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Hosted by Dan “Nitro” Clark, former American Gladiator, NFL player, bestselling author, speaker, entrepreneur, and heart attack survivor. “Calm the Beast” will give you all the tools you need to help you bust through your fears, doubts, and anxiety so you can unleash your best self.
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On this episode Dan sits down in the studio with Producer Jason DeFillippo to discuss the holidays and how they had vastly different experiences. Dan and Jason share tips and tricks on how to handle depression during the holidays that translate into every area of your life. They also discuss the books they read over the break and talk about what lay ahead for the show in 2020. Show notes at
Sal, Adam & Justin from The Mind Pump podcast interview Dan on this episode. Dan shares some fascinating stories from his past such as how Dan found ways to become bigger, faster, stronger on the outside after a tragic event in his early life, his introduction to steroids, how he finds the beauty in his scars, and how he became “Nitro” on American Gladiators plus many more. Show notes at
Tim Storey is an acclaimed author, life coach and motivational speaker who has shared his inspiring words in 70 countries and written nine books. Tim has helped guide people, including many celebrities, through some of life’s most difficult circumstances.  In this episode Tim reveals how to move forward when your situation seems insurmountable. And how to turn a setback into a comeback.  In this episode... Tim and Dan share their most inspirational prayers and stories of loss and recovery. How a mentor introduced both Dan and Tim to reading. Tim’s love of talk shows and how he began  to think like a producer and understand the topics people wanted to learn. Don't settle for an "almost" life. How to get out of a rut by becoming awake, aware, taking inventory, and finding a partner How Life Interruptions can wake us up to our circumstances. How to become aware of our situations after we've woken up to the lack in our lives. How to take inventory of your assets.  And how the power of partnerships can bring anyone out of their situation. How Tim leverages ambition with the right motives to be successful. And how your mindset is your VIP ticket to anywhere. We hear the story about the advice that Tim got from Quincey Jones that motivated him to "do the assignment." Links from the Show Website: The Utmost App with Tim Storey Tim Storey with Oprah Winfrey on Super Soul Sunday
Dr Belisa Vranich, is a leading expert in mental health and fitness, and the author of Breathe: The Simple, Revolutionary 14-Day Program to Improve your Mental and Physical Health.  She is a regular guest on Good Morning America, The Today Show, CNN, and Fox News. Being a former pro athlete, Crossfitter, and a yoga guy who has been meditating for years, I thought I knew how to breathe. After reading her Belisa’s book, and interviewing her, I realized that I still had a lot to learn.  Listen in as we talk about proper breathing, it’s health benefits, how it can improve your athletic performance, health, stress and more. Show notes at In this episode we talk about: How breathing affects your nervous system and how proper breathing can lower your cortisol levels and remove anxiety. Strengthening your breathing muscles impacts your endurance, but more importantly it improves your recovery time and can extend your career as an athlete. We have over 10lbs of breathing muscles and most people don’t warm up those muscles before a workout. We learn the difference between vertical breathing and circumferential breathing and why vertical breathing isn’t the best for you. How to unlearn bracing habits that most people have done all their lives. Why women have more breathing dysfunctions than men and why the gap is narrowing. The anatomy of a good breath and a technique you can do at home. We learn a technique called “the recovery breath” that you can use to help get out of an anxious or stressful state. Links from the show: The Breathing Class - How to breathe | Belisa Vranich | TEDxManhattanBeach - Breathe: The Simple, Revolutionary 14-Day Program to Improve Your Mental and Physical Health - Breathing for Warriors: Master Your Breath to Unlock More Strength, Greater Endurance, Sharper Precision, Faster Recovery, and an Unshakable Inner Game (Pre-order) - Bas Rutten’s O2 Trainer -
