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Cave Crew Radio. Its a man thang! Now live Thursday 9pm eastern on, shock talk radio at its best. Join your hosts Brian Crean aka the Big B (Metal Thunder Radio), Choo Choo Stu (London, England) and Double K aka DK (Double Talk Radio). Find out what really gets talked about in the man cave. Sports, hot topics, films, trending news, beer, and the likes are always on topic. 90 minutes of mayham, Guest co hosts, open studio lines and an interactive chatroom. What's the Cave Crew got cooking this week? Tune in to find out. For everything CCR check out
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Welcome cave dwellers to our annual Thanksgiving special. We are here again from England, the USA and Canada. The show begins with how the hosts are dealing with the pandemic, going into the holiday season. Big B and DK have declared they are perfectly content not mingling with people. While Choo Choo Stu is going crazy with these restrictions. Do you like Turkey or not, the boys lay out there opinions. Last week we had a medium no show us, at that point Choo Choo Stu declared that he has always been a mystic. This week we are exposed to Choo Choo Who and ancient mystic from the alley that has the stench of urine. He has brought along a deck of Tarot Cards. Will Big B move to Kentucky, what does 2021 hold for DK, and what do the cards hold for our live audience. Roving reporter Jason Scott has sent us a story about a couple in New York that discovered bottles of bootleg whiskey in their walls. Cave Crew Radio airs live every Friday, on Facebook, YouTube and Big B and Amanda have both received their new swag. Get yours on the homepage. We are available for download where ever podcasts are found. Be sure to join us all week on social media. On Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Just search Cave Crew Radio.
Its all a go this week video and audio working! We were supposed to have a medium on the show, but she ghosted us. Never fear though. We discovered our own Choo Choo Stu is a mystic, a Tibetan Sherpa if you will. Stu begins by explaining how the mystics work, his affiliation with the physic church, life long powers, and how his talents are actually a hybrid of the others. Stu begins by shocking Big B about a plumbing problem. Big B admits there is water leaking in the house and he has told no one. He continues to explain that DK may have some household issues and he sees the color red. It does not end there, Stu welcomes questions from our listeners in chat. Telling them about relationships, car problems and their future. We then take a look at the new Rockefeller Christmas tree, it does not look like the committee made a very good choice. Are heads going to roll? Then we reveal our show favorite tree. The half Christmas tree of England. We have revealed some new swag. T Shirts, mugs, stickers and more. You can check it all out here We broadcast live every Friday on YouTube, Facebook and Our shows are available for download, where ever podcasts are found. Join in the fun and stay updated all week, by following us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Just search Cave Crew Radio Next up....Our Thanksgiving special to kick off the holiday season.
Its our Friday the 13th edition and we have lost the video portion of the show. But we did manage to record the podcast for you. Choo Choo Stu is back to join Big B and DK this week. We kick things off with President Elect B's first town hall since he announced that he is in fact, the new president of the United States. Hear what the constituents are asking and what the Prez has to say. Also on tap. Did you know Choo Choo Stu almost got in a fist fight with Mike Tyson? Also Mike used a prosthetic penis called a Wizzanator to pass his drug tests. Adult playdough with smells that adults can appreciate, do you have bad experience with playdough? Man stops California wild fires with beer. Florida man hid legless fugitive girlfriend in plastic tote. We are talking As Seen on TV. Cave Crew Radio airs live every week on Facebook, YouTube Live on Cave Crew TV and on our homepage. We have merchandise available and all past shows can be found at and where ever podcasts are found. Be sure to follow us on social media. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Just search cave crew radio. Next week the Happy Medium Jona Kay is on the show!
