uncontrollable energy.   How at 14, recreational drugs and alcohol gave him some comfort but led to a downward spiral resulting in multiple suspensions, run ins with the law, to rehab incarceration and two years probation.    Hunter shares what saved him and how he turned his life around.   The technique Hunter uses to visualizes his goals and the unique mantra he uses when training that helps him push through the grind.   How Hunter protects his inner peace.   Hunter’s daily training routine and schedule and sleep routines.   What it was like to move from endurance to Crossfit.  How the training was so different.   The Crossfit Games experience and what he learned by jumping in with the best crossfitters in the world.   Links from the Show   Hunter Mcintyre’s website and training programs   Hunter on instagram.   Pure Spectrum CBD products Use Discount Code BULKPONY for online orders   Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman   The Iron War by Mark Fitzgerald  
Raye Hollit (ZAP) and Lori Fetrick (ICE) are former American Gladiators/Fitness Icons. In this candid episode Zap and Ice pull the curtain back and share their favorite/worst moments on the show, the brutality of being a female Gladiator, the joy of fame, and the shock of real life afterward. Raye and Lori tell the story of how they both got on the show and the glory of standing in front of a sold-out audience at Madison Square Garden. Their favorite Gladiator event.  And the worst Gladiator event ever. The one question that everyone asks that they can’t stand. What happened when Raye (Zap) posed for Playboy. How fame can be a godsend and a curse. Dan Nitro’s and Raye’s romantic interlude that ended with Dan dropping to his knees and gasping for air. It takes a special person to handle a female Gladiator. Why Ice, Nitro, Gemini, and Zap left the show after the third season. What getting a regular job feels like after being on TV for years and the process of reinvention and hustle. How gratitude grounds you and save you. Hormone optimization and testosterone for women. Raye and Lori share their current workout routines, diets and lifestyle practices. LINKS FROM THE SHOW American Gladiator TV on youtube Lori Fettrick (Ice) website + Instagram Raye Hollit (Zap) website The Movie Skin Deep trailer on Youtube Nitro and Ice on Ellen Degeneres Episode American Gladiators “Where are they now” article in Sports Illustrated.    
Anthony Trucks is a former NFL player, Bestselling Author, turned keynote speaker.  In this episode Anthony shares his traumatic experience growing up as a foster child, to dealing with racial identity struggles as a black boy who was ultimately adopted by a white family, to triumphantly making it to the NFL.    He then recounts the heart break of a career ending injury, to getting divorced when he found out his wife was having an affair – and how reclaimed his identity, why he remarried his wife and got not only his family and career back, but also his sense of self -- through mastering what he now speaks, coaches and teaches: Identity Shifts. What it was like growing up in the foster care system until Anthony was 14 and the uncertainty that it created and how he overcame his past. Anthony and Dan both discuss how sports became a way for them to feel good about themselves. Decide who you want to be and prove it to yourself every day. Anthony talks about how difficult it was when his football career ended because of injury and how tough it was finding a new identity. Working too much and neglecting things that are important in your life. Hitting rock bottom when he found out his wife was having an affair and how this played on all of his trust issues. The ugliness of divorce and wanting to shame his wife for what she did until he realized he was partly to blame. Anthony shares when he hit rock bottom and texted his friend, “Please tell my children who their father was.” How Anthony turned his life around and the process he teaches others to transform their lives and master the shifts life threw at him. The 3 steps to creating an identity shift. Anthony tells how he reconciled with his ex-wife, remarried her, and are now living their most happy, best life. Anthony’s morning routine and how being super organized and regimented leads to freedom. Anthony shares his biggest success and it’s not what you think.   Links from the Show   Anthony Truck’s website   Anthony’s Book  - Trust your Hustle   You can take Anthony’s Free identity quiz here  
