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Author: Victoria D. Walker

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C2T is a weekly, faith-based podcast to inspire, motivate, and encourage listeners to choose their mindsets, attitudes, and thoughts with deliberation, wisdom, and consistency.

You'll learn tips and tricks to overcome toxic thinking and to walk successfully into your God-given purpose.

It's about real-life 21st century Christianity and the positive impact you can have on those around you. We explore what it means to renew your mind daily, to find joy, and to live your life with deep gratitude.

Isn't it time to start living your best thought life?

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LaurieAnn Campbell, award winning author, blogger, and podcaster shares her journey to overcoming her 30-year battle with bulimia nervosa. According to research from Current Psychiatry Reports Eating disorders, which include bulimia, anorexia, binge-eating, are the most lethal mental health conditions. The Eating Disorders Coalition reports that every 62 minutes, at least one person loses their life as a direct result of an eating disorder.  I snagged both of these resources from Amen Clinics where 160,000 brains have been scanned on patients in 150 countries.  As a preliminary side note to today's episode, Dr. Amen writes this on his blog in an article entitled "What 'The Crown' Got Wrong about Princess Diana and Eating Disorders": "Based on the brain SPECT imaging work at Amen Clinics——people with eating disorders tend to have abnormal activity in certain areas of the brain. Typical SPECT findings in eating disorders include overactivity in the anterior cingulate gyrus (associated with getting stuck on thoughts and behaviors) and basal ganglia (the brain’s anxiety centers), and issues in the parietal lobe (involved in sensory processing and direction sense and often seen in people with body dysmorphic disorder). Healing the brain with a targeted treatment plan is an essential part of the recovery process." As regular listeners know, the Choose 2 Think Podcast we focus a lot on the BRAIN and nueroplasticity.  LaurieAnn emphasizes the importance of accepting the past and moving and looking forward in life.  She encourages those who suffer disordered eating, food fixation, restrictive eating, etc.,  to face their emotions and feelings instead of run from them, to accept the past and live in the moment.  We also chat about toxic vocabulary that keeps those who feel stuck in harmful habits.  Recovered now for ten years, LaurieAnn's mission is to help others, primarily midlife women, to find that peace.  The unconditional love of her sister as well as her faith have proved pivotal aspects of her recovery journey.  You can find LaurieAnn's books, podcast, coaching and social media links IAMTHATGAL.COM. VISIT MY WEBSITE: CONNECT WITH LAURIEANN (this is the hub with links to books, podcast, coaching, social media, etc.) --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Can you decide whether these 10 questions will lead you to the vineyard or through the door that leads to darkness? Tune in to hear all the questions! Click here to get the free, downloadable image of the vineyard and garden to help you sift through the thousands of thoughts running through your mind each day! Find the t-shirt design:  I CHOOSE TO LIVE IN THE GARDEN TODAY right here! Visit my website here: for more information on how I might be able to serve you in your quest to live your best THOUGHT life today!  --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Katrina Dorroh is passionate about families passing on their love for Jesus to the next generation. She has developed a resource which comes alongside parents to help them create fun-faith filled memories with their kids. It's called Faith and Family Box. Katrina's ministry mission is to transform lives through Gods Word, Family Time and Joy. Katrina Dorroh lives in North Carolina with her husband, Robert and two teens: Caleb and Kaitlyn. Katrina has a Master’s of Divinity Degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and has been in ministry for over 25 years. She is a writer, minister, speaker, wife and mom. Katrina is the Founder of Faith and Family Box. A monthly subscription box which comes alongside families and resources them to have fun-faith-filled nights once a month. Visit to stay connected!  