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Cave Crew Radio. Its a man thang! Now live Thursday 9pm eastern on, shock talk radio at its best. Join your hosts Brian Crean aka the Big B (Metal Thunder Radio), Choo Choo Stu (London, England) and Double K aka DK (Double Talk Radio). Find out what really gets talked about in the man cave. Sports, hot topics, films, trending news, beer, and the likes are always on topic. 90 minutes of mayham, Guest co hosts, open studio lines and an interactive chatroom. What's the Cave Crew got cooking this week? Tune in to find out. For everything CCR check out
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We are back just in time for our Thanksgiving special. Big B is smoking a turkey and Choo Choo has another new tattoo.Also this weekChoo Choo Stu's shirt is drawing attention it appears it can speak.Tanning your butt hole seems to be the new fad.The government of South Dakota is pulling its don't jerk and drive ads.A Doctor in the UK believes masturbation should be prescribed. DK loves the idea of being able to by KFC skin but gets scolded for the way he obtains it.White Castle is now serving beer.Choo Choo Stu steals a car and steals food for his catering side job.Mike Jolitz is back with all the latest news and weather.T shirts are on sale at the home page for black Friday http://www.cavecrewradio.comCave Crew Radio airs on the cave crew radio network, on Facebook Live and simulcasted on Raw Talk Radio online. We are also in syndication on Cave Crew TV on YouTube and Radio Haver in Scotland.
Welcome to our Halloween special. On this weeks show:A new continent that is mostly under water was discovered. It is called Zealandia. DK has suggested that the citizens of Urine Stench Alley need a kingdom of their own. Big B has proclaimed this new land Stenchlandia! Listen in has we make our plans with our friends at the allotment and the gypsies.Choo Choo Stu does not answer his door on Halloween.A new study is claiming the world is going to end by 2050. We debate these latest claims of climate change.Epstein, the Trump impeachment and brexit are disussed.Mike Jolitz is providing us with this weeks news.Also......A man attempts to make love to a pile of leaves and the aubergine and the peach emojis have been banned by Facebook and Instagram. It appears they are used for sexual solicitation. Choo Choo Stu explains all of this to us.Cave Crew Radio is live every Thursday at 8pm eastern on Raw Talk online and Facebook Live. We are in syndication on Radio Haver in Scotland and Cave Crew TV on YouTube. Next weeks show is on Tuesday for a special Guy Fawkes day edition!
Here we go again folks. Fasten your seat belts for the latest serving of madness from the cave.Choo Choo Stu has written a song for his daughter after a break up. We premier Ben you peace of shit. Things are heating up at the allotment. After a lorry was discovered with 29 Chinese nationals on it. Big B and DK are quick to accuse Dave and Wendy from the allotment being behind this is some way. Sir Big B is placing strict sanctions on the allotment and their supply of the black stuff immediately as Urine Stench Alley continues its war with the allotment.Then in a very strange twist. Choo Choo Stu claims that he believes this show including Big B and DK are an alternate reality and a figment of his imagination.We have Mike Jolitz back to read the news for the week.Two stories this week from Florida this week. We have a sailor lost at sea, that claims he was sexually assaulted by mermaids and speaking of sexual assaults. A man at Target assaults 2 stuffed animals.Then to wrap things up. A hitman hires a hitman who hires a hitman who hires a hit man and Stu disappears again!!!Cave Crew Radio is live every Thursday at 8pm eastern on Raw Talk Radio online and Facebook Live.We are also syndicated on Radio Haver in Scotland and on You Tube search Cave Crew TV.New T Shirts are on the way for the holidays, check out the home page or the Facebook group.
