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Cave Crew Radio. Its a man thang! Now live Thursday 9pm eastern on, shock talk radio at its best. Join your hosts Brian Crean aka the Big B (Metal Thunder Radio), Choo Choo Stu (London, England) and Double K aka DK (Double Talk Radio). Find out what really gets talked about in the man cave. Sports, hot topics, films, trending news, beer, and the likes are always on topic. 90 minutes of mayham, Guest co hosts, open studio lines and an interactive chatroom. What's the Cave Crew got cooking this week? Tune in to find out. For everything CCR check out
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Its a special Friday night show and you know we are ready for the weekend. Choo Choo Stu is kicked out of his log cabin has we return to our routes on good ole Urine Stench Alley. We decide that Sir Big B should have a pewter statue in his honor, and google maps should consider this an English land mark.Justine Bieber has challenged Tom Cruise to a UFC fight and we relive epic celebrity battles of the past. In honor of Tom Cruise, DK announces that Stu and Big B will square off in Scientology trivia later in the show.In response to the men's slapping competition, we learn there is now a low blow booty slapping championship in Siberia. Well you know we will need to take a deep dive on this one.Also on this weeks episodeArizona man gets bit while trying to barbecue a rattlesnake andFlorida man steals car, kills dog chases man with ax, found naked in chicken coop.We are just one week away from our Endless Summer Beach Party 2. We are planning on bringing in some special guests and more major announcements during our favorite season.We will also be continuing with our weekly give aways to people attending the shows live. This week we let the listeners name the episode and the crew voted on the winner. Congratulations Rich. Your Cave Crew Radio Mug is in the mail!!!Cave Crew Radio airs live every Thursday at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific on We are also syndicated on Radio Haver in Scotland and now simulcast the show on Raw Talk Radio Online.Be sure to order your Cave Crew Radio swag available on the home page.Join our Facebook group and follow us on Twitter, just search @Cavecrewradio
We are back and to start the show it is just Big B and DK. We decide to hold a contest with our live audience to see what time Stu will appear on air. Well it turned out Eric Evil was our winner and we have shipped him a Cave Crew Radio T Shirt of his choice. All our merchandise is available at Be listening all summer as we intend to have more great giveaways.The show starts with a story about some Canadian professors that believe Dodge Ball is bullying. We dive into this as well as the current state of inclusiveness in society.While we are waiting for Stu, Big B shows some pictures and we have questions about a sauce that is simply labelled hot. Once Stu arrives we get our answer, even if its not the one we want to here.From here on out the show is dedicated to a deep dive into glory holes. Who is the pusher and who is the person that just opens their mouths. How is this arrangement made. Who sets up the glory hole. What are the rules of glory hole. You are going to learn more than you want to about glory holes on this weeks show but it will be fun. That much we can promise.Cave Crew Radio airs live every Thursday at 8pm eastern and 5pm pacific on and we now simulcast on the Raw Talk Online Network. We also are in syndication on Radio Haver in Scotland.Be sure to follow us on Twitter and join our Facebook Group by searching Cave Crew Radio
Well we are finally back after our short hiatus and we have one crazy show in store for you. It's been a busy week for us here in the cave. We started out on Tuesday by invading Big B's heavy metal show, Metal Thunder Radio. The show is filled with great music but some how we are able to leave our mark. DK has a story about a weatherman that loses his shit over angry fans demand he aborts his weather cast and return to the bachloret. We talk about the lonely life of a weatherman and then discuss amber alerts.Choo Choo Stu has arrived from work and is broadcasting from a log cabin he has built in his yard. After hearing about this, DK and Big B immediately assemble to ideas of how this latest project can be leveraged to their advantage.At first it appears the only missing from this rustic castle is a bathroom, the ideas start to flow. But all of a sudden Stu teaches us a very cool new word. Pronounced Ur-ine-al the boys lose it and we go completely off course. Next up is all about bidet's and glory holes.As we watch Stu's less then perfect stream, we decide he should start broadcasting live and start a cult. The era of enlightenment has arrived in the cave. Goodbye Urine stench Alley welcome to the temple of the Urineal.Cave Crew Radio airs live on Thursdays at 8pm eastern 5pm pacific on We also syndicate the show on Raw Talk Radio and on Radio Haver in Scotland.Be sure to follow us on Twitter and join our Facebook group. Just search @cavecrewradioAll official CCR Merchandise, including new arrivals are available at In just a few weeks it will be time for our Endless Summer Beach Party series as we wrap up Season 5, be sure to keep an eye out for some major announcements.