We planned our episode 250 to be a big one, and it did not disappoint. Disgusted by the state of the election in the United States, Sir Big B has decided to end this once and for all. Big B who is the Duke of Pee seeing over Urine Stench Alley, he has been knighted by the queen of England. Tonight Big B proclaims that he is in fact the 46th president of the United States. That someone with vision and common sense will reign supreme over the greatest country of them all See below for his complete cabinet. Also up this week. Choo Choo Stu the new Secretary of the vice, returns to the show. He tells us about cousin Ralph the European truck driver slut. He also tells of an in-law in Finland whom he communicated with in a secret language. UNTO is all they would say. Also this week A police officer dies after trying to break up a rooster fight. Woman impersonates a prosecutor to get off of charges. Woman in Japan holds funerals for sex dolls. Cave Crew Radio airs live on Facebook and YouTube. You can also catch us anytime on We are available where ever podcasts are released. Follow us on social media, on Facebook and Twitter just search Cave Crew Radio Below is the cabinet that President B has chosen VP - Choo Choo Stu Press Secretary - DK Sec of State - Matt Vanderpool Sec of Defense/Homeland Security - Mike Jolitz Sec of Housing & Urban Development - Bill from Calgary Sec of Commerce - Jason Scott Sec of Labor - Raymond the Amish Comic Sec of Agriculture - One Tooth Jim Sec of Transportation - Erik the Swede Sec of Heath & Human Services - Christina Martinez from Dickies BBQ Sec of Interior - Amanda Desrosiers Sec of Education - Eric Drakes Sec of Energy - Scott Morris
DK and Boardo the Tic Tok star host this years Halloween special. The live show was unable to take place. This years show is in memory of Jerry one of DK's dogs. So lets get spooky lets join the crew. Happy Halloween. Welcome to our Halloween special. On this weeks show: A new continent that is mostly under water was discovered. It is called Zealandia. DK has suggested that the citizens of Urine Stench Alley need a kingdom of their own. Big B has proclaimed this new land Stenchlandia! Listen in has we make our plans with our friends at the allotment and the gypsies. Choo Choo Stu does not answer his door on Halloween. A new study is claiming the world is going to end by 2050. We debate these latest claims of climate change. Epstein, the Trump impeachment and brexit are disussed. Mike Jolitz is providing us with this weeks news. Also......A man attempts to make love to a pile of leaves and the aubergine and the peach emojis have been banned by Facebook and Instagram. It appears they are used for sexual solicitation. Choo Choo Stu explains all of this to us. Cave Crew Radio is live every Thursday at 8pm eastern on Raw Talk online and Facebook Live. We are in syndication on Radio Haver in Scotland and Cave Crew TV on YouTube. Next weeks show is on Tuesday for a special Guy Fawkes day edition!
We are back in the cave. This week Big B and DK are discussing Halloween. First it is Mrs B's obsession with this holiday, and Big B's lack of excitement. Then we go on to share our favorite and least favorite horror movies. What exactly makes a horror movie, and what scares you. We have a special message from outer space from Commander Stu on the Starship Allotment. Where has he been and what is he up too. Its very exciting in the chat room tonight. Jason and Amanda are really a couple and we try to encourage them to take the plunge. Good ole Scotty is back as well harassing the guys. Wait. What.....Angie finally dumped him? Who has the 6 dogs and 14 cats? Stay tuned. Also this week... CNN and New Yorker reporter Jeffery Toobin was caught masturbating on zoom. Look out Tokyo here comes Porno Land A woman calls off a wedding with a ghost because he kept disappearing. A man is stopped in the airport, with more than kilogram of gold up his bum. Cave Crew Radio airs live every week on FaceBook Live, YouTube Live on Cave Crew TV and on Be sure to keep up with us all week on social media on Facebook and Twitter. Just search Cave Crew Radio Next week is the big Halloween special be sure to mark it down. The return of Raymond the Amish Comic, with appearances by Boardo the Tic Tok star and the Choo Choo Stu!
Welcome back to the cave. This week we start out with Big B telling us about his own personal TV station that he has built on a plex, with massive storage. DK introduces the story broke by the Smoking Gun about Hunter Biden. It appears Hunter has been smoking crack and making sex tapes, not to mention those emails. Does Big B still guarantee a Trump victory? We have a picture of Choo Choo Stu since his recent promotion. Enter Commander Stu of the star ship allotment. Also this week... A UK college student has a few drinks and gets stuck in a dryer. A fed up fiancé arrives at her boyfriends work with a pastor and a bridesmaid, demanding to be wed. A dog walker has a rough day when Charlie comes back with a new toy. A dildo you say. The story of the week is when a young sleeping lady on a plane is awoken by a pastor urinating on her. Cave Crew Radio is live every week on Facebook, our YouTube Channel and . You can download the show where ever podcasts are found. Follow us on social media for all the updates and other fun, Twitter and Facebook just search Cave Crew Radio. Our Halloween special is Friday October 30th with special guest Raymond the Amish Comic.
We are back for a brand new season after a short hiatus. We start off with a new studio computer for DK and a Rona scare for the Big B family. Trump has Hilary's emails, and Big B is still confident that Trump will win the election. There is a quick review of the new plans we have, the mystery grab bag extravaganza and new t shirts plus exciting guests in the works. Also on tap this week A priest is caught having a threesome at the alter with 2 dominatrices Man dies of overdose from eating too much black licorace A Vietnamese lady is arrested for packaging and reselling recycled condoms. Cave Crew Radio airs live every Friday on and simulcasts on Facebook and our YouTube channel Cave Crew TV. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, just search Cave Crew Radio Cave Crew Radio is available where ever podcasts are available.
Well I guess this is how we end the season. Major technical difficulties prevented us from doing or live show. But DK chimes in to tell us the start date of season 7 on October 9th and provides not only an exclusive interview with Choo Choo Stu in regards to the vomit on cars 3 and 4 but it appears car 5 has been hit as well with a brand new update. We return in 2 weeks with a brand new season on YouTube and Facebook Live. Or podcasts are available where ever you download and please follow us on Twitter and Facebook just search Cave Crew Radio.
