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In this episode, I talk to global keynote speaker, resilience expert and author Michael K. Jackson. Having overcome significant challenges on his own personal and professional life, Michael walks us through what it takes to Build Back Stronger. This episode is a much needed lesson on resilience, adversity, and hope as well as uncovering Michael’s P-L-A-N framework: a method for dealing with problems, difficulties, and conflicts on the journey to success.
In his time, Platinum Album selling and Grammy Award-Winning musician, Peter Tosh was well-known for his advocacy for equal rights and the legalization of cannabis. Unfortunately, he passed away in 1987 but his legacy lives on.  “You can talk about things till you're blue in the face, but sometimes you just got to go through it,” says Niambe McIntosh, the youngest daughter of the legend on this episode of Caribbean Power Lunch.  In our discussion, Niambe shares the tumultuous learning curve, challenges, victories, and growth she experienced as the administrator of her father’s brand and legacy. As a formidable businesswoman and visionary, Niambe serves as the head of the Peter Tosh Legacy and Brand; Managing Member of Tosh Holdings LLC (IP); Board Chairperson for the Peter Tosh Foundation Ltd.; and the President of PT Capital LLC (Cannabis). Listen in as she shares the thought-provoking realities of:  - Crafting the direction of a legacy brand, - Understanding the importance of dedicating time and resources to “fixing the past” to create a sustainable future, and  - Why she needed to fire her entire team and the journey of building a new strategic team through networking.
The first thing you need to know is that it is NOT all about your pitch.  Preparing to speak to investors is about a lot more than a polished pitch deck. Business owners should also understand how to outline what makes their companies Investible, including how to identify who your customers are, what they need, and how are you are solving their problems. In this episode, Zahra Alleyne walks through the process of developing an Investible business model and what to consider when preparing to present to potential investors.  
Founding team Brian and Ingrid Jahra discuss the evolution of CinemaONE, the Caribbean’s first IMAX experience, the pioneering step of becoming the first SME IPO in T&T, and the challenges of building a sustainable, wealth-generating business, while also focusing on future growth and possibilities. In this conversation, we unpacked: Importance of IPOs for SMEs How to get to the IPO? What Is the Process? What the Business Valuation process entails Marketing the IPO Evolution of CinemaOne Growth of the Brand/Success Story How to Develop the Customer Experience    
At one point or another, we’ve all experienced the great inconvenience of car troubles. From car accidents to a blown tire or stalled battery - each one of these scenarios can seriously change the course of your day...right? So how do you turn this everyday occurrence into a multimillion-dollar business? In this “Become Investible” feature, we take a closer look at Total Convenience Management Ltd… from a startup leasing and rental company to the group of companies it manages to date. Every business has the potential to “become investible” - TCM grew its company through understanding the demand for their services and continuing to push the envelope in satisfying its customers. TCM is only one of many stories found right here in the Caribbean.
Can your business survive without you? Did you know that 85% of failed business transitions occur because of poor communication, mistrust, and lack of planning?   Rochelle Clarke is a business advisor who specializes in keeping businesses in business with business continuity planning and transition preparation. Through her company, she ensures that retiring leaders, their incoming successors, and the businesses that support them are ready to move successfully to the next stage of their business’ lifecycle whether by succession or sale.   If the words: "Planning for the Unplanned'' ring clearly when she speaks, then "Be ready" echoes her sentiment.   Transitions may need to occur on any occasion and businesses must be adequately prepared for the change.    The Founder of Succession Strength, and the platform Continuity Strength, International keynote speaker, lecturer, and graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, Rochelle is also the author of "The 5 Critical Succession Conversations: A Comprehensive Guide for the Family Business".   In this episode, we discuss: Business Continuity Planning, Business Transition, Succession Planning and Preparation, The difference between the entrepreneur and the family business owner, and  6 tips for working with family and friends. Succession Strength - Keeping businesses in business for generations.
Conferences, Cannabis, and Mushrooms. These seem disconnected, right? Well, actually, there’s one common factor… “Five or six years down the line, if I do nothing… have I really been a good Caribbean citizen?” – Douglas K. Gordon. Douglas is the founder of CanEx Jamaica Business Conference and Expo, an annual business event that connects top cannabis industry experts, and CEO of Silo Wellness, an alternative, and holistic health company focused on functional mushroom and psychedelic opportunities. In this episode, Kevin Valley speaks with Douglas K. Gordon about the business of natural medicine business while addressing misconceptions and misinformation about cannabis and functional mushrooms.   Controversial? Perhaps. Informative? Yes! This conversation uncovers: Strategies used to create, maneuver challenges and expand a premier Caribbean event. The story behind the legacy collaboration with the Marley brand. The mind, body, and soul… Rest, resetting, and restoration through nature.
"Pain will find you, but you determine the length of its visit" - Jay Blessed. Jay Blessed is an award-winning content creator and host of the In My Head Podcast which focuses on mental health. In this timely episode, Kevin Valley and Jay Blessed have an open and frank discussion around: Silent suffering, especially among men, Dealing with pain, and The 12-step healing process.
When everyone you know is having the same problem, the solution might be a successful business.  Kadion Preston, Co-Founder, and CEO of CaribShopper saw an opportunity to solve a common problem among Caribbean merchants and consumers by providing an easier way to buy goods from the United States. When the original business model ran into challenges, the founders pivoted to solve another problem for their customers, now giving Caribbean merchants the opportunity to sell to overseas consumers. This shift, and the drive to find the investment capital to support it, came just before 2020, forcing even further innovation and evolution. Kadion's journey is an example of the importance of embracing the opportunities presented, overcoming tragedy, and understanding that failure is a big part of the formula for success. To assess the investibility of your business in under 6 minutes, go to  
Unless a valuation can withstand intense scrutiny - it is just a number. Defensibility is everything. ‍ Whether you are seeking to raise capital, negotiate investment terms, or sell your business - a defensible valuation is your starting point.   In this episode, Chartered Business Valuator, Kevin Valley discusses how a valuation engagement is conducted and what determines the value of your business.
