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Multiple canna-content producers providing you with a strong ‘one stop shop’ podcast subscription solution. (Moderated by Michael Pedersen @cancannupdate)
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If you listen to this podcast, you probably already know what The Business of Cannabis is all about as well.  Jay Rosenthal, Co-Founder of "B of C" joined me to talk about his start up & what it's been like to crack into the cannabis media scene.  Jay gets amazing access to many high level cannabis people, so you may think that it's always been easy but not according to Jay.  This like any other is a business and requires a lot of hard work & hustle.  This is a chance to get to know Jay a little better & to find out what it's like behind the scenes at The Business of Cannabis. Enjoy!
In life, most of us will never step onto a stage as large as a Miss Universe pageant.   Alyssa Boston is Miss Universe Canada & took to the stage wearing a cannabis inspired dress, not because she consumes cannabis but because she believes in legalization.  Alyssa took a big chance at the event & knew that by wearing a dress like she, there was also a chance it could be the difference between winning & losing.  Alyssa joined me to talk about the experience & to explain why she decided to fight the stigma on a World stage! Follow Alyssa on Twitter @_alyssaboston
Today's podcast is brought to you by Cannabis Science Podcast! In humans, cannabis has long been known to be effective at relieving a variety of different conditions. But what happens in the case of our animal companions, does it work for them as well? The team takes a look at a few studies that try to answer this question. Including whether veterinarians in the US and Canada recommend giving cannabis or cannabis products as medication to our furry friends. Can canines use cannabis! Tune in to find out! Additional information and references:
This podcast was provided by Cannabis Update! Often polarizing, never shy, Jodie Emery joined me for today's conversation to talk about her past, present & future.   I hope that you discover a side to Jodie that you haven't seen before, she seemed to let her guard down for this talk & I was grateful to produce the interview. Enjoy!
Kirk and Trevor discuss PTSD with Dr. Mike Hart founder of ReadyToGo Clinic. Dr. Hart talks about how PTSD, migraines, IBS and some other conditions are due at least in part to an endocannabinoid deficiency. That means cannabis is an obvious treatment for PTSD. Also hear how cannabis can also be used in sports medicine and about Kirk's Runners' High on the Columbia Ice Fields. Music by: Bif Naked - Santa Claus is Comin to Town - - (Yes we got a SOCAN membership to use this song all legal and proper like) Additional Music: Desiree Dorion Marc Clement
Skkrrtt! W/Unity Marguerite S1E8 Tim and Nic return to talk Hype men, and hip hop trends. Then Unity Marguerite of The Village Bloomery in Vancouver joins Nic to talk Cannabis retail.
Today's podcast is by Cannabis Update who speaks w seasoned grower Travis Lane.  Travis comes from legacy market but has blazed a path into the complicated world of legal cannabis & consults others on how to take that step as well.  Travis was in Vegas for MJBizCon & graciously took an hour out of his day to do this interview.  He's a wealth of cann-knowledge & a damn nice guy too!  Not to be missed :)
The narrative around cannabis is shifting, and while it’s spreading like wildfire through North America, the rest of the world is playing catch up at varying degrees. This episode our favourite - and only - Sessions facilitator, Tiyana Matliovski, is taking the reigns, and for the last episode of season two, she wants to take you on a tour down under. She is joined by husband Surjeet Shetty, and together they discuss their recent return home to Australia after living and working in Vancouver since 2016, and their plans to support the cannabis shift back home with their new venture Goodshift Co. When it comes to cannabis, the difference between the Australian and North American landscape is like night and day. Throughout season two we’ve touched on the many flaws of the newly legalised system in Canada, yet as it is, patients can access their medicine easily, community education is a focus, and the market is blooming. On the other hand, in Australia, where 85% of people believe cannabis should be available medicinally, and more than 35% of people have used cannabis at some point in their lifetime, simply getting a medical prescription is extremely expensive and can take months.  For the wider community, the plant is still marred by misinformation and propaganda, it is feared and heavily stigmatised, but there is still hope. For Tiyana & Surjeet, helping further the cannabis conversation was the catalyst to starting their new online store, Goodshift Co. Launching in 2020, the online boutique for health-conscious and sustainable living, is built on a belief in science and innovation as well as ancient traditions and alternative practices. Their curated offerings include a range of contemporary health, wellness and lifestyle products to service the Australian market. With a focus on hemp and other holistic products, Goodshift Co is committed to purveying the highest quality, ethical and sustainable goods. The aim is to tap into the curiosity and needs of the growing number of individuals in Australia exploring the shifting narrative around alternative therapies. Even more exciting Goodshift Co will launch with its very own subscription box, the Shifty Box, which is a quarterly, botanical (read cannabis), edible infusion recipe box. Shifty Box partners with cannabis chefs from around the world to bring unique, tried and tested, botanical infusions recipes to consumers who looking for more than just the good old fashioned pot brownie. Sign up here for updates to Goodshift Co and Shifty Box to stay informed on launch dates and early bird promotions. Let Us Take You On a Tour Down Under Tiyana Matliovski & Surjeet Shetty Download
There is a lot of competition in the matured cannabis markets, while most new markets will eventually reach saturation and increased competition. How can a dispensary stand out in such a crowded market? Our guest is Randa Shahin Larkin, Co-Founder of Home Grown Apothecary. We discuss strategies for differentiating dispensaries and brands. Link to Email List sign up “Join our Community” and get insights we don’t share anywhere else.
