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Your Source for Culture, History, and Tourism in the North Caucasus Mountains of Russia.
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Today’s episode comes to you out of the same quarantine many of you our listeners are in. Responses to COVID have varied significantly across the North Caucasus.  Some republics are getting hit much harder than others.  But amid the struggles, we share about good-will relief projects popping up everywhere.  We share about how our local … Continue reading "CT72 – COVID in the Caucasus | Local Relief Projects | Airplane Food at Home | Man Runs Marathon in Bedroom"
Next month marks 75 years since the end of WWII. Its devastating effects touched every corner of Europe, but many are surprised to learn that the North Caucasus are no exception. Nazi forces aimed as far as oil fields in Chechnya in the east to fuel their forces as well as the ports of the … Continue reading "CT71 – Commemorating WWII in the North Caucasus | Nazis on Mt. Elbrus | Santa Claus in the Caucasus"
***PLEASE CONSIDER SUPPORTING OUR GOFUNDME CAMPAIGN TO SUPPORT CAUCASUS FAMILIES IN NEED*** We often find ourselves explaining to people that we are not the only foreigners living here in the North Caucasus, or in Russia, for that matter. Since last year we’ve been corresponding with our now friend, Felix, a writer, traveler, and scholar … Continue reading "CT70 – Interview with Trekker, Scholar, Writer Felix Light | Expats in Moscow | GoFundMe for Local Families in Need"
Whether you live in Dagestan or Denver, Dubai or Des Moines, being a dad takes some special skills and wisdom. Andrew and Eli combine their collective years of experience “dadding” to bring you insider tips and tricks needed for sparkling success parenting in the North Caucasus. As with the rest of everyday life, the mundane … Continue reading "CT69 – A Day in the Caucasus Life #5: Dadding in Dagestan | Tools, Skills, & Special Abilities"
Just when you thought daily life couldn’t get more interesting—we bring you our fourth installment of “A Day in the Caucasus Life.” It’s a truism that you can’t see what you can’t see—that is, until you look. This couldn’t be truer of culture. So much is hidden in plain sight, if we’ll only have the … Continue reading "CT68 – A Day in the Caucasus Life #4: Things People Say | How to Become an Ethnographer | Ingush Wedding Story"
One thing we love about living in the North Caucasus is meeting other foreigners connected to the region. Most who we meet have real passion and interest in this place and its peoples. Today we talk with one man with unusually strong commitment for Dagestan. Tahseen is the founder of Rise ’N Glide, the first-ever … Continue reading "CT67 – Rise ‘N Glide: American Sports Tourism in Dagestan | CT Back for 2020 | Announcement!"
Dear Listeners, what a year! Thank you for journeying with us for our third calendar year! We have some exciting Patreon news to share, plus Andrew unveils brand new, hot-off-the-presses custom tours with Beyond Red Square. And as rest is a part of work, we are taking January and February of 2020 totally off from … Continue reading "CT 2019 Year-End Wrap Up! Patreon Update | BRS Custom Tours for 2020 | Happy New Year from CaucasTalk!!"
If you can’t find Adygea (Adyghea/Adygheya) on a map, or if you never knew that sub-tropical forests grow in the North Caucasus, you’re not alone! Looking for soft rolling forests, deep caves, train rides, and famous cheese? Consider Adygea. One of the most remote republics in the region, it stretches from the north side of … Continue reading "CT66 – Travel Tips: Adygea! Sub-Tropical Hikes | Caverns | Cheese"
They say that good things come in small packages. That is undeniably true of Ingushetia, the smallest of the North Caucasus Republics. If you’ve been hearing about this place (which you have if you’ve been listening to us!) and are ready to strike out on your own, today’s Travel Tip is for you. Andrew gets … Continue reading "CT65 – Travel Tip: Ingushetia! Legends of the Mountains | Magas | Nazran | Tower Complexes"
Paying bills has never been so entertaining! Andrew and Eli regale us with tales of trial and triumph as they travail to get things done from the depths of unfathomable bureaucracy. Yet even there we find that people are people, a smile does wonders, and life can be hacked, even in Russia. We’re sure today’s … Continue reading "CT64 – A Day in the Caucasus Life #3: Getting Things Done (or Not) | Line-Standing Etiquette, Document Drama, Aposti-what?, “The Look of Mercy”"
This episode will take you for a ride… on public transportation! And it’s a heck of a lot more interesting than it may seem. With deftness and penetrating insight—and quite a bit of experience—Andrew and Eli examine some of the more colorful aspects of Caucasus life on buses, trams, trolleys, and the ever ubiquitous marshrutkas. … Continue reading "CT63 – A Day in the Caucasus Life #2: Public Transport | The People In Our Neighborhood"
Some of the most mundane places we visit in daily life can actually teach us the most about ourselves if we look closely. Come with us as we visit some everyday places in the North Caucasus and unpack a bit of what they’re about. We think you’ll agree that there’s more than meets the eye! … Continue reading "CT62 – A Day in the Caucasus Life: Playgrounds | The Oldest Postal Woman | Patreon Update | Unveiling BRS Cultural Tours!"
