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Author: Dean Smith, DC, PhD

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Chiropractic Science gets the word out about chiropractic research. Chiropractors, patients and the public will learn about chiropractic research from the experts who are doing the research. You'll get the information in plain English, not through the media, nor a middleman. The podcast is also intended to motivate and assist the chiropractor and student to pursue research careers in chiropractic science!!!!
65 Episodes
Dr. Daniels and I discuss some of his publications dealing with prior spine surgery, medications for low back pain, suicide, and health promotion.
In this episode, we discuss physical activity, exercise, clinical practice guidelines, and the chiropractic profession.
Dr. Robert Trager discusses his research at the intersection of medicine and chiropractic, from case reports to health service utilization.
Dr. Lindsay Gorrell and I discuss her research regarding spinal manipulation, the vertebral artery and reporting of adverse events.
Dr. Brian Anderson and I question the relationship between chiropractic and emergency department - ED visits in the paper by Harwood (2022).
Dr. Brian Anderson and I discuss Chiropractic Care, Treatment Escalation and Medical Service Use for Spine Conditions.
Dr. Scali talks upper cervical spine and myodural bridge (connective tissue between suboccipital muscles and the cervical spinal dura mater).
Dr. Carlos Gevers joins me to discuss mechanisms of spinal manipulation, particularly as they relate to central sensitization and neuroinflammation. He also shares a study on Tumor Necrosis Factor-Alpha in Urine Samples of Patients With Chronic Low Back Pain Undergoing Chiropractic Care.
Dr. Michael Meier discusses movement, psychology and brain mechanisms in the development and maintenance of persistent low back pain.
Dr. Samuel Howarth discusses measurements and data handling in science and their use and interpretation in the clinical environment.
In this discussion, Dr. Michael Freeman talks about his research involving motor vehicle collisions, whiplash and forensic applications.
Drs. Chris Malaya and Josh Haworth discuss motor control, posture and chiropractic research in this episode. Dr. Chris Malaya is a research associate at Parker University in Dallas, Texas. He graduated from Parker in 2018 with a Doctorate in Chiropractic and is currently pursuing a PhD in Motor Control from the University of Houston. His current research […]
Dr. Joyce Miller discusses evidence based chiropractic care for infants and children. We talk about some of her research and her new book.
Dr. Ken Weber and I discuss neural and musculoskeletal changes underlying painful conditions, the mechanisms of treatments, and predictors for recovery.
Dr. Reed and I discuss his research determining the peripheral and central mechanisms of spinal manipulation (manual therapy) for the treatment of musculoskeletal pain.
Tue Secher Jensen, clinical value of MRI, asymptomatic vs symptomatic imaging findings, disc herniation, modic changes & single vs multiple imaging findings
Dr. Haussler and I discuss his research regarding chiropractic and horses.  In particular we discuss four themes in this interview: 1) How chiropractic techniques can be applied to horses; 2) How do you know you are making a difference (objective outcome measures)?; 3) Effects of mobilization versus manipulation in horses; 4)Controlled clinical trials in horses with acute versus chronic back pain.
Drs. Imran Niazi and Kelly Holt discuss with me their research on chiropractic, falls risk, and neuroplasticity in various populations.
In this episode, we discuss cervical and lumbar disc herniations,spinal manipulation, nerve root injections, neck pain, dizziness and chronic low back pain.
We discuss back pain in young people, the link between back pain, health behavior and cardiovascular disease & sport participation as a health intervention.
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