Misty Diaz has completed more than 200 obstacle and endurance races – but when she was born, doctors never thought she’d walk. Diaz has a severe form of spina bifida, a birth defect that kept her spine from developing properly. By her mid-20s, the pain and exhaustion of 28 surgeries left her depressed and addicted to opioids. In this episode Misty shares the journey from not being able to look in the mirror, to running over 200 races, to starring in a lipstick campaign with billboards in Time Square, to finally finding self-love and acceptance. How one small action can save you and change your life. The coach who changed her life by taking her crutches and telling her, “Life is not always going to be adaptable. You’ve got to figure it out.” How not once in the 28 surgeries or rounds with depression did a doctor ever say to exercise or go out with friends. They just kept giving her more morphine until she got addicted. The steps to regain your joy. How to focus on what you can control and why that makes such a huge difference The journey from not being able to look in the mirror, to running over 200 races, to starring in a lipstick campaign with billboards in Time Square, to finally finding self-love and acceptance. The story of how Misty’s drive and relentlessness helped her meet Gary Vaynerchuck and eventually share the stage with him. Misty’s latest venture to create her own line of crutches. Links from the Show Misty on Instagram ABC News - Athlete living with spina bifida shows nothing holds her back Misty's Website
Bobby Castro’s story is the epitome of American dream. With only a 9th grade education he incredibly wound up building and selling his company worth $1 billion. Tune into this episode to hear how he made it all happen.  IN THIS EPISODE: Bobby shares his humble beginnings as one of eleven children. The advice his mom gave him that he uses every day to help him stay grounded as he grew from broke to $300 million. You'll learn Bobby's "Non-Refundable Minutes" principle and why you must master this to succeed.  The steps to scale a business and the pressures that come with growth and how to handle them.  The heart of Bobby's business philosophy. Lastly, we dive into what it feels like to have enough money to NEVER HAVE to work again -- and how to stay motivated and grounded in the face of wealth. Links from the Show Twitter @Bobby_Castro_  Instagram @Officialbobbycastro  Linkedin  Facebook @BobbyCastroOfficial
IN THIS EPISODE Mo Gawdat is the former Chief Business Officer for Google [X],  the division of Google responsible for moonshots like the self-driving car and worldwide WiFi delivered by balloons. After the unexpected death of his son, Ali, Mo went on a journey on how to engineer happiness as a way to process his grief.  He shares what he learned in his bestselling book, “Solve for Happy.” This episode was profound. Mo Gawdat shares so many well thought out tips and tools on happiness and living better, based upon his research that and personal experiences, that will help you in your life. We dive deep into what happiness is, how to create it in your life, and why even though most people say it’s the number one thing they want, they don’t have it. This episode will help you be happier in a deep and fulfilling way.    It’s full of applicable tips and take-aways that you can start to apply to your life now. Gawdat shares the tragedy of losing his son and how this prompted him to create Solve for Happy as a way to process his grief and share the spirit of his son with the world. We also discuss: Why you need to have a clear definition of happiness. The importance of creating a happy list and using it as a lens to make all decisions through. The key on how to find out what matters most in your life and why you need to spend more time there. The societal hedonistic treadmill you are on right now and how to get off of it. The importance of gratitude in your quest to Solve for Happiness. Demystifying the myth that force and masculinity lead to success. The difference between pain and suffering.  How to process and deal with losing someone you love – and to find happiness through the experience. Links from the Show Solve For Happy: Engineer Your Path To Joy by Mo Gawdat.  Order here. Join Mo Gawdat in his quest to Solve For Happy here.