Even though Choo Choo Stu is not in studio this week. We start the show with breaking news. There seems to have been alarms set off in the London Underground with Stu at the helm and we are the first to report it. Not only do we have a panic alarm on car 6, we also have vomit alarms on cars 3 and 4! Big B and DK have questions, but because of COVID the Vomit Patrol has been disbanded. Is it up to Choo Choo Stu to clean this mess? Also on this weeks show Mike Jolitz is back to read the news. Another gender reveal party has gone terribly wrong. Big B and DK explore this strange celebration and think we can add some spice to it. Remember the mother who married a tree. Well its her one year anniversary and she has a boyfriend. Did you hear about the dentist, extracting teeth on a hoover board. and Naked man chases feral hog that stole lap top. All this and so much more on this weeks show. Cave Crew Radio airs live on our homepage, Facebook Live and our YouTube channel Cave Crew TV You can download our podcasts anywhere, and buy our merchandise at Follow us on Twitter and Facebook just search Cave Crew Radio Next week is our season finally. See you there!
Welcome back Cave dwellers! This is usually the episode where Choo Choo Stu goes on vacation and broadcasts from Canada or New York or some where around the globe. This year with Covid he obviously cant travel, but fear not. Stu tells us the story of an all expense paid trip to Las Vegas his mom won on the radio. From winning money on the fruit machine, to his favorite dishes and the girl he met poolside. Its another Choo Choo classic. But thats not all! How do you distract yourself during a miss fire? A girl with a wonky eye. Sexy can be simple. The great American sandwich. Its back to school excitement. Mike Jolitz is back to read the news. Cave Crew Radio airs live on YouTube and Facebook, also on Follow us all week on Twitter and Facebook. Just search Cave Crew Radio. Only 2 episodes left in this season. What to we have planned for the next? Stand by please......
Its the Labor day edition and Choo Choo Stu has returned to tell us some all new stories, from the most interesting man in the world. Big B and DK talk for a while until Stu arrives. We get an update on the first neighborhood BBQ using the cotton candy machine. Mrs B is feverishly preparing treat bags for all the kids returning to school next week. We decide this is a great idea for a give away next season, a cave crew treat bag! Fasten your seat belts. Choo Choo has arrived. Here is what he has in store this week. We learn about boot meets, the UK version of garage sales. Where you pay money to buy junk from peoples trunks. Choo Choo Stu tells us the story of when he was a chef for a rich jew, and the extravagant Bar Mitzvah. Then its the agency and some of the assignments he went on. Meet Dominic he likes cake, and the time Stu was mistaken for a handy man. How does all this tie in to the stories that have already been told. Stay tuned when Stu continues to take us on this journey next week. The weather is getting cooler and the season is coming to an end. Cave Crew Radio airs live on Facebook Live and YouTube Live over on Cave Crew TV. You can also catch it on our home page on Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all the up to date news. Just search cave crew radio.
Its the last of our annual endless summer beach party episodes, as we start to wind down yet another season of Cave Crew Radio. This week its Big B and DK in the studio. We start things off with DK explaining about his DYI way of killing yellow jackets, in involves a pop bottle. Big B's cave crew radio masks have arrived! Be sure to order yours today. We follow up on Big B's new quarantine carnival treats with 3 new flavors of cotton candy. Mike Jolitz is back to read the news this week, nobody can fit so much in 4 minutes as him. Even the weather. Also up this week Chinese man falls in well is saved by his belly. Daughter assaults father in Florida because of excessive flatulence. To wrap things up we have a mom in a long distance relationship, that swears her semen smoothies cure Corona. Did we mention DK's addiction to seen on tv shopping. Cave Crew Radio airs live on Facebook , on YouTube on Cave Crew TV and on the home page at We still have lots of shirts and masks in stock. Dont forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest. Just search Cave Crew Radio. The last few episodes of the season start next week, so stay tuned.
