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Author: Erin Urban

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Casual conversations that change lives and careers. Experience the catalyst!
74 Episodes
☕ Misaligned? Bored? Burned Out or feeling stuck? Chances are, you aren't living your life's purpose ... and therefore struggling to prosper. We all have a purpose, a gift, and core strengths. It's time to unleash your inner brilliance! Discover how to tap into your purpose for more passion and potential to prosper with guest Catherine L. McCourt. We chat about the meaning of "purpose" in your life and what happens when you are misaligned. Learn how to leverage your purpose to thrive both personally and professionally from wisdom from Catherine - a Transformational Coach empowering individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses to lead with purpose to prosper. 
☕ Love it or loathe it - feedback could be your best friend. Skeptical? Great! Tune in to find out how NOT to miss out on one of the greatest growth gifts you'll ever receive. Our special guest, Glade Holman is an expert in leveraging feedback as a critical tool for professional and leadership development. ☕ Glade shares his wisdom and answers these questions: 1) Why are the skills to receive feedback more critical than giving it? 2) How do you deal with poorly delivered or unfair feedback? 3) What does neuroscience teach us about our reaction to feedback? 4) How do you maintain a growth mindset in a fixed mindset world?
☕ Who says you cannot have it all? Guest Byran Gillette shares his insights from interviewing 100 leaders on how they reach their peak. Plus, how he successfully managed a 7-month sabbatical to tour the world and his secrets to complete multiple ultra-marathon events.  Byran talks about how the lessons from these changed his life and what you can do to be unstoppable. If you are ready to shed limiting beliefs to see EPIC Performance from yourself and/or your teams - tune in to learn more.  
☕ You have goals ... but the target keeps shifting! Tune in to hear Lisa Pachence, MCC share how to unlock your potential and passion to fuel a purpose-filled life. The paradigm is shifting. What worked to achieve big goals +2 years ago no longer yields the same results. You may feel frustrated or want to just toss in the towel. In a world of constant uncertainty, how can you achieve your dreams? Lisa, backed by years of coaching expertise, shares how you can effectively position yourself to thrive through change. You don't have to "fake it until you make it" - we share what really works for you to see success both professionally and personally.
If you think you have to be a certain 'type' of person to lead, think again! It's time to debunk leadership myths and help you rise up and step into leadership. ☕ Join us to hear what Jamie Lewis Smith, Ph.D. has to say about authentic leadership and how to avoid the common pitfalls that snag early (and seasoned) leaders. ☕ Whether you are new to leadership, looking for ways to stand out as a leader, or seeking to polish your leadership skills - this show is for you.
In this world, things feel a little out of control ... which leads to stress. Discover how to find the balance, time, and space (+peace) in your life that you long for. Join us with special guest Tonia Cordi as she shares an integrated process for you to meet your intentions and goals - aligned with your values. ☕ Renew yourself with often overlooked tools for success ☕ Revitalize your life by owning your impact and creating boundaries ☕ Rescript for a better future with more peace and productivity Tonia applies her background in education, the arts, and psychology to create an integrated process for individuals to meet their intentions, goals, and values. Organizing your inner and outer world allows you to become more present, focused, and able to make decisions that match your intentions and values
Discover the surprising truth about how to rise above and thrive during stressful times. Guest Dave Hollenbach, MPA is the author of "Fireproof: Your Grand Strategy for Transforming Failure into Fuel for Your Future.” He shares his journey and insights that have made him an expert on how to lead yourself and others through disruption. ☕ When the Sh** hits the fan, most people ask, “What should I do?” ☕ David proposes that your Grand Strategy process begin with a much better question: “Who do I need to be?” Who you are is how you will lead yourself and others ... especially when it matters most.  
Yes, you CAN be a high performer without adding extra stress to your work-life! Tune in to find out what international business and leadership coach, Maggie Perotin, has to say about how to avoid burnout by leveraging the very same skills you already have as a high-achiever. ☕ Discover the common misconceptions about high-performance. ☕ Learn how high-performance habits can help avoid or prevent burnout. ☕ We discuss how a high-performance lifestyle can help you feel happier, be healthier, and at the same time more successful in your professional career.  
