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This podcast is for and about soldiers of the Canadian Army.

Its primary goal is to provide them with useful information through thoughtful and open discussions that reflect their mutual interests and concerns.

Though soldiers are our primary audience, the topics covered on this podcast should be relevant to anyone who supports our soldiers or who has an interest in Canadian military matters.
19 Episodes
Canadian soldiers continue to be deployed on a number of international operations, including Operation UNIFIER. Op UNIFIER is the Canadian contribution to a multi-national effort to provide military training and capacity-building in Ukraine.
Soldiers covertly stacking up against walls in the dead of night, breaching doors, while wearing night vision goggles and pointing lasers at their targets – that’s what comes to mind when thinking about the Special Forces. There is a lot more to the Canadian Special Operations Forces Command. BREACHER UP!
When our soldiers prepare to deploy to places such as Mali, Congo or Sudan, they go for training at the Canadian Army’s Peace Support Training Centre which is headquartered in Kingston, Ontario. Join us for a discussion about what PSTC has to offer to Canadian Armed Forces members.
Host Captain Adam Orton and his guest have a frank discussion about social media etiquette and how to stay out of trouble.
From armoured to U.S. Ranger trainee to photographer, Cpl Morgan LeBlanc has had an interesting time in uniform. He tells us all about it.
Colonel Marie-Christine Harvey has spent most of her 24 year career in uniform working in the artillery trade. Currently, she is G3 head of operations at Army Headquarters. She tells us why the artillery is a challenging but rewarding career choice that prepares you for virtually any task.
So you decide to join the Army and become a junior officer. What’s that like? Is it what you thought it would be? We find out from one young soldier’s perspective. 2Lt Michelle Evans is our guest.
Each year, from among those who have lost a son or daughter during active military operations, the Canadian Legion selects a National Silver Cross Mother. Reine Sampson Dawe, the 2019 National Silver Cross Mother, is our podcast guest.
Soldier first is a term we throw around a lot, but are you willing to throw on a ruck and go for a walk “for fun” after the day’s training is over? For more than 3000 military members, the answer is “yes!”
“Go tell it to the padre“, is something many soldiers have heard over the course of their career at some point. The role of chaplains in the Canadian Army is a simple, yet at the same time, often complex one that has helped many soldiers through difficult times.
A soldier who has demonstrated his superior marksmanship at the Canadian Armed Forces Small Arms Concentration talks about what’s involved in training for this level of success and how he passes along his skills to other soldiers in his unit.
For the past 13 years, Canada Army Run has taken place every September on the streets of Ottawa. This year, it’s virtual and taking place everywhere runners want to participate.    We have three guests to talk about this: Col Nickolas Roby, Director, Canadian Army Personnel Management; Sgt Amélie Eldaoud, Canadian Army Sergeant Major’s Military Assistant; who are both in Ottawa, and in Sainte-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier, Quebec, MCpl (Ret) Étienne Aubé, representing Soldier On.
The Tactics School's outgoing Commanding Officer Lieutenant-Colonel Christian Caron talks about the Combat Team Commander's Course.
We turn the tables on host Lt Adam Orton to find out more about him and about our podcast. Patricia Sztompka from Canadian Army Headquarters is the one asking Adam the questions in this episode.
Individual training is about to restart in the Canadian Army. Here to tell us how that will happen is Colonel Cayle Oberwarth, Commander of the Combat Training Centre and the Army Individual Training Authority.
Host Lieutenant Adam Orton talks about upcoming show ideas and thanks listeners for their support.
Sergeant Brigitte O’Driscoll, The Royal Montreal Regiment, talks about her experiences as 2IC of a team working in a Montreal long-term care facility.
Lieutenant-General Wayne Eyre, Commander Canadian Army, talks about the Canadian Army's posture during the COVID-19 emergency and the launch of the Canadian Army Podcast.
Listen up troops and put your helmets on! We are developing a Canadian Army podcast. It will be for and all about our soldiers. Stay tuned for more episodes!
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Brenda M. Uji

Just came by to say Happy Canadian Armed Forces day. It's impressive to see the dedicated service of the CAF over the years, and it's increasing involvement in peace keeping and aid to civil power in times like this. Thank you for your service.

Jun 7th

Brenda M. Uji

This was enlightening (and quite nostalgic) hearing about the CA's efforts in training, force projection and force protection at this time. Good start, the podcast can only get better from here! P. S Pardon my ignorance, why do you say Stay Frosty?

May 16th
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