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A couple of opinionated broads (Bekah Martinez and Jess Ambrose) hold nothing back in their arguably uncomfortable, occasionally serious, and undeniably funny chats ranging from Bachelor(ette) Recaps to sex to spirituality to breastfeeding and more.

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The Broads are joined by one of their favorites from #bachnation, Taylor Nolan! They discuss her recent conversation with Chris Harrison, going back to school to become a sexologist, first experiences and advice regarding consensual non-monogamous relationships, the importance of communicating with a partner, her sex vacations (aka sex-cations), and much more! TAYLOR NOLAN: Follow her: to her podcast “Let’s Talk About It”:“Talking With Taylor” Patreon: TO OUR SPONSORS AND THEIR DEALS!: BETTERHELP - LITTER - code: CHATTYCANDID - code: CHATTYMOLEKULE - code: CHATTY
The Broads are back with another Bachelor news and pop culture filled tea on Tuesday episode! First they (of course) talk about the passing of the great RBG. Then they chat about (TW) Cassie getting granted the restraining order and Colton’s texts getting exposed. Next they discuss Garret Y and Chris H deleting their black squares on Instagram, the latest #bachnation podcast “Click Bait”, a new #bachelorette ad, Lady Gaga tweeting about Kaitlyn Bristowe, Carole Baskin on #dwts and THE commercial, Pilot Pete giving us an ominous date and theories, SHIA LaBEOUF, and their differing thoughts on Netflix’s “The Social Dilemma”! VOTE FOR CHATTY BROADS FOR E!’s POP CULTURE PODCAST OF 2020 HERE: ****NOTE: Voting will begin again on OCTOBER 1ST - links will be included then!FOLLOW CHATTY BROADS:Instagram: TO OUR SPONSORS AND THEIR DEALS!:ALBERT - Install Albert from the App Store or Google Play today to find your happy balance.NATIVE - CARE - - text CHATTY to 64-000
Today The Broads are joined by Ellie Desautels (they/them) and Maybe Burke (they/she) to discuss being transgender individuals. They chat about their different childhoods and parental upbringings, how they saw trans people represented through media growing up, why using someone’s correct pronouns is so important, the power of language and how it can be used as a tool, the major lack of transgender representation in the TV and film industry, and much more. ELLIE DESAUTELS:Ellie Desautels is a non-binary actor, artist and activist who is best known for their role as Michael Hallowell, a transgender teenage boy, in NBC’s Rise. Ellie received their Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre from Manhattanville College. Ellie’s most recent work was with Mirrorbox Theatre in Cedar Rapids, IA where they starred as Nut in Orange Julius.Ellie’s greatest passion aside from acting is working to improve trans and non-binary representation in film and television. They also use their platform on Instagram as a space to give representation by living authentically with their cats and their fiancé, Wren.@ohyouknowellie MAYBE BURKE:Maybe Burke (they/she) is an actor, writer, and human rights advocate interested in the stories that haven't been told. NYC: safeword. (American Theatre of Actors), Red Emma & the Mad Monk (Ars Nova, The Tank). TV: Ramy (Hulu), Awkwafina is Nora From Queens (Comedy Central), Tales of the City (Netflix). Maybe is a core trainer with The Transgender Training Institute and the founder of The Trans Literacy Project. @believeinmaybe maybeburke.comCHECK OUT THE MOVIE “DISCLOSURE” ON NETFLIX: http://www.disclosurethemovie.comTHANKS TO OUR SPONSORS: CARE/OF - enter code: CHATTY50SKILLSHARE - - or download the app promo code: CHATTYARTICLE -
(TW: Stalking and Domestic Violence discussed regarding Colton and Cassie from 00:06:30 - 00:25:00 in podcast)On today’s episodes The Broads discuss a lot of Bachelor Nation news such as Cassie filing a restraining order against Colton, Victoria Fuller on “The Viall Files” rejecting the “home wrecker” title, Katie Morton on “Mouthing Off w/ Olivia Cardi” revealing major producer pressure and play, and the latest on Barb aka Sweetnums. They also chat about the book “The Fourth Turning”, the ultimate Ramona Singer vs. Barb Weber show down, the Kardashians ending, Dr. Phil refusing to be a “daddy”, and much more! FOLLOW CHATTY BROADS:Instagram: TO OUR SPONSORS:***ROTHY’S:***STAMPS>COM: enter: CHATTY for a 4-week trial PLUS free postage AND a digital scale!***FUNCTION OF BEAUTY: for 20% off! ***HELLO FRESH: use code: 80CHATTY for $80 off your first month plus free shipping!
