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What’s a Portal

What’s a Portal


In your spiritual journey you may rearrange your values and views many times over. J.N Reign discusses those changes in a everyday situation. We also talk portals and drop some interest points you might want to explore. Check out the end of the show with shadow work prompt.The Basotho Caves of Africa meeting place for the ancestors The Blue Eye Of Africa Lake Natron of Tanzania Amarnath CaveEternal Flame Falls Hit me up @  Follow on the Social Media's Support the show (
Welcome Back

Welcome Back


What's Up Casual Deities. I have a new episode for you explaining myself :).  I get into the definition and concept of Higher Self Im working with.  Listen and see How Catch My Logic will be changing .....Just a bit Support the show (
Check out this Episode we give flowers to the Great poet and rapper DMX. We have an interview with master Reiki healer Rachel she gives us some information on this engird modality and other forms of energy therapy she provides. Check out the benefits of knowing about your prior lives and how it may play out in your everyday activities and choices you make today. Check out Rachels Site at  and follow her on The gram Support the show (
Unstructured Logic 301

Unstructured Logic 301


#FreeBrittney Movement - I learned a few things and it inspired me to speak about how mental health treatment is structure and who is structuring it. CHECK OUT Sign up for LGBTQ Spiritual talk group. Social Media us at catchmylogic@gmail.comThe Casual Deity Clothing and Apparel Support the show (
/Whats up awesome People for this V Day J N Reign tells the story of her own relation with Friend turned Lover. Also information for the new LGBTQ spiritual talk group is HERE check it out. Check out the Casual Deity @ Send Questions and Comments Here Check out the Social Media the show (
Todays Show is on prison reform and the small steps we can take to assist. Here are some Links to check out from the show. CML on social media Clubhouse JNReign. Support the show (
Hobby time

Hobby time


unstructured www.catchmylogic.comSocial media of Ifa move Uyaiedu Ikpe-EtimProducer Pamela AdieWhere you can purchase the Movie. the show (
This is a Coming Out episode- Catch My Logic interviews indiviuals  about their coming out experience. Storytelling and representation can go LONG WAY. Kitty came out in her 30's and we talk about her experience  being Black, Femme, and  heavy on the religious background. Check out the rest of the show.Want to tell your story ? Think it might help another soul? Feel like you should represent hit me up at www.catchmylogic.comSocial media the show (
Todays show goes over how you can handle and social media fail and the historic events of 2021. The raided the capital building.....or attempted to. Sign up for the Ifa Movie A call for free of Low cost community events Social Media www. send mail Support the show (
Hey 2021

Hey 2021


What’s a conjunction and why are people swearing about superpowers.  What Happen after the last one.  Can you become addicted to incense? What is up for goals in 2021 and goals.  Check out this show too Spiritual Space Change Link Logical Listen Check me out on Social Media your letters to Make a Donation the show (
Bye 2020

Bye 2020


 2020 brought the world to full attention many time over. This show reviews  Covid, Civil Unrest , and the US election.  Check out my new clothing shop www.casualdeity.comCode out code KFDAR8N7P9SA  Here is a little Trans love for the missed celebration  Watch Born to Be Born to be Listen to Marsha's Plate Me throwing it on social media the show (
Whats up JN Reign is giving you feelings and unstructured logic after this election.  The communication on life changes continues. the show (
Whats up in this unstructured logic episode JN Reign is talking about her own personal experience with life changing steps and decisions.Check out the website for more Infowww.catchmylogic.comhit us up at Support the show (
Whats up beautiful people check out my latest show I talk about the debate and a transformative week the show (
Whats up this show is a personal one. I go into my journey with transphobia and becoming a better ally. It is important to acknowledge some of our fears and issue so that we may process and move past them. Be gentle with me y'all I continue to grow. The show also connect my logical dots on why the Breonna Taylor case has a conversation connection to the Meg the Stallion Case. DYI on a nail dip because I like to save when I can More Logic Reference https://www.thetaskforceactionfund.org*Mr-Hrh890CYEpcXP8G650Q Community resources Danitra Vance the colored musim The Colored Museum (1991) | Loretta Devine Danitra Vance EDITED #DanitraVanceDaySupport the show (
Hey beautiful people check out the latest show. Y’all it was a long week. I hope everyone is wellSupport the show (
The conclusion of the self love series 1. Self Love what does that even mean.2. Self Forgiveness is Hard but you Gotta do it. 3 Understanding Self Compassion 4 Protect your feeling protect your process protect your progress Civil unrest continues Continue to support Bail funds Kenosha Portland Oregon of Bailout funds by statehttps://bailfunds.github.ioSocial Media    Support the show (
This show runs through JN Reigns  thoughts on the pillow princess in the lesbian community. Community stuff . Media \Support the show (
WAP VIDEO - DID YOU SEE THAT COMING Black is King-  My own feelings as an African American woman.  Articles - SLAMS Beyoncè's "Black is King" Visual Album Trailer Hype for Ìfé a move by  thinker/ storyteller  Uyaiedu Ikpe-Etim The story is about  two Nigerian Lesbians.  Ikpe-Etim is pushing pass obstacles to get stories seen and heard. We will be following and keeping up with her journey.    Director, Uyaiedu Ikpe-Etim, Shares How and Why She Directed The Movie, ÌFÉTrailer - the show (
JN reign talks about the advancement of self love next level shining  The question of how to deal with a racist or bigoted person in a position to help you? Understanding that it is not always possible.  Its Leo season and I talk about the Royal Cats.  A little reminder to continue our journeys of health and wellness.  Vagina health is not related to men. Email me at catchmylogic@gmail.comFollow  on social media Support the show (
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