CONTACT KATRINA website: DISCOUNT CODE for my listeners: choose2think podcast: Popcorn Moments: Faith and Family --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Your brain and mine are plastic or moldable, and if this isn’t the best news ever I’m not sure what is! Those negative, toxic thoughts and mindsets that seem to be hard wired into our brains circuitry can actually be deenergized and disassembled and then rewired with God’s Truth.  Truth leads us toward optimal emotional health and wholeness.  What you think matters A TON and if you’re not behaving in a godly fashion or if you find yourself stuck in otherwise toxic emotions, there is hope BECAUSE you can control what you think! And you can establish the habit of taking thoughts captive (2 Corinthians 10: 3-5) and you can become transformed by the renewing of your mind (Rom. 12:2).  With God’s help and time or repetition, you may just stand amazed at how far you can go simply by choosing to think!  Today, we’ll talk about 6 ways and practical tips to store God’s Word in your heart. Then we’ll talk about how to establishing life-changing habits to help you become the person you most want to be! Inspired excerpts from Session 5 of the Fired Up Mind Challenge!  Visit my website here Please consider podcast sponsorship to help me spread the GOOD NEWS!  Even $1.99 a month would be amazing to me! Click the LISTENERS SUPPORT TAB below.  OR If you're a small biz and would like to purchase a sponsor spot on the show, please shoot me a DM at!  Thank you!  :)  --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
I am so excited to bring you to this episode with six Christian leaders as they share exactly how they have overcome toxic thinking and self-limiting thoughts and lies in their life's journey.    Below I introduce them to you in the order in which they appear complete with all their contact information!  Be sure to let them know how much you enjoyed their vulnerability and authenticity on today's episode! REMINDERS: Did you enjoy this episode? Please SUBSCRIBE, RATE, & WRITE A REVIEW for the Choose 2 Think Podcast on APPLE PODCASTS HERE.  Chat with all these leaders on the FIRED UP MIND & C2T PODCAST COMMUNITY on Facebook!  Join the tribe! Merch design for this episode:  I choose 2 be a BRAIN CHANGER today Coach Brie (get the free eBook: Natural Ways to Boost Your Immunity)  Shannon Turner Girlfriends and Coffee Christian Networking Private Group on Facebook Katie Smith Katie Smith on Facebook email contact: Beatrice Bruno Drill Sergeant of Life website On Facebook On Twitter  Joan Bandy Couch to 5K App on Google Joe Detre email contact: Complimentary Coaching Strategy session  Get the themed t-shirt for today's episode:  I CHOOSE 2 BE A BRAIN CHANGER TODAY!   Visit my website here: --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
This episode offers excerpts from Session 4 of the Fired Up Mind Challenge where we go deep to examine the spiritual and emotional roots that may be producing unhealthy behavior in our lives.  Isn't it time to start living your best thought life? :)  STEPS to get to the roots: 1) Examine the "fruit" you are bearing in your life so you can identify the root 2) Examine your thoughts and self talk to reverse engineer and find the roots NOTE:  Often, bad roots are created when we need comfort...where do you go for comfort? But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law. Galatians 5:22-23, NASB Please visit my website for more information: I would love your prayer support as well!  To show listener support, please click the button below.   Thanks for tuning in! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Janelle Banks and I chat about the loss of her con-joined twin sons, Josiah and Josias in 2015.  We start by talking about being moms, podcasting, and how it is to work with her husband. Then we move into the more intimate subject of her experience with her conjoined twin boys.  What gripped my heart during this interview was Janelle's awe-inspiring trust in God and her strong faith and acceptance of His ways, even when faced with losing her babies. Janelle Banks, a former Public School Special Education Teacher and now a Homeschool Mom/Teacher and Homemaker, is wife to Joseph Banks, Jr. and mother of 5 children. She and Joseph host A Love Worth Dying For Podcast, a marriage and family podcast supporting a Biblical worldview. Janelle enjoys spending time with her family and friends and serving in the children's and women's ministries at church. Free 1-1 60-minute Thought Strategy Session with Coach Victoria: Join the Fired Up Mind and Choose 2 Think Podcast Community here: _________________________________ Connect with Janelle: A Love Worth Dying For Podcast email:    --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