The Broads are joined once again by the incredible master coach and host of “Unf*ck Your Brain”podcast, Kara Loewntheil, but this time they discuss how to handle ALL the uncomfortable conversations that have been happening in 2020 with family and friends who have differing opinions. It takes a turn they did not expect and you do not want to miss it! They also discuss social media and "body image" during the pandemic and much more.KARA LOEWNTHEIL: Website: Cluth:*CK YOUR BRAIN BODY IMAGE EPISODES: TO OUR SPONSORS: BETTERHELP: get 10% off your first month!MODERN FERTILITY: get $20 off your test!MEJURI: to get 10% off your order!
(IMPORTANT: If you are staying away from ANY and ALL Bachelorette information that is in the current PUBLIC NEWS do not listen to minutes 00:12:20 - 00:36:15…if you know about the widely talked about Bachelorette drama (aka what Lauren Zima posts) there will be no spoilers included in this episode!) The Broads are SO excited to dive into some #bachnation news and reality tv drama! They discuss Clare’s promo poster and filmed teaser, the show wrapping filming, the men who have been sent home forming a bro club, current Bach Nation breakups and divorces, Hannah Ann’s comparing herself to First Lady - Jackie O, North Kardashian pulling an Ember, Youtube worm holes, Selling Sunset, DWTS and Kaitlyn Bristowe drama, and many tangents including some wild recent car accident stories for both Bekah and Jess! The tangential, wired Broads are back! FOLLOW CHATTY BROADS:Instagram: TO OUR SPONSORS:DAILY HARVEST: $25 off first box - code: CHATTYTHIRDLOVE: 15% off first order - OSHOT SYNBIOTIC BALANCE: 20% off sitewide-
Today The Broads are talking polyamory and ethical non-monogamy with Kevin Patterson, author of “Love's Not Color Blind: Race and Representation in Polyamorous and Other Alternative Communities” and “Poly Role Models” blog. He chats with The Broads about being in a polyamorous relationship for over 18 years and answers ALL of their questions. He leaves them with so many amazing thoughts that Bekah and Jess have to chat after to process. You won't want to miss this episode! KEVIN PATTERSON: Purchase his book "Love's Not Color Blind: Race and Representation in Polyamorous and Other Alternative Communities” here:*ck Your Polyamory - The Complete Course: Role Models Patreon: Role Models Blog: him on Instagram: Venmo: @polyrolemodelsTHANKS TO OUR SPONSORS: Thrive Market-
The Broads are joined by the heroes of Bachelor Nation Analysis, Bachelor Clues and Pace Case from “Game of Roses” podcast, to dive into Nick Viall’s Bachelor season! They briefly discuss the GOAT episode but mostly take a journey through a comprehensive analysis of Nick’s entire season overall. Bachelor Clues and Pase Case do what they do best and continue to blow The Broad’s minds. Enjoy! GAME OF ROSES PODCAST:Listen here: “Game of Roses” on Insta: Clues: Case: Check out Nick’s most recent Patreon episodes with Vanessa, Raven, and Rachel here: TO OUR SPONSORS: Jenni Kayne- code: CHATTYStamps- code: CHATTYMolekule- code: CHATTY
The Broads are joined by the hilarious and incredible Thomas Dale, a stand up comedian turned clairvoyant and medium. They chat about discovering his abilities at a young age and how he transitioned from comedian to clairvoyant. He then dives into readings with Bekah and Jess and it gets personal as they discuss family, past relationships, children, are visited by departed loved ones and more. Needless to say, Broads, they are obsessed with Thomas Dale.  THOMAS DALE:  Follow Thomas on Instagram at: ( Book a reading with him by DM at @thomasdale5 THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS:  ***CANDID: Get Candid’s risk-free starter kit and $75 off at ***RAYCON: Go to for 15% off Raycon wireless earbuds! ***PRETTY LITTER: Go to and use promo code CHATTY for 20% off your first order!
