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The Chicago Psychology Podcast is a unique conversation about psychology in the city of Chicago and around the world. Your hosts Dr. Scott Hoye and licensed clinical professional counselor Kyle Miller talk about psychology with mental health practitioners and experts to keep you informed about issues and trends in the industry. They also discuss mental health advocacy and work towards reducing the stigma of mental illness. Self, community, and quality of life: it's all about psychology. When you listen in, you might find yourself learning a bit more about yourself along the way!
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Yolo Akili joins us for episode 30. Yolo Akili is the founder and executive director of BEAM (Black Emotional and Mental Health). Dr. Hoye. and Mr. Akili discuss the work and the mission of BEAM. They cover mental health issues in African American and Latin American communities, sexism and systemic racisms, and the general work of breaking down barriers to mental health services in minority communities. Like the work of BEAM, this conversation is an invitation to people from all walks of life to participate in reducing mental health stigma across race, sexual orientation, and gender. Mental health clinicians and the general public alike will find food for thought and discussion. Yolo Akili is also a yoga instructor, and has worked as an AIDS/HIV counselor on violence prevention on violence prevention in African American communities. He has contributed articles to the Huffington Post, Ebony, and Everyday Feminisms.
In this and encore presentation of episode 29. Dr. Dan Brown, Ph.D. joins Dr. Hoye to discuss dissociation, trauma and attachment theory. Dr. Brown is Associate Clinical Professor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School and has served on the faculty for over 38 years. He is a senior meditation master.Dr. Brown has trained and taught with top Indo-Tibetan Bon Buddhist lamas for more than 48 years, including lineage holders from some of the great schools of Buddhism. An author of 24 books has testified in over 200 child abuse cases and served as an expert witness for prosecutors at the & International War Crimes Tribunal. Dan discusses dissociation, trauma and attachment disorders based on his work with the team that that organized the Three Pillars model of attachment treatment. This treatment is an integrative model of psychotherapy, based on many modalities and theories, including hypnosis, mentalization treatments, and collaborative approaches for working with patients.
In this encore presentation of episode 12, Kyle and Scott are joined by Lisa Isenhart. Lisa is an anthropologist and also the Program Director of Open Path Psychotherapy Collective, a non-profit psychotherapy collective that seeks to provide affordable mental health care for the public. Open Path is available for interested therapists to join for free and for a nominal fee for potential clients.Lisa discusses Open Path's mission to provide affordable mental health to those who may not have insurance, or are underserved. She discusses the founding of the organization, its future, and her work and growth as an activist with the organization. We also discuss the Open Path's reach in Chicago, and their plans for expanding abroad and in the states.
On Episode 63 Dr. Hoye and Kyle are joined by Paul Fugelsang. Paul is a psychotherapist in Asheville, NC. He is also the Founder of the Open Path Psychotherapy Collective, a source for affordable mental health care for the consumer. Paul discusses the mission of Open Path, and their current state as a non-profit company. He also discusses its inception and the goals they see for their future in the provision of therapy for a wider audience of people.
In episode 62 Dr. Hoye and Kyle are joined by Dr. Murali Rao and Sameen Hosseini from Mindful TMS. Dr. Rao is a Professor and Department Chairperson of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences at Loyola University Medical Center and a Psychiatry consultant at MIndful TMS. Sameen Hosseini is the Business Development Manager at Mindful TMS. Mindful TMS is a group of TMS clinics, with locations in the Chicagoland area. Their clinics provide Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) treatment for patients with psychiatric conditions. In this episode, we discuss how Mindful TMS uses Neuronavigation Targeted TMS supports patients with persistent and recurrent psychiatric conditions, such as depression, anxiety, OCD, addiction, and PTSD. Dr. Rao and Sameen talk in-depth about how Mindful TMS works and the effects it has on specific areas of the brain. We also get an inside look into the Mindful TMS approach to treatment and patient care. We also cover how Mindful TMS has adapted to serve patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Since the advent of the COVID 19 virus, the landscape of behavioral health has changed significantly. This has included changes for both consumers and behavioral health specialists. With these changes in mind, we decided to reach out to Chicago area clinicians to get their take on the current events, and how they see the landscape of mental health and psychotherapy developing. Aaron Karmin, LCPCKaren Rothstein Pineda, MA, LCPC
Since the advent of the COVID 19 virus, the landscape of behavioral health has changed significantly. These have been effecting both consumers and behavioral health clinician. With these changes in mind, we decided to reach out to Chicago area clinicians to get their take on the current events, and how they see the landscape of mental health and psychotherapy developing.  This Episode's Guests:Rachel D. Miller, AMFT& Kristin Velazquez Kenefick, Psy.D, RYT, TIYT
On episode 56, Kyle is joined by Erica Hornthal, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Board-Certified Dance/Movement Therapist. Erica is the founder and CEO of Chicago Dance Therapy, a group practice founded in 2011.Erica explains how dance/movement therapy can be used in conjunction with traditional talk therapy to further deepen the client experience. She explains that each person has a movement profile or signature that is unique to the individual.