What a wonderful lesson about our emotions and mood foods. We start the session* defining what emotions really are and what causes them. We later dive into the brain / gut connection and those foods that affect our thinking, emotions and our moods. And if you listen til the end you’ll hear a few of the participants share their takeaways from this information packed session. Kelly mentions something so important about the fear of expressing our emotions or freezing especially when it is with folks we know and love.  Later April shares such a great life example of a pesky issue she was dealing with – you are sure to relate to her story of the battle between doing and saying what we want to do vs. doing and saying what we don’t want to say and do.   And Julie brings to the discussion an excellent point about how to handle those troubling but REAL life scenarios and events that happen in our lives that happen to be negatively charged.  *Session 3 of the Fired Up Mind Challenge, January 2020.  Stay connected: FREEBIE:  GUT / BRAIN / MIND Connection (list of brain healthy foods to help your moods!) --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Discussing the sensitive topic of suicide can be quite sticky at times because it is emotionally charged.  Today's guest Stephen Johnson, a licensed social worker who has been in practice for decades, reduces the charge on this issue by addressing it in a loving and God-honoring fashion.   I basically had only 2 questions for him: 1) Why would someone choose to take their own life? 2) What can the survivors (family members, friends, the community) do to deal with their grief and any guilt they may be feeling? Stephen's counsel drips with wisdom and concern.  In only a few moments of listening, you will notice his sincere desire to help those who are struggling from their own loss of a loved one or who are currently feeling discouraged and hopeless in their lives.  The practical tips that he gives may be just what you or someone else needs to put into play today to turn the corner and walk in a new, life-giving and healthy direction. Call Stephen Johnson and Associates LLC at 859-219-9800  today to start your journey to healing and restoration. Stephen serves the Greater Lexington & Central Kentucky Areas. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Hours: Available 24 hours. Languages: English, Spanish. Learn more 800-273-8255 American Foundation for Suicide Prevention: --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Let's examine the gut/brain/mind connection! In today's episode, you'll hear snippets from the Fired Up Mind Challenge Session 2 "Detox" recorded live.  This session dealt with detoxing both the mind and brain and features guest speaker Adam Reid.  Adam shared his personal testimony on the podcast just a few weeks ago in episode 055 When Shame Grips Your Heart and Mind. You may also hear the voices of a few of the challenge participants, Julie and April.   Be sure to snag your free infographic: The 5 R's to Living Your Best Thought Life here.  Pin this printable on your fridge or at your desk to remind you of the 5 steps to demolishing those pesky self-defeating thoughts, lies, and doubts that keep nagging you.  I speak briefly about these steps today on the show. Then Adam picks up with the brain-gut connection.  He shares 5 practical action items to help you make healthy and wise food choices daily. Food is medicine.  What you consume probably makes more of a difference on your overall emotional health and wellbeing than you may have ever guessed.   Don't miss the 3-page Mind & Brain Smoothies cheat sheet with lists of healthy  brain foods and smoothie recipes as well as tips for detoxing your mind.  If you like what you are hearing, can you think of even one person who might also benefit from this episode?  Will you please share on social, text, or email the link to that person?  Or consider supporting by clicking the Listener's SUPPORT Tab below.  A one-time gift or $5 bucks a month makes a huge difference to me.  I truly appreciate your regular listening and prayer support as well!   Thank you so much! FREEBIE:  5 R's to Living Your Best Thought Life  (a 1-page infographic) FREEBIE:  Mind & Brain Smoothies (3 pages of healthy goodness for your brain and mind) Join the Fired Up Mind & Choose 2 Think Facebook Community Visit the Choose 2 Think website  Choose 2 Think Merch  TODAY I CHOOSE 2 PRACTICE THE PAUSE Instagram Set up your 1-1 FREE THOUGHT STRATEGY SESSION with Victoria and receive your complimentary personal thought blueprint! Contact Adam Reid LOVE IS REAL WELLNESS --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
