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Cha Da Cup With KayRay is a show by actor, filmmaker, social media influencer, and all around girl boss, Kiran Rai. Come back here every other week to listen to Kiran talking about social issues and fun stories with your favourite influencers and exciting guests.

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WE MAKIN' IT TO HOLLYWOOD BABY!   Watch "Tiger" this weekend: November 30th! WATCH THE TRAILER: TORONTO: Cineplex Yonge & Dundas, Toronto Cineplex Courtney Park 16, Mississauga VANCOUVER: Cineplex International Village, Vancouver Cineplex Strawberry Hill, Surrey LA: Cinemark 18, 6081 Center Drive New York: Regal E-Walk Stadium 13 247 W 42nd St. *ENTER CONTEST - TICKET GIVEAWAY* Enter for a chance to win 2 tickets to the weekend box office opening of TIGER! To enter: 1. comment on @kay__ray's post about the contest ft. her uncle & let us know know why you want to watch this movie! 2. tag a friend in the post 3. follow @tigerthemovie on instagram WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED ON NOVEMBER 29TH, 5PM EST *You are eligible to apply from any of the cities the movie is premiering this weekend* If you like what you heard don't forget to leave a rating and comment in the Apple podcast app! Also SUBSCRIBE! FOLLOW Tiger The Movie: insta // twitter: @TigerTheMovie LEARN MORE ABOUT PARDEEP SINGH NAGRA: FOLLOW KAYRAY: insta // twitter: @kay__ray facebook: snapchat: @kiranrai 
How many times have you been scrolling down on Instagram and watch your favourite influencers talk about "Staying Positive", "Rise & Grind!!", "Hustle Harder" and you literally have no desire to do any of these things but you feel guilty to say that out loud? Well, we're on your side. In this episode, we bring back our guest, transformational coach, Raz Soos, who has guided KayRay to healing with her own mental health journey. Everything from how harmful these types of messages can be, to celebrities that have had mental health issues despite "fame and success" to guiding you on how you can take care of your own well-being by being present with your emotions.   As always, if you enjoy this podcast - hit us up with a like, comment and rate!!! And like, subscribe already!   FOLLOW:   @razsoos //   FOLLOW KAYRAY:   insta // twitter: @kay__ray snapchat: @kiranrai  youtube:
This week's episode - we stick to the roots of Cha Da Cup With KayRay, where you ask your questions and we answer them! Everything from the challenges 2018 has brought to acting agent horror stories to struggles of trying to stay consistent -- I get vulnerable with y'all and let you in on what I've been dealing with. We bring back photographer // videographer and overall hype womxn Baljit as a guest!    FOLLOW:   Baljit Singh: @bsinghh //   KAYRAY:   insta // twitter: @kay__ray youtube: snapchat: @kiranrai  
Have you ever had a summer fling that extended a little longer than it needed to be? Listen to our first segment of The eX-files, where we discuss strange things that have happened with our past relationships, flings and over-all encounters with dudes. In this case, we talk about how summer flings turn into things, why guys think it's okay to expose themselves a little TOO much and the grey area around consent.    Let us know about you summer flings & tingz below!    FOLLOW:   Baljit Singh: @bsinghh //   KAYRAY:   insta // twitter: @kay__ray youtube: snapchat: @kiranrai
It's Wedding SZN! And although many of our listeners are probably getting ready for weddings every weekend this summer, we shared our thoughts on healthy / unhealthy partnerships, why being a wife isn't for everyone and what it's like for brown girls to challenge these traditions. This special episode, we celebrate the 10th year anniversary of Brown Girl Magazine (@browngirlmag) with the team: CEO Trisha Sakhuja-Walia, influencer / digital marketing professional Nehal Mehra, mental health advocate Jessie Brar and writer and editor Sandeep Panesar. Brown Girl Magazine is a digital stomping ground for south asians to challenge traditions and embrace feminism.   FOLLOW: @browngirlmag // Trisha Sakhuja-Walia: @tsakhuja_walia Nehal Mehra: @_nehalmehra Jessie Brar: @themhspotlight // @jessieebrar Sandeep Panesar: @sandeepanesar FOLLOW KAYRAY: insta // twitter @kay__ray snapchat: @kiranrai youtube: Wedding SZN Pros and Cons ft. BrownGirlMag
This week, our guest is director/ producer/writer V.T. Nayani (pron. 9'knee). Her first feature documentary SHADEISM: DIGGING DEEPER (2015) has been traveling around the world for the past few years, starting difficult conversations in our own diasporas. Nayani's long list of accomplishments includes being an alum of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's Workshop for Diverse Creators, the HotDocs Festival's Doc Accelerator Program, and the 2017 ReelWorld Film Festival's Emerging 20 Program, and the recipient of the 2017 UN Women Yvonne M. Hebert Award. In 2018, Nayani's first feature drama film, THIS PLACE, was selected as a recipient of Telefilm Canada's inaugural Talent to Watch Program. Nayani is also a Co-Founder and Executive at  43°North Productions, a production company that she runs with her producing partners Camaro West and Simone Ince. Through their work together, they are focused on centering stories from the margins, featuring Black, Indigenous, and other people of colour. In this episode, we talk about the deep-rooted racism within our own communities, why it's important to acknowledge the anti-blackness and shadeism in our diasporas in a healthy way and how to use media as a way to break these stigmas.    If you enjoy this episode, you know what to do!!! Hit that comment, like and rate!    FOLLOW:    instagram // twitter: @_9knee film:    FOLLOW KAYRAY:   instagram // twitter: @kay__ray youtube: snapchat: @kiranrai
LIVE FROM VANCOUVER! It's our first episode with a live studio audience thanks to our friends at @5xfest! This week, join KayRay while she chats with Punjabi superstar, Jasmine Sandlas, Basement Bhangra legend - DJ Rekha and welcoming back dance choreographer, Manpreet Toor! Listen to us talk about everything from the struggles of working in the Punjabi music industry to juicy stories from our questionable past - lol. It's a fun one! If you enjoy this podcast, hit that subscribe / rate!    Watch the full video version of this podcast:   FOLLOW OUR GUESTS:   Jasmine Sandlas: @jasminesandlas // Manpreet Toor: @toor.manpreet // DJ Rekha: @djrekha //   FOLLOW KAYRAY:   insta // twitter: @kay__ray youtube: snapchat: @kiranrai  
Episode 15- #Pride

