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Description is a blog and podcast about craft beer. We talk about beer in REAL terms, no pretentious swilling or "notes of Autumn".

Join Sean and Stu on a journey of palate development and random chat
39 Episodes
Jambo First Blood part 2 - This episode the boys return to Hell Yeah custom Tattoo to discuss God, film franchises, pedals and bass, Slipknot, festivals, Vegetarianisms, Bebo and Josh. Up the Josh!
This episode the boys discuss Christmas, Spain, Handsome Cavill, Gervais, World War 3 and are joined by Buzzy, the ominous hum.
Stu is in Spain so Seán flies solo to gush about how class 2019 was, shares some beer news and rambles about going to bed before midnight on New Year's Eve. The beer this week is Joker IPA by Williams Bros Brewing Co.
This episode the boys discuss Juicy Smollet, big beer, prostitution, the Queen (again), AI and going cardless and cashless.
This episode the lads say "Brewdog" a bunch of times, discuss flat Newcastle, cults, impeachment, get ordained as priests, celebrate the festive season and sample some "loose juice".
This episode the boys discuss can art, day drinking, the vegan society ‘register’, cheering on the linesman, Bullhouse brewing taproom in vault artists studios, a new Belfast international beer festival and cast a very critical eye over the new Ghostbusters trailer.
This episode Stu is joined by Young Brian to discuss juice, Star Wars, Gay beer, politics and Christmas. All while eating Frazzles!
This episode the lads discuss proper surfing, crafty scores, alcohol legislation in NI and answer slew of questions from the listeners! Take a gander at this :
Stu is flying solo this episode. He rants casually about the remake of the remake of Charlies Angels, the patriarchy, bed-stealing Greyhounds, Living with yourself, and watery non-beer.
This week the boys discuss nose teeth, Bojo, the Queen (again) and gender swapped Ghostbusters. Sean reacts to the Sonic thon Hedgehog trailer and Stu impersonates Bob Hoskins.....
Continuing the absolute charity juggernaut that is #NoCraicNovember - the boys review 3 flavours of Kombucha from TBD Brewing! They discuss haircutting for the anxious, contextual tea, bad timing and the universe conspiring against you.
This episode the lads discuss the Blackpool Grime scene in 2016 (Little T we're sending for you), Game Of Thrones/Star Wars nerd news, charity and they review a cider!
This episode the lads record @ Hell Yeah Custom Tattoos in Bangor and get tucked into Twisted Hop by Hilden Brewery, Hoppel Hammer IPA by Whitewater brewing and King Goblin by Wychwood brewery. They also meet Jamie Morton owner/proprietor/chief-inker/legend and discuss sponsorship deals, tatts, CGI Deer and the boys drop a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGE IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT ! (It's around the 56:30 mark - if you can't wait that long you impatient child)
This episode the lads discuss Portrush beer festival, Youtubers, comic book diversity and drop the biggest Star Wars theory in history.
This week Sean is on his own as Stu is suffering from some form of Zombie lurgee. He discusses beer-nostalgia, food/beer pairing and The Guardian being absolutely terrible.
This episode the boys podcast from the prestigious HOP HOUSE in Bangor, discuss matte finish, Venice, foreign languages and Love Island. #LargeBoyLife
This episode the lads discuss upcoming projects, the virtues of wheat beer, Netflix, the incompetence of government and the fate of Bojo.
This podcast the lads Skype-talk about Jeffy brews, Bourbon the dog joins us, The Defiant Ones, My Name Is Earl and sofa licking!
This episode the boys take a trip to Bullhouse Brewing Co in Newtownards to talk with Willy and Mick about their distinct brews and whats in store for the NI micro brewery.
Sean and Stu took a trip to the Boner Bunker to visit The Fellaship Podcast ! A conveyor belt of craft beers, gender pronouns and absolute banter.
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Also, we don't here the word "wab" enough these days. I'm gonna start a wab Go Fund Me thing.

Jul 10th
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Dear Cans. I'm really enjoying the podcasts, was a good find, but I have a cider related question. Have ever known anyone to successfully use a trampoline the day after drinking 8 bottles of Aspall Premier Cru Cyder without dunging themselves? Perhaps this is an experiment you could try in the interests of science. Thanks in advance.

Jul 9th
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