"You can give without loving. But you cannot love without giving." — Amy Carmichael, missionary to India Today you'll hear from Grace Julius Ssembatya, Editor of UnWoke Magazine and Director and Evangelist with Grassroots Ministry in Mukono District of Uganda in Africa.   Grace will share the heartbeat of his mission:  to not only take the "Good News" to those who would be blessed by it....but to start by lending a helping hand with the practicals first, such as food and clothing.   A quote on the Grassroots Ministrywebsite is from Bono: "God is in the slums, in the cardboard boxes where the poor play house. God is in the silence of a mother who has infected her child with a virus that will end both their lives. God is in the cries heard under the rubble of war. God is in the debris of wasted opportunity and lives, and God is with us if we are with them." Grace will inspire you to love, to go, and to give. Please reach out to Grace, share this episode, and help us to get the Good News out to a world that desperately needs to hear the Truth.  ______________________ CHOOSE 2 THINK WEBSITE FIRED UP MIND & CHOOSE 2 THINK COMMUNITY ON FACEBOOK MERCH DESIGN FOR THIS SHOW inspired by Grace Julius's drive and persistence:  I CHOOSE 2 START TODAY Contact Grace Julius Ssembatya Tel / WhatsApp +2560393241663 Email:  Facebook: @GRASSROOTSMINIS Editor: Unwoke Magazine    Director/Evangelist:  Grassroots Ministry --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
I’ve got a real treat for you on this episode! As you may know, recently I wrapped up the FIRED UP MIND CHALLENGE! Thank you to the lovely souls who joined the Zoom and who showed up commenting in the live stream on facebook in our community there!  I really appreciate your patience during this whole process as I was lovin' the learnin' on how to do all of this! I thought it would be so awesome to share with you clips from the sessions. You’re really gonna wanna listen carefully today because I’m gonna leave you with a whole list of practical fast action items that you may want to put into play in your own life.   The 10 action items today to improve brain health come from Jim Kwik from Kwik Brain!  He taught me to memorize this list of practices we can put into place to achieve optimal overall health! The FUM Challenge was divided into 2 options: And I would invite you to ponder if you’d like to take me up on the challenge as well: You may be interested in renewing your mind OR improving brain health OR both!  It's not too late to start doing what is right!  Choose 2 Think today! Let’s jump in to the Session 1 which was called REBOOT. ________ WEBSITE: FACEBOOK COMMUNITY: SUBSCRIBE to bimonthly newsletters from Victoria (freebies and ministry updates): CHOOSE 2 THINK ACADEMY: MERCH DESIGNS: CONTACT: --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Today’s guest is Adam Reid who is currently  Amazon’s #1 best selling author for new releases in adult Christian ministry  with his book called LOVE IS REAL Let me read a few excerpts from the press release: “Love is Real” peels back the mask that allows depression and anxiety to silently grow beneath. Adam Reid has deep roots across Kentucky from his hometown, Clay County, to where he now lives in Midway. He has spent the last seventeen years studying biology while getting his Masters from the University of Kentucky and teaching at Madison Central High School for a decade. Adam battled mental health issues in silence for thirteen years. In Love is Real, he shares the scientifically supported methods to fight the real enemy: shame. You don’t willpower your way through cancer. Your work ethic doesn’t allow you to overcome a heart attack. You don’t refuse to take your diabetic insulin because your faith is enough for you to be healed. Similarly, your willpower and grit won’t overcome mental health struggles. Your mental health is not a sign of personal failure or a mark against your belief in God’s influence over your life. Just because you cannot see anxiety or depression doesn’t make their