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Azure's best-kept secret is now a part of Synapse! Watch this episode of Data Exposed with Henning Rauch to learn how telemetry data can be analyzed using Azure Synapse Data Explorer. It comes with an amazing real-world IoT scenario.[01:04] Azure Synapse Data Explorer[01:26] Key pillars of Azure Synapse Data Explorer[02:02] Scenarios[03:12] The solution[04:31] Demo[08:23] HighlightsResources:IoT analytics with Azure Data ExplorerAzure Synapse Data Explorer documentationAzure Synapse Data Explorer preview announcement blog
OData (Open Data Protocol) can be considered an extension to REST that that defines an additional set of conventions  for building and consuming Web APIs.In this episode, Hassan Habib joins Jeremy to show us how we can easily add support for OData batch to our Web APIs[00:00] - Introduction[01:28] - What is OData?[03:20] - What is OData Batching?[09:07] - Setting up OData in an ASP.NET Core project[20:54] - Adding batching support in OData Useful LinksAll in One with OData $Batch Core OData on GitHubSupercharging your Web APIs with OData and ASP.NET Core 
Justin Yoo joins Scott Hanselman to demonstrate an extension he developed for adding OpenAPI capabilities to Azure Functions apps. See how easy it is to get HTTP-triggered .NET functions with OpenAPI support and deploy an Azure Functions app with Azure API Management from Visual Studio.═══════════════Watch the episode to the end and then submit your answers to our five-question quiz about the info Scott and Justin covered. Eligible participants who answer all five questions correctly will be entered into a Sweepstakes with a chance to be one of ten lucky winners to win a box of Microsoft swag! The Azure Friday Quiz Sweepstakes ends on Dec 10, 2021.Take the quiz! Terms and conditions Privacy statement═══════════════[0:00:00]– Intro[0:03:15]– Create[0:09:20]– Publish[0:12:56]– Consume[0:22:48]– Wrap-upCreate serverless APIs in Visual Studio using Azure Functions and API Management integration (preview)Azure Functions OpenAPI ExtensionCreate a free account (Azure)
Mike Rousos is back again! This time Mike shows us how to inspect and diagnose large Object Heap churn in .NET[00:00] - Introduction[01:36] - What tools can we use to look into performance?[03:35] - Diagnostics Demo in Azure App Service[08:50] - Collecting diagnostic traces using dotnet trace[12:56] - Reviewing stats in Perfview[19:56] - Inspecting GC Heap allocations[22:16] - Reducing allocations ArrayPool   dotnet-trace performance analysis utilityWhat is Application Insights?Analyze CPU usage without debugging in the Performance ProfilerKudu service overview 
Jason Zander, executive vice president of the Azure Team joins Scott Hanselman to celebrate the 8th anniversary of Azure Friday. In this special crossover episode with Hanselminutes, they reflect on Azure's history and Jason's career at Microsoft during that timeframe.[0:00:00]– Introduction[0:01:13]– Jason's history at Microsoft[0:08:25]– Microsoft's evolution[0:10:44]– Cloud before the cloud [0:19:38]– Developers as execs[0:23:03]– Azure today[0:25:25]– Looking forward[0:30:33]– Wrap-upHanselminutes Podcast 63 - Scott Guthrie and Jason Zander on SilverlightNew Team, New Challenges (Jason Zander's blog)Getting Started with Windows Azure, the SDK, and Visual StudioMicrosoft QuantumCreate a free account (Azure)
Want to learn about the latest and greatest in the 64-bit Visual Studio 2022? Join Scott Hanselman and Visual Studio product team as they take Visual Studio 2022 for a spin. [00:00] Intro[00:39] Why you should care about Visual Studio 2022?[02:20] Performance improvements in Visual Studio 2022[04:39] Why 64-bit now?[08:00] IntelliCode, type less code more[11:35] Hot reload for C++[13:47] New for WPF and WinForms (Hot Reload, Design time data, XAML live preview)[17:20] Hot Reload in ASP.NET[20:27] Profiling .NET apps in Visual Studio 2022[23:19] Cross platform apps with WSL and CMake in Visual Studio 2022[26:07] Testing your .NET app on Linux[28:00] Easily create CI/CD pipelines using GitHub actions with Visual Studio 2022[30:40] Balloon drop! 
Join us for an introduction to the latest release of SQL Server and learn about all its new capabilities from cloud-connected to built-in query intelligence.[00:50] What's new[01:42] The next step for SQL Server[02:13] SQL Server 2022[05:09] Query Store and Intelligent Query Processing[07:09] Industry-leading database engine[08:37] Data lake virtualization and object storage[10:13] Extending T-SQL[11:47] Getting startedResources:Learn more about SQL Server 2022​Register to apply for the SQL Server 2022 Early Adoption Program and stay informed Watch technical deep-dives on SQL Server 2022SQL Server 2022 YouTube Playlist
Keynote | .NET Conf 2021

Keynote | .NET Conf 2021


Join Scott Hunter and team as they show you all the amazing things you can do with .NET 6.
