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Ken Thornberg discusses the battle with evil and what the enemy, Satan and his demons are using to destroy America. The good news is they know that they are losing, and they are abandoning ship. Trust in the Lord and do not let mercy and truth forsake you. Parents and Library boards are choosing to pervert children. Matt Long with Pastor Greg what is a sovereign citizen and how do they relate to the Constitution. We are the Sovereign not the Government. Connecting Ruby Ridge to the January 6th events.
Pastor David Lowery discusses BLM and the real reason they exist. The attack on the black community and the lies being told about racial division. The attack on the family and the immorality, drugs and prostitution. The media misrepresents the real black Americans that are good hardworking people. Black leadership not doing their job to help.
Mike Hill discusses Governor Ron DeSantis decision to enforce Florida law and suspended State Attorney Andrew Warren. Warren openly stated that he would not perform his sworn duties under circumstances involving Florida’s 15-week anti-abortion law, and those performing transgender surgery for children. As an elected official Warren swore an oath to support, protect, and defend the US and Florida constitutions, and that he would perform the duties of the office of which he occupied. Failure to abide by his oath is perjury and grounds for dismissal from office. Florida should consider a law to stop the federal government from reaching into the state. Pastor Greg discusses 2000 Mules, election integrity, Save the Persecuted Christians, Hope for our future in spite of the darkness. Exposing evil and sharing the light.
Randy Pullen Former Chair Arizona GOP discusses the election irregularities, 200,000 bad ballots with signatures that did not match in 2020. Pence and Doocey endorsement lost and Trump endorsements won all Arizona races and 90% across the nation. Pence backtracked on the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in 2015 and did not stand with Biblical Traditional values.
David Sumrall discusses with Pastor Greg connecting Ruby Ridge, Waco, The Bundy Ranch Incident and the Lavoy Finicum murder to the J6 attacks on patriotic Americans. Five Americans were murdered on January 6th and there is no investigation. This is not the government our founders gave us in the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution. The bones are there, and we must restore our country. Speak to the dry bones and to the people and call them to Ezekiel 33 and Ezekiel 3 and Jesus' call to repent and advance the Kingdom of God.
Rick Manning Inflation Reduction Act is not what it says. The art of the political doublespeak and how they get away with it. The Remain in Mexico bill that was voted on twice and how Dems in Swing States can claim two issues that appear to be the opposite. Pastor Greg and Rick discuss the climate change and green energy policies associated with this bill which will possibly reduce 3/100's of a percent from Inflation in 10 years. MAYBE We must be The People.
Sheriff Bob Song standing up to ATF Gun Grabbers in Klickitat County Washington. Speaking out for Sheriffs to join Constitutional Sheriffs and Sheriff Mac in defending the constitutional rights of Americans. Stop red flag laws when a process already exists. Defend the Bill of Rights against government overreach.Gordon Klingenschmitt discusses HR 8404 the "Protect marriage Act" which would destroy marriage and open a possible move by Utah to reintroduce polygamy as normal. LGBTQ has grown to between 20% to 39% among ages 18 to 25. CSE is driven by Alfred Kinsey a pervert and pedophile who lived in the 60's perverting and abusing children. Women and children will be harmed by this bill.
Victor Avila Discusses the border crisis. Busses shipping illegals to places like New York and DC and the liberal progressives now complaining about an invasion. Sheriff's Association in Texas number one issue border security, NUMBER 2 ISSUE is lack of prosecution of criminals. Open Borders creating a major humanitarian crisis. Dead bodies and suicides by illegal immigrants. National Guard and Agents dying trying to rescue illegals out of the river.
Tim Schoeff joins Pastor Greg to discuss VIBE, Ultrashot, ResVante and the Immune Pak, which is VIBE, Vitamin D3, Zinc and the probiotic. Also discussed the benefits of Epacor Omega-3 versus others. Physical health is so important to your overall health.
George Carneal discusses the hope for LGBTQ that are trying to get out of that lifestyle. The truth about the lifestyle and the agenda that is attacking our children. Time for parents to push back and for the church to teach the truth. Pastor Rafael Cruz discusses the power of faith and the responsibility of Pastors to be leaders. Romans 4 and the power of faith to overcome the world.
Pastor Carl Mitchell discusses the importance of the upcoming election in 2022 and the need for us to elect Godly leaders. Fruit of the womb and Kansas forgot. Emery McClendon America is not a racist nation, and our kids need to be taught the real history of America not the woke lies. America is a great nation, but the left is destroying it.
Pastor Greg it's not time to panic, but it is time to engage. America cannot win this battle embracing evil and calling it good. Man, and political parties will not win out, only with God can we overcome.Mike Sabga discusses the similarities between the US and Venezuela when Hugo Chavez took over and instituted a socialist dictatorship. Open Borders, UniParty, Infiltrated Education System and an Apathetic Middle Class.
Tierin-Rose Mandelburg Free Speech America MRC and Newsbusters Babylon Bee censored for calling Richard Levine a man. No Coverage of the Hunter Biden Laptop. Two men dressed as women represent the US at a high-level foreign event in France. No coverage.Judd Dunning the Great American Reset, Americans are getting tired of the attempts of the progressives to hijack America. From injections to the evil of man all is being thrust upon us and at the end of the day only virtue wins.
J Philip Clay Project 21 Black Leadership Network you can define a recession and you can define a good investment versus a bad one. Are we in a recession? How does this relate to the 2008 bubble issue?Jonathan Emord The Authoritarians with co-host Rick Manning, President Americans for Limited Government. Is Public Health a federal government responsibility, is the formation of the agency Constitutional? Must fully inform the citizens of the nation, not keep them in the dark. Instill virtue and understand the role of law and criminal behavior in the spread of diseases.
David Shestokas discusses the lack of Constitutional basis for a federal police force. The Attorney General was a part of the original cabinet with George Washington; thus, the DOJ is an extension of that but the FBI as a federal police force is not. Impact of an illegal or lawless FBI.Dr. Robert Marks Non-Computable You discusses the limits on AI and its ability to learn beyond that which is put in the program. AI suing for the right to hold a patent.
Ward Connerly California is under siege by wealthy individuals who use race to divide us and cause hatred. To teach that California is a state that was founded on white supremacy. Matt Long January 6th is not about one day but a history of tests to see if American people will stand up to defend their rights and the Constitution.
Pastor David Lowery discusses the breakdown in the family. Putting God back in America again. Exposing the lies of the NAACP and the NAN and how they have done and do nothing but keep people down. Time to mentor and raise up a new generation of leaders.
Peter LaBarbera Americans for Truth discusses with Pastor Greg the LGBTQ Agenda and compromise that is being done by the church. Jesus Christ has overcome all sin and there is no need to remain in bondage. God did not make anyone a homosexual; sin is the issue.
George Carneal Jr. author From Queer to Christ discusses the perversion of the lifestyle. Many partners and high rate of suicide can no longer be blamed on haters or society since so much of what is seen gives "acceptance" to the behavior. The church must tell the truth that Jesus Christ saves, and LGBTQ is a lie.Dr. Christian Widener Witnessing the End and The Temple Revealed defending the inerrancy of scripture and the KJV Only by identifying the perversions in the other versions.
Dr. David Wurmser who is Al Qaeda and what do they believe. Who are the Wahabi and what is their relationship to the Saudi Royals? How did Khashoggi play a role in the conflict? Muslim Brotherhood role in Sunni and their conflicts. Illegitimacy of Palestinian claims and their Russian connection. Iran and its nuclear ambitions and plan to attack New York.
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