The tension builds is Choo Choo Stu awake for this weeks show? Indeed it is. He gives an update on the dead rat in is ceiling and it appears he has a new tattoo.Big B is up next and he gives an update on the invasion of the allotment by the infantry of Urine Stench Alley. It appears Dave and Wendy aren't ready to surrender just yet.We play a clip of a Wheel of Fortune contestant that seems to be trapped in a loveless marriage.Big B has supplied us with a number that you can call to hear Hall and Oates songs anytime you want. Yes we give it a call.There is a story of an elder that shot a woman with a squirt gun filled with urine.We talk a little bit about the weather and the scary names these storms have.Mike Jolitz is back with the fastest breakdown of all the headlines from the past week.You have heard of the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon. Well we give you the 6 degrees of Hillary Clinton and explain how she can be tied to every travesty and conspiracy in history.Cave Crew Radio airs live every Thursday at 8pm eastern on and simulcasting on Raw Talk Radio and Facebook Live. We are also in syndication on Radio Haver in Scotland and Cave Crew TV on YouTube.Remember to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, just search Cave Crew Radio.
This week its DK, Big B and a sleeping Choo Choo Stu. Yes we have the Stu cam and as the show goes on you can watch Stu snoring logs in his cabin. DK and Big B start things off with a little football and baseball. Then we have an incident at the allotment! It appears there have been some robberies. After reading the letter from Dave and Wendy, and no Stu to give us the details. We decide it is time for the citizens of Urine Stench Alley to invade the Allotment. We have declared liberation, stay tuned.Next we have a conversation about the origins of Canadian Thanksgiving. It appears Martin Frobisher from a stream in Canada invented Thanksgiving 43 years before the Americans. Then with time to spare, we dive into the true origins of American Thanksgiving. Wait until you hear what we have discovered.Mike Jolitz is back with his weekly news.Cave Crew Radio can be heard live every Thursday at 8pm eastern 5pm pacific on simulcasted on Raw Talk online and Facebook Live. We are then syndicated on Radio Haver in Scotland and Cave Crew TV on YouTube. Remember to order your shirts at
This week Choo Choo Stu, Sir Big B and DK are back live in the studio. Big B has received a book for his 23 and me. We learn about his roots from Sierra Leone. Choo Choo Stu has a rat dead in his ceiling and he is using sachets to get rid of the smell. All three of us have new glasses. Choo Choo Stu tells us about the threesome that almost happened in his musical Christmas socks and Big B has some stories about strippers.Mike Jolitz reads the news, to cover all the latest headlines.Also on tap. Greta Thunberg says we are destroying the planet and stealing her youth. A Russian man is suing apple for turning him gay, and a guy trips out at Disney Land after taking acid.Cave Crew Radio is live every Thursday at 8pm eastern on www, and on Facebook Live and in syndication on Radio Haver in Scotland and Cave Crew TV on YouTube.
We start the show with Big B renaming himself has the barbecue pit master of Queens, Immediately we get down to business with the story of Vicar Hackinam. Once this flops DK tells the story of the girl that dreamed that she swallowed her engagement ring. That leads to Choo Choo Stu telling the story of his terrestrial experience with his astral lover named Kenya, The boys pledge to dive deeper into this and to get a medium on the show.Bring in Bridgett the Midget. She loses her mind and stabs Jeremy James in the leg. Next up Mike Jolitz reads the news, followed by a guy that swings nun-chucks while spraying bug spray. To top things off Big B's favorite host Alex makes a rape joke.Cave Crew Radio airs live every Thursday at 8pm eastern 6pm pacific on Facebook Live and Raw Talk online. We then syndicate on Radio Haver in Scotland and You Tube. Please go and join us on Facebook and Twitter search Cave Crew Radio. Next week almost a threesome in my musical Christmas socks.