In this episode of the Armchair Architect series of the Azure Enablement Show, David Blank-Edelman is joined by Uli Homann, Microsoft Corporative Vice President and Distinguished Architect, and Eric Charran, Chief Architect at Microsoft in a deep-dive conversation into observability of hybrid and multi-cloud applications.✅Resources:Management and Monitoring patterns - Cloud Design Patterns | Microsoft DocsSidecar pattern - Cloud Design Patterns | Microsoft DocsObservability patterns | Microsoft Docs[00:00] Introduction[01:22] From an architectural perspective, what do we need to do to build and run resilient, self-healing applications?[04:22] Is monitoring from within the app itself an anti-pattern? Should sidecar patterns be used instead?[06:21] What's the best method for Observability? Push or Pull?[09:16] Can you use AI to monitor logs and report anomalies?[10:19] Azure uses ML to predict host failure, then proactively removes VMs and takes the host out of the cluster[12:15] Apps and microservices create so many logs; how can you tie them all together to track and understand an event?📺 Related Episodes:Armchair Architects: Resiliency in the Cloud: an IntroductionArmchair Architects: Resiliency in the Cloud – Core PatternsArmchair Architects: Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Architectures an IntroductionArmchair Architects: Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Architectures - Feasibility🔴 Watch more episodes in the Azure Well-Architected Series! 🔴 Explore more cloud enablement resources! 
Stripe elements provide prebuilt UI components that enable developers to create beautiful checkout flows for your applications. In this episode, CJ Avilla does on to show us how to integrate Stripe elements into an ASP.NET Core project. [00:00] - Introduction[01:34] - Exploring a custom form[04:12] - Payment collection workflow[06:37] - Adding stripe checkout to your app[12:27] - Customizing the payment types[15:12] - Can you apply your own styles?[16:15] - How are taxes handled? Accepting online payments (Checkout)  Building custom payment forms with Stripe (Elements) General Stripe linksRegister - Support - Social - 
Last December, Gaurav was on Azure Friday with Scott Hanselman to introduce a new Azure service: Azure Purview. He showed how Azure Purview scans and map all your data—no matter where it is. Azure Purview is now generally available, and Gaurav is back to show what's new and what's on the roadmap.[0:00:00]– Introduction[0:00:30]– Azure Purview overview[0:05:40]– Key GA Announcements[0:18:40]– Roadmap[0:19:05]– Wrap-upWhat is Azure Purview?Quickstart: Create an Azure Purview account in the Azure portalIntroduction to Azure Purview learning moduleAzure Purview documentationCreate a free account (Azure)
Understanding Teams Through Systems Thinking and Stories with Scott Hanselman
ARM Templates Unplugged: How Your Resource Actually Gets Provisioned Presented by: Alex Frankel, Senior Program Manager, Azure DeploymentsReproducible infrastructure and workloads can be crucial for operational excellence. At some point as you build on Azure you will press into service some ARM templates – either authored directly or through tools like Bicep, Farmer, or PSArm. Ever wonder how we go from a simple template to a not-so-simple set of running resources? We'll reveal the whole story from end-to-end and in the process show you some tips for working with this key provisioning tool. Ready for more? Check out the Microsoft Learning Path
Keynote with Scott GuthrieMicrosoft Power Platform documentationFusion Development Learning PathPower Apps WebinarsPower Apps Developer PlanPowerful Devs Conference Cloud Skills Challenge
Don Syme, creator of the F# language, will kick off the day by taking us on a journey through the F# language, community, and real-world business users. Learn about the key ideas underlying F#, its unique and modern methodology, and hear live from F# users across the globe in fields including data science, supply chains, machine learning, biotech, risk management and more.
Join us to see what's next for WindowsJoin us on Thursday, June 24th at 12:00 PM PT on Learn TV to see what's next for Windows and developers. Microsoft will unveil the next generation of Windows! Follow at #MicrosoftEvent & @LearnTV.
Keynote with John Papa 
Data is the new oil. Customers are increasingly using sensors to collect data and use that to make critical business decisions. The quality of data drives the quality of decision and outcome. Verified Telemetry is a new capability offered as part of the Azure Edge offerings enabling customers to retro-fit the ability of measuring sensors condition, continuously, alongside the data, and do this with no hardware changes. This is currently in preview and we would love to share information and roadmap with you. We would like to have an open dialogue and understand your priority in terms of capabilities, and devices you would like us to support at a minimum, before you can deploy this in your environments.Learn more about Verified Telemetry at
Vinicius Apolinario is here to demo how to move apps from legacy to Azure on Azure Migrate.  This new tooling helps containerize existing applications using Azure Migrate, an easy-to-use tool that removes the complexity involved in the containerization process. Jump to:[03:17] Demo Flow[05:01] Demo starts[08:26] Azure Migrate App ContainerizationLearn more:Azure App Containerization ASP.Net: and migrate apps to AKS with Azure Migrate: - How to containerize Java web apps and migrate to AKS: - Containerize and migrate applications to AKS with Azure Migrate's new App Containerization tool: Build in-demand skills to leverage DevOps capabilities in every stage of your software development lifecycle. In less than 1-hour commitment a day, you can earn 50 percent off the cost of a Microsoft certification exam as DevOps Engineer Expert. DevOps Favorites:Azure DevOps Docs​Azure DevOps YouTube​​Follow Damian guest Vinicius a Free Azure DevOps Account
Learn why Serverless and how it might be beneficial to your or your business. Extra resources:
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