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Questions Covered: 01:43 – How would I help a friend return to the faith when their objection is that the Church won’t accept homosexuality? 07:16 – Can we as Catholics pray and promote imprecatory prayer? 15:06 – Is it possible for there to be a created Trinity? 18:22 – How do we understand death before the fall? 21:04 – How can God soften someone’s heart without interfering with free will? 28:44 – If Mary was without sin, what are we to make of what happened to her, especially in the upper room during Pentecost? 33:44 – Can God take prayers and apply them to someone who has committed suicide? 40:35 – In the Collect at mass, sometimes it ends with “one God,” and others omit those words, is there a reason for that? 45:21 – Why is the sin against the Holy Spirit unforgivable but not the Son? Why is there a difference in the treatment for the Holy Spirit? 51:53 – How would you describe Christ’ state of grace? …
Questions Covered: 04:01 – what’s the sin of presumption according to a Catholic vs a Protestant? 10:01 – How did the Franco-Prussian war affect Vatican 1 ending early? 13:56 – Why is yoga ok to practice? 20:45 – How was Pope Linus appointed and how did the process of electing popes develop? 29:28 – What happened to the Holy Spirit that we received in the sacraments after we commit sins? 37:29 – Science evidence now shows that we can predict a person’s choice. Does this affect our understanding of free will and predestination? 47:08 – Are there levels in heaven? 52:45 – Why was Jesus so harsh to the Canaanite woman in Mt. 15:21-28? …
Questions Covered: 04:53 – Why do we venerate relics? 10:45 – Why are there 2 different versions of the bible, one with 66 and the other 73 books? 15:53 – Why does Jesus refer to himself as Son of Man? 22:45 – Why doesn’t 1. Tim say anything about priests? 33:03 – Why does God order people to kill others in the Old Testament but also says don’t kill in the 10 commandments? 45:25 – Why do we separate bodies for relics but we can’t separate the cremated remains of loved ones? 52:33 – Why are Catholics always quoting CS Lewis when he was never Catholic? …
Questions Covered: 14:28 – How do we know historically that the pope exercised authority over the eastern churches?  23:19 – When was Greek introduced into the liturgy? How long after was it replaced by Latin?  30:12 – What’s the best way to sift through all the intellectual language when digging into the Catholic faith? Do you have resources?  39:25 – How would you address the Apostasy with a Mormon?  45:45 – How do I move from rationalizing my faith to feeling and experiencing my faith?  51:03 – Is there any evidence in the Church Fathers about the Blessed Mother?  …
Open Forum – Questions Covered: 13:07 – In John it mentions 7 miracles. Did Jesus perform more miracles than recorded since Nicodemus recalls many miracles early on? 15:42 – What evidence do we have that the deuterocanonical books are a part of the original bible? 24:33 – Is Elijah in heaven? 34:06 – Does protestant baptism incorporate others into the Catholic Church? 45:15 – How are images and icons not idolatry? …
Questions Covered: 04:05 – During the liturgy of the Eucharist in the Dominican Rite, why does the priest extend his arms in the shape of a cross? 13:20 – How do we approach “Bene-vacantism?” 21:45 – How do we define works? How do we defend the sacraments as works in a negative light? 41:52 – How do I explain the immaculate conception to protestants without it going against their understanding of the atonement? 47:51 – Am I obligated to forgive a perpetrator who has not asked for forgiveness? …
Questions Covered: 06:38 – I’m in RCIA. Why is “I believe in one holy Catholic and apostolic Church” in the Nicene Creed? I still have a hard time reciting that part. 32:35 – What’s the difference between Catholic and Roman Catholic? 39:28 – I’m a former Mormon. How do we know that the Apostasy never happened? 47:16 – I’m in RCIA. I don’t understand why some people receive just the host and others the host and the chalice. Can you explain? …
Questions Covered: 04:39 – If Jesus and his disciples were baptizing but the Spirit had not been given, how would regenerative baptism be understood? 11:44 – Was the rosary as important to Catholics prior to the Fatima apparitions? 18:57 – My biggest hang up is that the Church always quotes themselves. 29:06 – Why and how did these big schisms between Catholic and Protestant occur? 36:42 – Why can’t I receive communion at a Catholic church? 42:57 – Why is it so important to Catholics to be married before physical intimacy? 44:55 – Mater Dei Why should a person choose Catholicism over Protestantism? 47:48 – I married a Catholic and we divorced. If they excommunicated her, why would this affect our children? 51:32 – Was the difference between veneration and praying to? …
Open Forum – Questions Covered: 01:03 – Is Charlemagne a saint in the Catholic Church? 03:27 – You’ve said that God can’t make one plus one equal three, can you elaborate more on that? 14:27 – What are your thoughts on Dr. Michael Heiser’s work on the Divine Council theology? 21:54 – If Elijah and Enoch didn’t die, then where are their bodies? 33:12 – Could you explain what the American Shadow Magisterium is? 46:56 – How does one respond to the claim that there was a God thousands of years ago but there’s no sign of him today? 52:14 – Can the consecration be done outside of mass? Do you always have to consecrate both? …