Welcome back to the cave. This week. The wonderful life of Choo Choo Stu takes a dramatic turn. When Stu tells us the story of, seeing his future wife's bedroom from another girls room. Stu tells of us of the early days of his courtship. Including sleep walking, taking apart a stove and an area rug sleeping bag. We also cover a story of a young English gal that marries a tree.Both Stu and DK use vaping has a means to quit smoking. We try to present the facts of recent deaths and sickness and our look on vaping.Mike Jolitz returns for another fantastic segment of Mike Reads the News. Its the fastest 3 minutes in radio.DK has been to the optometrist and reveals he has high cholesterol, and Big B shares a similar story he had at the eye doctor. Then its time for the Amazon Fresh debate. Choo Choo Stu swears by it, Big B provides an alternative and DK just cant seem to wrap his head around it.Then DK shares with Big B the return of his good friend Alex. Alex is doing his sixth anniversary show for fish keepers and we have clips.Cave Crew Radio airs live every Thursday at 8pm eastern 5pm pacific on simulcasting on Raw Talk Online and Facebook Live. We also syndicate on Radio Haver in Scotland, on YouTube and where ever podcasts are found.We have T shirts available on the home page and join us on Facebook and Twitter just search cave crew radio.Next week Stu brings us to his wedding and tells us the story of We named him Vicar Hackinam
The boys are back for another season. We have a jam packed show. Big B's former and employer and the man that fired him, are involved in not one, but two scandals! The Japanese boss was called home for sexual harassment. DK demands to know what happens when they are called home? Then another co worker is charged with embezzling millions of dollars.The Wonderful world of Choo Choo Stu continues with the nightmare taxi ride and the fatal attraction girl. We have a public service announcement involving hurricane Dorian with a Florida man who has an idea on how to stop it and the always entertaining Frankie the Weatherman.Then its the fastest 3 minutes in radio. When Mike Jolitz reads the news.Finally we have a news story about a lightning bolt hitting a septic tank and causing an explosion from the fart gas. We way in on the merit of this and if it would be possible.Choo Choo Stu and DK discuss the vaping controversy and Stu has a new tattoo!Cave Crew Radio airs live every Thursday at 8pm eastern 5pm pacific on simulcasting on Raw Talk on line and Facebook Live. We are also in syndication on Radio Haver in Scotland and YouTube.Coming up next week, Choo Choo Stu tells the story of I can see my future wife's bedroom from some other girls room.
On this weeks show we continue the ongoing history of the wonderful life of Choo Choo Stu. When we left off last week Stu was about to tell us about, a mistress an American prostitute and 3 blokes. So let the adventure continue. We learn of his experiences with the prostitute and the identity of the 3 blokes. Uncle Nick enters the story as well. Hear how Stu played harmonica for an Irish cover band and so much more. Also on tap for this week. Choo Choo is peeing red because he is eating too many beets. Could this get him some time off work? DK is back from vacation and he has some stories from his trip to Ohio and the Cedar Point amusement park, Big B also tells us about his experience with roller coasters. We have a public service announcement. It appears that there is danger with sex robots. A simple error in a code could cause them to turn against the user and cause harm or even death. Listen has we dive into this story. Mike Jolitz returns with the headlines and the news.Cave Crew Radio airs every Thursday at 8pm eastern on , Facebook Live and is simulcasted on Raw Talk Online. We also air weekly on Radio Haver in Scotland. The replays are available on YouTube and where ever podcasts are found. We are on Twitter and Facebook just search Cave Crew Radio. Show merchandise is available on our website as well. Don't miss next week when we pick up on Stu's life timeline with a nightmare taxi ride with the fatal attraction girl.
