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Welcome to CampusXP, an exclusive podcast series brought to you by upGrad Campus, where we take a plunge into the field of education, talk about great ideas, strategies, and concepts to bring about Revolution In Education!
16 Episodes
In this episode, we will go through the upbringing of mobile apps, exploring how they have gone from being convenient tools to becoming a necessary part of our lives. Today, mobile apps have become an integral part of our daily routine.  We use them for communication, entertainment, socializing, shopping, education, and even for managing our finances. It's a good thing we have these apps, otherwise we might have to rely on our sense of direction and memory - two things that seem to have been lost with the advent of technology! In this episode, we'll explore the journey of mobile apps, what goes behind making a successful app and the scope of app development in the future. Join us for an information packed and an entertaining episode. For more information on upGrad Campus and its offerings, visit us at or just send a “Hi” on our Whatsapp. 
In today’s episode, we focus on electric vehicles (EVs), the eco-friendly vehicles that are quietly zipping their way back into the mainstream! Electric cars may have existed since the 19th century, but they're no longer stuck in the past! Thanks to advancements in battery technology and charging infrastructure, EVs are making a comeback like never before. With sleek designs and lightning-fast acceleration, it's no wonder that more and more people are opting for EVs. So, buckle up and join us as we charge into the world of electric vehicles. We’d love to hear from you. Drop your feedback on this episode at  
On this episode of CampusXP, we explore the exciting world of AI with ChatGPT! We'll delve into the latest breakthroughs in Machine Learning and the impact of this revolutionary chatbot. From writing poems to translating languages, ChatGPT can do it all! We'll also look closer at Generative AI and the secret behind ChatGPT's human-like responses. Tune in to discover why this AI is taking the world by storm!  Visit us at for more information on our technology and content solutions. 
In this episode of the two-part series on Understanding UI X design, we explore how UI/UX design impacts various industries, including education, food tech, real estate, healthcare, and gaming. We also discuss the importance of coding for future design aspirants and why the combination of UI UX design plus coding can be powerful in any student's resume. Visit us at for more information on our technology and content solutions. Click here to listen to the first part of Understanding UI/UX Design:
Out of the millions of mobile apps and websites available today, some have been successful while others have found it hard to strive in the highly competitive app market. One thing has however been common with all successful mobile apps. And that is, they all have a great look and feel. UI and UX are an integral part of this look and feel and we will be deep diving into these design domains in part 1 of the two part series. For more information on upGrad Campus and its offerings, visit us at
From dull, boring and static websites to Google searches and Instagram reels, the internet and browsing experience has evolved drastically over the decades. It is now time to enter the third phase of www evolution – Web3.O, where the true power lies in the hands of content creators and consumers. Web 3.0 makes the internet completely transparent, decentralized, and empowering, meaning that it has immense potential for serving all spheres of life.In this episode of CampusXP, let's find out what Web3.0 is and how it is helping create a new revolution of Creators Economy . To know more about us and our offerings, you can visit us at 
Meta has built the most powerful marketing engine in history. Today, it helps more than 200 million businesses for reaching out to more than 3 billion people across the globe. It helps people discover new products and form new relationships. No other contemporary platform has the variety and sheer scale of ad formats to make that deepened connection between a customer and brand. In this episode of CampusXP, we decode digital marketing of the Metaverse. You can know more about us at
Curiosity is a fundamental human trait. Everyone is curious. It goes without saying that curiosity enhances learning and makes it more fun. Let’s get curious about curiosity and explore why asking questions might be more necessary than finding answers especially in academics. Know more about us, by visiting   Check out the famous essay by student Clara Ma, that gave the Mars rover its name - Curiosity!
The world as we know today is entering a new era – the Internet of Things. Everyday objects like cars, household appliances, and smartphones have united among themselves into a ‘smart’ single network to ensure our comfort. With more than 7 billion connected IoT devices today, experts are expecting this number to grow to 30 billion by the year 2025. Tune in to find out all about IoT, its origin and fields are changing fast because of this technology. To know more about us, visit us at
Product management lies at the crux of any organization. It is the main reason any company exists in the first place: to deliver great products to customers and solve their problems while making a profit. But why is it so important to have a great product manager? How have product managers changed and transformed the products and services we consume every day? Why are they called the mini-CEO? Tune in to find out!  To know more about us, visit us at
In this episode of CampusXP, we take a sneak peek into the future of the workspace. Talk about how emerging technologies will disrupt the nature of jobs and skills that are needed to thrive in the next generation. We delve deeper into themes such as automation, human intelligence, innovation, and how we fit into the big equation.For more details on Emerging Technology trends, check our blog post, Top 7 Tech Trends Giving Students a Competitive Edge! You can know more about us at
Games are incredible channels of new-age learning, teaching, and assessment techniques. In this episode of CampusXP, we delve into the essence of gamification of education, explore its benefits, look at some live industry examples and find out how some easy tweaks could gamify classrooms in real-time. To know more about us, visit us at
In the world of machines and technology, people have a strong urge to connect. People need to relate to things on a personal level, for the feel and emotion of situations, people, or for that matter anything that you can think of. And this is exactly what Stories do. They connect by letting you enter into a new universe with your own imagination and perspective.In this episode of CampusXP, we explore the magic of storytelling and how brands have used it to create a lasting impression on their customers. You can know more about us and our vision for Next-Gen Institutions at Here is that surprise link for the story in Episode:
Today, we are all living in a world of instant gratification, with almost all the information we want disposed, right at our fingertips. How is this even possible? Well, it is achieved through the supply of digital data via networks invisible to the naked eye, and sophisticated hardware that fits right into the palm of our hands. Data is no more the ‘new’ oil. It is ‘the essential oil’ which feeds the very fabric of our society to function day-to-day.  In this episode of CampusXP, we take a look at the past, present, and future of Data Analytics. You can know more about us at  college.upgradcampus.comThe famous Sketch of Machine Teachers we talked about in the Podcast is here:
In this episode of campusXP, we have an engaging conversation with Kashyap, Head of Content (New-age Specializations) at upGrad Campus, where we will cover interesting aspects of emerging technologies. We will delve into questions like “what are the in-demand skills of today?”, “How can one choose a career path in the tech field?” and so on. For more details on Emerging Technology trends, check our blog post, Top 7 Tech Trends Giving Students a Competitive Edge!To know more about us, visit us at
In this episode of CampusXP, we take a look at the great revolution in the education sector in our country. We explore the evolution of education and technology and how it's changing the world we live in today and take a deep dive into education 4.0 and how we can be better prepared for the massive changes it promises. For more details on Emerging Technology trends, check our blog post, Top 7 Tech Trends Giving Students a Competitive Edge!You can know more about us at
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