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Multiple canna-content producers providing you with a strong ‘one stop shop’ podcast subscription solution. (Moderated by Michael Pedersen @cancannupdate)
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Flower Hour Pod Se02 Ep03

Flower Hour Pod Se02 Ep03


Today's podcast is brought to you by the boys at Flower Hour Podcast!Murder We Wrote Tim and Nic return with an episode where they talk about Murder She Wrote, HBO's The Deuce, Jaws 2, Feed Us a Fetus and Anderson Paak. Do not fear that just because we didn't talk Cannabis that weren't in its loving silly embrace. Enjoy Cannafriends!
Today's podcast is brought to you by Periodic Effects :)With Cannabis marketing being so restrictive, how do brands get creative and gain exposure? Our guest is Kirk Evans, Co-Founder of Sherpa, a digital marketing agency. We discuss insights for leveraging SEO and Websites to create foot traffic in dispensaries, along with other digital strategies for brands and product companies.
Today's podcast is brought to you by Michael @cannupdatepodAmy Lafleche might be a bit of a mystery woman, however her work is anything but.  Amy's the founder & creator of the trail blazing web series "The Cannabis Show" & now co-founder of the canna-media company Royal Ascension.  While Amy is normally behind the cameras & microphones, it's because of her work that you get to see her team that has become so well known in the cannabis space.Amy talks about what they're up to & where they're headed while telling us a few stories about her life & work with the Hart, Basil, Kate, Evan, Chris & more.  I hope you enjoy!Follow them on Twitter @thisisRoyalA & subscribe to their podcasts "Royal Ascension"
Today's episode is brought to you by the Cannabis Science Podcast :)Cannabis is an incredibly dynamic plant with hundreds of chemical compounds within it. Despite the well-known THC and CBD molecules everyone talks about, few people really know or understand what composes the rest of the cannabinoid soup. In this episode, Dr. Ricardo Rivera explains what cannabinoids we should know about, how much of them there are, and how they are presented throughout the different types of cannabis. Tune in to find out more and hear Kimit’s head explode.Additional information and references:
Kirk travels back to familiar territory. The master of the cold-call finds opportunity to bring listeners a couple Cannabis stories while visiting his Alberta family. Canadian listeners will remember how the hamlet of Lac La Biche helped the citizens of Fort McMurry after the great fire of May 2016. During his visit to this beautiful lake side community, Kirk spoke with the owner of Equilibrium, Lac La Biche’s first independent retail cannabis store. He then happened upon the grand opening of Spiritleaf, where he spoke with the happy owners of this franchise store. In this episode we learn from these front-line retailers about the Alberta market place and how a small town Alberta is not going without. Alberta is kicking butt and taking names when it comes to legal Cannabis Retail. Hey Ontario and BC, maybe you need a lesson from Wild Rose Country?Music by:Flat we got a SOCAN membership to use this song all legal and proper like)Additional Music:Desiree eqcannabis.comSpiriteaf -
Today's Podcast is brought to you buy Sessions from The Herblifehis episode we welcome two passionate cannabis advocates and industry professionals, Emerald Asuncion and Abi Sampson.Tune in to listen to Emerald and Abi as they discuss their experiences being women of colour in the cannabis space, intersectionality, the roots of cannabis legalisation, and the dedication of the industry pioneers who have paved the way for the legalisation of cannabis in Canada.Through their conversation they highlight some of the pitfalls of the legalised industry, which has all but forgotten minorities and indigenous peoples in the race to get to the top.Many view this industry as new and emerging, which is only true when we consider it in the mainstream context. Truthfully this road has been paved by a long list of activists and advocates for decades.While recreationally legal cannabis is just over a year old, Emerald has worked in the space for more than 7 years starting with the BC compassion club in 2013. She now works as the communications and culture coordinator as Pasha Brands, which is itself a prohibition era brand house.Abi Sampson, a slightly newer addition to space, has been working in cannabis since 2015. She is the Chair of the Dandelion Initiative, a grassroots not-for-profit organization providing support and advocating on behalf of survivors of sexual assault. She’s worked with NORML Canada, a cannabis advocacy group in Canada, is on the board for NICHE Canada, and is currently working as Client Care Specialist at Canopy Growth Corporation. She is also a determined representative of her Filipino roots, which you’ll hear more about in this session.Some advice for this episode, if you’re a foodie like us, you’ll want to take notes around the 35 minute mark when these two get into blazing and Filipino food for the ultimate munchie indulgence.
Thanks to Nic & Tim for today's podcast contribution!A Travolta In Time and Space S1 E2 Tim and Nic are back talking about Scientology, Units of Measure, Kidney Stones and laser penises. Then Windsor/Essex Cannabis Activist and entrepeneur Leo Lucier joins Nic to talk about his life in Cannabis.
Today's podcast is brought to you by Periodic EffectsCannabis Retailers are battling oversaturation with multiple competitors in walking distance. When consumers have so many shops to choose from, how does a Retailer stand out? Some are starting to differentiate themselves by switching to Effects-Based merchandising and education. Today’s guest is Bruce Caruso, General Manager for Green Oasis. We discuss how Bruce stopped selling on Sativa & Indica and what it’s doing for the bottom line.Find out more about Periodic Effects Podcast:
Today's podcast is contributed by Michael with Cannabis Update :)This is another interview recorded at Hempfest in Calgary (Thanks to them!)Ryan is a well known cannabis influencer, reviewer & legal shop owner.  Ryan knows the business from the retail level better than most & he took the time to talk about what he's seeing from customers & in the market in general.  Ryan is always a ham & we definitely shared a few laughs too.Find Ryan on Twitter @lakecitycanna
Proud to published our first podcast by The Cannabis Science Podcast, hope you enjoy!Many people have been talking about the importance of landraces long before the rise of the modern cannabis industry. Yet, it seems very few people actually know what this term really means. In this episode, we take a look at what a landrace is, it’s origins, uses, and global importance. So, if you’ve ever been curious about the fascinating world of cannabis landraces tune in to find out!Additional information and references:
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