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30% of Caregivers Die Before Their Loved One. Don't be a Statistic
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The founder of Dementia Caregiver Resources, Karen (Karle) Truman, saw her own beloved mother, grandmother, aunts, mother-in-law, and other relatives stricken with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Lewy Body dementia. These are terrible mind-robbing and physical decline disease processes. When her mom started going to an Adult Day Care Center in 1992, she was asked to start a support group for the 40+ families whose Loved Ones also attended. This changed the course of her life, and she then made it her mission and passion to find resources, veterans support, critical services, placement info, grief, and a place to vent all of the caregiver emotions that will bubble up throughout the caregiving journey.
As a Speech Language-Pathologist, Life Coach for more than 25 years, and the author of 3 books: ◦ Hope After Stroke for Caregivers and Survivors: The Holistic Guide to Getting
Your Life Back ◦ The Caregiver's 12 Week Workbook and Journal ◦ Just Decide: Fail-Proof Strategies to Up-Level Your Life, Career, and Relationships Tsgoyna Tanzman has helped thousands of stroke survivors and their caregivers transition after stroke, brain injury, and "stinkin thinkin" to the next stages of their lives. She says, "You don't have to have a brain injury to damage your brain, you can damage your brain through the thoughts you think and the language that you use." Tsgoyna specializes in working with clients on simple, functional, and integrative strategies for improving wellbeing, using stress effectively, enhancing communication, and finding meaning and purpose in life. She’s the author of three books
Mary Elaine is a healthcare expert who has nearly twenty years of healthcare, pharmaceutical sales, and marketing experience with healthcare organizations.  She has a Master’s in Business of Administration Degree in Healthcare Management from Boston University. Mary Elaine is on the Advocacy Committee of the National Aging in Place Council since February 2023. Mary Elaine now holds designations as a Master Practitioner of TimeLIne Therapy as well as Trainer and Institute Head of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hydrotherapy.
I was born and raised in Liverpool, England. Mum, Dad and my sister Gillian had a life filled with kindness, humor and love. I worked for some of the largest companies in the world. HSBC Bank, AVIVA Insurance, SOGEA Construction. I moved to the USA in 2001. My father passed away in November 2020, I left the corporate word and started writing about grief in order to help others. I have written 3 books which have made #1 in Amazon’s Grief and Loss. I have just finished my 4th book which is for children on how to cope with grief. I share my journey but I also, from my research, share details on how to cope with grief, history of religion, near-death-experiences, life after this, signs from our loved ones and much more. I live in North Carolina USA
Weight Loss, Back Pain Relief, Neck Pain Relief, Knee Pain Relief, Headaches Relief, Whiplash Relief, Vertigo Relief, Neuropathy Relief Functional Medicine, and Beauty Health Services When getting better fast is more important than costly temporary relief. And you can’t stand the idea of someone cracking your back or twisting your neck. A few simple treatments with proven technologies and specific home care recommendations consistently provide lasting relief for the majority of our patients. Dr. Thomas Polucki is specialized in treating the following conditions: Auto AccidentsFibromyalgiaLower Back PainMeniere’s DiseaseNeck PainSciaticaPost-Concussion SyndromeTMJTrigeminal NeuralgiaVertigoWhiplash We offer a Free Consultation for New Patients. If the condition you suffer from is not on this list, please call (661) 753-9340 to find out if we can help you.
Mike Knox is an author, caregiver and father to a child who has drug-resistant epilepsy. Mike’s daughter, Vivien, started having seizures before she turned two and is now six years seizure-free using VNS Therapy, which is a medical device designed to prevent seizures before they start and stop them if they do. Mike is passionate about ending the stigma surrounding epilepsy and authored a book, “Vivien’s Rain: My Daughter’s Battle with Epilepsy.” Mike continues to spread epilepsy awareness by working to pass a law for police and law enforcement in California to be trained on seizures and seizure first aid.
Beth Liebling is a divorced, middle-aged, mother of five children and grandmother. She’s also an Ivy League educated, former board-certified divorce attorney who got tired of breaking people up, so now helps couples stay together. She created Darling Way (, a uniquely romantic, elegantly sexy retail boutique in the historic Houston Heights neighborhood. Darling Way is also Beth’s soapbox from which she coaches people (of all ages and backgrounds) and teaches them how to create more intimacy, love and romance in life regardless of their relationship status. In addition to individual and couples coaching, Beth regularly leads workshops, events and presentations for groups across the country, on all things related to mating, dating, sex and relationships. Her Amazon best selling book "Love and Laughter: Sexy (Meaningful) Fun for Everyone!", radio show/podcast “Love and Laughter with Beth” (ESPN Houston/Itunes) and Darling Way YouTube video series, “Beth’s Bed Talks” have garnered her a loyal, national audience. With her intelligent, no holds barred, lighthearted approach to serious topics she has been a wildly popular speaker and radio/television guest.