The Broads are finally joined IRL by their favorites Natasha and Justine from “2 Black Girls, 1 Rose” podcast! They spend the episode mostly laughing their asses off. They obviously discuss the current bachelorette drama (*spoiler warning if you are trying to avoid any and all La Quinta happenings 12:30 - 46:30). Then they dive into some Bach Nation superlatives: best contestant ever, best post show contestants, favorite villain, contestant you made wrong assumptions about, etc etc. And lastly, the have to wrap it up with some Real Housewives opinions. 2 BLACK GIRLS, 1 ROSE: Follow them at: @2blackgirls1rose Get their newest episodes on Patreon: Listen at: THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS:  ***TAO CLEAN: Go to to get 62% off the Facial Brush and sitewide!  ***ALBERT: Install Albert from the App Store or Google Play today and get a bonus of up to $40 when you start an annual subscription to Albert Genius! ***GLOSSIER: All new customers will get 10% off their first order on  ***PLUSHCARE: Go to to start your FREE 30-day trial!
(TW: sex trafficking is discussed) Today is the day The Broads go deep into some of these conspiracies that have been floating around and they are joined by the #broadsquad’s favorite comedian, Craig Conant! First they catch up with Craig about comedy during the pandemic times and his psychic life transformation. Then they dive into topics like Birds, Crows (Jess is obsessed), Avril Lavinge, living in a simulation, the moon landing, QAnon (heads up: this part gets passionate), the mandela effect, the Dyatlov Pass, a hell of a lot of tangents, and much more!  **The Broads and Craig remind you that they are far from experts and to do your own research and get findings from actual heads of these fields. Loves ya. LINKS USED IN EP: Avril’s voice difference: Celebrity past look-a-likes: Crow leaving gifts for little girl: Dyatlov Pass: CRAIG CONANT: Follow Craig: @craigpconant  Listen to his podcast here: THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS: ***HOMER: VISIT LEARNWITHHOMER.COM/CHATTY ( TO START A FREE 60-DAY TRIAL ***HONEY: Get Honey for FREE at ( CHATTY ***MODERN FERTILITY: Get $20 off the test when you go to ( HATTY  ***ROTHYS: Head to today! ***HELIX: Helix is offering up to $200 off ALL mattress orders and two free pillows for our listeners at ( CHATTY
Today The Broads start by spending some time catching up on some pop culture drama! First and foremost, they discuss everything Colton and his wild interview with Reality Steve (and Bekah drops some serious tea about her season and Krystal)! Second, they have to go over the Jada/Will/August “entanglement” and their differing opinions about their Red Table Talk discussion. Then, as they are chatting about Youtubers throwing massive parties during the Corona times, comedian and friend of the podcast Michael Yo hops on the podcast to tell The Broads the full story of his incredibly difficult battle with Covid-19, how he almost lost his life, the importance of family, and much more!  MICHAEL YO: Follow Michael: @michaelyo Listen to podcast “Michael Yo Show” here: THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS: ***POLICY GENUIS: Head to ( right now and you can save $1500 or more a year by comparing quotes on their marketplace! ***KIWICO: Get 30% off your first month plus FREE shipping on any crate line at ***DHM DETOX:  Get 20% off your order at ( and use promo code "CHATTY” at checkout! ***FIRST LEAF WINE CLUB: Sign up today to get 6 bottles of wine for only $29.95 plus free shipping at ( ***STAMPS.COM:Get a special offer that includes a 4-week trial PLUS free postage AND a digital scale without any long-term commitment at ( , click on the Microphone at the TOP of the homepage and type in CHATTY
The Broads are FINALLY able to chat with their forever favorite of Bach Nation, Mike Johnson!! Their conversation begins at 00:15:15 minutes in and somehow Mike is even more wonderful IRL! They chat about his final meal/drink, what he was like growing up, spirituality, HIS BOOK (“Making the Love You Want”), living with LUKE P, his time on The Bachelorette BTS, Jed, Matt James, his thoughts on not being asked to be The Bachelor, The Broads declaring their love for him, and much more!  MIKE JOHNSON: Follow: @mike_johnson “Making the Love You Want” available OCT 2! ( THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS: ***FIGHT CAMP: Try FightCamp for 30 days with money-back guarantee at (  ***DHM DETOX: Get 20% off your order at ( using promo code "CHATTY”  ***CARE/OF: For 50% off your first Care/of order, go to ( and enter code chatty50 ***STAMPS.COM ( : Get a 4-week trial PLUS free postage AND a digital scale without any long-term commitment at ( , click on the Microphone at the TOP of the homepage and type in CHATTY ***SKILLSHARE: Get 2 free months of Premium Membership at ( CHATTY