If there’s one thing the Caucasus is not short on, its complexity.  Complexity of languages, cultures, borders, history, politics, religion, even food!  But if there’s one thing that balances that complexity—or maybe just outweighs it—it’s beauty. In Episodes 60 and 61 we take a dip into two of these fabulously complex and equally lovely regions: … Continue reading "CT61 – South Ossetia | Dima from Caucasus Explorer!"
If there’s one thing the Caucasus is not short on, its complexity.  Complexity of languages, cultures, borders, history, politics, religion, even food!  But if there’s one thing that balances that complexity—or maybe just outweighs it—it’s beauty. In Episodes 60 and 61 we take a dip into two of these fabulously complex and equally lovely regions: … Continue reading "CT60 – Abkhazia | “The Caucasus Changed Me” | Dima from Caucasus Explorer!"
“Shurpa without ayran is like throwing your money to the wind.”—Rashid the Wise If you want to know the delicious meaning of this proverb—and you should—just listen to today’s dive into Karachay-Cherkessia Republic. Back in the studio we welcome Rashid (see Episode 23) and this guy, well, he just knows everything. Mountain destinations for the … Continue reading "CT59 – Travel Tips: Karachay-Cherkessia! Beyond Dombay | Unsung Arkhyz | Lovely Kislovodsk | Best Hotels | Salty-Bubbly Yogurt Drink"
Interest in Chechnya is at an all-time high. It is an ancient, fascinating, complex, and little understood place. Our good friend Abdula, local tour guide and couch surfing host, takes us on a virtual tour of his homeland. He delivers expert tips on where to stay, what to eat, and places not to miss. Many … Continue reading "CT58 – Travel Tips: Chechnya! Heart of Chechnya Mosque | Lake Kezenoi-Am | Chepulgash"
Houston, the eagle has landed . . . in Dagestan! Today’s episode comes to you live (we love saying that) from the sunny shores of the Caspian Sea. There half of our team has permanently relocated! Our podcast now officially straddles the Caucasus range. LOTS of good stuff is happening over here. First, Eli unveils his … Continue reading "CT57 – Presenting: Apricot Media & Consulting | Patreon | Logo | Khabib v. Poirier"
We continue our Trans-Caucasus tour with another visit “south of the border,” this time to Georgia. (The country.) Our guest Giorgi actually takes his name from his motherland. An aspiring ethnologist, Giorgi skillfully traces many historical and cultural lines that have given rise to the character of this fascinating country today. Georgia stands out as … Continue reading "CT55 – Georgia: In Their Own Words! with Giorgi the Surprise Ethnologist!"
While not physically in the North Caucasus, the influence of Azerbaijan can be felt throughout region.  Stretching from snow-capped mountains to subtropical citrus groves, it is a country of complex history and rich diversity. Today we enjoy the privilege of hearing from a young Azeri tour guide, Tural Omarov, as well as some clips of … Continue reading "CT54 – Azerbaijan: In Their Own Words! | Oil Baths, Mountains, Beaches, and More"
“In Russia, walking is exalted and extraordinary. It is not mundane. I’m not talking about the word ‘to walk’ (khodit), a verb that merely signifies moving from place to place by foot. This is about the holy of holies in Russian which is to gulyat . . .” Yes, in today’s episode we dip into that … Continue reading "CT53 – “Gulyat-ing”: The Essential Russian Pastime"
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