Dan does a deep dive with Mind Pump Podcast hosts, Sal Di Stefano, Adam Schafer and Justin Andrews. They share the best practices, tips and mistakes they’ve made as personal trainers, gym owners, and competitors over the last 20 years. They discuss everything from which diet and workout routines are best, easy ways to get started, to the number one fitness mistake, all the way to fecal transplants (say what?!). Mind Pump is an online radio show/podcast that with over 1 million downloads a month that has been described as “Howard Stern meets fitness.” In this episode: How Sal, Justin, and Adam were fed up with the charlatans and snake oil salesmen pushing the latest and greatest workout fads, supplements, and faux science on the unsuspecting masses and this was impetus for starting Mind Pump as a platform to shed the light of TRUTH on the health, fitness and wellness programs. Dan and the Mind Pump hosts discuss if there is really a “best” diet. The deadly combination of sugar, salt and fat and the billions of dollars the food industry pours into keeping us addicted to highly processed foods. They key steps and principles to keep in mind when starting an exercise and fitness program. Why some people succeed and others struggle. 3 Key steps to changing a habit. Biggest mistakes Sal, Adam and Justin made when they first started and how their coaching styles have changed. How sometimes having too big of fitness goals can derail you from having success in your wellness routine. The science behind fecal transplants. The protein bar dilemma, plus Dan shares his favorite go-to healthy snacks. Exercise as the new prescription to depression. Adam shares the heartbreaking story of his father committing suicide when he was a kid and how it shaped him as a human being. How to stop working out and instead practice exercising as the key transition to good health. Dan shares one of his big anxieties/fears and how he’s overcoming it. Links from the Show The awesome Mind Pump Podcast Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression – and the Unexpected Solutions by Johann Hari Atomic Habits by James Clear SunWarrior Protein Bars Epic Pork Rinds Fecal Transplant Study
In this episode Jen Widerstrom, bestselling author, TV star known for her big-hearted training style on NBC’s Biggest Loser shares the secret sauce behind personal transformation and why some people succeed and others struggle. Jen tells the story of how she got to Los Angeles to star on the reboot or American Gladiators and how that lead to her breakout role on NBC’s Biggest Loser. Jen shares her belief that weight gain is always a byproduct of something else going on in your life. Losing weight is not easy but there are ways to make it easier for yourself. Dan and Jen provide tips on how she stays grounded in a busy-busy world. Jen reveals how she discovered she was staying so busy as a way to distract herself from facing her fears.  It’s easy to help other than to help ourselves. Jen thought she was strong and fierce but realized she was blaming others and being a victim. Dan and Jen discuss how change can only happen when the pain to stay the same becomes great then the pain of changing. Dan shares how his self-value is so fragile and perhaps that’s what makes him valuable. Jen reveals how she was diminishing parts of herself in her love life as a way of being accepted and how that led her to attracting lesser men. How Jen learned to show up in her full brilliance to attract the right person. The 3 key steps to personal transformation. Is obesity that one kind of discrimination that is still allowed? Jen’s daily routines and her non-negotiables.   Links from the Show To Be Coached by the Amazing Jen Widerstrom click here Jen Widerstrom’s website Jen’s #1 Bestselling Book - Diet Right for Your Personality Type: The Revolutionary 4-Week Weight Loss Plan That Works For You.  
