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Author: Jonathan Mendonsa & Brad Barrett

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Jonathan & Brad explore the world of Financial Independence. They discuss reducing expenses, crushing debt, building passive income streams through online businesses and real estate. How to pay off debt, Crush your grocery bill and travel the world for free. Every episode is packed with content and actionable tips and no topic is too big or small as long as it speeds up the process of reaching financial independence.
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Lisa Renton Hudson

I'm a 1st time listener and I am very intrigued to know how you eat a meal for $2 per person. A head of broccoli or can of spaghetti o's costs almost $2! Please share your secrets! Thx!

Mar 28th


Lisa Renton Hudson you could move to Africa or southeast Asia, I'm sure you could eat a meal for $2 bucks there

Mar 28th

Joe Reed

Great show!

Mar 8th

Melissa Janczura

Great info guys! I'm in the learning process and my head is spinning! 😊 This gives me a great starting point. Thank you! 😊

Feb 25th

Pavlina Atanasova

FINALLY!!!! Someone with an actual business that is living a FI life. As a business owner myself it's great to hear other people that have gone through this and how they've done it. LOVE IT! Go Craig.

Feb 13th

Alina Leonardo

great episode!

Feb 8th


taking this entire episode into practice today

Feb 4th

M Jay

loved this interview!

Jan 29th

greg koeppen

love the podcast, always learn something new from each episode.

Jan 12th

Rebecca Markin-Newsome

I love your podcast and this episode is especially poignant for me. I am a mother of a special needs son and this has been weighing on me for several years. Initially we had a 529 account for him and we wanted to rotate it to an ABLE account. However the State had one and so did Fidelity. After reading the recommended book' the simple path to wealth' I was fired up. Both ABLE accounts have a high expense ratios, they are in portfolios and so you do not get to pick which funds, they ate actively managed accounts also they both( state and Fidelity) have quarterly fees of $11.00 to $15.00. I asked to waive the quarterly emails in lieu of accessing it online and was told they could not and it was mandatory to send quarterly updates. Also if your account dropped below a certain amount you would incur a monthly charge of $2.00. So mandatory quarterly fees and high expense ratio kind of pissed me off. let's face it. I am trying to SAVE every cent as most of our discretionary funds are used up in various therapies and upkeep of our son. Our insurance deductible alone for his therapy jumped from.$8k in 2018 to 13k in 2019 not including our $300.00 monthly insurance payment. All these little expenses DOES add up. So I rotated back to the 529 educational plan as their expense ratio was mild and with no monthly fees. I am hoping to keep it there and contribute as much as I can. Eventually i will turn it into a Trust or rotate it to the ABLE plan later( when the rates get better 😁) . To date Vanguard does not have an ABLE account. The only ones I know about are Fidelity and my home state NEVADA. please let me know if there is any change. I think I spent 5 hours on the phone with both Fidelity and my State's ABLE company.

Jan 1st

Steve Diahy

didnt even talk about vtsax until the 40 minute mark...what a waste

Nov 24th

Clay Connolly

I love this podcast! I have been binging almost every episode over the last 2 months. They seem to give the perfect level of explaination for me, not too in depth, but not too basic to where I'm bored. The hosts also seem like authentically nice guys. Also enjoy the guest they bring on and the questions they ask them.

Oct 5th

B Pack


Oct 3rd

Andrew MacPhee

Great episode, with loads of takeaways for beginning real estate investors.

Sep 4th

Misaki Miyashita


Jul 27th

Kamil Banc

I had an issue with "what do you do?" for a while so I just tried to boil down my life (past, present and future) into a motto that I can stand behind. that's when I came up with 'Adapt and Create"

Jun 25th

Brendan Leighton

Great Podcast! I'm 27 making a little over 20k/year and finding their advice is helping me move into a better financial mindset. My only hope is I can make this mindset a habit before I'm making more money. The podcast seems to be more generated for career professionals but others like me who haven't hit that tier could still gain something.

Jun 17th

Pavlina Atanasova

love the accountant's breakdown on the new tax law. Super helpful since I am a small biz owner and I try to deduct as much as possible! 😁

Feb 19th

Christopher Wills

This podcast adds so much to the FI arsenal. The Friday round up is great because it breaks down the previous show and pulls nuggets out for the audience. kudos guys.

Dec 30th
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