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This week, The Doc continues his WWE Decade in Review series, highlighting 2011.  Perhaps no year of the past ten has proven to be as interesting.  The top end talent drop-off that defined 2010 ignited an anxiety that had been growing for a long time.  Born of those feelings of angst was "The Pipe Bomb" and the rise to superstardom of CM Punk.  The wider industry has never been the same.2011 was not all about The Voice of the Voiceless, however.  An amazing rivalry, incredibly underrated in the "of all-time" conversation, took place right around the same time that Punk was peaking.  The WWE standard-bearer for the several years leading up to 2011 turned a new corner in his career and further elevated his status.  An incredibly unique match at WrestleMania largely without peer in WWE lore contended for best of the year.  It was a very memorable twelve months.On this episode, a plethora of topics are packed into the 2011-in-review conversation, including the Wrestler of the Year, the most underrated matches and moments, and the top mid-carder.  Join the discussion @TheDocLOP on Twitter and let us reminisce. Also, Doc reveals the details and group stage results of the WWE Women's World Cup tournament!
The MVP has returned! Christopher Platt is on the DWI Podcast!We've got WWE Stomping Ground this weekend. Will Brock Lesnar make an appearance and possibly cash in? Can the women's right bring gold to Lacey Evans? And can KofiMania continue its run with the WWE Title?In a very last call, we give our quick thoughts on the NBA Draft and the new landscape of the league!, your home for hard-hitting opinion, analysis, news, and reviews.  The Chairshot Dot Com: Always Use Your Head
The Chairshot brings you a brand new edition of The Outsider’s Edge!  In this exclusive episode, Kyle and Rance are back from hiatus, with Karl still on his "column tour," to break down all of the news in the world of wrestling!  The guys break down the Stomping Grounds Pay-Per-View, and give their predictions for the show.  The guys also look forward to the G1, and go through the participants and the possible winners.  Finally, the guys talk about the Jon Moxley situation, with him not being able to work the US dates of the G1. - Always Use Your HeadFollow Karl on Twitter @OutsiderKervinFollow Rance on Twitter @ItsReyCashFollow Kyle on Twitter @DrSmoresFollow The Outsider's Edge on Twitter @OutsidersEdgeSS
The Chairshot, brings you THE podcast that will absolutely have you questioning everything you thought you knew about professional wrestling, POD is WAR #PiW. Join Christopher Platt @therealcplatt and Andrew Balaz @IWCWarChief as they battle it out for intelectual superiority in sports and entertainment! On this weeks episode...     - Complacency In WWE     - Bray Wyatt     - Stomping Grounds     - AEW etc...     - NJPW G1For the latest, greatest and up to datest in breaking news, opinions, and podcasts ALWAYS #UseYourHead and visit
Miranda Morales hosts The #Miranda Show, your weekly quirky look at the world of professional wrestling with the Twitter-less heroine herself, #Miranda!Each week, Miranda establishes a slate of rules for Greg DeMarco to follow, and then creatively enforces a punishment upon him--even if he doesn't break a rule!This week, Miranda brings back "More or Less," digs into the Netflix phenomenon GLOW and shares her recent discovery, Pro Wrestling EVE!The duo also talks about the amazing world of professional wrestling, Miranda's exploits on the independent scene, shopping, relationships, and so much more!It's The #Miranda Show, and it's available anytime, all the time, on-demand at Chairshot: Always Use Your Head
The Trios Champions of Pro Wrestling Podcasting bring you the knowledge and entertainment you need to enjoy wrestling more!Big Rick sits in for Greg as he and Patrick O'Dowd explore the world of wrestling newz on this edition of The Greg DeMarco Show!WWE doesn't want talent to leave and is issuing 5-year deals?Is WWE backing off of Lacey Evans' push?Are WWE talent counting down the days until they can jump to AEW?All this and so much more as Big Rick dives headfirst into The Greg DeMarco Show!The Greg DeMarco Show is presented live on Tuesday nights and airs each Wednesday on as part of The Chairshot Radio Network!The champs on The Twitter!@ChairshotGreg@WrestlngRealist#Miranda@theCHAIRSHOTcomALWAYS USE YOUR HEAD
This week, The Doc has the NBA Finals on the brain.  One thing to remember about him is that wrestling is never too far in the distance.  As such, wrestling frequently works its way into whatever mental dialogue Doc has had going about something else. Last month, Doc had a conversation with his cohort from live WrestleMania 29 viewing about times in NBA lore when a player altered the way that we thought about his career.  Shortly after, Doc thinking about wrestlers who had done the same in WWE history.  He thought about The Miz, for instance, and how his on-going renaissance begun in 2016 has vaulted him up the all-time rankings and created a deeper layer of respect from the fans.What other WWE wrestlers have been able to change the narratives regarding their careers, for better or worse?  Doc discusses the topic at length through the entirety of today's podcast.
