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The Chicago Psychology Podcast is a unique conversation about psychology in the city of Chicago and around the world. Your hosts Dr. Scott Hoye and licensed clinical professional counselor Kyle Miller talk about psychology with mental health practitioners and experts to keep you informed about issues and trends in the industry. They also discuss mental health advocacy and work towards reducing the stigma of mental illness. Self, community, and quality of life: it's all about psychology. When you listen in, you might find yourself learning a bit more about yourself along the way!
11 Episodes
We are pleased to present our conversation with Heather Bodie in Episode 11. Heather is an actor and the Artistic Director of Erasing the Distance, a non-profit theatre company that highlights mental health issues. We discuss Erasing the Distance's work destigmatizing mental health while striving to educate and health through story collecting and drama. Heather also discusses her own career trajectory and work with Erasing the Distance, as well as her own mental health struggles and the road to her own healing. Shownotes are available at the episode page at
In episode 10 of the Chicago Psychology Podcast, Dr. John Mohl, Ph.D. joins Kyle & Scott discuss the history and current state of hypnosis. John is an educator and research psychologist, and the current president of APA's Division 30, the Division of Psychological Hypnosis. John talks about his path to becoming a psychologist, explains the phenomena of hypnosis, it's history and its body of research, and the importance in the field of psychology. To that end, we ask the question: "Just what is hypnosis?" The conversation goes to great lengths to answer this and separates myths from facts. It is a heady chat, so get ready to dive deep into hypnotic history and phenomena. Dr. Mohl also gives his opinion about the recent decision of the College Board to remove hypnosis from their standards for the teaching of psychology at the high school, and what this means for the teaching of psychology on a college level as well  Links discussed in this episode are available at the episode's web page @   
In episode 9, Kyle and I speak with Dr. Colleen Cira, a licensed clinical psychologist, and trauma therapist. Dr. Cira owns and operates the Cira Center for Behavioral Health, a group practice in Chicago and Oak Park IL. Colleen discusses the differences between big “t” and little “t” trauma, being a trauma therapist, working with human trafficking survivors, and the ins and outs of running a full-service behavioral health center for women.
In episode 8 of the Chicago Psychology Podcast, Dr. Hoye talks with Allen Vandever, a contemporary artist in Chicago, IL.  Childhood fractured is a non-profit, artists collective that educates the public about childhood sexual abuse and works toward prevention.   Links discussed in this episode:
In episode 7, Kyle and Scott speak with Lisanne Vaci and Liz Crowe from the Chicago Fire Department's Human Relations Department.  They discuss the history of and growth of the employee assistance program at the CFD, their therapeutic and educational work with first responders, self-care as trauma workers, and trends they see in employees seeking their services.  Links discussed in this episode:
In today’s episode of the Chicago Psychology Podcast, Scott and Kyle interview Dr. Suzana Flores, the author of Untamed: The Psychology of Marvel’s Wolverine. Dr. Flores discusses her book and her own journey of trauma and recovery.  She reflects on the history of trauma and grief of Logan, a.k.a. Wolverine, and also the metaphors and themes of marginalization, acceptance, healing through the literature of the comic books. Links discussed in this episode: Untamed: Facehooked: Dr. Suzana Flores’ Website: Sirhan Sirhan Documentary: Music for the episode, Edge of the Planet, graciously provided by John Hammink:
David and Scott continue their discussion of shamanism and psychology and discuss his clinical psychology practice in Chicago. They also discuss The International Journal of Traditional Healing and Critical Mental Health. David is the editor-in-chief of that journal, which is a co-publication of Christ University in Bangalore, India, and the University of Toronto. The first issue of teh journal is available for download here.
In today's episode, Kyle & Scott sit down with Dr. Andre Marseille, Ph.D., a counseling psychologist in the Washington D.C. area.  Andre discusses his roots in Chicago, his work as an Existential therapist, and his use of Positive Psychotherapy.  Positive Psychotherapy is popular in Europe, but a little-known modality in the US or Canada. Andre also discusses his mentor, Dr. Clement Vontress, Ph.D. 
On today's episode of the Chicago Psychology Podcast, Dr. Hoye sits down with Dr. David Paul Smith, Ph.D.  David is a licensed clinical psychologist in Chicago, IL.  David discusses his ethnographic research into, and experience of Ojibwe Traditional healing, including the use of sweat lodges, and the cedar bath ritual.  We discuss possible similarities to western energy medicine and depth psychology and the new psychedelic therapies.  We cover a great deal of ground and we believe it will prove of interest to many of you.  
In episode 2 of the Chicago Psychology Podcast, Scott & Kyle attempt to demystify and destigmatize mental health.  They discuss how the media plays into informing and misinforming the public about mental illness, therapy, and hypnosis.  They also discuss the need for further assistance for first responders, and just what therapy is all about, or mostly about.  We hope you are both engaged and enlighted a bit after you listen to this lively discussion between two peers from the world of mental health.  
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