I’m Caregiver Dave Nassaney. I have a unique opportunity to bring 14 burned out caregivers to a magnificent high-end training, mastermind and wellness retreat & vacation in the billionaire gated community of Acapulco Mexico. It consists of a one-on-one personal coaching session, followed by 6 zoom coaching training and mastermind calls with other caregivers to brainstorm with. Then we top it off with a free bonus 7 day & night Wellness retreat & vacation in a beautiful Acapulco villa, all food & drinks by our on-site gourmet chef, preparing delicious gluten-free-sugar free cuisine are included. Burned out? Need a vacation? For more information, go to and click Acapulco Getaway.
The Happiest Corruption: Sleaze, Lies, & Suicide in a California Beach Town This is insider crime history — my account of politicians, government officials, developers, contractors, and cannabis kings who operate a criminal machine that streams through my small county, bankrolled by public funds, campaign donations, and pallet loads of cash generated by the most valuable crop in the nation. As the mayor of a friendly little beach town, my story should be a happy memoir. Instead, it evolved into a sinister citizens-turned-spy suspense epic of bribery, extortion, dark money, and death. How could the beach and vineyard paradise that Oprah called the ‘Happiest City in America’ be riddled with corruption and be legendary with the FBI? I heard whispered stories, sat at board room tables behind closed doors, and had access to people and facts that others do not. In THE HAPPIEST CORRUPTION you will: Journey alongside determined citizens finding government misconduct and learn how you too can spot and fix it.Be inspired by the courage and tenacity of ordinary people who saved their communities and established good government.Know a government con when you see one and know why you know it.Find out how to beat city hall at its worst and be city hall at its best.Most important of all, you will be equipped to make sure your town doesn’t become the next Happiest Corruption in America.
Keith Demps, of Orlando, FL, is co-founder of KLD Consulting, which specializes in self-care caregiver wellness. He is co-creator of the D.E.M.P.S. caregiver wellness roadmap. Keith is a nationally certified caregiver by the American Caregiver Association (ACA) and is married to his wife, Dr. Katandria (Kat) L. Demps. Kat Demps is married to her husband, Keith Demps and co-founder of KLD Consulting. She is a multilingual, nationally certified speech-language pathologist, linguist, certified autism specialist, certified public health researcher and certified in the practice of cognitive rehabilitation, ACA advanced national caregiving and assisted living. Kat is founder and director of Dr. Love’s Healthcare®,501(c)3, K&K Services and Dr. Love’s Integrative Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine, PLLC. Keith and Kat share their love and passion for service through cooking, traveling and the Word of God.
Author, Aging Life Care Specialist® and CEO of Senior Living Strategies Star Bradbury has helped thousands of families make educated and informed decisions as they navigate the world of senior living and senior healthcare. She has 25 years of experience in the industry and is the founder of Senior Living Strategies and an aging life care expert. She specializes in developing resilient and flexible plans that promote independence and focuses on optimal quality of life for elders.
Barbara Becker is the award-winning author of Heartwood: The Art of Living with the End in Mind. She is an interfaith minister who has dedicated more than twenty-five years to partnering with human rights advocates around the world in pursuit of peace and interreligious understanding. Barbara has sat at the bedside of hundreds of patients as a hospice volunteer and sees each one as a teacher. More at
Juan Williams has absorbed holistic health protocols all his life. From his early home in Battle Creek Michigan, to the melting pot of Honolulu, Hawaii. As a journalist, Mr. Williams has been exposed to many unique health practices. What has worked for him, is holistic protocols of past generations in his family, and the understanding that what you put in your stomach, is critical to your health. Mr. Williams has a life education that includes an AS in mechanical engineering from the University of Hawaii, (HCC) and a Bachelors in Interdisciplinary business, from Arizona State University. It’s all of this education Mr. Williams brings. This includes his personal health crisis; as well as the life challenges of others, to promote a total understanding of personal self-help health.