In this episode Jordan Harbinger, the “Larry King of Podcasting,” recounts his journey – from losing everything when his business was pulled out from underneath him and having to start over to, 18 months later, triumphantly rising back to the top.  Jordan also shares the top tips and strategies he’s learned from interviewing some of the most successful people on earth.   Jordan shares how he lost everything in a contract dispute with his partners and had to start over at ground zero with nothing. How to stop freaking out, push through uncertainty and fear and get back to action.  Jordan’s favorite saying, “Action ends suffering.” How moving forward in any direction is better than being stuck and isolating. The benefit of narrowing down the focus and doing the most important thing first. Is Dan Nitro Clark Steven Segal with a better haircut? Dan shares how he was broke and couldn’t find a job after American Gladiators How to overcome the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. Jordan and Dan discuss if it’s easier to have success and lose it or never having success at all? How your friends and network can save you in downtimes if you invest in them and provide value to them. How Jordan went from zero podcast downloads to 6 million downloads a month in 18 months Jordan’s texting tip that takes 3 minutes a day that will help you cultivate your network. How getting fired may be the best thing that can happen to you as much as it sucks right now. Dan shares the most important thing he learned from having a heart attack and nearly dying. The guys discuss why some people make it back from a setback and others don’t. How to get over the fear of asking for help. Dan and Jordan discusses if it’s possible to change someone? Dan breaks down in tears as he shares the heartbreaking story of not being able to change his little brother who died from alcohol related issues and how it makes him feel like a failure. How to learn from the pain and find new purpose.   The Jordan Harbinger Show
In this episode Bill shares his journey from punching holes in wood for $3.25 an hour after high school to owning a company that does $100 million dollars in sales annually.  Along they way, he shares tips and tools on motivation and how to deal with rejection and why leaving a legacy is so important.  Bill shares how her he went from working in a factory making $3.25 after high school.  It was in that moment he saw his future and new he wanted to become more. How to overcome being a slow learner. Bill dishes on how he hated sales.  Didn’t want to sell.  But sales was the only job available. Driving to work in his mom’s station wagon, Bill developed this belief:  Activity rules success.  He started making 350-400 sales calls a day on an old rotary phone. His level of success changed when he started to take interest in the person across from him instead of just trying to make a sale. Bill’s divulges how he overcame his fears of selling.  Rejection is part of the process on the way to success. Dan asks to Bill to help him overcome his fear of rejection. How to take the sting of failure and use it as a tool for you growth. What are you willing to endure to succeed?  How do you burn your boats so there is no way back? From working in his garage alone to having over 200 employees. Dan and Bill talk about the power of visualization and how it is an essential tool to success They both share how they are big fans of Carol Dweck’s book Mindset. How reading great books and applying the life lessons to your life will lead to transformation. Dan talks about how he mistook applause and adoration for love. Bill reveals how his goals went from earning money to leaving a legacy and where he needs to fail more in is life. Dan reveals the things he wants in his life every day. Dan asks Bill, “What it feels like to have enough money to never have to work again?” Dan and Bill talk about mentorship and how helping people achieve something starts to feel better than achieving it yourself. The shockingly low number of people in Bill’s company that have read his book which is a guide to success in his company.  The puzzling reason why don’t people take action. Bill’s favorite quote: “Make todays hurdle to greatness tomorrows bar of expectation.” Links from the Show Bill Wooditch’s Website   Fail More: Embrace, Learn, Adapt to Failure as a way to Success by Bill Wooditch   Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck  
Cayla Craft is a mom of 3, self-made millionaire and lifestyle entrepreneur who helps women pursue their passion of owning a business.  She is a bestselling author, has appeared on FOX, NBC, and hosts a Top 100 Podcast “Mommy Millionaire.”  In this episode Cayla shares her amazing journey from lying in the hospital at age 19 with ulcers due to stress, stuck in a toxic relationship and unable to pay her bills, to 6 years later, being financially independent, happily married, and healthy in mind and body. Show notes at In this episode Cayla shares her amazing journey from lying in the hospital at age 19 with ulcers due to stress, stuck in a toxic relationship and unable to pay her bills, to 6 years later, being financially independent, happily married, and healthy in mind and body. Cayla shares how her broken childhood with a father in jail landed her in the hospital at 19 with ulcers due to stress, zero belief in herself, and no dreams for the future. Dan and Cayla discuss how to find beauty in the places you are broken. Cayla recalls the pivotal moment when she jumped all into her future. There was no fear because she brain-washed herself and was so invested in her future life. How rejection she faced in business didn’t hurt her, because nothing could be the worse than having your father slam the door in your face and tell you he didn’t love you. The number one thing that keeps women stuck. Dan talks about his need to be liked and how it keeps him from reaching his potential. Dan shares that he’s finally able to say “he’s proud of the man he is” instead of proud of what he’s done. Cayla morning routine starts with looking in the mirror and saying,  “I love you Cayla.  