Three-time Emmy-nominated Days of Our Lives star Arianne Zucker, who also happens to be the actress featured in the leaked Trump/Billy Bush video, joins Dan to talk about what a crisis can teach us about resilience and creating hope from chaos. Ari dishes on how she got into show business as a teenager and landed the iconic role of Nicole Walker on NBC’s hit daytime drama, plus: How her initial acting goal was to make enough money to pay for veterinary school. The lesson her brother Todd taught her that has helped her navigate a 21-year acting career. Ari’s beautiful and touching first words to her daughter that she continues to tell her every day, 10 years later. Her daily routines and non-negotiables. Ari shares when she first heard about the Trump video with Billy Bush, how she processed it, and the mantra she used to ground herself and keep her dignity. She delves into what a crisis can teach us about resilience and creating hope from chaos. Dan and Ari also talk about the never-ending journey of personal development and the growth and fulfillment that come with it. Links from the Show Ari’s new movie “A Mermaid for Christmas.” Ari’s Instagram page – (she moderates herself) Letting Go by David R. Hawking  
Dan interviews Sarah Hiner, a health and wellness expert and CEO of Bottom Line Inc., about how to navigate a healthcare system that doesn’t want you healthy. In this wide-ranging conversation, they dive into parenting tips, whether anger and rage lead to illness, and how to advocate for yourself during a hospital visit. How health care industry doesn’t want you healthy, because they make money by you being sick. Critical information that you need to know if you ever go in the hospital to prevent you from becoming one of the 500,000 who die each year deaths due to medical errors.  How to advocate for yourself during a hospital or doctor visit. What you must absolutely do when taking your elderly parents to the hospital and why you shouldn’t let them go alone. Biggest pitfalls in Health and wellness right now. Can anger and rage destroy your physical health? It’s OK to disagree but that doesn’t mean that love has to leave the room. What’s it’s like to take over a successful family business and how her father decided which siblings would run the show. How not everyone wants to be out front and some people’s dream is to be behind the scenes. The pressure of running a small business today. Sarah’s tools for staying centered and happy in an increasingly busy world.  Different parenting styles and techniques that Dan and Sarah have learned over the last 25 years, and how to apply them to your life. Eight-year-old Adrian’s 500 push up challenge this summer and how to build resilience in your kids and teach them to conquer seemingly impossible challenges. Decide who you want to be and go out and prove it to yourself today   Links from the Show Sarah and Bottom Line Inc’s website Sarah’s Podcast, the Bottom Line Advocator, click here
Ben Angel is the bestselling author of the groundbreaking new book, "Unstoppable" that introduces a revolutionary new approach to understanding depression, anxiety, and stress through the lens of neuroscience, psychology and biohacking.  In this episode Ben shares how in 2017 he became severely depressed, experienced crippling brain fog and fatigue, then went on a mission to biohack his way back to health by interviewing the world's top neuroscientists, doctors, and biohackers. Ben tells the story of how he went from Australian farm boy to motivational speaker. Ben was at the top of his game when he suddenly feel into a state of depression.    How you can do everything right in your life in regards to training, working out, practicing the right business fundamentals, sleeping enough, but if your biology is off, it won’t matter. What Ben did when the Western medicine doctors didn’t have an answer to his ailments. The two sides of the personal development coin.  The psychological and the biological.  And why we need to pay more attention to our biology. How different biological triggers can mimic psychological disorders. The 7 Tests bio tests you should take right now Why the pharmacies and drug stores in America are filled with digestive aides, anti acids, etc while Australian, Canadian and New Zealand shelves don’t carry them. The advertising that’s banned in Australia and New Zealand that constantly runs in America. Functional and integrative doctors versus a typical Western Doctor.  The differences and advantages of both. The unstoppable test on Ben Angel’s website that will predict if you’re a high achiever or if you should run off and see the doctor. How to bust out from being and average performer to a top achiever, plus the traits and habits it takes. The difference between knowing your purpose and claiming your purpose and why it’s so important. The 10 minute morning visualization exercise to start your day. Sleep hacks, plus the most important phase of sleep and the gadget that can track it for  you. Dan shares the hilarious story from his first movie audition and how he nearly fainted.   Links from the Show: Check out Ben’s website chock full of great info and links by clicking here Take the “Are You Unstoppable Quiz” here. Ben’s best selling book, "Unstoppable." This is a good read! Oura sleep tracking Ring Doctor Patrick Porter Brain Tap
