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Questions Covered: 03:54 – What’s the Catholic perspective on self-help books? 7:45 – Did the fall of angels happen before or after Adam and Eve? 13:24 – What is a well-formed conscience and how does one form one? 20:08 – How can the NAB be an approved bible if there are some passages, mainly the story of the woman in adultery is included but states that it’s potentially not in the original? 28:50 – How did evil come to be? The bible doesn’t really talk about it but it seems like other religious writings talk about it. 35:48 – Did Jesus tell Peter to build the Church upon the rock before or after the crucifixion? 42:07 – If you’re addicted to a sin and commit it habitually does that make it a mortal sin? 47:06 – How do Catholics balance assenting to authority and knowing when to revolt against spiritual authority? 53:55 – Is it permissible for a Catholic organist to play at an Episcopal church? …
Questions Covered: 03:31 – Is it ok to purchase a lot of presents to someone to ask for forgiveness?  06:53 – Are the unborn persons?  11:47 – Is it possible to avoid going to purgatory?  19:23 – What level of obedience does one owe to parents, especially as adults?  29:30 – How would the Church adapt the liturgical calendar if we colonized another planet or the moon?  34:22 – How do I defend the Marian doctrines if typology is not the best way to defend doctrines in general?  42:30 – I left the Church over a month ago because I was rejected by the person who I associated my Catholic faith with.  How do I get over rejection?  49:39 – Why is it that priests always receive communion in both species, but the laity mostly only receive communion through the host?  …
Questions Covered: 13:59 – I have a history of attempts at recovery and have a traumatic brain injury, do you have any advice to get over these hurdles? 24:20 – I recently got out of a protestant recovery program and am excited to hear that there is a Catholic alternative! Could you share more about the ministry? 35:13 – How do I tell if my spouse is an alcoholic? 45:55 – Does your organization point families to programs that have good track records? 50:39 – I founded a CIR group and the clergy were very excited that this existed! I would like to share this story. …
Questions Covered: 23:32 – How do we address popular leaders in the Church with fringe ideas that have some prominence and lead people away from proper teaching? 30:18 – I think we should pray for the leaders who disappoint, but there’s a difference with those who are trying to change Church teaching. How do we deal with those movements that are trying to subvert the direction of the Church? 42:01 – Do you consider leadership to include laity who push clergy to do their job? 50:40 – What are the elements of learning in your leadership academy? …
Questions Covered: 02:01 – did Mary have the beatific vision? Where is the line between making jokes and being blasphemous and sacrilegious?  08:18 – Did Zoroastrianism influence Judaism or Christianity?  21:20 – In the Nicene Creed it says that Jesus will come the living and the dead, does that mean that those who have died are in the state limbo waiting for Jesus to return?  28:53 – What’s the Church’s understanding of personhood?  41:06 – If a priest is in the state of mortal sin and celebrates mass, is it proper for him to receive communion?  45:39 – What do you know about the origins of priests celebrating mass 3 times a day on Christmas?  48:15 – If God forgives all sins during confession, what are judged for after we die?  52:58 – Jesus breathed on the apostles giving them the Holy Spirit and then the apostles received the Holy Spirit again on Pentecost. Did they get a double dose or was it a different spirit? …
Questions Covered: 02:00 – If God is outside of time how does he know if someone didn’t keep holy the sabbath or perform delayed obedience? 09:55 – Was the 28th Canon of Chalcedon accepted in the east? 21:53 – How do we square the story of Adam and Eve and science? 39:56 – What do we know about God watching over us as individuals and situations in our lives? 48:37 – What is the Church’s stance on race and the specifically the biblical descendants? …
Questions Covered: 03:00 – I know some very good people that have no affiliation with Christianity no belief in God. Some of them are more giving and patient than people I know that are Christian. Are they dismissed by God because they’re not baptized and don’t go to church? 13:08 – What makes a marriage valid? Does it need to be performed by an ambassador of Christ? If so, does that mean a Protestant minister cannot perform a valid marriage? 19:39 – How can one reconcile the faith when looking at history with indulgences and corruption in the church? 23:31 – Why is there such an emphasis on the Church as an organization? For example saying, “What does the Church say about it?” Why can’t we just go right to the bible? 33:20 – Every time I pray it feels like there’s an all-consuming feeling of fear activated that’s strong. How do I grow spiritually with this fear? Should I wait until it dies down and just not pray as frequently? 41:50 – I adopted my now 12 y.o. son and he has severe cognitive disabilities. I’m fairly certain he has never been baptized. Should he be? What’s the process for that? 44:28 – In Matthew 24:40 in last Sunday’s gospel it says “One is taken, one is left.” What does this mean? 46:44 – How did Jesus go up into heaven since he can’t fly there? 51:25 – My son and his fiancé are getting married in the spring. She would like her parish priest preside and we would also like to have a retired bishop. Can the bishop concelebrate? …
Questions Covered: 04:20 – How do we defend Catholic position that Muslims and Catholics worship the same God, but Mormons aren’t Christian heretics? 16:59 – How is it that some Catholics can be anti-Semitic? 30:03 – I was told by a relative that I love the Church and my faith more than I love God. Is that possible? If so, is that bad? Also, can you help me understand the protestant funeral my grandmother was buried with today? 42:14 – I’m a recent convert and after I sin I repent and trust God forgives me when asking sincerely. It feels like a sin to go and ask a priest afterwards like I’m asking him again. Also, is saying the Our Father not asking God forgiveness for our sins? Is that not sufficient enough? …
Questions Covered: 03:00 – Joan “Siobhan” of Arc 14:30 – NPR Selling out to transgender ideology 20:30 – The passing of pro-abortion legislation 28:15 – Moral idiocy 36:10 – Marriage rates in the U.S. …
Questions Covered: 08:00 – Gratitude 18:00 – The Eucharist is Thanksgiving 29:20 – Pausing the Synodal process 34:30 – Religiosity based off education demographics 48:00 – Diversity in Christian denominations …
