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Former NHL veteran Cam Janssen and longtime NHL insider Andy Strickand will make you think and make you laugh as they tackle the latest storylines throughout the game of hockey. They'll take you inside the dressing room and into the minds of today's biggest stars along with conversations with the movers and shakers that make up the hockey world. With more than 40 years of combined experience, Cam and Strick are never shy of opinions and information.  Sit back and enjoy and Cam and Strick bring their passion for the game to their newly launched podcast!
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Ever gone deep into the mind of one of the most successful NHL General Managers currently working in the NHL? Here's your chance. A resume filled with International success with Hockey Canada in addition to winning Stanley Cups, Doug Armstrong has a clear idea of what he wants out of his team and he isn't afraid to ruffle a few feathers along the way. From negotiating contracts, to dealing with legendary Head Coaches, Armstrong has experienced it all. He also grew up with a Hall of Fame linesman as a father in Sarnia, Ontario. So how long does he want to do this? He tells us in this tell-all interview. From the Alex Pietrangelo negotiations, taking the Captaincy away from Hall of Famer Mike Modano, to surrounding himself with some of the most accomplished players in the modern era, get to know the real Doug Armstrong on this edition of the Cam and Strick Podcast. 
Who's the nicest player in NHL history? Ok yes Colton parayko is the answer. What about the second? Craig Conroy is certainly in the mix. Plus he has an eye for talent, scored a goal in a game seven of the Stanley Cup Final, and played in over 1,000 career NHL games. Conroy, now the assistant GM of the Calgary Flames is closing in on one day managing his own team, whoever gets him will be lucky. As a player, Conroy was regarded as one of the top two-way centers in the game at one point. He was a good player in St. Louis on some really good teams before taking his game to another level playing alongside class of 2020 Hall of Famer Jarome Iginla for the Flames. Conroy could score and shut you down all at once and he did it with regularity. He also played with some unreal players including throughout his career. Find me a former teammate who has something bad to say about the Potsdam, New York Native. Don't bother because you won't. He was a star player, following in his Father and Uncle's footsteps, at Clarkson University before turning pro. He got in a fight with Hall of Fame goalie Patrick Roy in his first ever training camp practice, played for Mike Keenan twice, and countless other superstar players. A Hobey Baker runner up in college, a Selke and Lady Byng finalist in the NHL, Craig Conroy has one story after another and he joins us on this edition of the Cam and Strick Podcast. 
Pat Maroon joined us live for an exclusive sit-down with the two-time Stanley Cup Champion. A career that's had plenty of ups and downs, and full of perseverance, has led to the NHL veteran being one of the more accomplished power forwards in the game today. Known as the Big Rig, Maroon has earned his way towards playing in over 500 career NHL games. Recently married, life is good for Maroon who provides an honest review of himself and his career in this beautiful conversation. You think you know Pat Maroon, but do you? 
When the NHL Director of Player Safety speaks, you listen. Because he hardly speaks. In a rarely given interview, Parros provides a little transparency into the process that creates some of the most talked about situations every season...player discipline. Is there a harder or more scrutinized job in all of hockey? Seriously, how would you do if you were in Parros's shoes? Be honest with yourself. This guy has his balls on the line every time he has a to make a decision, and he does a helluva job at it. Seriously, of all the individuals who have held this position, the Princeton University grad maybe the best person to ever do it. How long he remains in the position we shall see. It's a thankless job that requires full attention 24/7. This guy watches more hockey than anyone in the world, and we're not sure that's such a good thing. Parros is widely known for three things...fighting as a player, graduating from an Ivy League school, and his beautiful mustache. We dive deep into all three. He also won a Stanley Cup in 2007 with Anaheim and had a really strong playing career. Look for Parros run his own NHL Club one day.  An exclusive interview with George Parros on this edition of the Cam and Strick Podcast. 
Scott Mellanby played over 1,400 games in his NHL career, so he might have one or two stories to share. If you don't know much about Mellanby and how competitive he was as a player, google him. He fought tough guys, scored goals, and was one of the best leaders of his generation. His post-playing career has been just as impressive. From scouting to coaching to working in management, Mellanby has put his playing experience to good use. He's now the Assistant General Manager of the Montreal Canadians and hoping to get a shot at running his own team. Mellanby opens up about the disappointment of not winning a Stanley Cup as a player and how that may have impacted his inability to land a GM job. Mellanby did play in two Stanley Cup finals during his career including in 1996 where he famously killed a rat in the Panthers dressing room which started a full on rat hysteria in south Florida. He talks about his experience growing up with his father Ralph who was the long time Executive Producer of Hockey Night in Canada and is responsible for hiring the legendary Don Cherry. We go deep with Scott Mellanby on this edition of the Cam and Strick Podcast. 