Open Forum – Questions Covered: 04:44 – What are the best strategies to deal with Calvinist objections? 13:44 – What is proper etiquette during Mass for a protestant looking to convert? 19:15 – Why does Mark have a shorter and longer ending? 25:06 – What can you tell me about Gematria and how serious I should take it? 36:24 – Did Catholics have something equivalent to the Christian crusaders? Do you think we will ever need something like that again? 42:14 – Is the Catechism infallible? 46:48 – How long was Joseph in Jesus’ life? 51:02 – When does one become culpable if they don’t follow the Catholic faith? …
Open Forum – Questions Covered: 03:31 – What do we see before we die? 15:01 – How should a Catholic working at a Catholic school respond to people pushing the pronouns thing? 20:13 – Normally the sins of a father are not imputed to the son, so why is original sin an exception? 29:35 – What are your thoughts on a person who leaves the Catholic faith as a teenager and converts to Islam? 36:21 – Do Catholics consider Protestants cousins in the faith or are they viewed as though they are all going to hell? 48:06 – I’m in RCIA. Reconciliation, Holy Orders, Marriage were covered today but what do you think would have been important to cover those topics? …
Open Forum – Questions Covered: 05:13 – Some people interpret the giving of authority in Mt. 18 to the apostles and others to the whole Christian community. What is the right interpretation? 14:28 – If Mary carried Jesus, how was he affected? Since Moses was affected and looked different when he received the 10 commandments, why didn’t Mary look different when She carried Jesus? 18:17 – What is the Church perception of the founding of the United States compared to the Protestant view? 24:04 – How would the Thomist view on eternal universal not contradict the unmoved mover? 31:14 – What field in the apologetics world needs more work? 43:33 – What are your thoughts on Fr. Altman’s video denying that Pope Francis is the real pope? 47:44 – How much financial support should a Catholic parent help their adult child with?   …
Questions Covered: 05:10 – “Catholics, could you give me an example of taking veneration too far, improperly worshiping a saint?” 09:52 – Paul says that a bishop should be “husband of one wife.” Does this argue against priestly celibacy? 14:52 – Do you think that a near-perfect image of the Trinity is found in human beings as mind-body-soul composites? 18:03 – Could you expound on Proverbs 3:5-6 and Psalm 119:5? 37:30 – Is it wrong to go to confession if you are not a Catholic? 47:46 – My friend is Catholic but married a Muslim and converted to Islam, will she still go to heaven? 51:29 – Is there a good commentary on the Nicene creed? 52:48 – What are Joe’s thoughts on the visions/prophecies of Fatima? …
Questions Covered: 06:33 – What proof do we have that Mary remained a virgin?  22:34 – What is grace? It seems to mean different things in different contexts.  29:20 – Why do some Protestants think that the King James Version of the Bible is the best or only reliable translation, and how could I show them it’s not?  36:42 – Why aren’t people immediately healed when they receive the Eucharist, like the woman who touched his garment?  40:43 – How could the Son be only-begotten but also not created?  46:27 – CCC 1938 mentions “sinful inequalities that affect millions of men and women.” Is it talking about inequality itself, or is it more about the many people that are in great poverty?  …
Open Forum – Questions Covered: 04:23 – When Jesus sent out the 72 disciples in pairs of two, what was the gospel they preached? Jesus hadn’t yet suffered, died, risen, or ascended, and he hadn’t even proclaimed the fullness of his teachings yet, nor had he instituted the Eucharist or sent the Holy Spirit – so what was their “good news?” 07:53 – Why does God permit the damnation of souls He created? 10:47 – Did the Donner party commit unrepentant mortal sin? 18:55 – Is there a word in English that rhymes with Orange? 20:03 – Who is Joseph in this prayer? “Lord God, who left us the signs of your Passion on the Holy Shroud in which your most holy body was wrapped when you were lowered from the cross by Joseph, grant us, most loving Lord, that by your holy death and burial and by the sorrows and sufferings of your holy Mother Mary, our Lady, that the souls in Purgatory may be brought to the glory of the resurrection where you live and reign with God the Father, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, God for ever and ever. Amen.” 23:08 – But how do you tell if something is the will of God versus the will of another human being imposed upon you? 28:36 – Is there a definitive theology concerning wealth, and if not, why not? 33:02 – Help me out with the elusive “hold hands/orans posture” vs. no change in posture during the Our Father for the laity. If both are allowed now, what would be the reason in favor of doing the hand hold/orans posture? 44:49 – I would be interested in your thoughts on the late paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren (husband-and-wife demonologist/clairvoyant trance medium, allegedly employed by the Catholic church on occasion). They remain part of popular culture thanks to the “Annabelle” and “The Conjuring” films. 49:01 – How can we counter Protestants who name the same tired insults regarding the Blessed Virgin Mary as Mother of God as well as the false claims that we worship her? 51:55 – Why do Catholics all shake hands at the reenactment of the Crucifixion of Jesus? …