Two members of the Trios Champions of Pro Wrestling Podcasting bring you the most amazing show in the history of our sport: The #Miranda & Greg DeMarco Super Wildcard Such Good Shit Show...Down!Greg pitches a shift in Raw to Miranda, and she probably hates it!Miranda has thoughts on AEW broadcasting Fyter Fest live on B/R Live...for free!Miranda somehow tricks Greg into talking about Sasha Banks and Jon Moxley!Greg presents Miranda with his Three Theories Of Wrestling and she probably hates them!Miranda is going to pull rank (her name is listed first) and drop #Miranda Rights on Greg with no notice!Miranda has stuff planned that will BLOW YOUR MIND! (Or at least Greg's)No Patrick O'Dowd...he's probably just at home watching hockey.Miranda Morales' Dirty LaundryThe #Miranda & Greg DeMarco Super Wildcard Such Good Shit Show...Down is presented ONE TIME ONLY EVER will air Wednesday on as part of The Chairshot Radio Network!The champs on The Twitter!@ChairshotGreg#Miranda@theCHAIRSHOTcomNot Patrick O'DowdALWAYS USE YOUR HEAD...and Go Blues!
Join Harry Broadhurst, Tony Acero and Andrew Balaz as they present the Raw Reaction tonight at 11:30 PM (Eastern) here on the Chairshot Radio Network. Super Showdown was this past Friday and so we will open with discussion thereof. Not much to cover from the show but we will discuss where it took us to tonight and where we head for Stomping Grounds in thirteen days. Speaking of, the guys will debate the name of that show and whether or not it's an improvement on previous show names. We'll also have the fallout from tonight's episode of Raw, where we will discuss Shane's victory celebration, the Firefly Funhouse, a triple threat for the Raw tag titles and much more. All that and much more to get to when you catch out the Raw Reaction, a presentation of the Chairshot Radio Network (online at
This week, The Doc is joined by's Sir Samuel Brown for June's Sunday Wrestling Conversation, a Doc Says staple that sees the host and his guest just shoot the breeze about a wrestling topic or two for an hour.  The man of the hour is Jon Moxley, Sir Sam's favorite wrestler and one that Doc finds particularly interesting both in the present tense and in relation to his historical ranking as Dean Ambrose in WWE.The discussion begins with focus on AEW and New Japan and what the gentlemen are hoping that he achieves in each promotion; Doc personally cannot wait to see Moxley vs. Kenny Omega, for instance, but the wrestling world is abuzz this week with Mox's performance against Juice Robinson at the Best of the Super Juniors Final in NJPW. Predominantly, the theme of the conversation is on contextualizing what Ambrose accomplished in WWE.  Doc has long posited that The Lunatic Fringe was, based on achievements and his push, the third wheel of The Shield, someone who left a lot on the table for a variety of reasons, but Sir Sam and others have often countered that Ambrose was a lot closer historically to Rollins and Reigns than folks like Chad Matthews gave him credit.  The host and guest bring several criterion from Doc's WrestleMania Era rankings formula to the forefront to shape the conversation beyond mere opinon.
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