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Susan Swift a pro life and defender of the constitution, an attorney and a mom and a wife, joins Pastor Greg for a full hour discussion on the SCOTUS Thursday decision on NY Rifle Association which affirms the right to keep and bear arms and the right to carry. Also discussed is the definition of Pro Life versus Baby Killing and the sacrifice of the innocent
Attorney John O'Connor who revealed and has defended Deep Throat, the source for the Watergate story, has written a new book The Watergate Mysteries Exposed. In this book he further exposes the Washington Post and their malicious acts in perpetrating disinformation for the purpose of creating a story to drive an agenda. This same formula was used in "Russia Gate" and in fake news manipulation everyday. Nick Caturano Disney cast member who has been speaking for the silent majority against Disney's planned assault on children as revealed by Project Veritas video, describing their plan to sexually exploit children and force perversion on their little minds. We were joined by Jaco Booyens after the break to discuss the broader issue of child sex trafficking, the churches complicity in these atrocities and his 25 year fight to wake up America and the world to these horrific acts.
T-Rose discuses the Ten Toxic company designation and lumping together with the Russian news agency of MRC and Newsmax and the Daily Wire among others as spreading disinformation against the lefts Climate Change Agenda. Also Steve Colbert had seven members of his production team and show arrested at the J^ events but the narrative changes when it is the left. Rev Clenard Childress
David Shestokas discusses the FDA and Pfizer having foreknowledge of the dangers of the release of the injection to the public. Granted immunity and indemnity after three months of testing resulted in 1200 deaths and 42, 000 Vax Injuries plus knowledge that the Moderna injection at 100 MCG was causing 1000's of episodes of cardio events, strokes, hemorrhaging and neuro events. SO they reduced the amount for test subjects and then increased it when released to the public. These acts done with foreknowledge fall into the prevue of warranting a RICO investigation. Speaking of investigations. David's opponent in the Illinois AG contest is being investigated federally for his involvement of having a Deputy Sheriff raid a licensed FFL dealer and take his ammo and guns without cause and now those weapons and munitions are missing and were allegedly illegally seized. Also the assault on the first amendment naming nine conservative news outlets as toxic and lumping them with Russian disinformation. Rick Manning discuss the assault on all five of the first amendment rights, the 2nd amendment and so on. We are living in an Authoritarian Marxist Dystopian society.
AJ Kern is running as a Democrat in St Cloud MN against Ilhan Omar so she has the standing to challenge her citizenship. This is not about election fraud or about a recall. This is about whether or not the State has proven that Ilhan is a naturalized citizen as required by the constitution and whether she can be placed on the ballot. Omar was challenged on her birth date putting her at an age that made her ineligible to be naturalized by her father. She changed her birthdate six months after taking office and has still continued to claim the old date in many interviews and statements. A hearing is scheduled for Thursday the 23rd of June. Matt Long gives an update on the goings on at the Texas GOP convention in Houston Texas. The top two GOP elected officials were absent from the convention that decides the party platform. Big news the party voted a resolution that rejects the results of the 2020 Election. “We believe that the 2020 election violated Article 1 and 2 of the US Constitution, that various secretaries of state illegally circumvented their state legislatures in conducting their elections in multiple ways,” the first resolution states. “We reject the certified results of the 2020 Presidential election, and we hold that acting President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. was not legitimately elected by the people of the United States.”John Cornyn was booed extensively. Dade Phelan the Speaker of the Texas House was rejected for his LGBTQ and appointing of Democrats to key committees. Greg Abbott and Dan Patrick did not even show up.
Doug Burton a veteran investigative reporter shares the story of the ruthless murder, torture and burning of Deborah Emmanuelle Yakubu in Sokoto State Nigeria a Sharia Islamic totalitarian state in Nigeria. Deborah was a student there a Christian and was about to graduate University. She got into an argument on line because she was being threatened in an academic study room because of her Christian faith by Muslims. She dismissed their aggressive behavior and said their religious proselytization was out of place she did not want to hear it. Doug further addresses the issue of the Islamic Genocide of Christians and the blatant silence of the Nigerian Government. Nigeria is key to Africa and Africa is going to pay a huge role in the future of the world, as CCP Policies have crippled China's growth and the population growth in the major world powers are all negative.