Open Forum – Questions Covered: 6:14 – What do you make of the statement in 1 Maccabee 12:21 and it’s accuracy? Could the Greek demonym Danaans be for members of the tribe of Dan, so that some Greeks were once Jews? 14:49 – I understand a common answer on Catholic Answers is that the era of “public revelation” ended with the death of the Apostle John. Any further revelation is considered “private” and not binding to the faithful. My question is, “Why?” Wouldn’t the era public revelation have ended with the Ascension of Christ? If not – and original apostles could add to public revelation, then why not their disciples, and the disciples of their disciples, etc.? 20:06 – I have several follow-up questions to Michael’s question: In Lamentabili Sane, Pope Pius X condemned the following proposition (#21): “Revelation, constituting the object of the Catholic faith, was not complete with the Apostles.” Was there any magisterial precedence for this condemnation? After the publication of Lamentabili Sane, many theologians restated the condemned proposition as a positive statement: “Revelation was completed with the death of the last apostle.” But in more recent years, some theologians are stepping back from that positive statement. If Public Revelation did not end with the death of the last apostle, is there a definite time, event, or condition which closed the era of Revelation? Could you walk us through the steps to show how “Revelation was completed with the death of the last apostle” is not infallible teaching, if that is the case? Thanks in advance! 28:56 – Could the intro to the gospel of John be discussing the pre-incarnate Christ? I’ve heard this as an opinion held by some. Note that the verses talk about Jesus coming into his own before in verses 10 through 13, before announcing he became flesh in Verse 14. Is this a plausible interpretation? Did any of the fathers hold it? 36:37 – The book of Jonah: history or parable? 42:30 – When Jesus performed various miracles in the gospels, why did He tell the recipients not to tell anyone what He had done? Why did He want His miraculous deeds to be kept secret? 47:23 – Could God create a rock too heavy for him to lift? 50:15 – When the stone was rolled back from the tomb, what became of the cord and seal? …
Questions Covered: 15:26 – Would these synthetic embryos be soulless when they become full grown adults? 23:53 – Do the scientists who work on the embryos consider them humans or just scientific objects? 31:10 – Doesn’t anyone believe in the healing power of God instead of just depending on science? 37:25 – How are we supposed to think about it philosophically if humans create other humans and whether they have souls? 42:35 – If life begins at conception, then how does one enforce laws around miscarriages? 46:26 – Could plan B be ethical if you take the approach of self-defense in a situation of rape? 50:17 – Why would it be unethical to end a life if the quality of life is low? …
Questions Covered: 11:28 – My cousins don’t go to church anymore. What’s the best way to share the gospel with them? 16:36 – Would you consider making the appeal to get the tabernacle to be placed at the center of the Church to help restore faith? 29:35 – I’m a new Catholic. What are the best practices to start evangelizing? 35:20 – How can we best evangelize in a difficult situation at a funeral? 42:30 – What’s a good starting point when talking about Catholicism? 45:52 – Thank you for sharing the beautiful message to the caller at the funeral. 52:47 – Why do some churches say the Nicene Creed, and some say the Apostles Creed? …
Questions Covered: 2:04 – Does the bible imply Judas is damned based on Mt. 26:24, Mt. 19:28 and others? 8:34 – I’m reading The Lost Page by Joe Morris. How true is it that we’re missing the last part of the Gospel of Mark? 21:28 – If the bible does not allow divorce, then why does the Church approve annulments? 36:09 – Does the bible condemn yoga? 43:00 – Could you talk about the unforgivable sin against the Holy Spirit? 45:48 – What does Jesus mean when he said he came to not bring peace but a sword? 51:00 – Why are there unnecessary connections between Isaiah and St. Peter? …
Open Forum: 06:58 – Was it accepted by the Church that the writings of the NT were written by the people they were named after? 15:54 – Who are the Edomites? Are they white people? Have they been destroyed yet? 21:41 – Who went to Rome first, Peter or Paul? 28:48 – Are there any female angels? Are Lilith and the Succubus real? 34:02 – How do I dispose of a bible in a respectful way? 37:08 – What’s the point of seeing the bread and wine as sacrificial offerings? Wasn’t Jesus supposed to be the sacrificial offering? 46:26 – If something is permitted in the Torah, does that mean it can’t be intrinsically evil? …
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German E Aguillon