Leverage your home ownership and avoid costly mistakes. What should you know and no one tells you.about home mortgages. Orli Dudaie, has more than twenty years of experience in real estate. She is an architect, rehabber, investor, realtor, and mortgage loan officer. She lives in Saint Louis, Missouri, with her husband and son. She wrote a book coming out in the spring; YOUR HOME, YOUR MONEY! Helping current and aspiring homeowners leverage the financial potential of home ownership based on their needs and desires.
Comfort Homesake is a multi-generational, multicultural, multilingual, and multi-faith 501c3 nonprofit organization comprised of dedicated professionals and community members.has been providing advanced health planning programs for over 19 years. Since 2004, Comfort Homesake has been working in community with families, professionals, healthcare providers, and community members providing engaging and effective culturally relevant programs and services to let people know what they can and cannot expect from the health care system. Our approach is to create space and allow participants to express their beliefs and questions about managing chronic disease, dealing with a serious illness or facing end-of-life. Our training modules include; Serious Illness Conversation Starter; Advance Directive Completion; Soul Injury, Transcendental Beliefs; Shout Loud, Cannabis and Health. Our services include volunteer training, friendly visits, meaning and legacy; and end-of-life vigil called No One Dies Alone. Our Elderhood program and hospital community benefit advocacy have been developed around decreasing the impact of structural racism and health disparities in communities of color. Join us March 8, 2023, at 6pm PST, on Zoom, meeting # 829 203 03306 for a very special event you won't waqnt to miss!
Mary Moreland is the author of the book The Gap Between: Loving and Supporting Someone with Alzheimer’s, which conveys a moving and deeply personal portrait of her family’s journey through the disease. Mary is also a lawyer and has spent the bulk of her 25-year legal career working on transactions outside the United States, principally in Latin America. Mary also has vast experience in ethics and compliance matters, having served as chief compliance officer for two publicly traded international companies
Angie Patterson is the award-winning author of Making Photography Easy and Fun and the creator of an upcoming online course Thirty-Seven Ways to Improve Your Photos in Minutes. Her photos have been featured on websites, calendars, and exhibitions and created as murals. Chicken Soup for the Soul creator Jack Canfield says, “I really encourage you to get a copy of Angie’s book and learn how to make photography a lot easier and more effective for yourself.” Angie is passionate about teaching aspiring photographers how to use their cameras confidently and have fun taking photos they are proud of. Angie and her camera love to visit the Canadian Rockies. She spends time on her acreage taking photos of nature, birds, and wildlife and using her John Deere tractor.
DR. NOAH ST. JOHN is known as "The Father of AFFORMATIONS" and “The Mental Health Coach to The Stars.” Working with Hollywood celebrities, 8-figure company CEOs, and professional athletes, Noah is famous for helping entrepreneurs make more in just 12 WEEKS than they made in the last 12 months, while winning their lives back. Noah also appears frequently in the news worldwide, including ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Entrepreneur and SUCCESS Magazine. You can get a copy of Noah's new book FREE at
Maliko Sensei is passionate about helping people reach their full potential and he has taught people of all ages from 5-105 years old. He is a black belt in Okinawan Karate with 50 years of training, a tv host/producer in over 100 shows, the founder of Tri-Hara holistic fitness, and an author of "The Journey of Cups: Stay Grounded in Your Humanity." These are extraordinary times in which we live. In response, Maliko Sensei will share ancient techniques for modern times which will help them balance their mind, heart and body, and thereby come into more inner integration and wholeness. Are you experiencing stress and burnout? Reintegrating into life beyond the pandemic? Maliko Sensei will enable your audience to be resilient by teaching them how to rejuvenate themselves He will invite them to discover holistic fitness and explore the "Gym Within." He will teach them how the "Breath of Life" helps clear the mind, release tension and increase vitality He will leave your audience with a new way of thinking, techniques to release stress, and practices to keep their chi (energy) flowing: mentally emotionally and physically
Cindy Watson is the founder of Women On Purpose and creator of the Art of Feminine Negotiation programs. She's also founder and managing partner of Watson Labour Lawyers, as an attorney specializing in social justice law for 30 years. She is a TEDx and international speaker, best-selling & award-winning author, master negotiator, and consultant known for her passion, commitment, and ability to inspire. As a world-class women's empowerment coach, Cindy has a proven track record empowering, advocating, and motivating people to rediscover their purpose and become the best version of themselves.
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