Kyle and Scott are joined by Dr. Jermaine Thomas, Psy.D.  Jermain is a licensed clinical psychologist in Chicago IL.  In this episode, Dr.Thomas addresses:· The disproportionate number of COVID-19 cases amidst the African American community· Trans-generational trauma and epigenetics· Health issues in the African American community and chronic stress· Attachment theory as it plays out in African Americans· The current protests that are being held in the wake of George Floyd’s death
On episode 54, Dr. Hoye is joined by is Eric Cathcart. Eric is a funeral event planner and producer, and owner and founder of InRemember, a company that helps to celebrate the story of loved one’s lives. ​Eric discusses end of life planning, and the process of shared grief through celebration.
On episode 53 of the Chicago Psychology Podcast, Dr. Hoye is joined by Margot Esther Borden, a psychotherapist, author, and coach. The COVID-19 pandemic brings with it a tsunami of issues. Personal issues around health and mental wellbeing are joined by an unfathomable ethical, ecological and economic crisis. We are each impacted physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. and spiritual seeker.
On episode 52 of the Chicago Psychology Podcast, Dr. Hoye speaks with Dr. Nitaya Chawla. Dr. Chawla is a licensed clinical psychologist in Chicago Illinois. She works as a solution-focused therapist with individuals and couples. Dr. Hoye & Dr. Chawla discuss her work with south Asian couples. She covers the cultural differences with this population on a macro and micro level, and shares her insights from working with them in couples’ therapy.
In this special episode of The Chicago Psychology Podcast Kyle interviews his wife and two children about their impressions during the COVID-19 pandemic. You will get an intimate view into one family’s experience during this uncertain time. The Miller family discuss everything from what they like about having to stay at home to emotions that come up, and they share some ideas for how others may be able to cope during the stay at home order.
On episode 50 of the Chicago Psychology Podcast Christopher LeMark returns to talk to Kyle and Scott. Christopher is a Hip Hop artist, a Mental Health Advocate, and the owner of Coffee, Hip Hop and Mental Health.Christopher provides an update about his rapidly growing organization, Coffee Hip Hop and Mental Health (CHHAMH). We explore the passion and purpose of the organization and get a true sense of what it is like to attend an CHHAMH event and what we can expect in the future.
On episode 49 of the Chicago Psychology Podcast Dr. Hoye speaks with author Sue William Silverman. Sue is an award-winning author of four memoirs, two poetry collections, and a craft book on writing. She teaches writing at the Vermont College of Fine Arts.Sue’s most recent work is How to Survive Death and other Inconveniences, available from the University of Nebraska Press. This is a memoire of trauma, addiction, survival, healing, and ultimately, a celebration of life.
In the special episode of the Chicago Psychology Podcast, Kyle and Scott discuss what the scientific literature states are the best ways to cope during the COVID-19 pandemic. They review several articles from scientific journals and popular news sources. These are a springboard for discussing the current findings about mental health during the pandemic. What can we learn from what was discovered in China? How can we implement those findings? How is the pandemic effecting mental health in the US?
In this special episode of the Chicago Psychology Podcast, Scott and Kyle use an article published by TIME, “Why People Are Panic Buying as Coronavirus Spreads” as a springboard to delve into the psychology behind COVID-19 pandemic and the emotional response. Scott and Kyle explore how different countries have handled the pandemic and how leadership response impacts citizen reactions as well as how lack of clarity causes a panic response. They also discuss how this is playing out in the therapy.
Podcast, Dr. Hoye speaks with Dr. Barry Lee, Psy.D. Barry is a full-time professor at Olivet Nazarene College in Bourbonnais, IL. He is also a part-time psychologist in Watseka IL, at the Iroquois Mental Health Center, where he provides psychotherapy to the rural community. Barry discusses his work with rural communities as both a social worker and a psychologist. He also brings insight into his work as a psychology professor of forensic psychology and social work.
On episode 45 of the Chicago Psychology Podcast, Dr. Hoye speaks with Dr. Jermaine Thomas, Psy.D.  Jermain is a licensed clinical psychologist in Chicago IL.  He practices at Cornerstone Counseling Center of Chicago (CCCOC). Cornerstone Counseling is a not-for-profit faith-based organization that provides therapeutic services.  Their Client Access Program (CAP) provides therapy services at a significantly reduced rate to under-resourced and under-insured individuals.
In this special episode of the Chicago Psychology Podcast, Scott and Kyle discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting life for all of us.  They also explain ways to make more space, connect with others, and reduce anxiety while social distancing. Kyle and Scott explore how the practice of psychology and counseling is changing during this time for them and other practitioners.  We hope you find this episode to be informative and helpful as we all navigate this difficult time.
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