Showdown at The Big house with Blue and Paul Pedersen S1E6 On a very special Flower Hour Podcast, Nic is joined by Paul Pedersen CEO of Nextleaf Solutions and Craig Wiggins of The Cannalysts' to talk about extraction, legalization 2.0, and flex on who's Big Ten powerhouse will come out on top(it was U of M).
Kirk and Trevor discuss cannabis-related workplace issues with the world’s largest advocacy group for small businesses. After one year of legalization, the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses (CFIB) surveyed their 110,000 members discovering 10,000 Canadian small business owners have confronted cannabis-related issues. As the discussion digs deep into the survey numbers we learn much of the hype promoted before legalization did not materialize yet, small business owners are still dealing with employees smelling of cannabis, poor government-offered educational opportunities, and defining impairment. Ryan Mallough, the director of Provincial Affairs for Ontario, explains how CFIB normally lobbies government for better taxes, laws, regulations, and how his organization has become the primary source of cannabis education for many of their members. Music by: Dauphin Community Jazz Band - (Yes we got a SOCAN membership to use this song all legal and proper like) Additional Music: Desiree Dorion Marc Clement Links: CFIB Cannabis Info - CFIB Cannabis Survey -…ter-legalization
Today's podcast is by Cannabis Update :) Balance CBD's Co-Founder & Head of R&D Dr. Manpreet Bajwa joined me on today's podcast to talk about CBD & why his company may be able to lead the pack in a sea of competitors.  CBD research & knowledge is no doubt still in it's infancy & Dr. Bajwa talks not only about his company but many of the ways in which CDB is now being administered & for what ailments.  This interview features talk about the CBD business, CDB research & some insights into the potential future of the industry.
Today's Podcast is brought to you by Periodic Effects :) Most cannabis consumers know that edibles & smoking produce very different results. But if new users don’t understand the different impacts of THC metabolism when eaten vs inhaled, it can lead to a negative experience! We’ll dive deeper into the science of how THC is converted into 11-OH-THC across consumption methods to help you communicate the difference in experience to customers. Link to [Periodic Budtender Sessions] FB Group One Article Discussed [1] “11-OH-THC: The High that Comes from Within Us” from Terpenes and Testing Magazine
Y2K feels like it was just yesterday, but as you know, soon we’ll be entering the third decade of this millennium. Barring a cataclysmic event, it’s reasonable to assume that the popularity of cannabis will continue to grow. Thus far it has done a stellar job of creeping it’s way back into the mainstream,, once again embedding itself as a staple ingredient for a happy and healthy lifestyle. Yet with all the hubbub around recreational cannabis, it was it’s medical potential that paved the way for this dramatic shift in public opinion. Alas, there’s still a lot of scepticism and confusion around medical cannabis. All too often I hear questions like, “isn’t it just a placebo? Does it really even work?  Are people just getting high? Which is why this episode on chronic pain management and cannabinoid therapy is a must for anyone who’s ever pondered “what the hell is medical cannabis?” We’re very lucky as this Session we have Dr Sana-Ara Ahmed hosting, a practicing clinical Anesthesiologist, Interventional Pain & Cannabinoid Medicine Specialist in Canada. She is the owner and operator of Alberta based medical clinic Genuvis Health, which provides integrative and compassionate chronic pain management for Calgarians. The successful incorporation of medical cannabis into her practice for treating chronic pain, anxiety, depression, functional sleep disorders and opioid related issues has well established Dr. Ahmed as an expert in the field. She is joined by Shabana Safari, colleague and nurse at Genuvis Health who has been working with Dr Ahemd for more than a year. This episode they addresses that big green elephant in the clinic;  when is comes to understanding medical cannabis the wider medical community is rather uninformed. This leaves many patients vulnerable and open to harm caused by unchecked biases and misinformation, as well as diminished treatment options. Dr Ahmed’s clinic is one of just a few that utilise cannabinoid therapy, and she is one of just a few doctors that are specialising in this treatment modality. Interestingly both Dr Ahmed and Shabana entered the world of medical cannabis with biases toward the plant. Like many, there was an underlying distrust as well as a big dose of scepticism towards the concept of cannabis as medicine. Both women reveal how it was their first hand experience interacting with and seeing the incredible transformations of patients that ignited their passion for the plant. A must listen episode for all healthcare professionals, tune in as Dr Ahmed and Shabana speak frankly about their experiences treating patients with cannabis.