biological causes any less real. A few key words and phrases to give you a taste of what we discuss include the following:  wearing a "mask" earning salvation obsessed with productivity finding love self-punishment over achievement good deeds workaholism alcoholism depression anxiety shame worthiness avoidance negative thinking vulnerability _______________________________________________ Join the FIRED UP MIND CHALLENGE HERE Join the FIRED UP MIND & CHOOSE 2 THINK COMMUNITY ON FACEBOOK HERE Stay connected with Victoria and get exclusive access to her Subscribers' Corner HERE MERCH DESIGN:  I CHOOSE LOVE TODAY - SHOP HERE ____________________________________________ Find Adam and buy Love Is Real HERE --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
The new year for many folks marks new beginnings.  We set goals.  We dream.  We make resolutions. There is one thing, however, that all goals, dreams, and resolutions must have in order to succeed:  A solid foundation. Think of the foundation for your home or apartment building.  It's probably not visible to your naked eye, but you'd guess it's made of something sturdy like concrete or rock.  Foundations basically serve 3 overarching purposes that you probably already know (and I also think you will start seeing the spiritual analogies here!).  Foundations are designed to 1) bear a load 2) protect from external elements (water, wind, high and low temperatures, etc.) 3) resist movement of earth around it Any endeavor you approach, any goal or dream you're hoping to achieve needs the proper foundation to come to fruition.  Our life's pursuits are based on our purpose--and when we tap into our purpose as Bible-believing contributors to a world that needs to hear the Good News, well, we're off to a really good start!   Tune in today to remind yourself that God is all the energy you need, His Word is the Truth, and His Son the foundation to help you live out your wildest dreams!    --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
This conversation with renown and award winning Christian author Rhonda Dragomir cuts right to the heart of the matter.   Rhonda Dragomir is a contributor to Chicken Soup for the Soul anthologies, she is co-author of curriculum for the Women’s Impact Network, and if this isn’t enough, she was named the 2019 writer of the Year from Serious Writer, Inc. She and her husband live in Wilmore KY. With personal insight and humor, Rhonda invites her readers to consider a central truth: you are welcomed to the arms of a forgiving God who wants to shower you with His boundless love.  Today we take a deep dive into a concept Rhonda has coined as the ORPHAN HEART. She will walk us through fear, rejection, perfectionism, futility, unworthiness and ultimately how to live like an heir to the King, enjoying the inheritance of peace and joy as God promises His children. Now I know all of this sounds a bit fluffy. So keep listening as we unpack the Orphan Heart – ask yourself as we go if you have any of the symptoms Rhonda describes.  What’s more, Rhonda shares so many stories from her life that help all of this to make sense in practical applications. If 2020 gave you a run for your money in the spiritual and emotional departments, this episode may be just what you need to set things straight once and for all.  FIRED UP MIND CHALLENGE Fired Up Mind & Choose 2 Think Community on Facebook Choose 2 Think Merch & More Connect with Victoria on her website here ____________ CONTACT RHONDA (author site – includes orphan heart blog and a media page with links to teaching videos) (business site) (blog for writers) (Facebook author page) (Instagram feed) (Twitter): @rhondadragomir --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
This episode is divided into 3 parts: 1) Four Lessons learned in 2020 2) Looking forward 3) Psalm 40 and what God "expects" from us Sign up for the FIRED UP MIND CHALLENGE Visit my website here Find your C2T Merch & More right here Visit our FIRED UP MIND & CHOOSE 2 THINK COMMUNITY HERE on Facebook --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