Questions Covered: 06:46 – Is the newest booster vaccine approved by the Catholic Church?  11:40 – Why are the gospels named Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John if they weren’t necessarily written by those men?  19:05 – In Tobias in the Douay–Rheims I find a story about a dog and the angels. I don’t find that story in any other translation. Why is that?  34:44 – Is Mt. 28:19 a directive for everyone or just priests?  41:16 – I know we are required to forgive whether they want forgiveness, but we must want to be forgiven for God to forgive us. Why is that?  47:48 – Why did Jesus tell Mary Magdalene not to touch him but told Thomas to touch his wounds?  51:28 – Can a priest perform their priestly duties without a stole? Where is the stole in the bible?  …
Questions Covered: 04:17 – In Gen 46-48, it says Abraham, Jacob, Isaac died in their hundreds. The calculate it by multiplying numbers. Example (5x5x7, 6x6x5, etc.). Is there a specific meaning behind that?  11:15 – Does the bible say which form of government is ideal?  19:20 – Why is it rare that passion narrative pieces are read throughout the year in Mass?  21:34 – Is there a bible passage that clarifies either the Nicene creed and apostles’ creed statement “conceived by the Holy Spirit” or “incarnate of the Holy Spirit?”  29:15 – Maccabees say that it’s good to pray for the dead. What good did it do at that time if Jesus hadn’t opened the gates of heaven yet?  35:04 – What was Luther’s theological foundation for breaking away from the Church?  44:50 – What is the legitimacy of the 3 vocations and is being single a vocation?  52:04 – Why would Abraham and Isaac go to other kingdoms and claim that their wives were their sisters?  …
Questions Covered: 05:12 – Why doesn’t the Catholic Church consider other Protestant denominations’ communion valid? 12:06 – If God is outside of time and in the eternal, how does God know if someone didn’t honor the sabbath or know of delayed obedience? 15:23 – Is there anything in the Catechism that says anything when the baby in the womb has a soul? 19:52 – My household is very lukewarm. I’ve become curious about learning more about the Theotokos. What is it? 29:51 – What does it mean to be in the state of Grace? 35:54 – An abortion doctor in Indiana performed an abortion on a 10-year-old. How do I defend life in that situation? 41:47 – Is there a program that I can order online about apologetics? Where can we go to get a good explanation about the Inquisition and the crusades? 46:04 – Is it a mortal sin for a Catholic married couple to use the withdrawal method? …
Questions Covered: 03:06 – Could you clarify the Catholic belief on double effect and abortion? 12:19 – The bible says to “not spare the rod” when disciplining a child. What does that mean? And what is the Catholic understanding on discipline? 16:45 – What’s the proper way to end the rosary? If feels rather abrupt when concluding it. 22:27 – Is it appropriate to refer to the Holy Spirit as feminine? 28:49 – How would you explain the different verses in the bible like “Vengeance is for the Lord” and not seeking revenge? 36:08 – I just discovered that my health insurance covers and supports abortion. How morally culpable am I? Should I cancel my insurance? 45:51 – Has the Church deemed the teaching of universal salvation heretical or heterodox? 51:32 – I would like to propose a different meaning for the word ‘viable’ and would like to get your thoughts on it. …
Questions Covered: 06:46 – Why is it important to confess your sins to a priest instead of asking God directly? 24:17 – I’ve recently rediscovered my faith. How can I bring my family back to the Church without being overbearing? 20:39 – What is the Church’s stance on Marijuana? 23:59 – How do I simply respond to someone asking how I know I’m saved? 40:17 – Where do dinosaurs fit into the creation story? 45:30 – How do I get over the hurdle of feeling like we worship Mary? 51:20 – Why do we need the Eucharist if we have the Holy Spirit who is always with us? …
Questions Covered: 4:40 – Is being Catholic the only way to reach salvation? 13:56 – Why do Catholics believe that they are the one true Church? 22:47 – Where does the requirement of needing 2 miracles for the canonization of a saint come from? What are your thoughts on praying to relatives who have passed if they were holy people? 29:38 – Is it okay for Catholics to read books that aren’t Catholic/Christian? 32:29 – How is it that the Church says Mary did not have any more kids when the bible says she does. 45:31 – Jesus said to the good thief that he would be in paradise with him that day. Does that mean that Jesus didn’t go to hell? 50:28 – I’m in RCIA. Am I declaring the saints omniscient by praying to them? …
Questions Covered: 23:57 – How do you approach children who have gone away from the Faith?    39:47 – What would be the best way to handle your children having children and not baptizing them? Words of Eternal Life  45:06 – What can I do to help my brother return to God?  49:57 – My 17 years old daughter says she doesn’t believe anymore. What should I do? What are your thoughts about going back to basics?  …
Questions Covered: 12:13 – Can you explain where the sacrament of confession is in the bible? 17:56 – How can the prodigal son be simultaneously saved and not yet given his inheritance, which is salvation? 20:45 – How do I explain holy water to a protestant, specifically from the bible? 24:11 – Follow up on confession: My protestants respond that Jesus said to confess to one another not a priest. My response to this is Jesus’ intentionality. What are your thoughts on this? 32:30 – If God is immutable then how does that reconcile with the bible describing wrath and anger in God? 38:33 – How do you refute Sola Fide from a Catholic perspective? 46:24 – Does God stop the devil from confessing his sins? The Bible said he was created before Adam and Eve and was the smartest creation. Why spend all this time without confessing? 52:39 – In scripture Jesus says the thief would be in paradise on that day but the Creed says Jesus descended into hell for three days. How do we reconcile this? …
Questions Covered: 08:00- What is the best concise support for the papacy? 17:12 – Have you heard of Zachary King, the former Satanist High Wizard turned pro-life advocate? If so, can you verify his story? 37:03 – How is the Old Testament God the same as the New Testament God, and how can I explain that to my Protestant friends? 46:04 – How do you answer the claim that anyone can consecrate the Eucharist since the Bible never says it has to be a priest? …
Questions Covered: 11:50 – I’ve always been pro-life, but I’m not sure how to answer people who bring up instances of the woman’s life being in danger or incest. 24:31 – Could you tell me more about the reality of loving Jesus? What does that look like? When I was little I knew Jesus loved me, but there was no love from me because no one told me I was supposed to love him. 36:18 – When Jesus talks about picking up your cross, how would people at the time have understood what that means? And when Paul talks about “scripture,” what is he referring to? 44:32 – What makes a valid marriage? When two atheists marry, is that valid? 52:14 – Someone asked me about the Immaculate Conception of Ruth and it caught me off-guard. Do you know anything about this? …
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German E Aguillon