Do you have a healthy relationship with money? Make a mindset shift to allow more prosperity in your life. Special guest Carl Seidman, CPA, CSP shares insights from his expertise as a trusted business advisor specializing in financial planning & analysis (FP&A), business strategy, and finance transformation. Most of us have a narrative about money that we aren't even aware of. This narrative can hold you back from the prosperity that you want to see in your life/career. Tune in to hear more of what Carl has to say from his expertise in advising Fortune 500 corporations to middle-market companies - establishing effective FP&A practices, processes, and teams.
Led an inspired life and career with insights from special guest: Tony Martignetti. Are you ready to shift your thinking to align with who you really want to be? ☕ Shift from frustrated to fulfilled ☕ Shift from confused to confident ☕ Shift from disconnected to aligned
Elevate your career with conversations that matter! Tune in to discover key insights about career advancement from guest Carissa Gay, MCC. We answer: ☕ What is the significance of conversation for your career? ☕ What are the ingredients of effective conversations? ☕ What are three conversations should you be having to advance your career?
Who says that financial planning isn't sexy? I think that making smart financial moves that empower you and your family is super sexy! What do you think? Tune in to hear Claire Hunsaker, ChFC®, CFP®, share her insights on how to thrive during turbulent times, and make the most from your benefits!   ☕ Thrive through inflation on a budget ☕ Ensure financial security during relationship meltdowns ☕ Make the most of your benefits (open enrollment is coming soon!)   ... and discover what you might be missing to make money work for you and your family long-term!   Claire is a personal finance expert and CEO at AskFlossie (.com). She delivers free, trusted financial guidance for unmarried women and single moms.
Elevate your executive presence to build the brand you want - even during disruption. Boost team performance. Reduce conflict. Increase confidence. Mark Kenny shares top strategies for leaders and teams to navigate challenges with clarity. In the future of work (which is now) - the old way of leading teams simply doesn't work.
Successfully manage conflict and navigate difficult discussions like a pro with insights from guest Jerry E. Fu, PharmD, ACC - expert conflict resolution coach. Tune in for an insightful conversation to find freedom from the fear of conflict ☕ Dealing with a temperamental boss ... a stale friendship ... dissonance in your family? ☕ Most people avoid difficult discussions - learn how to have a healthy conversation when it matters most.
Find the keys to Your Inner Brilliance and unlock your potential with the 5 lessons from the intersection of your life/work - shared by guest: Sonya Ware, PCC - Executive Coach. ☕ Lean into the gifts of everyday moments ☕ Dive into your own unlimited resources ☕ Discover easy ways to tap into your energy  
Tune in to discover what is driving the great resignation. Join Cara Silletto, MBA, CSP and me for a lively conversation about what is REALLY going on and how to successfully navigate VUCA to thrive! ☕ Leaders - how can you create a culture that retains top talent? ☕ Professionals - what can you do to create the future of work you want?  
Your formula for success must align with your authentic Zone of Genius. Tune in to discover how to create the right mindset shift to fuel the right actions that yield the RIGHT results with Curt Mercadante This show is for people who are ready to take action and see real change in their lives! ☕ It's one thing to talk about mindset ... it's another to LIVE it. ☕ It's one thing to set your goals ... it's another to create ACTION Curt and I will share how we harness our superpower and focus our energies to net real success 365 days a year - and how you can too! Get your coffee cup ready!
Russ Johns has the secret sauce to networking in a digitally dependent world. Meet Russ, discover why "kindness is cool and smiles are free", and learn how to connect to those who matter in a new (more engaging) way! Russ Believes that you have the opportunity to Be SEEN | Be HEARD | Build Authority ... And that EVERYONE HAS A GIFT, A MISSION, and VALUE (that deserves to be heard!).
Tune in to hear special guest Ira Wolfe to discuss Googlization & The future of work ... How will the moves of Big Tech and Big Data affect how you experience the workplace? ☕ The workplace will never be the same. Learn what is different and what matters to you as a leader or as someone seeking career advancement. ☕ Prepare for a very interesting conversation as we discuss the great resignation and how that is impacting workplace culture.
Would you love to feel happier, healthier, more balanced, and achieve results that matter most to you? Tune in for a candid conversation with Rosie Guagliardo about what struggles High Achievers often face and how you can step away from the chains of overwhelm and anxiety into a freer, happier YOU. ☕ Shift from a cluttered mind to calm and clear ☕ Archive outstanding success - only with less stress ☕ Find more joy and have fun while being your best self!
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