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Welcome to the Charlotte Mason Show a podcast dedicated to discussing Miss Mason’s philosophy, principles, and methods. It is our hope that each episode will leave you inspired and offer practical wisdom on how to provide this rich living education in your modern homeschool. On Wednesdays you can listen in on discussions with Charlotte Mason mammas, interviews with seasoned homeschool parents, and even CM 101 classes. On Fridays, you can get a weekend boost of encouragement with audioblogs read by a variety of Charlotte Mason writers, excerpts from Miss Mason’s own volumes, and articles from the Parent's Review magazines. Make sure to subscribe so you never miss an episode! Pull up a chair, we are so glad you are here. - Julie H. Ross
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Scouting has its own philosophy that dovetails beautifully with Mason’s philosophy of education. Scouting is about character. A scout at his best is duty-bound, honorable, loyal, reverent, brave, and selfless. 
 Le is a mom by birth and adoption to kids with superpowers and special needs.  She’s also an experienced therapist.  Le started 1000 Hills Counseling to help other parents who are struggling with a life that looks nothing like what they imagined.  She helps couples reconnect and adult individuals heal from trauma and pain.   Le has had numerous articles published and has been recognized for her advocacy efforts with the PCDH19 Alliance on behalf of her daughter.  Le speaks to large and small groups about relationships, adoption, coping with diagnoses, and parenting.  She serves on the steering committee for the North Texas Emotionally Focused Therapy Community. Le and her husband have a goal of taking their kids to every national park in America.  They love spending summers in their fifth wheel working towards that and are about a third of the way there.  She gets overly excited talking about the impact great books can have on their adventures. 
Our authority as parents and their obedience as children are a natural part of the parent and child relationship. That is a natural and necessary dynamic. The most important part of this principle is that she says the word: BUT. We have authority, they are expected to be obedient...but, there's more to that story!
Erika Alicea and Julie discuss the challenges and opportunities that come with homeschooling an only child, and the benefits of a Charlotte Mason in a one-child household.
We excitingly began learning more about a CM education, I hit a bump on the road when it came to the topic of literature, in particular with history. There appeared to be a lack of multiculturalism within book titles I found online, which didn’t reflect the rich diversity of our family.
An able paper appeared some time ago, in the Parents' Review, on the importance of Imagination in teaching. It is a very interesting subject, for on reflection one would be inclined to contest that no good teaching of geography or of history could be possible without a strong power of imagination. In order to teach geography, for instance, it is possible to fill a pupil's head with a certain number of words and figures, which have to be reproduced at an examination by a pure effort of memory. This done, the pupil is supposed to have mastered a branch of the subject, and his mind to be decidedly the richer, possessed mentally of a large tract of country. But it is not so at all. His mind is possessed of two pages of a geography book and certain outlines on a map--and that is geography.
Today we’ll be talking about the Charlotte Mason Inspired Way to Get a Homeschool High School Fine Arts Credit. We’ll be explaining what a fine arts credit is, why every student should get a fine arts credit regardless of what they’re planning to do after high school graduation, and how to do it the Charlotte Mason inspired way!
Rosamond, a little girl of about seven years old, was walking with her mother in the streets of London. As she passed along, she looked in at the windows of several shops, and she saw a great variety of different sorts of things, of which she did not know the use, or even the names. She wished to stop to look at them; but there were a great number of people in the streets, and a great many carts, and carriages, and wheelbarrows, and she was afraid to let go her mother's hand.
Who Is the Best Teacher Ever?   You can look all around a school, homeschool, or public, and still not see the best teacher ever.  Why? Because He cannot be seen! The best teacher ever is actually inside the heart of the student.  It’s the Holy Spirit!  
Julie discusses the topic of Heritage in the Homeschool with Amber Johnston of Heritage Mom, who addresses the importance of including not only one’s own heritage but how to make your family aware of the heritage of other people groups.
Recitation has been called the Children’s Art.  Arthur Burrell, author of Clear Speaking and Good Reading, called it so when he wrote an article, “Recitation: The Children’s Art”,  for The Parents’ Review magazine back in 1890. Recitation is a skill that used to be taught in schools many years ago, but thankfully, through our homeschooling opportunities, we can bring it back into the lives of our children, and maybe even ourselves. We can learn to speak beautifully, clearly, and share great ideas of authors that inspire and kindle our hearts.
Charlotte Mason said - and I paraphrase – we ought not offend the mind of a child by asking her to produce writing when we have not yet allowed her to feast upon living ideas and build up a store from which to draw.
In this episode, Julie chats with Brittney McGann about scouting and why it can be an important part of your Charlotte Mason homeschool.
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Amanda Sattler

her content may be good... I'm not sure. To be honest, it just sounds like she is reading right from a script... And it was awfully distracting. It felt very robotic and not sincere. Almost like someone reading an essay. :/

Mar 14th
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