Its a full show for you this week. First DK has another package arrived and is going to open it on air. Then the conversation switches to products from China and according to Big B their weapons are of the highest quality. Enjoy has we see some of his samples that he ordered from China,Choo Choo Stu is back from France and he has purchased a new guitar. A friend of his is having an album release party. DK thinks the music is catchy so he plays a clip for the audience. There is big news from the UK this week with the birth of a new baby. Behold Prince Archie. If you want to hear about all the latest Royal news, you know you have come to the right place.Also on tap this week:A man in New Zealand excepts a bet. All he has to do is sit on a bee's nest.Meet Pee and Poo the new mascots in Vancouver to educate us on things you can and cant flush down the toilet.We hit the jackpot this week in Florida news. A woman is hiding an alligator in her yoga pants, a fart at the Dollar Store escalates, a man slams his lawn mower into a cop car, and another man is arrested for an "I eat ass" sticker on his pick up.Wait there is moreKeeping on topic of bee's. DK gives Choo Choo and Big B a quiz to check their knowledge, and Choo Choo Stu tells us all about the Vomit Squad on the subway.Cave Crew Radio airs live every Thursday at 8pm eastern 5pm pacific on We also are syndicated in Scotland on Radio Haver.The live video stream is broadcast on Facebook live.Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook just search Cave Crew Radio, and while your checking us out, stop by the home page and buy some merch.Until next time!
Choo Choo Stu is away joining the French Foreign Legion so we bring back friend of the show, Brad Carter from Phone Losers of America and the Snow Plow Show. This week here is what we have on tap.Plastic McDonalds straws are selling for big bucks on EBay A Florida man is hospitalized because he kissed a poisonous snakeWe catch up on Brad's legal troubles.We do a couple of prank calls this week. Looking for a happy ending at a message parlor and ringing the customer bell at Arbys.We play two calls from the Snow Plow show about alternate universe and flushing a Christmas tree down the toilet.Then how much do you know about Cinco de Mayo we find out with this weeks interactive trivia game.Cave Crew Radio airs live every Thursday at 8pm eastern 5pm pacific on and in syndication on Radio Haver in Scotland and the Podcast Radio Network. We also broadcast the video stream live on Facebook Live.Join our Facebook Group and follow us on Twitter search Cave Crew Radio Check out the latest Cave Crew Radio merchandise here listen to Brads shows and support him go here week.....Choo Choo Stu returns from France has he prepares to battle the gypsies at the allotment.
This week there is more sickness in the Big B household, DK fixes a lawn mower and Choo Choo Stu has a visitor. Last week we were talking about safe words and DK has brought a story of 'intimacy coordinators' something that actors use during sex scenes in Hollywood. Well this leads to porn movies and actor performance which ultimately leads to 8 track sex tapes. We cant explain, you just need to listen.Also up on this weeks showA pregnant couple attempts to get neighbors to cook and clean for them using a new app.Woman sends 159 thousand texts to man after their first date, threatens to make sushi from his kidneys and thats not all she does.This week in Florida a man threatens to unleash his army of turtles on the area.We talk about resorts, strange destinations, and someone has decided to call us the international panel of weird.All this and so much more on this brand new episode.Cave Crew Radio airs live every Thursday at 8pm eastern 5pm pacific on and in syndication on Radio Haver in Scotland and the Podcast Radio Network.We also stream our video feed on Facebook Live and TV Livestream.We are doing a monthly merchandise give away. This week send "I am weird" to cavecrewradio@gmail.comYou can also order Merchandise right off the homepage at http://www.cavecrewradio.comBe sure to join or Facebook group and follow us on Twitter. Just search Cave Crew Radio
Cave Crew Confessions

Cave Crew Confessions