Episode 15- #Pride


Happy Pride everyone! This week’s guest panelist is comedian Anasimone George. She is the founder of comedy show “SHADE”, that is inclusive of LGBTQ, womxn and POC comedians. In this episode, we talk about the beauty of Pride as well as the complexities, understanding Pride’s political roots and how we can ensure the safety of our queer/trans siblings. Plus you could hear us talk a lotta shit about the recent elections! If you think we’re funny don’t forget to rate and subscribe on the Apple Podcast app!    FOLLOW:  instagram: @theanasimone // @shadetoronto twitter: @idoughnutcare    FOLLOW KAYRAY:   insta // twitter: @kay__ray youtube: snapchat: @kiranrai   Make sure to comment / rate / subscribe!
Episode 14 - Ready To Glow

Episode 14 - Ready To Glow


Hemali Mistry, more popularly known by her brand name, Ready To Glow, is an upcoming beauty blogger / influencer from Toronto. She is best known for making fun and quirky make-up / hair tutorials. Garnering over 100k followers on Instagram, Hemali not only shares her artistry through consistent video posts but also sharing her own struggle with body image and mental health issues. She is now working and collaborating with some of the world’s top beauty brands. This week, KayRay sips cha with one of her most frequent collaborators to talk about their journey working in the fashion and wedding industries, why representation matters in beauty world and why it's important to promote self-love and inner beauty. Watch the video version of this episode: FOLLOW:  instagram: youtube:   FOLLOW KAYRAY:   insta // twitter: @kay__ray youtube: snapchat: @kiranrai   Make sure to comment / rate / subscribe! 
This week, we feature Spanish filmmaker, Alba Sotorra. Her work primarily focuses on stories of genuine characters that reflect on controversial issues. Through creative documentary, she aims to open spaces for reflection and discussion to facilitate understanding of the world in constant change. The world premiere of her latest documentary, Commander Arian - A Story of Women, War and Freedom is premiering at the HOT DOCs festival. The documentary follows the Kurdish resistance in Syria and Commander Arian Afrin in the Women’s Protection Unit (YPJ) with her fight against ISIS. KayRay sits with Alba to discuss the struggles of documenting in a war-zone place, women empowering women and their ultimate fight against patriarchy in Syria as a collective.   FOLLOW:   Alba Sotorra:   facebook:   FOLLOW KAYRAY:   insta // twitter: @kay__ray youtube: snapchat: @kiranrai   Make sure to comment / rate / subscribe! 
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