It's so long to our friend Choo Choo Stu for a little while, so we want to go out with a bang. DK, Big B and Stu have a lot in store this week. Big B's wife has gone on a binge of carnival food machines, but they look a little small. Its popcorn and cotton candy. DK and Big B try to convince Stu that bake beans are something you eat by a campfire and Stu teaches us about naked bread and the wrong side of the slice. Choo Choo has been researching his DNA and discovers that DK may be a distant cousin. We finally get to hear the rest of the story when we learn about Kenny and Jenny the fake limb dealers. It appears Stu is closer to this story then we originally thought. Cave Crew Radio airs live every week on our Facebook Group, YouTube channel Cave Crew TV and on our homepage on Follow us all week on Facebook and Twitter just search Cave Crew Radio. Next week our Endless Summer beach party and this years season are quickly coming to a close.....tune in for more fun and what the future holds
Choo Choo Stu returns live from his cabin in England this week. We have some catching up to do, is it possible the cabin is going to be expanded? Big B just ordered his Cave Crew Radio masks want yours? Go here to order Also on board this week A pink hotel Locked in a swingers club Big B is caught for money laundering We discuss underhanded collection techniques The science behind ice in the urinal. The rest we will leave up to your imagination. Cave Crew Radio airs live on Facebook on the group page, Youtube on Cave Crew TV and on the home page You can follow us on Twitter and Facebook just search Cave Crew Radio Next week Stu picks up where he left off. Stay tuned
DK and Big B are back in the cave, for another crazy ride. We talk about some hurricane we cant pronounce, a little play off hockey and Big B reveals what could be his brand new cook book. We continue to support our favorite weatherman Frankie Macdonald before his new world tour with a couple of new clips. A strange wedding invitation puts Big B and DK on opposite sides of the debate. A rough breakup leads a mum in Australia to get some strange prank calls. Apparently people are receiving random packages of seeds from China. We do our best to understand what is going on. If you have seeds send them to us so we can grow them in secrecy at the allotment. A farmer finds a prosthetic leg in his crops and reunites it with the owner. Cave Crew Radio broadcasts live on Facebook and on our YouTube channel Cave Crew TV You can download our podcasts anywhere. For all past episodes, official merchandise and other ways to support. Check out the homepage We are on Facebook and Twitter just search Cave Crew Radio Next week DK is going fishing. See you when we return.
DK and Big B are back in the cave for this weeks episode. DK elaborates on the drone story, explaining about the missing helicopter and the drone that is stalking him. DK decides to arm himself with an army of drones and Big B proclaims him the homing pigeon squadron commander. We then start to talk about Choo Choo Stu and plan on inventing a game and series of children s toys, perhaps a movie. The president of YouPorn is supporting the use of glory holes for safe sex. An actor is choosing a sex doll as his bride. A man steals a 40 pound dildo called moby. Minnesota police are using drones to bust topless sunbathers, and a drive through strip bar with a 2 song limit. Uncle Guido visits us and sings a song and Frankie the weatherman is planning a world tour. Cave Crew Radio airs live on Facebook and our YouTube channel Cave Crew TV. Our podcasts can be found at or where ever you download podcasts Check us out on Twitter and Facebook just search Cave Crew Radio
We are back in the Cave and Big B and DK are talking all things summer. Choo Choo Stu has informed us that he is using deodorant, lavender oil and vinegar has his bench marks for regaining his smell. On Big B this is your life, we have 2 new pictures. One is the story of the magic bus and the other is his or someone else's wedding. Public service very careful when ordering sex toys from Amazon. DK was being spied on from a drone. We have 2 TicToc Stories. The first is young kids dressing up has grannys with masks on to buy booze and the second is a guy who promised to jump into a fish tank if he received 2000 likes. We are now live on our YouTube Channel search Cave Crew TV. We also broadcast on Facebook. Our podcasts are available on every platform. We have merchandise available on the home page. We also are on Facebook and Twitter. Just search Cave Crew Radio
Big B starts the show by having a Pina Colada. Explaining what else could 2020 deal New York city but Tropical Storm Faye. Choo Choo Stu has started a new treatment to try and gain back his smell after Covid. Smell Ability is the name of the program. We shall research it, check in with Stu and get back to everyone next week. On Sir Big B this is your life, DK introduces two more pictures and wonders why B always looks so irritated. It turns out both Big B and DK are very anti social people. Also this week Alabama students are throwing covid parties to see who can get infected. A Wyoming strip bar is open and they are wearing masks. A baker uses female urine from public toilets to make Goldilocks bread Cave Crew Radio is live every week. Starting next week our video broadcasts will be simulcasting live on Facebook, on our YouTube Channel Cave Crew TV and on our home page. Please join our social media channels just search Cave Crew Radio You can support us by buying our merchandise or donating to the beer fund at
Its a Canada day virtual extravaganza this week in the cave. The return of Choo Choo Stu. So let the mayhem continue. Or endless summer beach party continues this week with DK celebrating Canada day with his friends. Choo Choo Stu suffered a loss of smell from his Covid. Tonight we have him smell different household items to see what and how much he can smell. Stu shares a very vivid dream he had, including naked girls and other podcasters. Remember Kenya his spirit guide? Its a double feature of Big B this is your life. A narcoleptic singer and a broken down van. We have a video debut from the Tik Tok INFLUENCER Boardo. and finally we all know DK loves infomercials well it appears the Shamwow guy is back with a face mask. Cave Crew Radio broadcasts live on www, and Facebook Live, we also syndicate on Cave Crew TV on YouTube and where ever podcasts are found. Follow or social media and buy some merchandise, just search Cave Crew Radio
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