Dr. Patti Johnson is marriage and family therapist who specializes in anxiety relief.  She is also the creator of EmMa, the emotional manager for anxiety app.  In this episode, tips and tools to manage anxiety, how to stay grounded in an increasingly turbulent world, sprinkled with communication blunders that blow up relationships.  The difference between anxiety and stress and why anxiety is becoming such an epidemic today. Where does anxiety come from?  The biological response in the body to anxiety and how it’s rooted deep in our evolution.  How what was meant as a biological reaction to keep us safe has become an epidemic. Tips and tools for dealing with anxiety. Social media and anxiety.  Dan’s prescription: chase smile not likes. How to keep grounded in an increasingly volatile world. The reactivity cycle in relationships – the habitual unconscious behaviors that lead to the survival emotions and how to break the pattern. How using an invitation in conversations works a lot better than labeling. The beauty of repair attempts in relationships. The archaic ideal of “till death do us part” as the only metric to judge a successful relationship. Do people in your life think since you’re a doctor of psychology that you’re always evaluating them. Are all psychologist a little bit off? Question and answer sessions where Doc Patti responds to listeners questions. Links from the Show EmMa the emotional anxiety app by Dr Patti Johnson Connect with Dr. Johnson on her website Connect with Dr. Johnson on instagram
Hunter McIntyre – Hunter is a 6x Obstacle Course Racing World Champion, a 3x Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Ranch Champion, and a 2x Tough Mudder X Champion, a Crossfit Games Competitor, and one of Sport’s Illustrated Top 50 fittest Athletes.  In this episode, the journey from troubled teen to pro athlete, difference between obstacle course racing and Crossfit, training routines and much more.   IN THIS EPISODE   Hunter recounts his path from troubled teen to a professional athlete.  As a kid with severe ADD he was medicated with Ritalin, Adderall, Dexedrine to control his his uncontrollable energy.   How at 14, recreational drugs and alcohol gave him some comfort but led to a downward spiral resulting in multiple suspensions, run ins with the law, to rehab incarceration and two years probation.    Hunter shares what saved him and how he turned his life around.   The technique Hunter uses to visualizes his goals and the unique mantra he uses when training that helps him push through the grind.   How Hunter protects his inner peace.   Hunter’s daily training routine and schedule and sleep routines.   What it was like to move from endurance to Crossfit.  How the training was so different.   The Crossfit Games experience and what he learned by jumping in with the best crossfitters in the world.   Links from the Show   Hunter Mcintyre’s website and training programs   Hunter on instagram.   Pure Spectrum CBD products Use Discount Code BULKPONY for online orders   Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman   The Iron War by Mark Fitzgerald  
Raye Hollit (ZAP) and Lori Fetrick (ICE) are former American Gladiators/Fitness Icons. In this candid episode Zap and Ice pull the curtain back and share their favorite/worst moments on the show, the brutality of being a female Gladiator, the joy of fame, and the shock of real life afterward. Raye and Lori tell the story of how they both got on the show and the glory of standing in front of a sold-out audience at Madison Square Garden. Their favorite Gladiator event.  And the worst Gladiator event ever. The one question that everyone asks that they can’t stand. What happened when Raye (Zap) posed for Playboy. How fame can be a godsend and a curse. Dan Nitro’s and Raye’s romantic interlude that ended with Dan dropping to his knees and gasping for air. It takes a special person to handle a female Gladiator. Why Ice, Nitro, Gemini, and Zap left the show after the third season. What getting a regular job feels like after being on TV for years and the process of reinvention and hustle. How gratitude grounds you and save you. Hormone optimization and testosterone for women. Raye and Lori share their current workout routines, diets and lifestyle practices. LINKS FROM THE SHOW American Gladiator TV on youtube Lori Fettrick (Ice) website + Instagram Raye Hollit (Zap) website The Movie Skin Deep trailer on Youtube Nitro and Ice on Ellen Degeneres Episode American Gladiators “Where are they now” article in Sports Illustrated.    
