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Catholic Women Preach offers the theologically informed perspectives of Catholic women on the Sunday readings readings and on some feast days. Visit to view preaching videos, to read preaching texts, and to learn more about the preachers.
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April 7, 2019: Fifth Sunday of Lent
Preaching for the Fifth Sunday of Lent, Kaya Oakes, offers three insights from the passage about the woman “caught” in adultery: 1. “Jesus instead chooses not to condemn her. And that’s not the same thing as forgiveness, because, perhaps, in her case, there’s nothing for him to forgive;” 2. “What if she didn’t do it?... It’s entirely possible the ‘adultery’ this anonymous woman was caught in was really something else,” and 3. “the woman never asks for forgiveness. Unlike those who’ve been accused, who’ve been found guilty and who have publicly begged for forgiveness, she is silent, until Jesus asks who has really condemned her, and her answer is no one.”  This leads Oakes to conclude, “It’s no coincidence that our other readings today are about new ways of doing things, new ways of seeing ourselves and the world around us.” She ends: “Our newness might look like this: that we might speak, and be believed, instead of being dismissed. That when we’re falsely condemned, judged, or criticized, we might stop condemning ourselves. That we might not be condemned for things we did not do, but instead be set free. That we might learn to atone rather than apologize when we have actually done real harm. That we might get, for the first time, to tell our own stories, instead of having them told.”  Kaya Oakes teaches nonfiction writing at the University of California, Berkeley. She is the author of four books, including Slanted and Enchanted: The Evolution of Indie Culture (Henry Holt, 2009); Radical Reinvention: An Unlikely Return to the Catholic Church (Counterpoint Press, 2012); and The Nones Are Alright: A New Generation of Seekers, Believers, and Those In-Between (Orbis Books, 2015). Her writing has appeared in America, Commonweal, Slate, The New Republic, Foreign Policy, The Guardian, Narratively, Religion Dispatches, Religion News Service, National Catholic Reporter, and many other publications.  Visit to view her preaching video or read her preaching text and for more preaching from Catholic women.
March 31, 2019: Fourth Sunday of Lent
Preaching for the Fourth Sunday of Lent, Paola Piscitelli offers a reflection on joyful reconciliation and radical welcome: "That is what God is like: he always precedes us in love and runs towards us, sinners, to embrace us and to teach us to embrace each other. This Lenten season is a good time for us to experience the richness and joy of reconciliation and welcome. May this time of Lent help us change our heart and attitude; may we be able to accept the embrace and words of the Father and may we witness the same welcome and joy to those who are excluded from our society and who do not receive words and gestures of reconciliation and joy."  Paola Piscitelli is the President of the Community of Sant’Egidio USA, the American branch of the larger worldwide movement founded in Rome in 1968. Born in Rome, Italy, Paola joined the Community of Sant’Egidio while she was attending high school. She has been a member of it since then and has become president of its American branch in 1993.  As such she has coordinated the service programs and the growth of the Community in the United States through seminars, retreats, presentations and lectures. As all the members of Sant’Egidio her commitment with the community is totally volunteer.  To learn more about Paola, the Sant'Egidio community, to read the text of Paola's reflection or view the video, visit
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