Here we go its our Easter Special. We have some Easter Trivia, and all the weird news from around the globe. Here is whats coming up on this weeks special edition.The Archdiocese of Michigan is allowing members of the Catholic Church to eat Muskrat Fridays during lent. Would you eat it? We release our poll results. We also reveal the strangest things we have ever ate and find out that Big B is a picky eater.A man is suing his parents for disposing of his porn collection. Like anything else in the Cave we begin talking about garbage pickers and recycling. You just never know where the story is going to lead us.Time to go to Florida. A Florida teen has been arrested for a second time. The first time was for attempting to do a professional wrestling move on his principal, this time he is wrestling a plastic alligator in a pond at a mall. Of course he filmed it for his Instagram.Next up we discuss a new study that suggests mens beards have more germs then dogs, enter Big B.Don't forget we have a new line of T Shirts with new designs coming soon. Order your Parental Warning T Shirt here Crew Radio airs live every Thursday at 8pm eastern and 5pm pacific on and in syndication on the Podcast Radio Network and Radio Haver in Scotland. The exclusive video feed is always available via Facebook Live.For your daily dose of weird join the Facebook Group search Cave Crew Radio
How do we get even crazier then we already are. How about a special Friday night show. Big B has mailed us a present, Choo Choo Stu has received his in England. But DK's arrived has an empty envelope. Yet another scandal! Who stole DK's present. This year at the allotment we are growing Big B;s Beets and DK's Jerkin Gherkins. Anyway we digress. Here is what we have on this weeks show.There is now a condom that takes 4 hands to open. That is leading the way for the no means no movement.We have located a couple of churches. The first is removing sexual demons from the members. The second is a pastor that says all sodomites will get cancer and have flames shooting out their butt hole. We have audio of both.This week in Florida, we have 4 stories. First up 3 women air drying at rest stop take cops on high speed chase. Next a man is accused of shop lifting days after buying 8 million dollar island. Then Florida man dies after winning roach eating contest, and finally a man is charged after being charged for the murder of his girlfriend by choking her during oral sex.Wait there is more. Toddler locks mothers I phone for 45 years, and your google home device is listening in on you.Cave Crew Radio airs every Thursday night at 8pm eastern 5pm pacific on and in syndication on Radio Haver in Scotland and on the Podcast Radio network. Please follow us on Twitter and Facebook search Cave Crew Radio.See you next time! Tell a friend about us.
After our short break the boys are back in the cave. This week we start by talking about Stu's new log cabin he is building, and DK and Big B weigh in on how there is always pieces that dont fit or having an extra piece. Cave Crew Radio has had its on pool league on a phone game, we get an update and the boys weigh in on the favorite game on their phones.Also this week...Building the wall will cause a shortage of avocados.Canadian couple drives with corpse in van to avoid American health care.Man is suing his boss because of stinky farts.Delivery driver samples a milk shake and is caught on camera.Fisherman has his line broken and stolen by a drunk mermaid.All this and so much more. Cave Crew Radio airs live every Thursday on www.cavecrewradio,com and in syndication on the Podcast Radio Network and Radio Haver from Scotland.Join us on Facebook and Twitter just search Cave Crew Radio
This week our audio is fixed, for now. Choo Choo Stu is drinking Caesars for this week, a classic Canadian drink. Lets watch him has the show goes along. Big B was a guest on Raw and Real. He tells the story about Beaver Utah again and DK thinks it gets better every time he tells it. Choo Choo has been painting his house, he paints his neighbors fence because its ugly. Also up this week. DK reports there is a now a DNA test kit for your dog, would you use one? Also the web seems to be having another tonight. In the saying Chugga Chugga Choo Choo, how many times to you Chugga?Also this week...A man loses his virginity to an extraterrestrial in the back seat of a ford. Florida woman shop lifts and then proceeds to masturbate in the back of a van on the way to the police station.Speaking of masturbation. A Texas legislator wants to impose a 100 dollar fine, every time a man masturbates and we have updates on Mama June and Robert Kraft.Cave Crew Radio airs live every Thursday at 8pm eastern on and in syndication on Radio Haver in Scotland and on the Podcast Radio Network.You can download all past episodes on the home page and anywhere podcasts are found.Follow us on Twitter and join the Facebook Group just search Cave Crew Radio.
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