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Kat and Dev from the vegan blog/YouTube channel 'Two Market Girls' discuss running their blog, recipe creation, vegan news, social media, and content creation.
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When it comes to food styling that stops the scroll, it’s all about the story. A story told so seamlessly that you hardly realize why it’s drawing you in but you just want to know more. Sounds poetic and all, but how do you actually style food so that it has that affect on people? We’re discussing some technical setups and beginner tips to get anyone started. Pumpkin Spice Ebook: Video about styling food: The Bite Shot: Bea Lubas: Murielle Banackissa: --- Send in a voice message:
We're debating a list of the top 100 vegan products ever because some things are definitely in the wrong order.  The list: In the news: Vegan Boursin and Babybels: Krogers 50 New Vegan Products: Zero Egg: --- Send in a voice message:
Would you consider using hypnotherapy if your non-vegan partner refused to eat vegan food? One woman is willing to pay $1000 to try and we are fascinated and confused. So many questions. Get our Pumpkin theme e-cookbook: The story: --- Send in a voice message:
When the weight of the world takes a toll on your creativity, what do you do? As we navigate this ongoing pandemic, we still have our creative successes (hello new pumpkin ebook!), but we're also facing some lack of motivation. We're discussing how to make peace with that struggle and hopefully move past it. Plant-Based Pumpkin Cookbook: In the News: Sol Cuisine’s Thanksgiving Roast) President’s Choice Plant-Based Products Naked “Without the Oink” Bacon Applewood Cheese Toppers Pizza Starbucks and Miyokos --- Send in a voice message:
Baking has never been as fun or approachable as when Christina Tosi talks about it. She loves the nerdy science side of it just as much as she loves using those basic ingredients we all know from our childhoods. She inspires the heck out of us and we're sharing all the lessons we've learned from her. Remember- baking and food is a form of creativity and there is plenty of fun to be had. Be sure to check out Christina on the new season of The Chef Show, which we reference throughout this episode. --- Send in a voice message:
Overrated Vegan Foods

Overrated Vegan Foods


We're calling out all the vegan foods, recipes, and ingredients that we feel are just overrated. They're commonly hyped up and associated with vegan eating, but we just don't get it. That's right, we're looking at you oat milk...and nutritional yeast...and banana nice cream....and smoothie bowls. --- Send in a voice message:
We're talking about Instagram's new Reel feature and how to use it since Instagram is practically forcing us to... We also follow up on an open letter responding to Lightlife's 'clean break' campaign and Miley Cyrus' recent announcement that she's no longer vegan for nutritional reasons. Planterra's Response Letter: Miley Cyrus No Longer Vegan: Dr. Pamela Fergusson: --- Send in a voice message:
What do you do when a company you want to support makes an ugly move? Lightlife launched a campaign for their new 'clean' burger that spends most of its time attacking Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods. Oatly received investment funding from a firm that contributes to the global housing crisis. Two very different situations are making our conscious consumer reflexes kick in. Lightlife campaign: Beyond Meat's response: Impossible Food's response: Oatly and Blackstone: --- Send in a voice message:
Would you drink a pumpkin spice latte in August? At what point is it okay for seasonal foods to defy the boundaries of their seasons? We're discussing a brief history of the PSL and the timelines of seasonal food items. In the News: Ben and Jerry's Unfudge Our Future: A New Vegan Salami: 35 Vegan Cheese Made of Cauliflower: Nestle's Vegan Tuna: --- Send in a voice message:
After vegan YouTuber Maddie Lymburner announced she's now incorporating limited amounts of animal products back into her diet for health reasons, we saw the backlash from the vegan community. We want to advocate for a more inclusive vegan community that isn't built on perfection. --- Send in a voice message:
In anticipating of KFC launching a vegan chicken sandwich and popcorn chicken across Canada, we're recapping all of their previous vegan chicken launches and why we think this one will be successful. --- Send in a voice message:
No one is perfect in the kitchen. Sometimes the recipes just go all wrong and you just want to lay on the couch eating chips, to never cook again. We've been there, but we've also gotten past the failures and learned from them. Cooking and baking are just like any other creative process- they've got ups and downs! In the news: A Vegan Costo: The Bacon Burger: Vegan Fried Chicken in Brighton: Vegan Condensed Milk: --- Send in a voice message:
After making a video about the behind-the-scenes of filming and photographing a recipe, we talk more about that process, what lessons we want to share to help others create food content, and how we want to incorporate more videos about our process into our channel. Our video: Murielle's video: --- Send in a voice message:
Turning your blog or YouTube channel into a source of income is every creator's dream, right? So where do you start and how do you work towards a sustainable income? We're sharing 5 ways any creator can monetize their platform and what it takes to do it. --- Send in a voice message:
Ever underpaid yourself because you doubt your abilities? Inspired by Vivian Kaye's "What Would Chat Do?" mindset, we're discussing the fight to feel empowered as women to be as bold and confident as men are in similar situations. Whether it's in work, finances, or just speaking up for yourself, it's time to stop the self-limiting thoughts! Vivian's video about Chad (@itsviviankaye): --- Send in a voice message:
Four years into our blog and we're sharing all our advice for anyone who's interested in starting their own. Everything from considering your voice and the unique perspective you can bring, to social media and strategy, and even a little tech advice too. Just remember, blogs are still valuable. --- Send in a voice message:
We're catching up on the latest news from the vegan world including a new steak product launch, a twelve year-old vegan chef's new cookbook, and Canada's investment into plant-based food. Articles: --- Send in a voice message:
We're sharing the affordable and camera-friendly backdrops we've created ourselves over the years and explaining how the different types of backdrops you choose for your photos affect the end result. The Bite Shot backdrop tutorial: Where we bought our one expensive backdrop: --- Send in a voice message:
As we continue to learn about being better advocates for anti-racism, we're addressing how we'll be implementing changes to Two Market Girls and our personal lives. We need to keep this momentum going so that we can bring about permanent changes that are long overdue. An Anti-Racism Guide for People Not on Social Media Ben & Jerry's Statement on the Black Lives Matter movement --- Send in a voice message:
These are the content creators, podcasts, movies, tv shows, books, and voices we are consuming right now to better educate ourselves on eradicating racial injustices and becoming better allies on a daily basis. Everything we mentioned in this episode is linked here: --- Send in a voice message:
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bean burgers, done well, are great! But I'll never be able to have inactive yeast without thinking of fish food again! veggies (and banana) in smoothies, are horrid. you guys rock, as usual 🤭

Sep 15th


You guys are wise beyond your years and hilarious. You had me laughing to myself while out walking 🤭

Sep 5th

lisa white

parent's job is to decide what is best for their kids, until they decide for themselves. if veganism is best for all people and the planet, which it is, it wouldnt be right to not raise your child vegan. raising your child vegan is similar to raising your child with your religion, because you believe in it, until they decide for themselves

Aug 20th

s c

did you watch any of his videos in its entirety?

Jul 25th
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