We are back! Summer is quickly coming to end. Join Sir Big B, Choo Choo Stu and DK for a brand new live release. A little bit of a back story to this one. For years Choo Choo Stu has been entertaining us with colorful girlfriends and people from his past. Recently DK was taking part in a 12 hour live stream to raise money for a 10 year old boy with a brain tumor. Almost completely exhausted DK was joined by Sir Big B and Choo Choo Stu, the viewers demanded an improv Cave Crew Radio. Anyway Stu began to tell his stories of old. DK then asked if these people. The one leg aborigineese girl, the pot washer had names. Big B began to document names and dates, and the next thing you know we were drawing a historical tree. Fast forward to this week. We pick up where we left off and continued to dive deeper into our timelines and stories. This is a show that was 5 years in the making. Whether you are a long time listener or a first timer the details of the events and the people finally move from legend to truth. We have a feeling this may just be the beginning of what really is the most wonderful life of the most interesting man on the planet.Also this weekThe premier of our new news correspondent Mike Jolitz from the Big Big Show. Mike recently decided to stop doing his show, so we jumped at the opportunity to make him the newest member of the crew, If you dont already know Mike, listen up for this weeks segment.Big B was a guest on Grey Matters Radio with Mike Devine. Was Epstein really suicide? Choo Choo Stu is doing some renovations and getting a new tattoo.DK is taking up vaping.Cave Crew Radio airs live on Facebook and and the Raw Talk Radio Network. We are also in syndication on Radio Haver in Scotland and video replays are now on YouTubeYou can buy official merchandise at www,cavecrewradio.comBe sure to join us on Facebook and Twitter just search Cave Crew Radio..
Hot off of learning all about the Amish, we are taking a slight right turn this week. Patrick Henry makes his return. When we first met Patrick a YouTube star documenting what is was like to be an Englishman in New York City, it was very intriguing. Well now Patrick has picked up and moved to Utah! Of course we get his take on the Mormons, and its alot of fun.Patrick is also involved in a project involving virtual reality to train sports.He is still making YouTube videos and his infant son has a channel too.Here how he went across the the great salt lake on an electric skateboard.Choo Choo Stu is still away under mental evaluation after Dr. Mikes visit.England has a new prime minister named Boris and of course when politics come up, Big B loses his mind!Cave Crew Radio is live every Thursday at 8pm eastern on http://www, and simulcast on Raw Talk Radio online. We are also in syndication on Radio Haver in Scotland. The video broadcast is on Facebook Live and the YouTube channel is on its way back.We will be on a short hiatus to enjoy our summer and take a break to refuel for season 6. DK will also be doing a 12 hour fundraiser for a 9 year old cancer patient named Ray Ray. Stay tuned for more!
Welcome back to the madhouse that is Cave Crew Radio. This week we welcome special guest Raymond the Amish Comic back to the show. Also filling in has co host is Al The Producer from Wrestle Me This. Choo Choo Stu and Big B are still undergoing psychic evaluations after Dr Mikes visit.This time around Raymond does not disappoint. You can hear DK laughing from beginning to end.Here is a sample of topics...Rays hot wife and cruising around to Frank Zappa.Old time telephones and young people today.DK insists again that Raymond reminds him of Isaac from Children of the Corn.The difference between the Amish and the Mennonites and so much more.Cave Crew Radio airs live every Thursday on and simulcasting on Raw Talk Radio online at 8pm eastern 5pm pacific.We are also syndicated on Radio Haver in Scotland.We have merchandise for sale on the home page and dont forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook @CaveCrewRadioNext week the party continues with the return of Patrick Henry an Englishman in the USAPlus the endless summer of give aways continues for our live audience!
