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The Podcast series presented by Chico Hospital for Cats. Anything and everything about cats is discussed by experienced veterinary people, sharing valuable information with listeners and having fun at the same time! Enjoy!
50 Episodes
#49 Your Grieving Pet

#49 Your Grieving Pet


Can your pet grieve after a loss in the family? If yes, what would be some signs that could alert you? Should you interfere or leave your pet alone? What option are there to make this period of time go smoother? Bre and Samet talked about some of the tips and personal experiences about grieving and the emotionally challenged times that we all have to go through sometimes!
In this episode, Rick Hubbard who has been bringing his furry kids to our hospital for more than 20 years, explains us what it feels like to be on the side of the cat ownership ( or being owned by cats!) We talked about a variety of topics such as first impressions when choosing a new clinic, importance of cat only practices, expectation from staff, establishing trust, importance of communication, and even tire shop flashback moments! 
From ghostwriters to life in Philippines with cats, we talked to Christian Adams who is the editor in chief for Tune in to find out about variety of topics when it comes to delivering you a website based on cats and the people who aim to create the most helpful content in pet world!
Adoption numbers went off the roof with "COVID shelter in place restrictions" but as some of the countries started opening up, adoption rates dropped. In this eposide (Conveniently it is the month of adopt a shelter cat month) we remind all of us why adopting a cat is a wonderful idea and what benefits can these furr babies bring to our lives! In the end, a surprise guest joined us as well! 
KitNipBox is a subscription service that sends cat toys and treats to your house to make your furry friends happy and spend good time for almost over 7 years. Co-Founder Jordan Salvit answered all our question about how the company works and what we can except to receive if we subscribe! Thanks for listening!WWW.CHICOCATS.COM/PODCAST
Heartworm can be seen in cats and it can be tricky to diagnose. It's better to be safe than sorry and that's why we shared some interesting information about heartworm and cats. Thanks for listening! WWW.CHICOCATS.COM/PODCAST
KitNipBox is a monthly subscription box full of surprises and goodies for your cat. Bre and Sam opened up a KitNipBox and reviewed the items for you! Thanks for listening!
Why do veterinarians suggest blood work when you take your cat in? What are the benefits and what can a blood work or testing tell us? Check out this episode to learn more! CHICOCATS.COM/PODCAST
#41 Declawing in Cats

#41 Declawing in Cats


Declawing in cats is a controversial topic. With more and more states/cities banning this procedure around the world, tune in to find out what Dr. Colleran and Sam has to share about it! CHICOCATS.COM/PODCAST
Dr. Annette Litster who is a Senior Veterinary Specialist at Zoetis, has joined Dr. Colleran and Samet to share all the latest news about Revolution Plus. In this episode,  you will learn all about Revolution Plus as well as listen to some of the questions of our clients answered by a specialist. Enjoy! CHICOCATS.COM/PODCAST
Campfire was one of the devastating wild fires in the history of United States. But out of this fire we heard many hopeful stories and silver lining. FUR (Friends United in Rescue) is a shelter born out of the need to save cats effected by the fire. Listen to Hannah as she tells us all about how people with great hearts came together and formed this organization that still operates and finds homes for cats in need! To visit their website, go to
Arden Moore is the author of many pet related educative, fun books. She hosts one of the longest airing pet podcast shows and educates people on pet first aid. Join us in this episode for a fun chat with Arden Moore and Dr Colleran!
Assisi Loop is a drug-free option when it comes to pain treatment in cats. In this episode, Dr. Colleran explained what the benefits of Assisi Loop are. Assisi can be used both at home and in clinics easily and has been clinically proven to be effective. Thank you for listening and please leave us a review on Apple Podcast and many other Podcast platforms if you like our show!CHICOCATS.COM/PODCAST
Osteoarthritis in cats is more common than thought. Important new data and how to treat this condition is discussed in this episode with Dr Colleran. To view a short clip on how to understand Osteoarthritis and check if your cat might be suffering from it, please visit
What is the new normal? How can our hospital adjust to the changes and start having pet owners in our building? What are the new developments about cats and COVID19? Answered by Dr Colleran in this short June update of recent news.
Dr. Colleran discussed recent updates on COVID19 and cats as well as how the practice is doing do accommodate people. Join us to find out how we all are facing these uncertain times and get ready for the future!
Dr. Colleran updates us on the latest news about Coronavirus and Cats
MiniPodcast: Dr Colleran shared the latest news about COVID19 and cats. 
Cat shows are big in US and worldwide. It is a passion not just for every day cat owners but also for many people working in this field. As a person who has experience with cat shows for more than 6 years, Dr. Waller tells us all about it and her very own experience as an exhibitor. Find our Podcast Apple PodcastSpotify or anywhere you like to find your podcasts!
We have gathered a list of questions asked by cat owners through social media and our very own feline specialist Dr. Colleran answered them! Tune in to find out about many interesting food related questions answered by a board certified feline specialist. You will also find out what she has decided to feed her own cats at home!
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