Joseph Vazquez Newsbusters Media disinformation. J Philip Clay Project 21 Black Leadership Network Biden policies are damaging minorities and the middle class.
David Shestokas discusses the need for a return to the Rule of Law our enforcement keeps people and neighborhoods safe. Shameful lack of concern for the safety of the SCOTUS members. Dr Gloria Puldu President of the Leah Foundation and Dede Laugesen Executive Director of Save the Persecuted Christians join Pastor Greg to discuss the kidnapping and raping of Leah Sharibu who at 14 years of age was taken from her home by Bok Haram Islamists and has been held in captivity and repeatedly raped producing two children since 2018. She is being held due to her refusal to renounce her Christian faith.
Gloria Puldu, President of the Leah Foundation is joined by Dede Laugesen Executive Director od with Host Pastor Greg to discuss the Leah Foundation which was founded to bring attention and seek the release and return of Leah Sharibu who was kidnapped by Boko Haram at age 14 on May 14, 2018 and is still in captivity. She has been repeatedly raped, has been confirmed that in just four years she has had two children, is denied her freedom because she will not renounce her Christian faith and become a Muslim. Islamic doctrine condones and encourages the enslaving of minor girls and the rape, enslavement and torture to force conversion. Leah however is only one of literally thousands of girls in this situation and people like Mehmet Oz and others refuse to even acknowledge their existence or the Islamic problem. They label those who do as Islamophobic. Please call 202 224 3121 and ask your Senator to put pressure on this Administration and its UN Member to speak out about these atrocities and to condemn them. Politely demand that they take action and take a hard look at those in leadership who allow this behavior. Sanctions, political pressure and efforts to provide a path to freedom for these girls.
Rick Manning children are being forced to participate in perversion through the use of Kinsey techniques. We call it normal and children are being groomed. Economy is in trouble. Dr Harlan Ullman disruption is the key of destroying our nation.
Karen Straughan GirlWritesWhat YouTuber addresses the radical gender dysphoria agenda. NFL Transgender Cheerleaders, men in women's sports, turning boys into girls and girls into boys. The system is wrong. Being a woman is a wonderful and unique responsibility. Patti Garibay American Heritage Girls Reality is not defined by feeling, Social Contagion causes gender confusion about what is a woman and what is a persons identity. Using misunderstandings of biblical truth as an excuse to validate the marginalized but not give them any answers.
Don Jans and Pastor Greg discuss the role of the church in politics. Our Constitutional Republic is about rights, but rights without morals fail. Church plays the role of saved and changed souls through Jesus Christ who then live out that change in all their lives including political service. Dr Mark Sherwood Candidate for Governor of Oklahoma. Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. A Constitutional Republic Biblical Worldview candidate who sees strong independent states with individual rights for every citizen.
Naomi Wolf who is working with expert volunteers that are going through the documents being released by the FDA and Pfizer under court order exposes stunning evidence of potentially indictable criminal cover ups. The FDA and Pfizer according to their own documents knew about 1200 deaths, 42,000 Vax Injuries, miscarriages and dead babies in the initial three month trial. No recall of the vaccine was done instead a full court press to push the vaccine on every unsuspecting American. Dr Carole Lieberman Forensic Psychiatrist and Expert Witness discusses the damage being done to children because of the aggressive LGBTQ Agenda and specifically the the transgender and gender dysphoria being forced on grammar school age children. In her professional opinion this is child abuse.