For many entrepreneurs hoping to grow or scale their business, successfully sourcing investment capital is a major pain point. What investors are looking for can be a mystery. This episode features a panel discussion with expert investors and finance professionals who give insight into why businesses succeed or fail to attract investment and outline what business owners can do to become more Investible. Panelists include: Chris Williams of PROVEN Investments, Beresford Grey of SYGNUS Capital, Karrian Hepburn-Malcolm of The Trinidad and Tobago Unit Trust Corporation, Kriss Marcus of Aspire Fund Management Company Limited, and Vashtie Dookiesingh of The Inter-American Development Bank.
In this episode, we discuss how to increase the investibility of your business, create your own wealth engine, and how to protect, extract, diversify, and smoothly transfer that wealth to the next generation. This episode features Zahra Alleyne from Become Investible and Tennille Whiskey from the Trinidad and Tobago Unit Trust Corporation. Topics covered include: Building an Investible Business Risk Management Wealth Extraction Diversification of Income Streams Wealth Transfer
Can we become investible? I recently sat down with Dike Rostant at TTT News station to discuss the professional services I offer; from business valuations to working with businesses to attract investment. I also offered my perspectives on what is needed to foster a favourable environment for business, how to fortify our private sector, and what drives me to do all that I do.
It is not always about doing things better, but sometimes we simply need to do better things.   This belief is near and dear to the heart of Sian Cuffy-Young, a social entrepreneur who is driven by the need for environmental change and waste management education.   In this episode, we discuss: Sian's journey and reason for becoming an environmental entrepreneur, Reframing her mindset from student and employee to business owner, Social Entrepreneurship: Environment and Business Case, How to get started without funding, An introduction to landfilling, and What's next for Siel Environmental.   Sian recently launched her book "Ky's Magical Adventures" to teach children about waste management and awaken the Eco-Hero within them.
Let's talk about Serial Entrepreneurship. From music to catering to tech to events, Osei Wright-Alexis has brought his business start-up formula to bear on numerous ventures over the last 15 years. Hear him explain how he knows which idea is going to be next, and when it's time to move on.  Once the challenge is gone, serial entrepreneurs are always looking for the next business spark to develop. Bringing an idea to fruition is exciting, but making sure a business is ready before you move takes focus, patience, a thorough understanding of the market, and then sometimes tedious formulation of the systems and processes that underlie successful operation.  Osei walks us through his successes, failures, and lessons, and drops some serious wisdom for those of you who have too many ideas and don't know where to start.
Mind. Your. Business. When breaking out on your own, there is no such thing as being overprepared.  If you want to start a business and you think you are either too young or too inexperienced, this conversation with Kyle Maloney will show you that none of that matters as much as knowing your business better than anyone else.  His research-based borderline obsessive approach impressed investors who may have been skeptical of investing in a few 20-somethings and underpinned his ability to learn from mistakes to grow a series of better, stronger, successful businesses. In this vault episode of Caribbean Power Lunch featuring Kyle Maloney, we discussed how ChefMade works, the value of being over-prepared, the Tech Beach Retreat conference series, the future landscape of tech in the Caribbean, the plight of F1RST, and harnessing the power of fear.
Leading an active lifestyle from a young age, fighting early-onset diabetes, becoming an academic scholar – Kerrie-Kim Kirton left his secure corporate job in December 2015, to turn his passion for lifestyle fitness into the business known today as All In Fitness.   In this episode, we discussed: Why Kerrie is called the ‘fittest diabetic’  Kerrie’s 9-month search for employment after successfully completing 2 degrees in Economics  Leaving the ‘safety-net’ of the corporate world to pursue your passion  Building customer loyalty & repeat clientele  The philosophy behind the All In Fitness brand Practical advice for those who believe they are “too busy” to exercise. Yes, YOU. An update on what Kerrie is up to now, and Top Tip for entrepreneurs.
What does the word “recession” bring to mind? For many, it evokes saving, shrinking, and worrying about job loss and rising debt. After listening to this conversation with finance professional Maria Daniel and business owner Gerard Edwards, though, you will have a different understanding of the possibilities that a financial downturn can bring for business growth and transformation. In accepting that life in the “new normal” will not be the same, business owners can be empowered to adapt intelligently, making decisions that create opportunities instead of obstacles. You will learn strategies to reach new customers, how to identify your customers’ problems, and how to understand your numbers in a way that puts you in control of your business’ future.
This is a long one, but it is worth every minute. Terri-Karelle graciously sat with us for over three hours and shared her wisdom and experience on turning failures into opportunities, the importance of being genuine, and how to find power in being your authentic self. From immersing herself in an academic program taught in a language she did not speak in order to pursue her dream, to overcoming the opinions and criticisms of others by standing in her own confidence, Terri's path has at times been far from what was expected, but it has definitely been inspiring.  Terri's zeal for life, her faith in her purpose and gifts, and her comfort with being uncomfortable, have all contributed to the success she has achieved so far, and with her approach the sky is truly the limit. Get your notebook ready, because the gems are truly overflowing from this one!
“Until Everywhere is Free” is a statement that encapsulates the hope of Muhammad Muwakil, a Trinidadian poet, musician and in some ways, a modern-day renaissance man, Who, with the help of many others, is creating a new sound for calypso music. In today’s episode, Muhammad tells us his story about how he is paving his way in the world on his own terms, along the path of his entrepreneurial journey and self-discovery.
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Interesting, lively and engaging conversation. Business service is something that's needed in Trinidad and the Caribbean.

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