Today's podcast is brought to you by Cannabis Science Podcast :) As more countries begin to open their markets to cannabis, a group of products stand to become the next multi-billion-dollar segment of this industry. Topical cannabis is big business in the modern era, but its uses go at least as far back as 2000 BCE and likely much earlier. Salves, creams, ointments, and bars are just a few of the cannabis-infused products being created by prestige skincare and cosmetic brands. Besides the money being made, the potential benefits are very promising. Yet one question seems to be on everyone’s mind…do these products really work? In this episode the team explores the science to answer these questions and more. Are these products really the “crème de la crème”? Additional information and references:
Today's podcast is brought to you by Wayne @PeriodicEffects :) Cannabis is one of the most complex plants on Earth, which is why it’s known to help with so many different use cases. As we discover more about the science of cannabis it becomes difficult to predict which products will work for different use cases. Our guest is Educator Emma Chasen and we discuss how the many compounds in cannabis could be useful for different effects and ailments. Link to Email List sign up “Join our Community” and get insights we don’t share anywhere else.
Today's broadcast is brought to you by The Dopist :) It was an unconventional recovery but it worked. Ashley Kingsley shares her journey going from addict to entrepreneur for our Health & Cannabis series. Hear why putting down the bottle and picking up a joint saved her life - on The Dopist with Nicolle Hodges. The Dopist is a weekly podcast that puts cannabis at the center of deep dialogue with experts, to help you navigate this new industry—and beyond. Host Nicolle Hodges brings on guests each week to dissect the world of cannabis. Follow @thedopist on Instagram, and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. Brought to you by Weedbox. Produced by Noah Sniderman of VoiceMagic
Today's Podcast is brought to you by Cannabis Update! Shane, AKA Vape the Bud is a Canadian-based Cannabis reviewer. People like Shane are taking on this work, systematically reviewing everything that comes across their desks so that regular cannabis users like you and I can gain insights on what might be good & what may not be!  Shane tells his story, talks about how he does his reviews & eludes to what his future may hold.  Amazing guy, I really enjoyed this conversation, I hope you do too. Find Shane on Twitter @vapethebud
Today's podcast is brought to you by the boys at Reefer MEDness :) Kirk and Trevor talk to Janna Champagne. Janna was a critical care cardiac nurse thriving in a high pressure, high stakes, life and death work place. Suddenly her life was derailed by an illness. Janna discovered how cannabis could help her life and has become a Cannabis-Specialty Nurse to help others. Along the way, Janna found another benefit of cannabis to her family. Come listen to how cannabis helped Janna's daughter through an Autism puberty crisis and probably spared her from out of home placement. Music by: Eden Myrrh - (Yes we got a SOCAN membership to use this song all legal and proper like) Additional Music: Desiree Dorion Marc Clement Links: Janna Champagne - Facebook - Instagram - LinkedIn -…sn-rn-95a51a167/
Today's podcast is brought to you by Nic & Tim @ Flower Hour Podcast :) Late L'alloween with Francois Jacques S1E5 Francois Jacques of Mack Flash Entertainment joins the boys to talk about Halloween movies, Tim Hortons, Dave Chappelle, Halloween 3: Season Of The Witch, Cabin In The Woods and much much more.
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