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Channel 83 is a podcast dedicated to bringing you the best, worst, and weirdest that horror cinema has to offer. Each week, we will be picking three films that are tied together with a loose theme. We will give you a synopsis of each film, followed by a review/analysis/recommendation/anything else that we think you might find interesting.

In addition, we’ll be broadcasting these films so that you, the listeners, will have the chance to check out the films that we discuss.

What sort of movies can you expect? Well, we’ll be going through the horror franchises both major and minor, forgotten classics, unknown schlock, foreign oddities, and everything in-between. Horror can be a difficult genre to define so there may be some films that teeter on the edge. No matter the movie, we will always strive to provide you with content that will entertain, interest, or disgust horror buffs and horror noobs alike.

Thank you for listening, and long live the new flesh.
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Hello videodrones and thanks for tuning in to Channel 83 during our first season. We’re taking a break for a few months but I just wanted to leave you with a quick message to let all you guys know that we’re not just disappearing. We’re looking to launch season 2 sometime in late August or … Continue reading SEASON 1 SIGN-OFF → The post SEASON 1 SIGN-OFF appeared first on Channel 83.
This week we’re joined by Dan, host of TYTD Reviews, to talk about Lance Lindsay’s 1986 Alien rip-off sci-fi “epic”, Star Crystal. We also touch on various other topics including William Castle, Guinea Pig, Poverty Row, video nasties, and more! The post E85: STAR CRYSTAL – feat. Dan from TYTD Reviews appeared first on Channel 83.
It’s our paper anniversary at Channel 83! In this episode, we reflect on some of the hard lessons we’ve learned over the course of our first year and discover that maybe the real hidden gems were the friends we made along the way. Also included are some announcements regarding the future of the ‘cast and … Continue reading E84: 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY → The post E84: 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY appeared first on Channel 83.
It is our 83rd episode of Channel 83 and if I’d had any sort of foresight, now would have been the perfect episode to review Videodrome but I didn’t, so we’re not. Instead, we’re talking about a film that isn’t likely to inspire anyone to do anything other than possibly question what they’re doing with … Continue reading E83: XTRO 3: WATCH THE SKIES → The post E83: XTRO 3: WATCH THE SKIES appeared first on Channel 83.
It’s time to Micheal down your Vincents! In this episode of Channel 83, we continue Xploring the Xcellently Xhilarating Xample of cinematic Xcrement that is the Xtro franchise. Prepare to engage duo tangents as we try to Xplain the 1990 Aliens ripoff, Xtro II: The Second Encounter. The post E82: XTRO II: THE SECOND ENCOUNTER appeared first on Channel 83.
This week we’re joined by George, host of The Best Little Horror House in Philly, to talk about Harry Bromley-Davenport’s supremely bizarre 1982 alien flick, Xtro. We also discuss Friday the 13th Part 2, the Star Wars prequels, and Hellfest. The post E81: XTRO – feat. George from The Best Little Horror House in Philly appeared first on Channel 83.



This week we’re covering the “lost” 1989 Jennifer Connelly film, Ballet. We discuss whether or not this movie is actually a horror and we also discuss the strange connection between Ballet, Satoshi Kon’s Perfect Blue, and Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan. The post E80: BALLET (ÉTOILE) appeared first on Channel 83.
This week we bring you our second installment of Werewolf Wednesday, in which we cover the forgotten TV series Werewolf that aired from July of 1987 to August of 1988. In this episode we cover the episodes “Nightwatch”, “The Boy Who Cried Werewolf”, and “Black Ship”. The post E79: WEREWOLF – S01 E02-E04 appeared first on Channel 83.
In our first installment of Werewolf Wednesday, we begin our coverage of the forgotten TV series Werewolf that aired from July of 1987 to August of 1988. We’ll be covering some of the production history of the show as well as giving a review of the pilot episode. The post E78: WEREWOLF – S01E01 – PILOT appeared first on Channel 83.



This week we talk franchises, the new Hellraiser movie, and we bring you a quick one-off review of 1992’s Star Time. If you’ve ever wondered what Taxi Driver directed by David Lynch and featuring John P. Ryan quoting Karl Marx would be like, Star Time is just the film for you! The post E77: STAR TIME appeared first on Channel 83.



In this episode, we’re playing a game of “horror movie tag” in which we answer 11 questions about our relationship with the horror genre and invite our listeners to give their answers as well! This was inspired by a video from Mike at Rotted Reviews so be sure to show him some love and check … Continue reading E76: HORROR MOVIE TAG → The post E76: HORROR MOVIE TAG appeared first on Channel 83.
This week we begin a new series on Channel 83. In each episode of Tubi Tuesday, we’ll be going over some movies to help you sift through the free streaming service’s extensive catalog. This week we’re talking Sudden Fury (1993), DNA (1997), Stalking Laura (1993), and Curse of Demon Mountain (1977). The post E75: TUBI TUESDAY VOL. 1 appeared first on Channel 83.
Yet another topical rant this week on Channel 83. Gatekeeping is most definitely an issue in the horror community but is there a difference between gatekeeping and simply having a difference of opinion? Is criticizing a film inherently exclusionary? The post E74: PSA – HORROR, GATEKEEPING, AND YOU appeared first on Channel 83.



We’re being lazy this week and releasing an episode that has been buried in the Channel 83 vault. The original concept of the show was to have 2 hosts, one an avid horror fan and the other a complete horror noob. Scheduling conflicts prevented this first iteration from getting off the ground but here’s a … Continue reading E73: VAULT: INTRO → The post E73: VAULT: INTRO appeared first on Channel 83.
Channel 83 joins George Heftler on The Best Little Horror House in Philly to discuss why Larry Cohen’s 1974 film, It’s Alive, is the best horror movie ever made – according to us at least! The post E72: BONUS – The Best Little Horror House in Philly appeared first on Channel 83.



We’re still putting our new studio together at Channel 83, so this week we’re taking a quick look at the short films of Irish filmmaker Ruairi Robinson. We’ll be discussing The House on Dame Street (1999), Fifty Percent Grey (2001), The Silent City (2006), Blinky (2011), The Leviathan (2015), and Corporate Monster (2019). The post E71: RUAIRI ROBINSON appeared first on Channel 83.
This week, we bring you another topical rant on a niche subject that you probably don’t care about. This episode we ask the questions, to what extent are collectors of rare media responsible for their preservation? What can the average person do to help ensure that rare, obscure, and out-of-print films don’t disappear entirely? The post E70: PSA – MEDIA PRESERVATION AND YOU appeared first on Channel 83.
A Channel 83 double feature, 1967’s Wait Until Dark and 2020’s The Invisible Man. Two movies featuring “invisible” villains, but the way in which they achieve invisibility is completely different. How do the different mechanisms of invisibility affect the films’ narratives and what does this mean for us, the audience? The post E69: WAIT UNTIL DARK x THE INVISIBLE MAN appeared first on Channel 83.
This week we take a look at four horror oddities – Boo! (1932), La Cabina (1972), Fisheye (1980), and Michael Jackson’s Ghosts (1996). The post E68: HORROR ODDITIES VOL. 1 appeared first on Channel 83.



This week, we get super pedantic and go full ACKSHUALLY as we answer a question that no one asked and likely no one else cares about: what makes a horror movie a “hidden gem”? The post 67: HIDDEN GEMS appeared first on Channel 83.
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