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There’s more to sleep than being a good sleeper. So many factors—from overall health to our environments—impact our experience of sleep and how our brains and bodies behave while sleeping. From restless leg syndrome to sleepwalking to narcolepsy, researching and diagnosing sleep uncovers myriad solutions for getting the quality sleep that helps us live our best lives. In this episode, Anahad speaks with doctors whose passion and calling is sleep in all forms. Dr. Logan Schneider, a clinical assistant sleep professor of Sleep Medicine at the Stanford Sleep Center, the important role sleep analysis plays in managing our health. Sleep neurologist Dr. Chris Winter returns to the show to share his insights on the importance of evaluating our sleep and the future of sleep wellness and health.See for privacy information.
Most of us take sunset as the cue to start winding down our day, but what if the sun never sets? The remote city of Inuvik, Canada is so deep in the Northern Hemisphere that it experiences months of non-stop sunlight in the summer, followed by months of fulltime darkness in the winter. Host Anahad O’Connor sits down with Inuvik resident Adi Scott who details what it’s like to keep a sleep schedule when you can no longer rely on the regular day-night cycle of the sun. Joined by neuroscientist and sleep expert Dr Steven Lockley, explore the powerful impact of light and dark on the brain, and how that triggers the complex internal mechanisms that influence our sleep.See for privacy information.
Astronauts undergo rigorous training to prepare their bodies and minds for space, but once they arrive, the experience of being weightless thousands of miles above Earth is like nothing they’ve ever felt before. Join host Anahad O’Connor as he learns from former NASA astronaut and International Space Station commander Leroy Chiao about what it’s like to work and sleep in space, including the dramatic changes the body endures over the course of a mission. Sleep science researcher Dr. Mathias Basner joins to share how zero gravity and noise can impact everyday activities like resting in space. See for privacy information.
Sleep in the Wild

Sleep in the Wild


When you’re a wildlife documentarian, you camp in the most remote parts of the world, ready at a moment’s notice to record elusive subjects. You also have to sleep when you can, where you can, often in extreme, uncomfortable, sometimes sub-zero conditions. Chris Morgan is a renowned filmmaker, ecologist and conservationist who’s journeyed the world, including deep into the Siberian tundra, tracking endangered species. With insights from sleep psychologist and researcher Dr. Jade Wu, discover how Chris uses sleep strategies borrowed from the military to stay alert and how time in nature can actually help improve sleep.See for privacy information.
The Reality of Gaming

The Reality of Gaming


We may not think of gaming and eSports as physical events, but professional gamers like Will Wiggins, who goes by Black Oni on Twitch, condition themselves and their sleep as if they’re professional athletes to enhance performance and extend the longevity of their careers. Neurologist and sleep specialist Dr. Chris Winter, who works with professional sports teams, explains the science of sleep for performance, and how games may be tricking our brains to stay awake, with tips on how to avoid blue light. See for privacy information.
Urgent Rest

Urgent Rest


Emergencies can happen anytime, and ER doctors need to be ready and rested to treat everything from cardiac events to gunshot wounds or broken bones. Their work could mean life or death for the patients in their care. NYC ER doctor George Russo shares how he finds time to rest despite long days and constantly changing shifts in order to put patients first, while pulmonologist and sleep advocate Dr. Seema Khosla weighs in on the benefits of regular sleep for the wellbeing of both doctors and their patients.See for privacy information.
News Has to Sleep, too

News Has to Sleep, too


It’s said that “The news never sleeps,” but the reporters who are breaking news in this nonstop 24-hour cycle have to get shut-eye sometime. ABC News anchor Diane Macedo has worked all hours day and night in news, and while her passion for reporting has never diminished, the adrenaline and anxiety that come with the job makes getting quality sleep a challenge. Discover what sleep professionals say about that sensation of being “tired but wired,” and learn about Diane’s journey to restful sleep even on busy news days. See for privacy information.
The Ultimate Race

The Ultimate Race


For most, it’s hard to fathom a 50-mile trek on foot across any terrain. But for YiOu Wang, a professional ultra-marathon runner, that kind of distance is all in a day’s work. It takes strategic training and relearning what it means to sleep and rest to prepare the body and mind for such exertion. Join host Anahad O’Connor to learn about the important role sleep plays in athletic training and competition. Plus, hear from neurophysiologist and brain coach to elite athletes, Louisa Nicola, as she explains how bodies in training at any level require more attention to sleep to maintain strong muscles and high performance. See for privacy information.
Ever wonder how an astronaut conducts experiments in space at zero gravity? Or how an ultra-marathon runner completes a 100-mile race, running non-stop for almost 24 hours? The answer is good sleep. Welcome to “Chasing Sleep,” a brand new podcast from iHeart Radio in partnership with Mattress Firm. Join host Anahad O’Connor (The Washington Post) as he discovers how fascinating people from around the world prioritize sleep to perform and live at their best. Explore how newscasters, ER doctors, late-night gamers and others live, sleep and thrive. In the process, we’ll uncover new ways to get healthy sleep that fits your life.See for privacy information.
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