Anthony Trucks is a former NFL player, Bestselling Author, turned keynote speaker.  In this episode Anthony shares his traumatic experience growing up as a foster child, to dealing with racial identity struggles as a black boy who was ultimately adopted by a white family, to triumphantly making it to the NFL.    He then recounts the heart break of a career ending injury, to getting divorced when he found out his wife was having an affair – and how reclaimed his identity, why he remarried his wife and got not only his family and career back, but also his sense of self -- through mastering what he now speaks, coaches and teaches: Identity Shifts. What it was like growing up in the foster care system until Anthony was 14 and the uncertainty that it created and how he overcame his past. Anthony and Dan both discuss how sports became a way for them to feel good about themselves. Decide who you want to be and prove it to yourself every day. Anthony talks about how difficult it was when his football career ended because of injury and how tough it was finding a new identity. Working too much and neglecting things that are important in your life. Hitting rock bottom when he found out his wife was having an affair and how this played on all of his trust issues. The ugliness of divorce and wanting to shame his wife for what she did until he realized he was partly to blame. Anthony shares when he hit rock bottom and texted his friend, “Please tell my children who their father was.” How Anthony turned his life around and the process he teaches others to transform their lives and master the shifts life threw at him. The 3 steps to creating an identity shift. Anthony tells how he reconciled with his ex-wife, remarried her, and are now living their most happy, best life. Anthony’s morning routine and how being super organized and regimented leads to freedom. Anthony shares his biggest success and it’s not what you think.   Links from the Show   Anthony Truck’s website   Anthony’s Book  - Trust your Hustle   You can take Anthony’s Free identity quiz here  
Dan does a deep dive with Mind Pump Podcast hosts, Sal Di Stefano, Adam Schafer and Justin Andrews. They share the best practices, tips and mistakes they’ve made as personal trainers, gym owners, and competitors over the last 20 years. They discuss everything from which diet and workout routines are best, easy ways to get started, to the number one fitness mistake, all the way to fecal transplants (say what?!). Mind Pump is an online radio show/podcast that with over 1 million downloads a month that has been described as “Howard Stern meets fitness.” In this episode: How Sal, Justin, and Adam were fed up with the charlatans and snake oil salesmen pushing the latest and greatest workout fads, supplements, and faux science on the unsuspecting masses and this was impetus for starting Mind Pump as a platform to shed the light of TRUTH on the health, fitness and wellness programs. Dan and the Mind Pump hosts discuss if there is really a “best” diet. The deadly combination of sugar, salt and fat and the billions of dollars the food industry pours into keeping us addicted to highly processed foods. They key steps and principles to keep in mind when starting an exercise and fitness program. Why some people succeed and others struggle. 3 Key steps to changing a habit. Biggest mistakes Sal, Adam and Justin made when they first started and how their coaching styles have changed. How sometimes having too big of fitness goals can derail you from having success in your wellness routine. The science behind fecal transplants. The protein bar dilemma, plus Dan shares his favorite go-to healthy snacks. Exercise as the new prescription to depression. Adam shares the heartbreaking story of his father committing suicide when he was a kid and how it shaped him as a human being. How to stop working out and instead practice exercising as the key transition to good health. Dan shares one of his big anxieties/fears and how he’s overcoming it. Links from the Show The awesome Mind Pump Podcast Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression – and the Unexpected Solutions by Johann Hari Atomic Habits by James Clear SunWarrior Protein Bars Epic Pork Rinds Fecal Transplant Study
In this episode Jen Widerstrom, bestselling author, TV star known for her big-hearted training style on NBC’s Biggest Loser shares the secret sauce behind personal transformation and why some people succeed and others struggle. Jen tells the story of how she got to Los Angeles to star on the reboot or American Gladiators and how that lead to her breakout role on NBC’s Biggest Loser. Jen shares her belief that weight gain is always a byproduct of something else going on in your life. Losing weight is not easy but there are ways to make it easier for yourself. Dan and Jen provide tips on how she stays grounded in a busy-busy world. Jen reveals how she discovered she was staying so busy as a way to distract herself from facing her fears.  It’s easy to help other than to help ourselves. Jen thought she was strong and fierce but realized she was blaming others and being a victim. Dan and Jen discuss how change can only happen when the pain to stay the same becomes great then the pain of changing. Dan shares how his self-value is so fragile and perhaps that’s what makes him valuable. Jen reveals how she was diminishing parts of herself in her love life as a way of being accepted and how that led her to attracting lesser men. How Jen learned to show up in her full brilliance to attract the right person. The 3 key steps to personal transformation. Is obesity that one kind of discrimination that is still allowed? Jen’s daily routines and her non-negotiables.   Links from the Show To Be Coached by the Amazing Jen Widerstrom click here Jen Widerstrom’s website Jen’s #1 Bestselling Book - Diet Right for Your Personality Type: The Revolutionary 4-Week Weight Loss Plan That Works For You.  