Its time for the annual mental health check up on the crew. So its the return of none other than Dr Mike Devine. Last year was so much fun we had to do it again.This year Mike has us send him a hand drawn picture of our house, and us in a tree. What does this say about our mental state? Then Mike has a fill in the blank exercise. When all is said and done we get our annual review. The results? Listen in.Mike tells us how we inspired and helped him start his own radio show, Gray Matters Radio. We get a chance to learn about this show and we think Big B would be a perfect guest. Check out the show here its time for Mike to chime in with us on weird newsMetro condemns passenger who slid naked through Melbourne train Female swinger suffers heart attack after 'overdoing it' during orgy Loud fart gives away suspect's hiding spot, leads to arrest Finally we turn the tables and DK, Choo Choo and Big B evaluate Mike.Cave Crew Radio can be heard live on the cave crew radio network at and on Raw Talk Radio online every Thursday at 8pm eastern and 5pm pacificWe also are syndicated on Radio Haver in Scotland.Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook and buy some merchandise on the home page.Next week the endless summer beach party returns with Raymond the Amish Comic
The Endless Summer Beach Party continues and this week we are going even more global then usual. This week Drew Carson is live in Studio from Scotland. We discuss several topics including.Mind Garden on Amazon PrimeRadio HaverThe Drew Carson showOrchid Grove Audio DramaThen its on to the weird news. This week we haveFlorida man throws feces at judge during trial, misses — and is acquitted Police: Alleged Copper Thief Electrocutes Himself, Dies Alabama Man On The Lam Insists He Didn't Give Meth To 'Attack Squirrel' Cave Crew Radio airs live on Thursdays at 8pm eastern 6pm Pacific on and simulcasting on Raw Talk Online. We also broadcast our video feed on Facebook Live. Replays can be heard on Radio Haver in Scotland on Thursdays by replay.Join our Facebook group and follow us on Twitter @CaveCrewRadioCongratulations to Rosie and Mike Jolitz....your prizes are in the mail Stay tuned for next weeks give aways!!
Let the madness begin! We kick off our second annual Endless Summer Beach Party with none other than the man of 1000 voices Matt Vanderpool. We start the show with Stu broadcasting from what appears to be a porno casting couch. Anyways we digressFirst up we are searching for customer service from TLC Pearls so we call the number and we reach a call center in India, Salami Kar Po Po is the one that answers.Choo Choo Stu tells us about an English delicacy called suet.Well we start with this FLORIDA MAN ACCUSED OF STEALING POOL FLOATS SAYS HE DID IT FOR SEXUAL GRATIFICATION 'INSTEAD OF RAPING WOMEN What Stu has in store for us is another story all together.Driver Accused Of Hitting Squad Car While Looking For 'Saved By The Bell' Clip On PhoneDrunk man terrorizes streets of small Polish town in Soviet tank All this and so much more on this weeks show.Cave Crew Radio airs live every Thursday at 8pm eastern 5pm pacific on we also are heard on Raw Talk Online and Radio Haver in Scotland.Follow us on Twitter and Join us on Facebook search Cave Crew RadioNext weeks special guest all the way from Scotland is Drew Carson.
Its a special Friday night show and you know we are ready for the weekend. Choo Choo Stu is kicked out of his log cabin has we return to our routes on good ole Urine Stench Alley. We decide that Sir Big B should have a pewter statue in his honor, and google maps should consider this an English land mark.Justine Bieber has challenged Tom Cruise to a UFC fight and we relive epic celebrity battles of the past. In honor of Tom Cruise, DK announces that Stu and Big B will square off in Scientology trivia later in the show.In response to the men's slapping competition, we learn there is now a low blow booty slapping championship in Siberia. Well you know we will need to take a deep dive on this one.Also on this weeks episodeArizona man gets bit while trying to barbecue a rattlesnake andFlorida man steals car, kills dog chases man with ax, found naked in chicken coop.We are just one week away from our Endless Summer Beach Party 2. We are planning on bringing in some special guests and more major announcements during our favorite season.We will also be continuing with our weekly give aways to people attending the shows live. This week we let the listeners name the episode and the crew voted on the winner. Congratulations Rich. Your Cave Crew Radio Mug is in the mail!!!Cave Crew Radio airs live every Thursday at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific on We are also syndicated on Radio Haver in Scotland and now simulcast the show on Raw Talk Radio Online.Be sure to order your Cave Crew Radio swag available on the home page.Join our Facebook group and follow us on Twitter, just search @Cavecrewradio
