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Bob Gonzlez a long-time fisherman in Florida shares his experience with Hurricane Opal and the long-term impacts of Hurricane Ian.
Dr. David Wurmser discusses the current efforts to remove the rule of the Mullah's in Iran by the Iranian people and the impact on Iran and the region. The influence of Russia and China and their own internal issues.
Rick Manning your support of Chosen Generation Radio is important, and you can do it two ways. Share the show with friends and donate the cost of a cup of coffee this week.SCOTUS, the Budget and why it mattered that we hold the line.Pastor Greg American history and the value of the biblical worldview. What should cause believers to be engaged? Original documents hold the clues.
Don Jans discusses how the border invasion is a part of the overall plan to create enough chaos for the government to take full control of our lives. Communism is at the border and in our government and must be rooted out. Only a return to our founding as a Christian nation can turn back this evil. Gordon "Chaps" Klingenschmitt discusses his upcoming trip to India and what the people of India are facing. Christian persecution is very heavy and real. Chaps will spend a month in India sharing and encouraging the churches in the south.
Sheena Rodriguez, Victor Avila, Anthony Aguero and Oscar Blue Ramirez discuss the invasion at our border. Biden resigned the Global Compact of Migration, an international global open border agreement first signed by Obama and rescinded by President Trump that says America will accept all immigrants and the border is open. This policy is causing the sexual assault of young girls and boys from as young as 4 years old and their disappearance into trafficking rings. Cartels are using military tactics and we are being invaded and have the right to invoke the Tenth Amendment and Article 1 Section 10, Paragraph 3 Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California are on the front lines of the invasion.Section 10 Powers Denied StatesClause 3 Acts Requiring Consent of CongressNo State shall, without the Consent of Congress, lay any Duty of Tonnage, keep Troops, or Ships of War in time of Peace, enter into any Agreement or Compact with another State, or with a foreign Power, or engage in War, unless actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay.
Tim Schoeff CGR Wellness discusses blood pressure and vascular health. Your blood is your lifeline and healthy blood pressure, and a healthy vascular system is key. CGR Wellness has your solution.
Dr. Judy Mikovits exposes how we should respond to the vax. God has given us all we need to heal. Gain of function in HIV, AIDS, SARS and Covid are all man made.Clay Clark discusses that conspiracy theories are not a conspiracy when they happen, and they told you they would happen.
Bob Gonzalez update on the Ian Hurricane live from Florida. Followed by Steve Slepcek live from Florida. Please pray for Floridians to be safe and to be restored. Ward Connerly discusses the attitude of the left and their commitment to the ideology. His assessment of the upcoming elections and the issues before us.
David Sumrall, producer of Bloody Hill, a documentary about the January 6th events with expert commentary and video support, discusses what is happening to the defendants. The current Oath Keepers trial, the subpoenas to show evidence, the judge who has agreed to look at the evidence and really see what happened. Where is the impeachment over the call to violence by Biden and the death of Cayler Ellingson?
Tierin-Rose Mandelburg and Newsbusters, Stacy Abrams wants to tell us babies don't have a heartbeat, she is still the governor, and everyone must get the vax! If you argue those points you will be fact checked and shadow banned and deplatformed. Where is the story on Mark Houk or the murder of Cayler Ellingson or the cries that Biden called for the killing of Americans?Bob Gonzalez was live at his home in Destin Florida with an Ian report and discussed preparations for the hurricane. Also, his fishing book "A Flicker in the Water" foreword by Mariel Hemingway.
Dick Morris on the importance of election integrity and the power belonging to the State Legislature. Also, how the polls are in favor of limiting abortion to 15 weeks and the GOP must talk life and expose the Democrats love of abortion an unpopular position. Clare Lopez and Co-Host Rick Manning discuss the Venezuelan Paramilitary who are invading America at the Southern border. Cartels and terrorists and an invasion along with the fentanyl epidemic and its threat to children.
David Shestokas what are the rights and powers granted by the State and what are the rights that are retained by the people. Religious liberty, integrity and state legislatures representing the people's will in elections, People's rights versus State and Federal Power and the purpose of the federal and state governments. The role of the Declaration of Independence and why we need to teach it and understand it to control and react to an out-of-control federal government.
Ken Thornberg discusses the three stages of the end times identified in Daniel. The falling away and the focus we need. Matt Long and Pastor Greg discuss people stepping up and being counted.
Many homosexuals believe they are victims of straight hate, and this is their revenge to get our children.
Pastor Greg shares the severity of the current issues with persecution in India and the dangerous threats and actions of the Sikh.Noel Fritsch National File discusses Mark Kelly dressed as Hitler in Merchant Marine School. Also, the Ashley Biden, Joe Biden and the 12-year the Trans push and the LGBTQ Agenda and child sex trafficking.
Pastor Carl Mitchell III discusses the Black Hebrew Israelites movement and the Nick Sandman incident. How the FBI are pushing racism and division and causing trouble in the minority community. Chloey Cole was a young girl that was tricked into having her breasts removed at 13 years of age and her parents were emotionally coerced by medical professionals with an agenda. She shared her story, and we connect it to the case of Jeff Younger and his sons, who have been taken from him and are being abused by their mother, James is being chemically castrated, and his twin brother is being forced to agree with the procedure. Sarah Scott, the mother of the boys' best friends, affirms James is a boy and loves being a boy. Also, the Mark Houck story and the out-of-control FBI and the murderers at planned parenthood. The man who attacked his son and tried to accuse him of assault for defending his boy.
Jeffrey Stephens, author of The Handler, shares the reality of what our intelligence and law enforcement are doing versus what they are described as in the book. We have lost our religious liberties and we are giving away our freedom because the agencies are being run by atheists. George Rodriguez, El Conservador, shares about the Sheriff of Bexar County, Javier Salazar, who refuses to investigate the prostitution and fentanyl trafficking in San Antonio at the Migrant Center instead of gas lighting about the Governor of Florida. The policies of Salazar are creating a danger for the people of San Antonio and surrounding communities
Rick Manning discusses the increase in persecution in India of our ministry there and how people can help. Also discussed the election decision before SCOTUS on redistricting and how the left and Marc Elias are the actual perpetrators of racism and the destruction of the family.Nan Su discusses the rumors about Xi and a military coup. Where that comes from and the likelihood that Xi is not going anywhere but that there is a crackdown happening in China under CCP which will be deadly.
Don Jans discusses the DHS National Security "Faith Based '' advisory Board, the targeting of Cayler Ellingson 18-year-old MAGA republican who was run down and killed for being MAGA according to the killer's confession. Christians are next to be targeted for murder on the streets of America it would seem like Biden declared open season on people of traditional faith values.Scott Shepard discusses the radical corporate racist profiling in the name of equity. FEP has filed suit against Starbucks for their racist employment practices.
Dr. Christian Widener author of The Temple Revealed with a foreword by Josh McDowell and Witnessing the End discusses the location of the temple, the rebuilding of the temple, the restoration of temple sacrifices and the red heifers that have been delivered. Also discussed is the abomination of desolation and the revealing of the antichrist who could be one of several candidates. The Pope joins an Imam and declares Chrislam the official religion of the world.
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