In this episode Jordan Harbinger, the “Larry King of Podcasting,” recounts his journey – from losing everything when his business was pulled out from underneath him and having to start over to, 18 months later, triumphantly rising back to the top.  Jordan also shares the top tips and strategies he’s learned from interviewing some of the most successful people on earth.   Jordan shares how he lost everything in a contract dispute with his partners and had to start over at ground zero with nothing. How to stop freaking out, push through uncertainty and fear and get back to action.  Jordan’s favorite saying, “Action ends suffering.” How moving forward in any direction is better than being stuck and isolating. The benefit of narrowing down the focus and doing the most important thing first. Is Dan Nitro Clark Steven Segal with a better haircut? Dan shares how he was broke and couldn’t find a job after American Gladiators How to overcome the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. Jordan and Dan discuss if it’s easier to have success and lose it or never having success at all? How your friends and network can save you in downtimes if you invest in them and provide value to them. How Jordan went from zero podcast downloads to 6 million downloads a month in 18 months Jordan’s texting tip that takes 3 minutes a day that will help you cultivate your network. How getting fired may be the best thing that can happen to you as much as it sucks right now. Dan shares the most important thing he learned from having a heart attack and nearly dying. The guys discuss why some people make it back from a setback and others don’t. How to get over the fear of asking for help. Dan and Jordan discusses if it’s possible to change someone? Dan breaks down in tears as he shares the heartbreaking story of not being able to change his little brother who died from alcohol related issues and how it makes him feel like a failure. How to learn from the pain and find new purpose.   The Jordan Harbinger Show
In this episode Bill shares his journey from punching holes in wood for $3.25 an hour after high school to owning a company that does $100 million dollars in sales annually.  Along they way, he shares tips and tools on motivation and how to deal with rejection and why leaving a legacy is so important.  Bill shares how her he went from working in a factory making $3.25 after high school.  It was in that moment he saw his future and new he wanted to become more. How to overcome being a slow learner. Bill dishes on how he hated sales.  Didn’t want to sell.  But sales was the only job available. Driving to work in his mom’s station wagon, Bill developed this belief:  Activity rules success.  He started making 350-400 sales calls a day on an old rotary phone. His level of success changed when he started to take interest in the person across from him instead of just trying to make a sale. Bill’s divulges how he overcame his fears of selling.  Rejection is part of the process on the way to success. Dan asks to Bill to help him overcome his fear of rejection. How to take the sting of failure and use it as a tool for you growth. What are you willing to endure to succeed?  How do you burn your boats so there is no way back? From working in his garage alone to having over 200 employees. Dan and Bill talk about the power of visualization and how it is an essential tool to success They both share how they are big fans of Carol Dweck’s book Mindset. How reading great books and applying the life lessons to your life will lead to transformation. Dan talks about how he mistook applause and adoration for love. Bill reveals how his goals went from earning money to leaving a legacy and where he needs to fail more in is life. Dan reveals the things he wants in his life every day. Dan asks Bill, “What it feels like to have enough money to never have to work again?” Dan and Bill talk about mentorship and how helping people achieve something starts to feel better than achieving it yourself. The shockingly low number of people in Bill’s company that have read his book which is a guide to success in his company.  The puzzling reason why don’t people take action. Bill’s favorite quote: “Make todays hurdle to greatness tomorrows bar of expectation.” Links from the Show Bill Wooditch’s Website   Fail More: Embrace, Learn, Adapt to Failure as a way to Success by Bill Wooditch   Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck  