Michael Haley, one of the last true tough guys remaining in the NHL today. Sure there are guys like Milan Lucic, Tom Wilson, and of course Ryan Reaves still out there but even Haley goes about his business a little differently. An Oshawa native, Haley has fought his way towards carving out a nice NHL career. He's bounced around a bit but those who have played with Haley have nothing but respect for this guy. He also opens up about some personal issues he's overcome away from the game. He stepped away from the Florida Panthers a few seasons ago to get the help he needed. At the end of the day, Haley is exactly who we hoped he'd be. A cool ass dude with a story of how he went from playing in the ECHL to making a name for himself in the NHL. Michael Haley on this edition of the Cam and Strick Podcast. 
Is there a tougher player in the history of the NHL? Depending on who you ask but those who know will tell you, Joey Kocur threw the hardest right hand ever, period. To say he hurt people is an understatement. He did exactly that and then some. A true intimidator, a throwback enforcer, Kocur will forever be known as a shit kicker and a winner. A three time Stanley Cup winner. Kocur was on the historic 1994 New York Rangers team that won the Cup, but he made his mark and is best known as a Detroit Red Wing and the other half of the "Bruise Brothers" with fellow hockey legend Bob Probert. In fact Kocur argues that Probert belongs in the Hall of Fame. A native of Kelvington, Saskatchewan Kocur along with Wendell Clark and Barry Melrose are a few of the legends to call Kelvington home. A conversation to remember, he doesn't do many interviews but he did us, Joey Kocur straight from his cabin in the middle of the forest, on this edition of the Cam and Strick Podcast. 
Is Milan Lucic the toughest player in the NHL today? Don't worry, we ask him for his opinion. At one point, Lucic was considered one of the top all around power forwards in the game. He entered the league taking on all comers, and now 958 games later he hasn't changed. His offensive production may have tho, and he explains why that may have happened. He grew up as an NHL player in the Boston Bruins organization where he was a core player on their 2011 Stanley Cup winning team. Now he's a role player who can still impact the game in a variety of ways. He's also a great person who gives great interviews. Milan Lucic on this edition of the Cam and Strick Podcast. 
If there ever was a posterboy for most underrated goaltender in NHL history, you'll probably find the face of three time Stanley Cup winner Chris Osgood. This guy has over 400 wins, a few all-star selections, and a 2nd team All-NHL season, to go along with his Cups, yet no one seems to give a shit. Until now...Chris Osgood is a great story of a player who had several ups and downs but when it mattered the most he came through, and well that's really all that matters. At least to us. We had fun with Ozzie on this edition of the Cam and Strick Podcast. A father of three, he too has joined the coaching ranks as he looks to develop his son into another NHL prospect. From fighting Patrick Roy, to scoring goals, to playing alongside some of the best players and goaltenders in NHL history. Chris Osgood is among the most interesting goalies you're ever going to talk to. Does he belong in the Hall of Fame? Did he like Mike Babcock? What about Dominik H
Former Stanley Cup winner and former Canadian TV analyst Nick Kypreos dropped by to chat with the boys. Formerly with Sportsnet television, Kypreos describes what it’s like to be free of having to conform to network TV and finally say what he wants and be who he wants. With no one  telling him what he can and cannot say, Kyper is one ce again his own man and can speak  freely on virtually every topic. He tells us just how much competition there is between Sportsnet and TSN in Canada and the advantages network tv people have when it comes to breaking news. Plus some great stories on winning the Stanley Cup with the Rangers in 1994. Did he purposely fall on Grant Fuhr in the Stanley Cup playoffs? An injury that ended Fuhr’s playoff season and any hopes the St. Louis Blues had of winning the Stanley Cup. Kyper may have left tv but he’s staying busy. He recently wrote a book, started a podcast, and had his own beverage. Tune in to hear the other side of Nick Kypreos on this edition of the Cam and Strick Podcast. 
From public defender to the Stanley Cup champion. Sounds like the typical road traveled by all NHL Head Coaches right? Cooper is more than just a hockey coach, he has a personality, he's confident, and he's friends with Charles Barkley. The man gifted with great hair and a little bit of swag has used his strong communication skills to climb the ladder in the hockey ranks. Plus he's a winner, maybe the best quality any head coach could have or want. An interview that dives into his philosophy, his character, and his charisma. Learn everything you ever wanted to know about Jon Cooper on this edition of the Cam and Strick Podcast.  