We are going to have an awesome day today.” How to overcome the negative programming of our childhood. Cayla reveals the “5 Categories of Success.” Dan dishes how the power of visualization changed his life when he was a young teenager about to get kicked out of high school. How your vibe attracts your tribe. Dan shares the lesson he learned from his mother that brought Dan and Cayla to tears. Cayla dishes on how she gets it all done being the mother of 3, a wife, and running a successful business. Links from the Show Cayla Craft’s Mommy Millionaire Website. The Habit of Leading Yourself: A One Year Guide to Becoming Unstoppable by Cayla Craft Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins
Dr. Ish Major is relationship guru featured on WE tv’s Marriage Bootcamp who helps men and women navigate their way through the dating jungle.  He’s also a board-certified psychiatrist and addiction expert that is a frequent guest on the Today Show.  In this episode we jump right into how to keep on your “A” game when it comes to relationships.  Dan shares some of his relationship mishaps and gets psychologized by Dr. Ish.  The show takes a hard turn into addiction and possible treatments as Dan reveals the heartbreaking story of losing his father and younger brother to addiction. In this episode we jump right into how to keep on your “A” game when it comes to relationships.  Dan shares some of his relationship mishaps and gets psychologized by Dr. Ish.    What it’s like working with celebrities on the WE tv show. How to Find Your Partner in 3 Dates.  Dan and Ish discuss why it’s so difficult for men to express their wants and needs to a woman, and how to facilitate that conversation with your partner. Dan squirms at the idea of being vulnerable and asking for what he wants in a relationship and how it makes him feel weak. The number one challenge for women in relationships Why you keep picking the wrong partner over.  “You get the person you pick, not the person you hope they can be.” Dr Ish gives a master class in how to forgive and move on in your life. The show takes a hard turn into addiction and possible treatments as Dan shares the heartbreaking story of losing his father and younger brother to addiction Dan talks about raising his hand and getting help (therapy) to process grief that was bigger than he was.  Dr. Ish’s Upstate Center for Addiction Treatment in South Carolina.  Eighty percent of clients have a legitimate injury, saw a legitimate doctor, but when it came time to come off,  they couldn’t do it or having trouble doing it. Suboxone – what is it?  Is Suboxone the answer to opioid addiction?  The hard conversations we need to have about addiction.  How Doctor Ish takes care of him after taking on other people’s stress all day long.   Links for this episode: Download Dan’s #1 Bestselling Book “F Dying” for FREE   WE TV Marriage Bootcamp Reality Stars   The Upstate Center for Addiction Treatment   Doctor Ish’s 4 Steps to Forgiving Your Partner   Dr Ish’s FREE Find Love in 3 Dates Course   Doctor Ish’s Website   Show notes at
Today I sit down with Cheryl Brost, a 48-year-old, 2x CrossFit Games Champion, 10x CrossFit Games qualifier, mother of two who is also a successful entrepreneur, business owner, wife and coach. We dive into how she gets it all done. Cheryl also shares training, scheduling and parenting tips, along with simple advice on how to make a comeback after a setback and stay motivated. On this episode… When the internet and social media are good. Cheryl dishes on what’s it’s like being a strong, muscular woman in today’s world. Dan and Cheryl discuss if strong is really the new sexy. Cheryl shares how she juggles being a wife, mother of two, business owner, coach and still manages to get her training in and why the excuse of “not having enough time” just doesn’t work. How Cheryl deals with nerves and anxiety and Calms the Beast. If you enjoy what you’re doing and know what your why is about – that seems to take care a lot of your fear and anxiety. How Cheryl surrounded herself by the best people and how that helps her succeed. What we risk by not being part of a tribe and how the lack of communication and connections leads to isolation, anxiety and depression. Dan shares the profound way his Heart attack changed his life. Cheryl talks about making the jump from Oregon to living full time in Hawaii with a 10-year-old daughter and 14-year-old son. If the kids said no – they wouldn’t have come. The two share their philosophy and simple goal of trying to be a little better every day. How showing up even when you don’t know the outcome is the key to success. Brene Brown and vulnerability What advice is she giving her 16-year-old- daughter right now? Links Stronger U My Macro App Brene Brown and Vulnerability Rat Study with addiction Cheryl Facebook Fighter Pilot Matt Beals Episode To get more info on Cheryl go to her website! Show notes at
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Samantha Robins

Excellent inspiring work as always from Dan, he has such an amazing way of seeing life and all that comes with it I thoroughly recommend a listen. Sam K

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