Cayla Craft is a mom of 3, self-made millionaire and lifestyle entrepreneur who helps women pursue their passion of owning a business.  She is a bestselling author, has appeared on FOX, NBC, and hosts a Top 100 Podcast “Mommy Millionaire.”  In this episode Cayla shares her amazing journey from lying in the hospital at age 19 with ulcers due to stress, stuck in a toxic relationship and unable to pay her bills, to 6 years later, being financially independent, happily married, and healthy in mind and body. Show notes at In this episode Cayla shares her amazing journey from lying in the hospital at age 19 with ulcers due to stress, stuck in a toxic relationship and unable to pay her bills, to 6 years later, being financially independent, happily married, and healthy in mind and body. Cayla shares how her broken childhood with a father in jail landed her in the hospital at 19 with ulcers due to stress, zero belief in herself, and no dreams for the future. Dan and Cayla discuss how to find beauty in the places you are broken. Cayla recalls the pivotal moment when she jumped all into her future. There was no fear because she brain-washed herself and was so invested in her future life. How rejection she faced in business didn’t hurt her, because nothing could be the worse than having your father slam the door in your face and tell you he didn’t love you. The number one thing that keeps women stuck. Dan talks about his need to be liked and how it keeps him from reaching his potential. Dan shares that he’s finally able to say “he’s proud of the man he is” instead of proud of what he’s done. Cayla morning routine starts with looking in the mirror and saying,  “I love you Cayla.  We are going to have an awesome day today.” How to overcome the negative programming of our childhood. Cayla reveals the “5 Categories of Success.” Dan dishes how the power of visualization changed his life when he was a young teenager about to get kicked out of high school. How your vibe attracts your tribe. Dan shares the lesson he learned from his mother that brought Dan and Cayla to tears. Cayla dishes on how she gets it all done being the mother of 3, a wife, and running a successful business. Links from the Show Cayla Craft’s Mommy Millionaire Website. The Habit of Leading Yourself: A One Year Guide to Becoming Unstoppable by Cayla Craft Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins
Dr. Ish Major is relationship guru featured on WE tv’s Marriage Bootcamp who helps men and women navigate their way through the dating jungle.  He’s also a board-certified psychiatrist and addiction expert that is a frequent guest on the Today Show.  In this episode we jump right into how to keep on your “A” game when it comes to relationships.  Dan shares some of his relationship mishaps and gets psychologized by Dr. Ish.  The show takes a hard turn into addiction and possible treatments as Dan reveals the heartbreaking story of losing his father and younger brother to addiction. In this episode we jump right into how to keep on your “A” game when it comes to relationships.  Dan shares some of his relationship mishaps and gets psychologized by Dr. Ish.    What it’s like working with celebrities on the WE tv show. How to Find Your Partner in 3 Dates.  Dan and Ish discuss why it’s so difficult for men to express their wants and needs to a woman, and how to facilitate that conversation with your partner. Dan squirms at the idea of being vulnerable and asking for what he wants in a relationship and how it makes him feel weak. The number one challenge for women in relationships Why you keep picking the wrong partner over.  “You get the person you pick, not the person you hope they can be.” Dr Ish gives a master class in how to forgive and move on in your life. The show takes a hard turn into addiction and possible treatments as Dan shares the heartbreaking story of losing his father and younger brother to addiction Dan talks about raising his hand and getting help (therapy) to process grief that was bigger than he was.  Dr. Ish’s Upstate Center for Addiction Treatment in South Carolina.  Eighty percent of clients have a legitimate injury, saw a legitimate doctor, but when it came time to come off,  they couldn’t do it or having trouble doing it. Suboxone – what is it?  Is Suboxone the answer to opioid addiction?  The hard conversations we need to have about addiction.  How Doctor Ish takes care of him after taking on other people’s stress all day long.   Links for this episode: Download Dan’s #1 Bestselling Book “F Dying” for FREE   WE TV Marriage Bootcamp Reality Stars   The Upstate Center for Addiction Treatment   Doctor Ish’s 4 Steps to Forgiving Your Partner   Dr Ish’s FREE Find Love in 3 Dates Course   Doctor Ish’s Website   Show notes at
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Excellent inspiring work as always from Dan, he has such an amazing way of seeing life and all that comes with it I thoroughly recommend a listen. Sam K

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