We are back and to start the show it is just Big B and DK. We decide to hold a contest with our live audience to see what time Stu will appear on air. Well it turned out Eric Evil was our winner and we have shipped him a Cave Crew Radio T Shirt of his choice. All our merchandise is available at Be listening all summer as we intend to have more great giveaways.The show starts with a story about some Canadian professors that believe Dodge Ball is bullying. We dive into this as well as the current state of inclusiveness in society.While we are waiting for Stu, Big B shows some pictures and we have questions about a sauce that is simply labelled hot. Once Stu arrives we get our answer, even if its not the one we want to here.From here on out the show is dedicated to a deep dive into glory holes. Who is the pusher and who is the person that just opens their mouths. How is this arrangement made. Who sets up the glory hole. What are the rules of glory hole. You are going to learn more than you want to about glory holes on this weeks show but it will be fun. That much we can promise.Cave Crew Radio airs live every Thursday at 8pm eastern and 5pm pacific on and we now simulcast on the Raw Talk Online Network. We also are in syndication on Radio Haver in Scotland.Be sure to follow us on Twitter and join our Facebook Group by searching Cave Crew Radio
Well we are finally back after our short hiatus and we have one crazy show in store for you. It's been a busy week for us here in the cave. We started out on Tuesday by invading Big B's heavy metal show, Metal Thunder Radio. The show is filled with great music but some how we are able to leave our mark. DK has a story about a weatherman that loses his shit over angry fans demand he aborts his weather cast and return to the bachloret. We talk about the lonely life of a weatherman and then discuss amber alerts.Choo Choo Stu has arrived from work and is broadcasting from a log cabin he has built in his yard. After hearing about this, DK and Big B immediately assemble to ideas of how this latest project can be leveraged to their advantage.At first it appears the only missing from this rustic castle is a bathroom, the ideas start to flow. But all of a sudden Stu teaches us a very cool new word. Pronounced Ur-ine-al the boys lose it and we go completely off course. Next up is all about bidet's and glory holes.As we watch Stu's less then perfect stream, we decide he should start broadcasting live and start a cult. The era of enlightenment has arrived in the cave. Goodbye Urine stench Alley welcome to the temple of the Urineal.Cave Crew Radio airs live on Thursdays at 8pm eastern 5pm pacific on We also syndicate the show on Raw Talk Radio and on Radio Haver in Scotland.Be sure to follow us on Twitter and join our Facebook group. Just search @cavecrewradioAll official CCR Merchandise, including new arrivals are available at In just a few weeks it will be time for our Endless Summer Beach Party series as we wrap up Season 5, be sure to keep an eye out for some major announcements.
Its a full show for you this week. First DK has another package arrived and is going to open it on air. Then the conversation switches to products from China and according to Big B their weapons are of the highest quality. Enjoy has we see some of his samples that he ordered from China,Choo Choo Stu is back from France and he has purchased a new guitar. A friend of his is having an album release party. DK thinks the music is catchy so he plays a clip for the audience. There is big news from the UK this week with the birth of a new baby. Behold Prince Archie. If you want to hear about all the latest Royal news, you know you have come to the right place.Also on tap this week:A man in New Zealand excepts a bet. All he has to do is sit on a bee's nest.Meet Pee and Poo the new mascots in Vancouver to educate us on things you can and cant flush down the toilet.We hit the jackpot this week in Florida news. A woman is hiding an alligator in her yoga pants, a fart at the Dollar Store escalates, a man slams his lawn mower into a cop car, and another man is arrested for an "I eat ass" sticker on his pick up.Wait there is moreKeeping on topic of bee's. DK gives Choo Choo and Big B a quiz to check their knowledge, and Choo Choo Stu tells us all about the Vomit Squad on the subway.Cave Crew Radio airs live every Thursday at 8pm eastern 5pm pacific on We also are syndicated in Scotland on Radio Haver.The live video stream is broadcast on Facebook live.Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook just search Cave Crew Radio, and while your checking us out, stop by the home page and buy some merch.Until next time!
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