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Author: Pastor Greg Young

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Chosen Generation Radio where no topic is off limits and everything is filtered through biblical glasses. Where it is our mission to activate and inform people with a biblical constitutional worldview and encourage them to be a part of making America a light upon a hill once again. For evil to triumph good men need do nothing. We must do something , but we must be informed to know what to do. Our country was founded on the principal that our rights come not from men or government but from God and together our founders pledged their lives, their assets and their sacred honor to defend each other and these United States. We are a nation which has valued life, from conception until the final breath as divinely ordained and worthy of defense. We have seen our role in defending orphans and widows as a core principal and we have valued freedom of religion and the influence of our Judeo Christian heritage as fundamental to our nations long history of success and prosperity. It is to these principals that Chosen Generation Radio aspires to take its audience. So sit back and enjoy the best conversation in the house and may the words spoken inspire you to take action on behalf of a nation and most importantly to fulfill God's call on your life.
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#MediaMadness Dan Gainor Newsbusters Media Research Center John Roberts fall, President Trumps speech through liberal eyes was not the same speech,#EnemiesattheGate Clare Lopez President of Lopez Liberty LLC Terrorists are pushing for the defunding of our police and creating vulnerabilities.#SCOTUS LosingRIghts David Shestokas Is John Roberts fit with this new information about falls and seizures after the confirmation. Can we get back the rights we have lost. Now singing in church!#ReleasingDeadlyTerrorists Cynthis Farahat Senior Fellow at the Middle East Forum discusses the release of a terrorist and the demsnad for more. They will soon be demanding the release of the rest of their narco-terrorists, such as Hajji Bagcho and other mass murders / drug traffickers.This is only the beginning. I warned about this when Pakistan released Taliban terrorist Mullah Abdul-Ghani Baradar from prison in 2018, based on US and Qatar’s request.You have Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad to thank for this. I’ll be publishing an article about it this week.…/…
#CHOPwasATest #MarxistCivilWar Don Jans Marxist Expert joins Pastor Greg to discuss what CHOP was How there were three tests Seattle, DC and Alamo. Three different responses. Governor in Washington and Mayors of Seattle and DC committed treason. Hamas helping Antifa therefore both an insurrection and an invasion.#SCOTUSImmorality (Ret) Chaplain Gordon Chaps Klingenschmitt Pray in Jesus Name discusses the SCOTUS decisions to change the definitions of Title VII to include Sodomites and Transgender also to condone barbaric Abortions.#PariotMilitiasRising Dr Steve Turley share how there is a form of tribalism happening in America and these tribes are causing a rise in Militias and the Militias are being joined by P{olice. He aruges the two were enemies I believe that was an Obama tact.#COVIDWisdom Dr Roger Klein joins to discuss how Americans might spend their Fourth of July Weekend and what is real
Kurt Nauck discusses the Esther Fast June 30th to July 3rd. How God called him to it and how the Lord is continuing to work through it. Praying for God to intervene in America.
Texas State Rep Mayes Middleton discusses the closure of bars and small businesses in Texas. Government picking winners and losers. Churches are closed and restaurants are now being impacted. Bars are closed masks aremandatory or you could be fined? Gov Abbott continues to ignore the grassroots #GAWTP
#EstherFastandPrayer Kurt Nauck Update on the Esther Fast and Prayer Kurt also owns TexasReady.Net Heirloom Organic Non GMO Seed Banks, Nauck's Vintage Records, discusses how God called him to start the fast.#KeepTexasRed State Rep Mayes Middleton shares how Gov Abbott is pushing policies that are in total opposition to the core values of the GOP and the Grassroots.#GoldInvestment Dr Tom Barrett joins to discuss Investment grade gold and economic news.#DCMadness Rick Manning Americans For Limited Government discusses the riots in DC, efforts to change a team name and continued assaults on President Trump. Attacks on our Republic are
Pastor Greg Discusses the Antifa threat that was sent regarding July 4th and also the history of Marx and Engels racist beliefs. Woodrow Wilson and Birth of a Nation are also discussed. Emery McClenton Project 21 Black Leadership discusses the hypocrisy of BLM and how they do nothing about aborted black lives or those killed in Chicago. David Shestokas discusses the implications of Justice John Roberts and Justice Gorsuch as they are changing the court and changing who they said they were. Analysis of the Bostoak Case and the Louisiana Abortion Clinic case along with the purpose of the SCOTUS and How these Justices are changing that.George Carneal Jr discusses with Pastor Greg the issue of the advancing LGBTQ agenda and its damaging effects. What the church is not doing and how believer must address the issue for the sake of those bound in it.