On today's episode, Health & Wellness Accountability Coach Wendy Parmley shares her journey of  both physical and emotional "weight loss."  Physically she has lost around 100 pounds to date and has about that much more to go.  She came to realize that her journey had more to do with falling more in love with Christ than it did the numbers on the scales. Our topics include: food fixation, addiction & weight restriction hypocrisy and self-lying the dangers of justification and making excuses the importance of inner dialogue and the pitfalls from words such as "can't" and "only" the role of the church with these issues Wendy is a Health & Wellness Accountability Coach.  Connect with her on her Facebook group and YouTube.  She also has a ROPES CHALLENGE you might consider joining.  Be sure to share this link with a friend or family member who struggles with any type of food addiction. Wendy's Goal Mountain Journey on YouTube Goal Mountain Journey:  Health & Wellness group on FaceBook GOAL MOUNTAIN'S JOURNEY CHALLENGE Email Wendy: ____________________ If you haven't already, please take 2 minutes to subscribe to the CHOOSE 2 THINK PODCAST on Apple Podcasts (it's free), rate, and write a 1-2 sentence review here.  Stay connected!  Visit my ministry website to opt in and join the Fired Up Mind & Choose 2 Think Podcast Community on Facebook.   Check out all the unique merch designs based on podcast episode themes right here!  Make powerfully encouraging and affirming GIFTS! I really appreciate your prayers for my ministry. If you want to go a step further, some listeners enjoy supporting my ministry efforts through giving.  Just click the Listeners Support tab below.  Thank you so much! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
In the "game" of 21st century life, we gotta be on guard to follow the rules that God has given us in His Word and by the example of Jesus Christ and through the power of the Holy Spirit whose job is to convict us and guide us into all truth.  But just how do we do that? It all starts with our thinking!  Tune in for practical tips on taking thoughts captive early in the game!  And the benefits of "winning" are off the charts!   JOIN THE FIRED UP MIND CHALLENGE HERE (FREE!) JOIN THE FIRED UP MIND and CHOOSE 2 THINK COMMUNITY ON FACEBOOK HERE SUBSCRIBE TO THIS SHOW (it's free to subscribe!) ON APPLE, RATE & WRITE A REVIEW HERE GET YOUR THEMED MERCH & GIFTS HERE! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
I am so excited to bring you to this episode with 6 Christian leaders as they share exactly how they have overcome toxic thinking and self-limiting thoughts and lies in their life's journey.   God's Truth  Below I introduce them to you in the order in which they appear complete with all their contact information!  Be sure to let them know how much you enjoyed their vulnerability and authenticity on today's episode! REMINDERS: Click here to get your free tickets to the IDENTITY IN JESUS CHRIST SUMMIT that launches Dec. 7! Please SUBSCRIBE, RATE, & WRITE A REVIEW for the Choose 2 Think Podcast on APPLE PODCASTS HERE.  Come on over to the FIRED UP MIND & C2T PODCAST COMMUNITY on Facebook!  Join the tribe!  Merch design for this episode ON AMAZON:  CHOOSE 2 THINK:  REBOOT, REFRESH, RENEW Reserve your spot for the free FIRED UP MIND CHALLENGE coming January 4, hosted by me! :) Let's start 2021 with the right thought! SHERRY WHITE The Messy Christian Facebook Page The Messy Christian Website CHRISTINE FRANCOIS Tall Tails Podcast Website BRIAN MUTETE Facebook Website for Essential Oils JOANN WOLLOFF Facebook  Offer from Groove Funnels ADRIA SULLIVAN Coaching Facebook Page Sanity Savers for Mom-preneurs MAX ROOKE Website & Coaching   Life2TheMax Facebook Page FREE CHALLENGE IN DECEMBER! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
This episode is based on the commitment to GIVE THANKS ALWAYS even during times of Covid.   Join me as I walk you through my personal transformation from the wash-rinse-repeat attitude to an energized and jazzed RISE-SHINE-GLORIFY mindset.  If it can work for me, it can certainly work for you!   FIND OUR C2T PODCAST AND FIRED UP MIND COMMUNITY on Facebook here GET YOUR FREE TICKET FOR THE IDENTITY IN JESUS CHRIST SUMMIT here FIND ALL 18 TARGET QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF DURING COVID HERE FIND THE MERCH DESIGN I CHOOSE TO REJOICE AND BE GLAD TODAY here I covet your prayers and support!  Please subscribe here, rate & write a review on APPLE PODCASTS.  Be sure to share the episode link with your friends on social media, tagging me when you do!   Thank you!  ¡Gracias!  x a billion.  Much appreciation! Aired on Thanksgiving 2020: HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  I'm so thankful for Y O U !!!   --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
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