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Author: Carolina Cadillo, Jeff Jensen, Carlos "Guebin" Molina | reVolver Podcasts

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The Carolina Cadillo show is a lively, fun, and inspired conversation about the big news of the day. Sometimes it’s a show about everything that’s trending, while some days we feel we are setting the trend for what people are talking about. Each member of the show brings their own unique take on issues and stories. When you put long-time New York radio personality Carolina Cadillo in a discussion with her long-time producer Carlos “Guebin” Molina and throw in her husband-collaborator Jeff Jensen, the sparks can fly and the result is highly charged and always entertaining.

309 Episodes
Jerry Velazquez from Aladdin
Tribute to radio legend Paco
Penis Pics, Selena Feud, Gay Bags, Swag
Wine Water, Weiner back, Sex Dolls
Keys found, Dark Chocolate, Pricey Allowance
Lost Keys, Mad Wife, Survey says
Baby Shark cereal, Friends pop-up, classic Throwback
Her bra saved her life, Fun States, Celine's Toy
Classic Show Friday w Guebin and Jack Rico
Bye Bye Governor, Sleep Divorce
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