#StrategytoDestroyAmerica #JoeBidenPawn (Ret) Lt Col Allen West Senior Advisor for the Committee to Defend the President discusses the strategies being used to destroy our country. Sports including the NFL, NBA and now NASCAR are being used as tools against our nation. Joe Biden hiding in the basement is proving he is unfit for office.#GrassrootsResponse Matt Long the Matt Long Show and President of the Fredericksburg Tea Party discusses with Pastor Greg what we must do to fight back. How the establishment and particularly Gov Abbott are playing politics and power games with our lives.#EstherPrayerforAmerica Kurt Nauck shares the plan to have Americans praying for this nation from sundown today till sundown Friday through a fast.#HealthcareMatters Matthew Bellis Liberty Healthshare discuses how we can take back control of our healthcare system.
#SavingTheChildrenInFOsterCare Assistant Secretary Lynn Johnson of the Administration of Children and Families discusses the Executive Order signed by the President that stream lines the process of connecting the 124,000 foster children with loving caring families creating permanent homes.
#BurgessOwensForCongress Burgess Owens Super Bowl Champion and business entrepreneur and author Liberalism or How to turn good men into whiners weenies and wimps also the 13th Season. Burgess discusses his run for Congress in Utah's 4th District, the professional sports league he knew, how to respond to 400 years and other BLM talking points and how he has become a success.#SavingTheChildrenInFOsterCare Assistant Secretary Lynn Johnson of the Administration of Children and Families discusses the Executive Order signed by the President that stream lines the process of connecting the 124,000 foster children with loving caring families creating permanent homes.#TechGiantsMustBeStopped Dr Robert Epstein discusses the impact Tech Giants are having on this election. It is not an election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, but between Tech Giants and our Democracy. This is a must listen and share interview. \#MadMadWorld Pastor Greg discusses the real challenges we are facing. YouTube took down the segment featuring Dr Judy Mikovits saying that it "Violated Community Standards." By what stetch of the imagination did it violate the standards? Becasue Dr Mikovits speaks the truth about the Corona Virus? Because she suggested that people should get out in the sun and the fresh air? Take vitamin C and Vitamin d and Elderberry? Because she has the research to prove the dangers of the vaccines?There is some exciting news about our services in India and the Pastors we are reaching.
#StopCensorship #StopVoterManipulation Dr Robert Epstein discusses how google who controls 70% of all internet search suggestions can manipulate without a trace, How YouTube makes video suggestions that are ephemeral in nature so they are untraceable but carry the power of suggestion. suggestion.
Julio Rivera Rax Simone CHOP and Chaz and what they mean and why they are sedition. Might have even declared war on the US. Can not legally seize city streets.
Victor Davis Hanson discusses the former Generals violation of UCMJ Article 82 by speaking out against the sitting President and the actions of the Joint Chief in renouncing his walking with the President who did an incredibly constitutional and American act by carrying a bible to the church. What these anarchists are after. FBI and former administration guilty of acts against the Constitution and possible treason.
#TruthAboutCCPSpike Dr Judy Mikovits discusses the reality of the spike, what wearing masks does and does not do. Dr Fauci and his agenda and the vaccine scam. What you can take to overcome the illness if you get it. Elderberry Vitamin C Vitamin D
#ForcedImprisonment #ForcedMasks #FlynnDanger Don Jans Marxist Expert Author Speaker discusses how forced stay in orders are the equivalent of an imprisonment order for healthy people. Forced masks too! What does the Flynn case tell us?#ChristianValuesUnderPersecution Lathan Watts the Legal Communications Director discusses the implications of the Bostock case on Christian businesses and churches. Its effect on the First Amendment and on the on going cases.#HistoryBeingReWritten Victor Davis Hanson discusses the issues of rewriting history and the marxist implications of tearing down statues.#TruthAboutCCPSpike Dr Judy Mikovitz discusses the reaity of the spike, what wearing masks does and does not do. Dr Fauci and his agenda and the vaccine scam.
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