Saludos!!!!! Bendiciones

Aug 9th


Cure for insomnia

Dec 22nd

Bryan Zulueta

I've been listening to the podcast for half a year now. I was a Catholic until secular ideas took over me to the point I became confused about everything. All the things Catholic I learned from childhood I questioned and not knowing what to believe. When I lost God, I lost hope. You guys there don't know how you are changing and making me back to Catholic faith. It feels like I'm too late to have discovered this podcast.

Dec 16th

Linda k. Flores

one of your callers ask if God made all people....which includes Jews muslims hindu, why is it Catholics claim they are the only ones going to heaven?

Jan 14th
Reply (2)

Nicholas Johnson

Great range of topics. not only the saints, but other crucial Catholic beliefs, like connection to the physical world.

Jan 3rd

Nicholas Johnson

Minute 32: homosexuality as an example of the sacrifice God is calling us to make.

Sep 30th

Elena Delgado

I believe Me. Schoeman meant Septuagint instead of the Sanhedrin, referring to the Greek translation of the scripture

Mar 14th

Elena Delgado

amazing interview, I learned so much from listening to this!

Mar 13th

Patricia Yex

my daughter thinks that she likes the same sex. what can i do

Mar 12th
Reply (1)

Lucy Rivera

I love this show and adore all the great speakers but if I may offer just a little bit of constructive criticism.... please let the callers talk more, I feel like they barely get to ask a question because the host and guess start of talking and spend to much time talking before getting to the callers. But then when the callers do ask questions the guest spends 10 minutes answering the question leaving no room for follow up questions or caller feedback. I humbly offer my opinion, but seriously THANK YOU for all you do for us Catholic Answers!

Jan 17th
Reply (1)

Jamie Bennett

Trent is great

Aug 6th

Lucy Rivera

Why does each episode stop playing after just a few minutes I've tried multiple Catholic Answers Live episodes and none of them play all the way through.

Feb 4th
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