Saludos!!!!! Bendiciones

Aug 9th


Cure for insomnia

Dec 22nd

Bryan Zulueta

I've been listening to the podcast for half a year now. I was a Catholic until secular ideas took over me to the point I became confused about everything. All the things Catholic I learned from childhood I questioned and not knowing what to believe. When I lost God, I lost hope. You guys there don't know how you are changing and making me back to Catholic faith. It feels like I'm too late to have discovered this podcast.

Dec 16th

Linda k. Flores

one of your callers ask if God made all people....which includes Jews muslims hindu, why is it Catholics claim they are the only ones going to heaven?

Jan 14th
Reply (2)

Nicholas Johnson

Great range of topics. not only the saints, but other crucial Catholic beliefs, like connection to the physical world.

Jan 3rd

Nicholas Johnson

Minute 32: homosexuality as an example of the sacrifice God is calling us to make.

Sep 30th

Elena Delgado

I believe Me. Schoeman meant Septuagint instead of the Sanhedrin, referring to the Greek translation of the scripture

Mar 14th

Elena Delgado

amazing interview, I learned so much from listening to this!

Mar 13th

Patricia Yex

my daughter thinks that she likes the same sex. what can i do

Mar 12th
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Lucy Rivera

I love this show and adore all the great speakers but if I may offer just a little bit of constructive criticism.... please let the callers talk more, I feel like they barely get to ask a question because the host and guess start of talking and spend to much time talking before getting to the callers. But then when the callers do ask questions the guest spends 10 minutes answering the question leaving no room for follow up questions or caller feedback. I humbly offer my opinion, but seriously THANK YOU for all you do for us Catholic Answers!

Jan 17th
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Jamie Bennett

Trent is great

Aug 6th

Lucy Rivera

Why does each episode stop playing after just a few minutes I've tried multiple Catholic Answers Live episodes and none of them play all the way through.

Feb 4th
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