Dr Judy Mikovits discusses the link between Simian Lung Cancer and the Monkey Viruses are a result of the incubation of the viruses in Monkeys since 1962. On 11-14-1986 the No Liability on Pharma was passed by Congress and that ended Safety tests. FDA lies about the efficacy of the vaccines. Jonathan Emord author of The Authoritarians discusses the real culprits of the January 6th rioters and the actual guilty parties. Pelosi and Sund refused the assistance if the National Guard and changed the real story of DC Capitol Police letting people in to the Capitol and never giving warnings. Ashli Babbitt murder and violations of the 4th and 5th Amendments of the Constitution.
George Carneal Jr lived 25 years in the homosexual lifestyle, which he writes about in From Queer to Christ. We must not back down from addressing the sin in the LGBTQ community and not condoning it as acceptable. We must share the good news that Jesus Christ has overcome the sin of same sex attraction. 1 Cor 5Ann Silver author of Abuse of Men by Women and the reveal that was shown in the Amber Heard Johnny Depp trial which gave classic examples of the way in which men are abused.
Michael Morris Free Speech America MRC Newsbusters discusses the Media's silence on the exploitations of children by LGBTQ indoctrination centers. New report blames 1/6 on Pelosi policies to protect the Capitol and the abandoning of certain Social Platform Monitors. Media to make 1-6 Hearings a circus media celebrates. Dr Peter Vincent Pry discusses the history of the use of nuclear weapons and the current state of a possible nuclear attack and the strategies that make it a survivable event. Schlesinger's 1970's speech and the relationship tp today's strategic strike concerns
David Shestokas discusses the FOIA information that has been released per a court order by Pfizer and the FDA which indicates they knew about the issues that Americans would face and have faced. Prank Caller SCOTUS News Clare Lopez Rick Manning NATO Turkey Erdogan and Mehmet Oz. Erdogan wants to lead a Caliphate and re establish the Ottoman Empire. He has been identified as a very dangerous person in the world. Oz has refused to distance himself from the Islam practice of Pedophilia and has in fact said calling Islam a pedophile embracing community is Islamophobic even though they do it.
Naomi Wolf shares a portion of the research done as her team of experts from the War room have been combing through the documents that the courts ordered released by Pfizer and the FDA. These are documents that Pfizer and the FDA wanted to wait 75 years to release. In the initial months of experimental release, 1200 deaths including 4 on the day of their inoculation. 42,000 adverse reactions including 1000's of cardiac episodes, strokes, hemorrhaging and neurological events. The chemicals lodge in the liver and other organs on men and specifically in ovaries in women. Matt Long and Pastor Greg discuss the forced vaccinations in the military. Thomas Renz testified to Senator Ron Johnson regarding the number of Vax injuries, USAF Academy in Colorado Springs discharged 13 cadets, 3 were seniors who now are going to be forced to repay $165,000 in tuition and be discharged for filing for religious exemptions. 32 Top Gun fliers were relieved of duty for filing Religious exemptions along with 4000 other service members. Also discussed was the forced LGBTQ agenda by this White House who are threatening to cut free lunch funding for the poor if the schools do not force the Transgender and gender dysphoria and the sexual orientation confusion curriculum.
Trevor Louden discusses the back story of the Enemies Within the Church and how the state of Evangelical Christianity is worse than he had originally believed. They do not believe in the inerrant word of God. Zach Vorhies Google Leaks Whistleblower discusses how Google culture is so far left and what this means for the elections of 2022. Control of the Medical truth and Vax injuries and the new strain is critical to their program of population control.
Retired Chaplain Gordon Chaps Klingenschmitt shares how Chosen Generation Radio and Pastor Greg helped to break the story on the USAF Academy in Colorado Springs denied cadets their religious exemptions on mandated Vaccines expelling 13 cadets, three of whom are seniors. Those seniors are being forced to repay $165, 000 in tuition while being denied their Religious liberties. 32 Top gun Pilots and a total of 357 pilots were discharged Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin 703-692-7100 has decided to target Christians as domestic terrorists. Tell him to stop the purge of Religious people from the military.
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