(IMPORTANT: SEE BELOW EPISODE NOTES FOR TIME STAMPS IF YOU WANT TO AVOID HEARING ABOUT CURRENT BACHELORETTE DRAMA)  The Broads are quaking in the presence of Bachelor Clues and Pace Case, hosts of “Game of Roses” podcast - the podcast that is an in-depth analysis of “the game” that is The Bachelor media series.  First (potential SPOILER if you are staying completely out of the Bach media) they discuss what we KNOW is currently going on in La Quinta & give some VERY convincing theories of what is actually happening with all this BACHELORETTE drama (19:00 - 47:00)**** Then Bachelor Clues and Pace Case give a play-by-play analysis of Bekah on her season of The Bachelor and why she is one of the greats mathematically (aka rose quotient). Bekah also spills some wild stories about her season that the #broadsquad (Jess included) have never heard before! (49:00 - 1:42:00) Lastly, they discuss who BC and PC believe are the greatest players in The Game’s history…and they all do a lot of laughing their asses off and much more (1:42:00 - ) GAMES OF ROSES: Check out the “Game of Roses” podcast here: Follow Game of Roses podcast: @gameofrosespod Follow Bachelor Clues: @bachelorclues Follow Pace Case: @pacecase THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS:  ***TALKSPACE: Get $100 off your first month by entering code CHATTY at or downloading the app! ***ARTICLE: Go to ARTICLE.COM/CHATTY TO GET $50 OFF YOUR FIRST PURCHASE OF $100 OR MORE! ***THRIVE MARKET: To start your risk-free membership and get a FREE gift today go to ***DAILY HARVEST: Go to and enter promo code CHATTY to get $25 off your first box! ***FAB FIT FUN: Use coupon code “CHATTY” for $10 off your first box at #fabfitfunpartner
The Broads are joined by favorite astrologer and psychic medium, Jessica Lanyadoo! They chat about emergencies and their go bags for, well, basically the apocalypse. They discuss the last time Jessica was on the show and what their charts are looking like now. And then, OF COURSE, they talk about 2020 and what astrology has to say about this year so far, the next few years to come, and what to be aware of as we continue to make our way through these current times.  JESSICA LANYADOO: “Ghost of a Podcast”: Jessica’s Book “Astrology for Real Relationships”: More info: Follow: @jessica_lanyadoo THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS: ***OMAX OSHOT: O-Shot is offering listeners 20 % off O-Shot plus free shipping by going to today and entering code CHATTY ***HELLO FRESH: Go to and use code 80CHATTY to get a total of $80 off, including free shipping on your first box! ***NATIVE: Go to or use promo code CHATTY at checkout to 20% off your first order! ***MEJURI: Head to and enter code CHATTY10 for 10% off your first order!
Oh The Broads have a lot to chat about! First (15:00 - 47:00) they chat about all The Bachelorette rumors that are circulating (since recording some of these rumors have been confirmed!) - also POTENTIAL spoiler warnings during this segment if you want to go into this Bachelorette season without knowing a damn thing! The Broads are then joined by Nick Viall who chats about the rumors, his recent podcast with Reality Steve, AND his latest project “Nick V Talks Trash TV” (the first installment is “A Bachelor and His Exes Tell All)! And lastly, of course, they must include at least a mini recap of their favorite moments from Ali’s great GOAT episode (1:16:00)!  NICK VIALL:  “Nick Viall Talks Trash TV - A Bachelor and His Exes Tell All"Patreon: The Viall Files: THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS:  ***POSTMATES: Use code CHATTY for $100 of free delivery credit for your first seven days when you download the Postmates app! ***AUDIBLE: Visit or text CHATTY to 500-500 ***FEALS: Become a member today by going to and you'll get 50% off your first order with free shipping! ***FIRST LEAF WINE CLUB: Sign up today to get 6 bottles of wine for only $29.95 plus free shipping at ***BEST FIENDS: Download Best Fiends FREE on the Apple App Store or Google Play!
171: Wheelchair Rapunzel

