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Our 200th Episode

Our 200th Episode


Looking back over 200 episodes of the podcast and sharing what’s to come in the future. Even though the podcast is taking a hiatus while we regroup and make it accessible, we won’t be gone forever. And you’ll still find us on our YouTube channel and blog! Some favourite episodes from over the years: What the movie Chef taught us about cooking Remixing Thanksgiving The Recipes and Chefs Who Taught Us to Love Cooking Creating Our Dream Food Truck That Time Kombucha Exploded All Over Our Podcast Our new hobby: dice stacking --- Send in a voice message:
Saying the thing that no one wants to hear: there's no guaranteed growth strategy on social media. It's different for every creator, every platform, and every audience. Let's talk about some things that might help and some that might hinder. --- Send in a voice message:
There's just something uniquely enticing about the way food is portrayed in animated films. The short film Bao and feature film Turning Red both feature prime examples of how good food can look when every aspect of the details are accounted for. We review Bao and the food scenes in Turning Red, which are both the work of the same production designer Rona Liu. Why the Food in Pixar’s ‘Turning Red’ Looks So Good: --- Send in a voice message:
If you were stranded on a desert island, would you eat something non-vegan? That scenario is no longer hypothetical for one vegan contestant on the latest season of Survivor. Vegans in reality tv competition shows have also had to make difficult decisions on Master Chef. Would you cook meat if you were on the show? Vegan Chef Quits Romanian MasterChef After Being Ordered To Cook Meat Survivor 42 Episode 2 Recap: Vegan Discrimination --- Send in a voice message:
There seems to be a trend in vegan marketing that's getting more common- cringe. After Oatly made a song, Sol Cuisine decided to make a song about cauliflower. Then THIS in the UK said hold my beer and made an ad about tricking vegans into thinking they're eating meat. What's going on?! Sol Cuisine Song: Oatly Song: Oatly patches: Oatly apology?: THIS Uk ad: --- Send in a voice message:
Have you ever wondered what it's like raising vegan children? How about raising two under the age of three? Tory Halpin is doing just that! With the help of research-based parenting tips and a background in childhood development, Tory is discovering the nuances that come with having a vegan family in a mostly not vegan world. Follow Tory on Instagram: Resources mentioned:  Plant-Based Juniors: Erin Ireland: Toronto Vegan Mom: The Plant-Based Baby & Toddler book: --- Send in a voice message:
Some of our favourite cooking advice comes from Julia Child- butter and fearlessness in the kitchen are key! We watch the movie Julie & Julia to learn about the history of Julia Child and the lessons she passed on to Julie Powell many years later.   --- Send in a voice message:
Oatly is in Crisis

Oatly is in Crisis


Catching up on vegan news including another questionable marketing move from Oatly, vegan babybels and laughing cow, IKEA's 3D-printed meatballs and supporting vegan bakery Southern Roots. The stories: Vegan babybels: IKEA 3D printed meatballs: Southern Roots bakery: Vegan lunches at schools in NYC: Oatly's questionable instagram post: Oatly's misleading ads: Zac Bird's reaction: --- Send in a voice message:
Trigger warning: discussions of eating habits and dieting. Are influencers making us all want to eat fast food? According to one article, they are. Turns out the real problem is actually how we are framing food and the relationship we have with it. Influencers aren't innocent and neither is this article. How food influencers affect what we eat: Maintenance Phase: --- Send in a voice message:
We watched Simon Amstell's mockumentary Carnage so you don't have to. We'll tell you the good parts, so you don't have to sit through the triggering and graphic parts. --- Send in a voice message:
Pinterest thinks it knows what will be trendy in 2022, so we're exploring the list. From bedazzled food to gothic aesthetics, we might be in for another wild year! Pinterest Trend Predictions 2022: --- Send in a voice message:
Vegnuary is all about going vegan for the month of January, but what happens after that? Instead of going all in for 31 days, we're proposing a more sustainable approach to going vegan that's all about making small, long-term changes that aren't overwhelming or intimidating. Vegan recipe creators to follow: The Viet Vegan: Okonomi Kitchen: Ally Lazare: Nora Cooks: Hot for Food: The Korean Vegan: --- Send in a voice message:
We're wrapping up the year with our favourite recipes, videos, podcasts, and things that brought us joy. We'll be back in January for another year of food, cooking, and fun! --- Send in a voice message:
What does a food video need to do well on TikTok? Turns out it's a combination of creativity, authenticity and appearing perfectly amateur. Inspired by Dan Pashman on The Sporkful and his quest to understand food videos on TikTok. The Sporkful: --- Send in a voice message:
We're reviewing the heartbreaking movie Okja and what it says about the farming industry, consumerism, and people's perceptions of animals. --- Send in a voice message:
From DIY meal kits, to artisanal chocolates and many treats in between, we're going through our lists of gift ideas for all the foodies in your life and sharing some small businesses to help support along the way. Businesses/Brands mentioned: VdeV Ye11ow Studio Wabanaki Maple Syrup Framebridge Hedley and Bennett Club Backdrops Grounds and Hounds Indie Coffee Roasters Lake and Oak Tea Co. ChocoSol Traders Vaka Craft Chocolate Watercolours by Carly Natura Soy Candles --- Send in a voice message:
Which came first, the marketing or the product? The answer might not be as clear cut as you'd expect. Marketing is in just about everything, especially our food, but it doesn't have to be feared by consumers... most of the time. --- Send in a voice message:
Denny's seems to be vaguely hinting at some plant-based menu plans... We're catching up on the latest vegan news including Starbucks holiday drinks, vegan chocolate and nutella, more vegan chicken and Burger King's plans to dominate. --- Send in a voice message:
As we considered common perceptions people have about vegans, we ended up examining our choices as vegans and what they mean for being imperfect vegans who hang out in the 'grey' area.  --- Send in a voice message:
In honour of spooky season, we're reviewing Larry Cohen's The Stuff. What did we learn? The scariest thing we should all fear is...consumerism!  --- Send in a voice message:
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lisa white

parent's job is to decide what is best for their kids, until they decide for themselves. if veganism is best for all people and the planet, which it is, it wouldnt be right to not raise your child vegan. raising your child vegan is similar to raising your child with your religion, because you believe in it, until they decide for themselves

Aug 20th

s c

did you watch any of his videos in its entirety?

Jul 25th
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