Ryan Kesler, the guy you might not like if he's on the other side. He's in your face, talks shit, and scores. Who can't appreciate that? This guy had a great career, a former Selke Trophy winner, Kesler had a reputation as one of the best two way players of his era. He also put his body through hell and back again. He openly talks about his toradol use and how it led to serious side effects and consequences.  With that said, Kesler said he'd do it all over again. Recently the subject of the seriousness of Toradol usage, Kesler describes what he went through as a player and the impact it's had on his ability to try and live a normal life post career. We also get into plenty of hockey talk and his time playing in Vancouver. From the Sedins to Luongo to John Tortarella, we dive deep on this edition of the Cam and Strick Podcast. 
Kelly Chase, among the most popular players in St. Louis Blues history, the man known as Chaser, is the type of guy who might beat the crap out of you then turn around and pick you up right after. If you want stories, oh he has them and he isn't afraid to share them either. Known for fighting on the ice, Chaser has had his share off the ice as well. Figuratively speaking anyway. He's never been one to shy away from engaging in conflict if it means battling for something he feels strongly about. That has worked for and against Chaser over the course of his career as a player and a broadcaster. But at the end of the day he's respected and has done more for people than many realize. He played during an era when enforcers not only became famous, they were a necessity in the game, and he was among the best to do it. Plus did I mention he tells stories? Buckle up and enjoy one of the most entertaining conversations 
The All-time leader in wins and 2nd most Stanley Cups in NHL history, Scotty Bowman is the definition of a legend. The most accomplished coach in the history of the game, Bowman, now 87 years-old, hasn't missed a beat when reflecting on his Hall of Fame career. From a head injury that ended his career, to coaching some of the greatest players ever, what  allowed Bowman to stand the test of time? His stories are endless, his memory impeccable. From Lemieux to Ferdorov and coaching the Russian five, to how he almost became the head Coach of the Washington Capitals, it's time to pay your respects to one of the true pioneers in the game. Sit back and pour yourself a Mango Seltzer and get ready to learn a little hockey history.  
Don't be shocked when you finish listening to this interview, you tell yourself this is one of the best episodes you've heard on the Cam and Strick Podcast. The name Neil Smith is more familiar to some than others, depending on your age. But if you scroll through hockey history his name pops up everywhere. And we mean everywhere. From drafting Nicklas Lidstrom and Sergei Federov, to bailing Kevin Stevens out of an East St. Louis jail, to almost landing Eric Lindros out of the OHL, to even fighting with Mike Keenan and Mike Milbury. Seriously, this is just the tip of the iceberg with Neil Smith, there is so much more. He's the only one to lead the New York Rangers to a Stanley Cup since 1940 too so he brings some credibility as a hockey man, not to mention his draft excellence. Was he blackballed out of the NHL?  His stories are endless, do yourself a favor, sit back and enjoy this installment of the Cam and Strick Podcast. 
Ron Hextall, arguably the toughest goaltender in the history of the NHL, certainly the most unpredictable. He made a career out of destroying guys with his stick and his fists, all while making highlight reel saves enroute to becoming one of the best goalies of his era. Don't let the psychotic antics fool you, yes he was an animal but he was also one hell of a goaltender. We cover all of our bases on this episode, from his fights, to be traded, to scoring goals. Yes Hextall did score nearly as many goals as Cam did in his career. He was the first goalie to ever score in a regular season game before becoming the first NHL goalie to ever score in a Stanley Cup playoff game. His ability to handle the puck is what separates him from the rest of the goalies who came along in the 80's and 90's.  Before there was Martin Brodeur there was Ron Hextall. He never won a Stanley Cup as a player but he would eventually win as an assistant GM with the LA Kings in 2012. He eventually became General Manager of the Philadelphia Flyers, the same franchise where he became a legend as a player. How did it end? Not good, what happened? We tell you on this edition of the Cam and Strick Podcast. 
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Bud Lite Seltzer is watered-down beer! On serious note, this is the best hockey podcast. Your guests are better than Chiclets.

Jul 31st

Charlie Huddy's Lawn Guy

There were at least 2 times I was wondering what and who I was listening to BUT I'd have him as my agent/lawyer. One of you two should have asked him what his Trophy Room consists of!!!

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You two keep outdoing yourselves week to week! Pay attention hockey fans.

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This was legit. I'm genuinely surprised at how laid back he was when asked the hard questions. I'll be looking for his whiskey as well!

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While everyone may hate him... you'd love to have this guy on your team. #CamsManCrush

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what's with the music playing during the episodes?

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Great combination of serious and not-so-serious hockey talk from serious hockey insiders. Both local (LET'S GO BLUES!!!) and league-wide! Local businesses are thankful that these two aren't broadcasting local (Heyyoooo Strick!!!)

Jan 1st
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