171: Wheelchair Rapunzel


The Broads are joined by the fabulous and hilarious Alex Dacy aka Wheelchair Rapunzel! She chats with them about having SMA, growing up with a disabled body, the lack of representation for disabled bodies, the phrase “being inspiring”, inspiration porn, guys with the worst pick up lines, the need to vote, the lack of accessibility, her current celebrity crush, and much more.  ALEX DACY AKA WHEELCHAIR RAPUNZEL: Follow her: @wheelchair_rapunzel  Her website: ( Check out her company: ( Fundraiser for Alex’s wheelchair accessible van: Sign Petition for “Wheelchair Repair Reform”: THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS:  ***HISMILE: Get 20% off storewide by going to ( and entering code CHATTYBROADS at checkout! ***MODERN FERTILITY: Get $20 off the test when you go to ( CHATTY.  ***GLOSSIER: All new customers will get 10% off their first order at ( chatty (certain exclusions apply) ***SKILLSHARE: Explore your creativity and get 2 free months of Premium Membership at ( CHATTY ***ATHENA: Get 15% off your first order at ( and use promo code CHATTY
The Broads have a chat about some Bachelor tea, theories about Clare’s season, and then dive into Sean Lowe’s GOAT recap! They discuss his Colton similarities, their love of Catherine, Tierra, Desiree’s season that deserves more attention, and of course Pete/Kelley/Barb’s appearance in the episode. They are then joined by the wonderful Sarah Herron (Bachelor S17/ BIP 1&3) and chat about her time on Sean’s season, her life since, Mt Kilimanjaro, and pray she will come back for an upcoming Clare recap! *Join The Broads Thursday (7/30) for their chat with Alex Dacy aka @wheelchair_rapunzel  SARAH HERRON: Follow Sarah: @sarahherron Follow her nonprofit SheLift: @sheliftgrams THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS: ***ISSUU: Go to ISSUU.INFO/CHATTY ( ​to sign up for your FREE account!  ***THRIVE MARKET: Go to ( and you’ll get a FREE gift of your choosing, up to $22 dollars in value! ***PRETTY LITTER: Go to ( and use promo code CHATTY for 20% off your first order! ***CANDID: ( code CHATTY for your risk-free starter kit and $75 off! ***NEWTON BABY: Get $50 off your Newton Crib mattress PLUS free shipping at ( and enter code CHATTY
It’s the time again, Broads! The photos and Instagram handles of the men of Clare Crawley’s upcoming season have been released and it’s time to make absurd guesses and wild assumptions about all of them! Evan and Gray join The Broads as they make their way through each cast member’s photo! ***Please let it be known that The Broads know nothing of these men and everything coming out of their mouths is purely speculation and BS and a grand old time. Hope you enjoy, Broads. FOLLOW ALONG WITH THE CAST PHOTOS HERE: THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS: ***HONEY: Get Honey for FREE at ( CHATTY ***PEANUT: Download the app for free today by heading to or find it on your app store. ***MEJURI: Head to for 10% off your first order and use promo code CHATTY10 ***ROTHYS: Check out all the amazing shoes and bags available right now at ( CHATTY ***POLICY GENUIS: (
Wow, The Broads thoroughly enjoyed recapping this 10+ year old DOUBLE season. But first they catch up on some Clare updates and Matt James' news. Then they dive into the episode and chat about the dreaded ’07 fashion, the literal zero diversity, falling in love with someone’s laugh, nightclub owners, Brad’s WILD first Final Rose, Brad’s beard oil, Michelle Money, Brad’s therapist, Emily and Brad’s unclear ending, and so much more! *Tune in this Thursday for an episode going over the released cast list for Clare’s upcoming season! FOLLOW US AT: Chatty Broads: @chattybroads Bekah: @bekah Jess: @thebaddmom THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS: ***BETABRAND: Get 25% off your first order when you go to ( ***DHM DETOX: Get 20% off your order at ( and use promo code "CHATTY” at checkout ***THRIVE MARKET: Join today and you’ll get up to $20 in shopping credit toward your first order at THRIVEMARKET.COM/ ( CHATTY to start your risk-free membership  ***KIWICO: Get 30% off your first month on select crates at ***BEST FIENDS: Download Best Fiends FREE on the Apple App Store or Google Play
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Alecia Halstead

What does the "All Things Vanderpump" intro play before these Chatty Broads episodes lately?!

Sep 24th

Juliet Momanyi


Aug 27th

Megan Alexis

Who is Megan

Apr 30th

Amanda Risling

quick question about the "hot tub" controversy and alleged pregnancy... wouldn't the girls be on birthday control pills / ring in case a situation like this happened?

Jan 27th

Erica Hanson Brown

Why in the world does the damn Bachelor show 3 freaking hours!!! Thank goodness there's fast forward!

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Emily Kinna

hahahaha omg yes he comment about being high ,😂 yess 👌💨💨

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I swear y'all are the best pod cast duo. I try to listen to other pod casts and they don't have the chemistry y'all do, absolute favorite! and Craig is easily my favorite guest y'all have had!

May 28th

Jennifer Brown

I heard something somewhere about people point out the flaws they hate in themselves in other people. I have found that when someone says something negative about someone else they are actually being that thing themselves. So when Hannah and Caelynn are saying the other is manipulative or fake I think they're both right and I think I believe both of them.

Jan 22nd


omg i love you girls!!!!

Jan 17th

Callie Slaughter

really immature tone.... wouldn't recommend if you're over the age of 16

Jan 11th

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I honestly took about 45 minutes into the episode to figure out which one of you was speaking. I think I figured it out though haha

Nov 22nd
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